Chapter 5/7.

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The tall figure was on the edge of the balcony, with shapely curves and full hips, her head of curls flying in the wind like a wave.

Wrapped in skintight black leather, her beautiful physique was enough to get the blood of any man pumping.

But Yang Chen was no amature who had never seen a beauty, so the sight of this woman didn’t illicit any emotions from him… Besides, he knew clearly that Lilith the vampire was a granny who was over two hundred years old.

“Why does Your Majesty Pluto look so troubled? If there’s anything you need solved quickly, I’m sure I can handle it.” In a flash, she was in the room, and had sat her fragrant body down beside Yang Chen without asking for permission.

She was too good at enticing people. Other than the fitting leather top with open decorative patterns, she was wearing tight shorts below!

The plump buttocks sank into the mattress as her fair, taut thighs lay exposed in the air, the tight contours emitting the ferocity of a wildcat.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but flare with some passion. If it wasn’t for his low mood, he might have already went ahead with his desires.

“You didn’t follow your father back to England. It couldn’t have been for some supper, right?” Yang Chen laughed softly.

Lilith seemed to lean in slightly closer inadvertently, her full breasts pressing against his arm. The soft and sexy touch was just right.

With her lovely fragrance, Lilith said throatily in Yang Chen’s ear, “If Your Majesty Pluto wants supper, there’s a dish called ‘Lilith’ that I hear is quite tasty.”

She couldn’t have made things any clearer. This bold female member of the blood race didn’t know the meaning of being reserved at all, but she knew provocation very well.

Yang Chen turned and faced her eyes, which were shining like diamonds in the night. “You’re here to seduce me?”

“Your Majesty Pluto is returning to China in two days, and poor me wanted to return your favor before that…” Lilith looked at Yang Chen grudgingly with impatient eyes. “Does this count as ‘seduction’?”

“Yes.” Yang Chen nodded.

Lilith smiled pretty, and said lightly, “Alright then, I’m here to seduce you.”

Yang Chen gaped for a moment and smiled helplessly. “I’m not in a good mood now, so I don’t feel like joking around. If it was any time other than this, if an undiscerning woman like you delivered herself into the mouth of the beast, I would surely devour you. But I’ve no intention of that now. You should go back. I saved you and your father, partly due to a fued I have with the Vatican, so vanquishing them was settling part of that fued.”

However, Lilith didn’t leave obediently, but pressed on. “Why not now? Because you already have a wife? But Your Majesty Pluto has more than just one companion. I know that the Queen of Wales Her Majesty Catherine was granted a night with you, so why can’t I…?”

“Tsss…” Yang Chen was puzzled. “You’re comparing this to that? Just because I had slept with Catherine, does that mean I should sleep with every woman?”

“I’m not satisfied, I can do better,” Lilith pouted with a hurt delicate look. “I only admire you and in turn, want to give myself up to you. Couldn’t such a small wish be fulfilled…?”

Yang Chen was unmoved. He was too familiar with this performance of women. What was hard to settle was Lin Ruoxi’s inscrutable personality. Lilith was easy to handle; one look and you know she’d be up to some trick.

Lilith finally realized that her own temptation, schemes, and pitiful mask were useless, and stood up huffily with her hands on her hips. She glared at him for a moment. “Or are you afraid that you will be too attached to me, or… a certain function of yours isn’t strong enough?”

This line was rather sinister. Yang Chen’s cheek twitched—my function isn’t strong enough?

Yang Chen didn’t care much for the other boosts provided by that darn divine light, but what he was pleased with was that it made his male function wildly strong!

What men hated the most was for women to suspect their inabilities!

“Do mistake my saving of your life as a gesture of friendship. I can end it as quickly as I saved it.” Yang Chen’s voice was cold, his eyes filled with murderous intent. If Lilith provoked him again, he wouldn’t care about her life as he was already in a bad mood.

Lilith bit her lip, and slight fear flashed in her eyes. But stubbornly, she didn’t retreat, and walked toward Yang Chen, saying lowly, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you know… the main difference between us women vampires and humans…?”

Yang Chen frowned, not knowing what this unpredictable vampire was going to say.

Still biting her lip, Lilith’s eyes softened. “Humans are warm-blooded… so it’s warm outside and inside the body… as for us female vampires… outside, inside… it’s all… icy-cold!”

These words lit a fuse that sparked off a few intense explosions in Yang Chen’s mind!

The inside of the body… is cold?

The meaning of this was unequivocally evident. This woman was no longer using her appearance to hook him, but was using her inner goods as bait!

Yang Chen’s eyes flashed with sparks—in such circumstances, if he really didn’t do anything, he would really seem to ‘be unable’!

