Chapter 4/7.

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Just what do you want?” Goodman’s swollen face was contaminated with filth. It was a pathetic look for him. Even the homeless people in the streets looked much fresher and brighter than he did.

Yang Chen tossed his empty bottle of Martell away and took a cigarette out from his shirt pocket before lighting it up. He remained silent while quietly puffing away at his cigarette.

Although they were on the street behind a theater, there weren’t many people passing by. However, the terrible-looking Goodman was judged by almost everyone who did.

Goodman had never received this level of insult in his life. Ignoring the fact that his pride together with the superiority of his noble bloodline were crushed, he dared not resist the man in front of him. He was for all intents and purposes, a dead man walking.

“Mr—Mr Yang, I’m really sorry. Please let me go. I’ll give you anything you want, all my wealth. I won’t dare to hold any absurd intentions in the future anymore,” cried Goodman. He wanted to cry but he had depleted his tears when he was sodomized by the black men earlier.

Goodman regretted having ever done anything so much so that his insides were knotting up. His greed and malice had brought him such severe consequences!

Yang Chen finally opened his mouth. “If one can be forgiven for a crime by just paying money, doesn’t that mean the wealthy can kill the poor legally?”

Goodman was speechless. He had no clue what he should say.

Yang Chen waved his hand to signal Goodman to stop begging. “How about this? I’m not in a good mood right now. If you’re able to perform something for me, and survive, I’ll spare your life.”

“Perform?” Goodman swallowed his saliva audibly. Softly, he asked, “May I know what the performance it is?”

He’s not planning to shoot my head, is he? This performance is no different from dying, no matter the outcome! thought Goodman.

Expressionlessly, Yang Chen replied with indifference, “Bungee jumping.”

Goodman was shocked. Bungee jumping?

Although he had never tried an extreme sport like that, Goodman knew that while it seemed really dangerous, it was actually quite safe if done according to procedure.

Despite being afraid of heights, Goodman felt that it was nothing compared to his survival!

Goodman didn’t doubt that Yang Chen wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. Judging from the fact that he returned to the hotel safely, it could be seen that he was much more terrifying than the organisation called the Realm of Gods!

“Do you agree?” asked Yang Chen.

Goodman nodded his head hurriedly. “Yes! Yes, I agree! I’ll even jump a few times if you want!”

Yang Chen threw his cigarette into the roadside drain before gripping Goodman’s foot. Similar to just now, he lifted Goodman up before disappearing.

A few passersby doubted their vision. There were two people right there just a second ago. Why did they suddenly vanish?

Goodman was very dizzy as a result of that mode of transport. His head neared the ground and distanced away repeatedly, causing his heartbeat to quicken significantly and ultimately him to faint.

In the brightly lit fashion city Paris, the buildings Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Place de la Concorde, and Champs Elysées were fascinating when looked from above. It was hard not to be impressed by the view.

Cold wind blew Yang Chen’s hair which had grown a little longer and caused his shirt to stick tightly to his body, revealing his well-defined muscular contours.

Beneath Yang Chen’s feet was the naked Goodman. Getting an unprecedented chill, Goodman finally woke up and regained awareness.

Feeling that his body was lying on cold, tough metal, Goodman blurrily opened his eyes and looked around, instantly causing him to be astonished!

Goodman realized, from where he was lying on, he could see the whole of Paris in all its night time glory!

The entire structure was made of metal. Having been in France for so many years, Goodman knew that he was on top of the Eiffel Tower. He didn’t need to use his brain for that!

Tourists from all over the world would absolutely visit this tower to experience the stunning view. It wasn’t that Goodman hadn’t been here before—he had come so many times that he lost count. But he had never laid on the tower naked before!

Ordinary tourists would come to the first level of this tourist area beneath the tower. If they wanted to proceed to higher levels, not only was it more expensive, not many of them would have the courage to get up the skyscraper-high tower.

However, even that kind of tour would take place indoors, within the metal structure, unlike Goodman’s current situation. His life would end immediately should he roll off the top from a distance of more than 300 meters high.

Feeling the blood in his entire body solidify, Goodman’s body shivered unstoppably, not just because of the temperature, but the fear and panic arising from the bottom of his heart as well.

“Mr—Mr Yang,” stammered Goodman while he almost cried. “Why did you bring me here? Didn’t you mention bungee jumping?”

Goodman was puzzled as to how he was brought to the peak of Eiffel Tower, since there were no transportation machines nearby, not to mention the tower wasn’t accepting visitors at this hour. Did he rely on his own strength to climb this 300-meter tower?! thought Goodman.

His guess was actually right. To Yang Chen, he needed nothing more than a few second to scale this tower.

Lowering his head, Yang Chen said, “That’s right, bungee jumping. You’ll be jumping from here.”


Goodman was astonished. Bungee jumping on the Eiffel Tower? Not to mention on its top?! he thought.

Ignoring the fact that the structure of the tower, with a large base and a narrow top, jumping down without any equipment was as good as killing yourself!

“What is it? Aren’t you going to jump? I distinctly remember your promise,” said Yang Chen expressionessly.

