Chapter 7/7.

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Lu Min didn’t answer the question. All he had were his eyes fixed on An Xin’s slender body. He found it most difficult to tear them away.

While An Xin merely wore her usual office attire, her Japanese-style and mini skirt together with her white laced stockings had all accentuated her figure. Her face which had always looked as juicy as peach in addition to her slim calves and curvy upper body would easily stimulate even the most resilient of men.

Naturally, An Xin was only dressed in such a way because she had gotten used to playing office games with Yang Chen, but now said acts have benefited Lu Min.

An Xin felt disgusted when she noticed Lu Min’s burning stare. Frowning, she walked back to her seat and sat down, preventing the man from peeking under her skirt every so often.

Lu Min reluctantly withdrew his gaze before smiling. “Miss An, a good lady has never been easy prey. The more you hate and try to push me away, the more effort I’ll put in to sincerely pursue you.”

“Thank you Director Lu for your appreciation. This one is nothing more than the daughter of a businessman. My status wouldn’t suit such a highly ranked government official like you. I think it would be in your best interests to stop this pursuit,” answered An Xin with an air of indifference.

Lu Min maintained a smile on his face. Proceeding to the office table, he said, “Miss An, I know of a rather decent restaurant nearby. I’d like to ask you out for a drink. I’ve already booked a private room.”

“I told you, no.” An Xin took a folder over and lowered her head to start reading it, completely disregarding the man.

Coldness flashed in Lu Min’s eyes. “Miss An, upon seeing you making an appearance on the television for the first time, I found myself drawn to you. Since young, I, Lu Min, have seen quite a number of ladies from influential families, but please believe me—we’re definitely fated together. I’m not a dishonest man with a trail of women behind me. Although I believe putting it this way isn’t very convincing, why wouldn’t Miss An grant me an opportunity to prove myself?

“I believe Miss An isn’t an unreasonable woman. If any part of me doesn’t meet your criteria, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

As Lu Min had failed in taking matters by force, he switched up his approach and tried to move An Xin with emotions.

An Xin put down the pen in her hand. Raising her head, she said, “Director Lu, I really can’t accept you. Whether or not you are what you described doesn’t mean a thing to me. There’s a man in my heart whom I love dearly. It’s impossible for anyone else to take his place.”

Lu Min grinned after listening to her words. “Miss An is indeed straightforward, but I don’t mind it at all. As far as I know, the person you’re referring to should be the director of this company named Yang Chen. Am I right?”

An Xin’s expression turned cold. “You’ve looked into us.”

Lu Min quickly waved his hand. “Miss An need not get angry. The investigation wasn’t intentional. All I did was ask my subordinate for your origin, and this little tidbit was added in the report without intention. However, you should thank me as I went out of my way to ask for your other information.”

“Oh, I’m supposed to thank you after being investigated. Director Lu is quite the comedian,” said An Xin coldly.

“So it’s true,” Lu Min said meekly without getting annoyed, “As far as I know, Mr Yang is an outright liar—he’s the husband of Lin Ruoxi, the CEO of Yu Lei International. Although I’m clueless as to how an ordinary man managed to get married to Boss Lin, he has undoubtedly lied to Miss An.”

An Xin was shocked upon listening to his words.

According to Yang Chen, his relationship with Lin Ruoxi was kept a secret. It was unexpected for Lu Min to find out about it as well while looking into An Xin’s profile. He was indeed an influential person, which made An Xin slightly scared at how abnormal his background was.

An Xin felt rather bitter and displeased when someone pointed out that her man was actually married. However, it wasn’t the time for resentment. As her gaze turned cold, she smiled and answered, “It looks like Director Lu hasn’t checked thoroughly enough. Don’t you know that Hubby has other women as well, while I’m fully aware of them?”

“What?!” Lu Min yelled, dumbstruck, with his eyes widened.

“Director Lu heard it right. This one is merely a mistress, and I still try to shamelessly fit right in, knowing that the man is married.” An Xin was delighted to see Lu Min’s expression. She didn’t mind describing herself in that way. She had always been rebellious and playful after all, unconcerned about the so-called moral values that society had decided was right. As long as she could get rid of Lu Min who refused to leave her alone, she would be happier than everyone else.

Lu Min panted heavily while his eyelids twitched a little. He then scorned, “I get it now. Good. What a good An Xin.”