His mood had been bad, and this woman was so persistent. The physique of vampires were naturally exceptional, different from female humans of course, so Lilith would only be hurt slightly even if he trashed around with all his might; it wasn’t a bad way to vent indeed...

At this point, the wicked intent in Yang Chen’s mind spread immediately. To be honest, almost half of his twenty-years-plus life was spent being the bad guy. It was true that he had curbed his evil instincts in his two years in China, but the ruthlessness in his bones really burst out suddenly. He felt himself slowly losing his humanity!

With a low roar, he suddenly grabbed Lilith by the waist, threw her onto the bed and pressed her down.

In one move he was kissing Lilith’s panting cherry lips, and his two unrestrained hands grabbed the two smooth rounds of flesh on Lilith’s chest, pinching them into all sorts of shapes…


With two tearing sounds, Lilith’s leather top was torn into pieces!

“Since you yourself didn’t know better, don’t blame me for going crazy if you’re seriously injured tonight!”

In the dark room, Yang Chen rode this beautiful vampire who was trembling delicately below, his mouth contorted into a grin. He wasn’t playing around—since he had met a woman whose body was strong enough, plus she wasn’t his lover so he didn’t have to pay that much attention to her body, of course he had to enjoy all those wild positions and techniques!

Lilith finally realized she had bitten off more than she could chew, but before she could beg, Yang Chen was already gripping her smooth thighs. With two smacking sounds he had slapped the soft inner flesh of her thighs, and the red marks of his palms appeared on the snow-white skin!

Lilith felt like she was a fish on the chopping board, and Yang Chen, completely devoid of tenderness, was the butcher!

Listening to her mutterings, Yang Chen didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath, and mounted her, drilling into the deep unknown with one straight thrust!

Who knew if the woman’s sharp moans was in comfort, pain, or deranged, incomprehensible release...

The rain blew past, the petals fell.

Just as Lilith had said, the body of the blood race was cold on the inside. This cold was just right to put out the heat in his heart.

When it was almost dawn, Yang Chen finally stopped his onslaught on this female vampire. He sprawled on the bed and stared at the ceiling with an indescribable peace in his heart.

Lilith’s full, naked body had been tossed, pinched, and entangled by Yang Chen. If it wasn’t for the extraordinary quality of the vampire’s body, her beaten flesh would have been seriously injured and bruised all over.

After some time, a strand of remorse surfaced in Yang Chen. Although the woman beside him was no human, she was still female regardless of her make and race. She hadn’t meant him harm, and he used her as a tool to vent—it really was a despicable act. Even if she wasn’t really injured, who would feel good after being played with for a few hours?

“I’m sorry. My mind was a mess just now,” Yang Chen said lowly.

Lilith turned her head of disheveled hair, but she had a sweet smile on her lovely face. “My objective for tonight is accomplished since I’ve gotten your apology in return.”

“You’re not angry?”

“I am.” Lilith pouted. “But I can’t overpower you, so I let you bully me. It was me who provoked you first after all.”

Yang Chen gave a quick smile. Why did he sound like some mountainous king, or a street tyrant, who only relied on force to suppress everything?

But her following words absolutely dispelled his apologetic feelings.

Lilith wrapped her snake-like enchanting body around his chest and planted a cool kiss on his neck. Her eyes blurred with seductive modesty. “Actually… I think you can go slightly harder. Us vampires have great recovery powers—the more vicious you are, the more excited I get…”

Yang Chen’s mouth twitched. The blood race was the blood race indeed. When he was having fun with Rose and Mo Qianni, they couldn’t take a few hours of his vigor, but Lilith, even after such an intense round, still thought that it wasn’t enough?

However, no matter what she said, Yang Chen couldn’t tell if she was for real. And his inner need for release was also diminished.

While it was still dark out, Lilith took the chance and left the room with her fragrance.

To the long lives of the blood race, romances with humans were meaningless. Even if Yang Chen was a god with the ability to reincarnate, it would take a few hundred years. For Lilith of the blood race, it would be a new person, no longer the old Yang Chen.

She sought a wild night with Yang Chen more likely because of an ardent admiration of someone so powerful. She couldn’t have wanted an actual romance with Yang Chen. Of course, Yang Chen wouldn’t add her into his list of lovers without reason—the women by his side were facing enough trouble with each other as it is.

When the day brightened and Yang Chen was about to take a hot shower, the doorbell rang.

Puzzling over who would find him at such an early hour, he went to the door, still wearing his nightgown.

A tall beauty was at the door, with a wide-brimmed hat, a rose-coloured dress, white soft calves, and a deep cleavage, blinking playfully at Yang Chen.