Goodman’s face stiffened. Using his final bit of energy, he begged, “Mr Yang, there’s no equipment here for bungee jumping. Even if I want to put up the performance for you, I at least have to be tied with a rope, otherwise I’m basically just commiting suicide.”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “I only asked you to bungee jump, without the promise of a rope. You can’t go against your own words now. Go down.”

Goodman widened his mouth as he wanted to speak again. However, he was kicked by Yang Chen at his belly before his scream could be heard, but soon was blown by the wind.

The man’s fair-skinned body fell from the top of Eiffel Tower just like that, repeatedly colliding with the metal structure, causing his body to be twitched, broken, and bent out of shape. His blood dyed the tower red, but was quickly cleared off by the wind.

Yang Chen wasn’t concerned about Goodman. If it wasn’t for his bad mood, he wouldn’t have even bothered with torture.

Actually, Yang Chen himself felt uncomfortable carrying out such an act. The swelling and aching of his head was the best proof.

However, Yang Chen held no regrets. He had reminded Goodman long ago, but the latter still chose the path of betrayal. Thus, sending him off the Eiffel Tower while he was completely naked was the best way Yang Chen could express the consequences.

At dawn, the French would realize this incredibly wretched corpse. However, the police wouldn’t really do anything. That was because when they proceeded to check their internal data, they would give up the case entirely.

The French police department and security bureau were now under Fodessa’s lead.

Yang Chen wasn’t concerned about who would replace Goodman as the director of the European branch in Yu Lei International. Lin Ruoxi would always make appropriate arrangements after all.

Thinking of her, Yang Chen felt an intense headache yet again. The trace of delight he got from killing Goodman instantly vanished.

In the dark night, after feeling the chill of the wind, Yang Chen returned to his own hotel room like a shadow. Upon entering his room, his handphone which was beside the bed rang.

It was currently midnight in France, but in China, it was around the afternoon, so Yang Chen didn’t find it very strange.

Taking his phone up, Yang Chen realized it was a call from Mo Qianni. Before coming to France, in Mo Qianni’s room, he had slept with her and Rose together. Was it possible that she was starting to miss him after just a few days of not meeting each other?

When Yang Chen thought of his few women waiting for his return expectantly, his distress immediately dismissed slightly.

That’s right, I have to cheer up, even if it’s for the women who are tirelessly loving me. Isn’t it just a cold war with the girl? I’ll get an opportunity to break the ice wall, just like before!

“Little Qianqian, it’s midnight here in France already. It looks like you do miss your hubby alot,” joked Yang Chen upon picking up the call.

Being an independent woman, Mo Qianni wouldn’t flirt with Yang Chen like ordinary girls would. When she was busy with work, and he didn’t take the initiative to visit her, she wouldn’t necessarily find time to contact him.

There was no answer from the other end of the phone, which made Yang Chen wonder what had happened. Is there something she is finding difficulty in saying? he thought. But the next second stunned him completely.

“It’s me, Qianni’s mother,” answered a mature and slightly familiar-sounding female voice.

Yang Chen almost dropped his phone to the ground. Damn it! Qianni’s mother? Doesn’t that mean she’s Ma Guifang whom I have met back then in Sichuan, one of my mother-in-laws?!

It is always difficult to meet in-laws. No matter how domineering Yang Chen usually was, he had to restrain most of that when meeting the parents of his women. It was because of the guilt that he held in his heart.

“Hehe, so it’s Mom. Why are you using Qianni’s phone? Sigh, why didn’t she buy Mom a pho—” As Yang Chen spoke, he quickly realized that something wasn’t right.

Isn’t Qianni’s mother in Sichuan? Why is Qianni’s phone with her? Or has Qianni gone back to her hometown recently? thought Yang Chen.

Hurriedly, he asked, “Mom, did Qianni return to her hometown?”

Ma Guifang smiled gently. “Nope, this child is always busy outside. I haven’t been feeling well these days, so I came to Zhonghai by train. Now that I’m old, while I hate to admit it, I have to rely on my children for care.”

Although Ma Guifang was a village woman, Yang Chen was aware that this mother-in-law of his was certainly intelligent, otherwise she wouldn’t have brought up a woman like Mo Qianni. While Mo Qianni had the former CEO’s support to get into Yu Lei International when she was younger than twenty, before she came to Zhonghai, Ma Quaifang was responsible for her education for almost two decades.

Currently, Ma Guifang was conveying a really simple message. Firstly, her body was slowly getting worse by the day, and she had to visit her daughter in Zhonghai since no one had gone to pay her a visit. She was obviously expressing her dissatisfaction for the juniors’ negligence. Secondly, she used the term ‘children’ instead of ‘daughter’, which meant she had accepted Yang Chen as his son-in-law. However, Yang Chen had never made contact with her since he left Sichuan a while ago, he couldn’t expect to gain Ma Guifang’s liking.

Yang Chen was well aware of this simple logic. As he listened to his mother-in-law’s kind words, he started to sweat in guilt. He had the urge to fly back to Zhonghai and kneel before her with his head placed on the ground to apologize.