“What is it? Does Director Lu still intend to continue going after me when you finally know what kind of a woman I am?” An Xin smiled as bright as a flower.

It could be seen that Lu Min’s eyes were gloomy. “Of course I will. Why not?”

An Xin as shocked. Is he crazy? Why isn’t he giving up yet? Is he so thirsty that he isn’t picky or am I really that attractive? thought An Xin.

She felt that if Lu Min was just desperate for a beauty, he could have picked from so many ladies in Zhonghai. Since he managed to even find out the relations between Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen, he must be aware of how Lin Ruoxi looks. Why her and not Lin Ruoxi then?

If he cares nothing about women’s reputation, won’t going after Lin Ruoxi be more beneficial to him?

Lin Ruoxi was to be blamed for An Xin’s resistance. She had completely frightened An Xin by forcing her to compete in the doll-hitting game. Furthermore, An Xin had to call her ‘elder sister’ and flatter her in every way, afraid of displeasing her. As a result, while An Xin still did not dare to voice out her opinions, she hoped that karma would strike Lin Ruoxi to make her feel better.

Moreover, An Xin was aware of her difference with Lin Ruoxi—the latter of whom had a better appearance and background, not to mention her status in Yang Chen’s heart; otherwise, An Xin wouldn’t have given up on becoming Yang Chen’s legitimate wife so easily and getting Lin Ruoxi off her position.

Women are always selfish when it comes to love. No matter how slim the chance, if it isn’t because they find it hard to leave, none of them will let go.

Lu Min, on the other hand, scoffed, “Since Miss An is this honest, I’ll just be straightforward with you then. There are countless women who want me, while a few of them look just as good as Miss An. However, upon seeing you for the first time, I concluded that there will only be one. That is you.”

“Since this is how Miss An behaves, I believe that a marriage is not foreseeable in the future. However, when I sincerely express my interest, you trampled me like nobody’s business, so I won’t give up easily.”

An Xin had a premonition when Lu Min lost the demeanor of a gentleman. Forcing herself to stay calm, she said, “What do you want? This is the office of Yu Lei International.”

“Office?” laughed Lu Min. “So what if it’s Yu Lei International?! No media company will report the news of this company as long as I have the final say in every event held by your entertainment company. All I need is a minute to stop all artists of Yu Lei International from attending events by utilizing my family’s influence.”

Fear filled An Xin’s eyes. She was merely a young lady after all. Although Lu Min was just thirty-one, he was of a major clan descendent, which gave him the position he has in the government. Now that they met, regardless of how calm An Xin usually was, she was certainly timid.

“Humph. You’re afraid now, aren’t you?” Lu Min sneered, rejoicing at An Xin’s terror. There was no way she could struggle. No matter how wealthy a businessperson was, they were still worthless to the country.

“An Xin, come with me now if you know what’s good for you. After I have enough fun from your body to compensate for the damage you did to my mood, you may continue your role as a mistress. I won’t bother you then.” Malice filled Lu Min’s eyes. “If you continue your pretence, I won’t allow Lin Ruoxi of Yu Lei International or even your father An Zaihuan to live life here in peace!”

An Xin’s legs softened, almost falling to the ground. Staggering backward, she held onto the chair to get support, her eyes watery.

By telling the truth, not only did she fail to make Lu Min leave, she had provoked his inner demons. Regretful, she felt what remained of her energy deplete.

Being a woman, she could only rely on her father, but he had expressed his lack of courage to offer help. In addition, her man was far away in another country. So whom else could she depend on to get out of the trouble?

She thought about how she was saved by Yang Chen from the hands of the Liu clan a few months back. She didn’t expect anything similar again though. Feeling that she wasn’t particularly stunning, she wondered why she was so unfortunate.

Delighted, Lu Min approached An Xin step by step with an evil smile.

Knock! Knock! There was a knock at the door again

Lu Min violently turned around, only to notice a rather familiar man standing by the door with the smile of a thug. Dressed in a casual t-shirt, short pants and spoting a messy beard, he appeared particularly slovenly and weary.

“Yang Chen?!” An Xin thought she was dreaming upon seeing the person. Rubbing her eyes, she made sure that he was indeed her man, almost causing her heart to fall out. Overjoyed, she almost burst in tears.

Lu Min, however, wondered why Yang Chen had returned so suddenly from Paris. Irritation began to surface once again in his heart.



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