Without waiting for him to speak, Catherine pounced on him lovingly, holding onto his neck. With a twist of her legs, she was hanging onto his body.

“Chenchen, I want to…”

Yang Chen felt a sore in his gums, how could she possibly speak in such a childish tone? He smiled bitterly. “How many times must I tell you? Don’t call me ‘Chenchen’. Can’t you speak normally?”

“Alright, Chenchen…”

Yang Chen gave up correcting her, and tugged this queen who was like a koala down from his body, patting her round cheeks. To put it simply, this mature version of Jane was actually more childish than the younger one.

“You came so early all the way here just for that?” Yang Chen felt an indescribable feeling. He had just sent away Lilith, now this queen had come to visit him. Others might have felt like they had gone to heaven with such luck with women, but why then did he feel like it was the other way around?

Catherine didn’t beat around the bush, and admitted with a nod, her eyes full of desire. “Chenchen, you’re leaving in two days. I seldom see you so of course I must make use of the time.”

Suddenly, Catherine seemed to have smelt something, and chuckled. “So I came late. The early bird has indeed gotten its worm. What a rich smell, it really must have been a juicy one.”

Yang Chen smiled embarrassedly. “It’s good that you know. I have no desire for that now.”

“No, no, the worm is still here, I want my share.” Catherine flung her hat off, raised the hem of her dress with both hands, and pulled it above her girdle.

Turning with her back towards Yang Chen, Catherine bent over and stuck out her buttocks...

A pair of white firm cheeks, like a huge juicy peach with a thin crack in the middle was presented to Yang Chen without reservation!

Her stiff wide thighs were pressed together, tightening her butt—this mature woman’s posture was much more excessive than Lilith’s!

Yang Chen’s eyes began burning. Once Catherine began her active seduction, any man who didn’t react must be batting for the other team.

What was more, Catherine had turned her head and was making an innocent expression, shaking her fair ass gently, murmuring, “Come on, I want the worm too…”


Yang Chen scratched his hair—his robust asset had become a worm?!

But he couldn’t be bothered with chatting. Breathing heavily, he walked forwards and pulled down his nightgown. He gripped her buttocks and gave it two smacks, leaving red marks.

Under the smacks, Catherine moaned a few times. When she turned, her face was flushed and her eyes were in a daze.

Yang Chen couldn’t care what time it was; since he had let loose for a night, it didn’t matter if he let loose for a morning!

In the next moment, that thick strong worm had buried into the picturesque valley...

As they said, the warmth of a woman would cause the death of a hero. Yang Chen wasn’t silly enough to think he was a hero, but that also didn’t mean that the saying is not true. With every roll of her body, he eventually got lost in all the pleasure.

Up until it was almost noon, Catherine who was pressed into the bed couldn’t hold on any longer and fell into a deep sleep.

Yang Chen pulled out that earth-shattering weapon from her body, and smiled wickedly. Including his time with Lilith, he had been battling for almost ten hours—how many other men in this world could face down two women for ten hours and still come out on top?

But when he looked at the time he realised something was wrong. They were still in Paris and the fashion week wasn’t over. He should’ve been accompanying Lin Ruoxi to different meetings—why was he still playing bedroom games with this queen?

But Yang Chen was sure that no one had yelled at him yesterday morning, and Lin Ruoxi didn’t look for him like before.

He felt a sharp burst of self-mockery. It seemed like Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to see him at all. He didn’t know what she was thinking, and could only freeze himself in her world and not say anything.

Looking at Catherine who was flushed all over and sleeping contentedly, Yang Chen’s previous good mood was completely gone.

What a brute he was. His wife was seething at him in this cold war, yet he heartlessly fooled around with women for a whole day. It’d serve him right if Lin Ruoxi saw him now!

But straight after that Yang Chen let out a long sigh. He couldn’t help it; he could resist other things: he didn’t care for food, drinks, gambling, drugs, but when it came to women his defenses were useless!

After much thinking he still hadn’t reached a conclusion. Yang Chen could only take one step at a time, and try his best not to disappoint those who had sacrificed sincerely for him.  

Draping a blanket over Catherine’s marked body, Yang Chen went to the washroom and cleansed the stains of his body. He changed into a casual short-sleeved shirt and cropped trousers before heading out.

When he reached the rest area in the middle of that floor, he saw Edward on the sofa watching something on a tablet.

With his blonde hair cut short, Edward looked alert in his normal low-collared t-shirt and linen shorts. No one would have known that this was one of the heirs of the Rothschild clan.

“Your performance sure has improved from the past.” Edward raised his head and gave a warm smile.

Yang Chen was momentarily speechless—this fellow was still keeping time. “I knew that you must have sent Catherine here. Since when have you become a shady pimp?”