“Mom, please don’t put it that way anymore. I know that I was wrong and insensible. I’m not in China at the moment, but I’ll return very soon and bring Mom for a good feast. Qianni should’ve told me about your health condition and your arrival in Zhonghai, otherwise I would’ve stayed there and waited for you.” Yang Chen said stuff that even he himself wouldn’t believe, but he didn’t blush while his heartbeat remained stable. The only thing evident in his voice was regret.

It wasn’t known if Ma Guifang believed his words or not, but she evidently felt much better after listening to Yang Chen’s tone. “Both of you guys have work to attend. Being an old woman, I don’t want to become a burden. Yang Chen, I actually miss you quite a bit, so I asked Daughter to make this call for me. Don’t worry, it’s just that my waist has a bit of problem, which isn’t surprising for people of my age; it’s no big deal.”

Yang Chen was surprised. “Oh, is Qianni beside you?”

“Yeah she is. Do you want to speak to her? I’ll pass the phone to her,” said Ma Guifang.

“No, no, no,” Yang Chen denied. He wouldn’t switch the call all of a sudden. If that was the case, it was no different from getting rid of the mother-in-law after getting his hands on the daughter. Even if that was indeed his intention, he couldn’t simply just show it. “Mom, you’re making me look like a cold-blooded person. Although I do miss Qianni, I’d like to chat with Mom from time to time.”

Ma Guifang finally laughed, as if she was delighted. “You’re a smooth talker I’ll give you that, don’t try to trick me. What’s there for you to chat with me, an old woman? Alright, stop putting up an act. I’ll pass the phone to Qianni now and let you guys talk.”

Yang Chen’s perspiration ran down his forehead. Old gingers were indeed the hottest. It was even possible that his unfaithful heart was long noticed, but wasn’t exposed.

Mo Qianni’s complaint could be heard when the phone was passed, as if she was embarrassed by what her mother said. She then said to Yang Chen, “You should work on your horrible acting skills. You sounded so insincere that my mom managed to see it through right away.”

“Alright, Little Qianqian, you can’t actually blame me for that. The almighty mother-in-law indeed has eagle eyes. I never expected her to figure it out. Especially not through a phone” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Mo Qianni chuckled, sounding exceptionally pleased that her mother had come to Zhonghai. “When are you coming back?”

Yang Chen let out an evil grin. “What is it? Is Little Qianqian missing her hubby already? Or are you finding it hard to fall asleep when you’re alone on your pillow? Can’t you have fun with Rose? You were clearly having a lot of fun with her back then.”

“Hey!” scolded Mo Qianni. “My mom is in the kitchen. Speak carefully! What nonsense are you talking about? If it wasn’t for you, why would I sleep together with Rose out of nowhere?”

“We’ll belong in the same family in the future, so we should improve upon our relationship. It’s good that you guys slept together so I didn’t have to be torn between two places,” said Yang Chen shamelessly.

Mo Qianni snorted and dismissed the subject which she would definitely lose in. “Alright, keep it to yourself if you don’t plan to answer me. I originally wanted to find out when you were coming back, so that we could come up with a solution for our situation. Since you’re this unreliable, what if my mother figures something out and objects us for being together? I won’t stand on your side if that happens.”

Yang Chen suddenly thought of something. “Little Qianqian, is our mom going to be in Zhonghai for long?”

“What do you mean? Can’t she live here?” asked Mo Qianni coldly. Allowing her mother to enjoy life in the city and taking care of her had been her wish. Earlier, Ma Guifang was afraid of hindering her daughter, so she refused to come to Zhonghai. Now that she was forced to come for lumbar treatment, why would Mo Qianni be willing to let her mother live alone again?

Yang Chen knew that Mo Qianni had misunderstood. Smiling helplessly, “Stupid Girl, didn’t you hear me say ‘our mom’? It’s ‘our’, not ‘your’. Why would I hesitate to let Mom stay with us?”

Mo Qianni finally sounded gentle. “I’m quite sensitive when it comes to stuff like this. I’m sorry, but we really have to think about our affair. You’re not always by my side, and you have a throng of women behind you, my mom will notice the problem sooner or later. I’m worried that she might not be able to take it.”

She was stating the obvious. No parent in the world would hope their precious daughter to become a mistress. The old man An Zaihuan didn’t count.

“Hmm, I don’t think we can come up with a solution in such a short time. When I go back, we’ll talk about it in detail. We shall be honest when we should be, explain when we need to, and hide what we can. Don’t burden yourself with work too much also. It’s not like Yu Lei will collapse without you. Spend more time with your mother, didn’t you hear that she was complaining about you being too busy?” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni hummed in acknowledgement. She knew that Yang Chen was right, but whether she could make it happen was another story.

After speaking for a while more affectionately, the two ended the call.

In the dark, Yang Chen sighed. His situation with Lin Ruoxi turned awkward, and there was nothing he could do. When he returned to Zhonghai, not only did he have to deal with the matters involving Tang Wan and Cai Yan, he had to spend much effort on Mo Qianni and her mother as well. To make the matter worse, as Mo Qianni was staying with Rose, she lived right beside Yang Chen! What then is the solution to all this?!

Yang Chen wanted to go to bed and forget about everything. However, he raised his head and frowned.

“It’s you?”