“That depends on whom the service is for. Us Rothschilds will do any profitable business. I will do it as long as it’s worth it.” Edward laughed mischievously.

“Your business is sending your aunt to my bed?”

“If possible, I wanted to send my cousin as well.” Edward sighed. “But it looks like it’s easier with my aunt; with that cousin, it was harder to accomplish.”

Yang Chen took the tablet from his hand. There was a series of real-time data on international oil and other goods. He didn’t understand much and handed it back. “Don’t force Jane. I’m indebted to her. Don’t think that I don’t know what your family is up to just because it’s kept secret. If you make life for Jane hard, you’d only get the opposite of what you want.”

Edward’s eyes shined. “In that case, you still care about how Jane feels? Not bad at all, my poor cousin has hope now.”

Yang Chen frowned and poked Edward’s forehead with a finger. “I’ve known you for so long. Your greed for things of this world grow more each passing day.”

Edward didn’t get angry, but gave a complicated smile. “Yang Chen, do you think that Jane would give up if we don’t push her? Her desire is the strongest amongst us. You can’t possibly understand how much you mean to her. You have been a target of hers since her childhood days, how could she possibly give up when she’s so close?”

Yang Chen was speechless. Even though he knew you can’t totally trust a businessman, he still didn’t know how to reply.

He had saved her and her mother, but she had long returned that favour—all that she had done for him was clearly more than the agreed upon amount. Everytime he had needed her, she would go to him no matter what for or where he was, even if it was Hokkaido, or Zhonghai.

After some silence, Yang Chen didn’t know how to continue with this topic, and switched to another question. “Where’s Ruoxi?” He knew that Edward kept tabs on people who were of interest to him at all times, even if they were in Europe.

Indeed, Edward replied immediately. “Watching a fashion exhibition in the Louvre. The morning session ends in half an hour.”

Yang Chen nodded and said, “I’m going back to China in two days. The European director for Yu Lei International, Goodman, has been killed by me. No matter whom Ruoxi chooses to succeed him, assist her in secret. He’s dead, but his confidants are still around, who knows if some incident may happen. Don’t let the European division become a mess.”

“You’re overthinking on this point.” Edward gave a mysterious smile.

“Hmm?” Yang Chen didn’t get it.

Edward opened up a webpage on his tablet and showed Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took a look and smiled bitterly. To his surprise it was the European homepage of Yu Lei International—at the top was news about the replacement for a new director, plus the heads of a few important departments were changed as well. Evidently, the European division had gone through a major cleansing!

Obviously, Lin Ruoxi had long known that Goodman was problematic, and had even arranged in advance a successor to take his place once he was dead! Also, although she was in Zhonghai, she had an understanding of who amongst the departments were loyal followers of Goodman. There was no reason for her to target these seemingly random bunch of departments after all.

She kept silent about this on normal days, but once it reached a crucial point, she already had a scheme in place.

“Honestly, Madam Persephone’s innate talent for business is impressive. It doesn’t matter if it’s decisions on talent, or using ruthless methods; she removes executives and cuts off associates with ease, yet her business is still steadily growing—that is no ordinary feat. It’s too bad she wasn’t born in our family, or she would have been qualified to be a rare female head of the household,” Edward said regretfully.

Yang Chen gave a sigh. Although he was aware that Lin Ruoxi plays dumb while hiding her actual understandings, listening to Edward give such an unequivocal, direct evaluation created all sorts of feelings.

The more that Lin Ruoxi had known in her heart, the more hurtful her cold silence toward him was.

But he had no right to say that she had hurt him; after all, he hurt her first.

Suddenly, Edward seemed to have recalled something, and smiled. “Right, do you remember when our family worked together with the An clan to merge with the Liu clan in Zhonghai?”

“Of course I do.” Yang Chen raised his head. “Is there a problem?”

“No problems so far. But because it wasn’t appropriate for our family to suddenly emerge in China, and we can’t establish relations with the An family, what I’m about to say will be difficult to hear.” Edward sounded rather helpless.

Yang Chen frowned. “Spit it out.”

Pinching his chin, Edward said softly, “That Miss An Xin of yours seemed to have lately… run into trouble…”

“An Xin?” Yang Chen didn’t understand. How could that girl have run into any trouble? She worked with documents in her own office and made occasional guest appearances on TV shows. Throughout her simple life, there should have been no one to bother her. She had plenty of money, and was in the An family, the second largest clan in Zhonghai—who could have caused trouble for her?

Edward said, “Miss An’s trouble is not from Zhonghai, but Beijing.”

“Beijing?” Yang Chen was puzzled. Could it be someone from the Yang family?