Chapter 1/8

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“I leave Zhonghai for a few days and in that short time, someone has tried to steal my woman and bring down my company. Zhonghai sure seems like a difficult place to live in.” Yang Chen scratched his messy hair before putting his hands into his pant pockets. Making his way to Lu Min, he waved at An Xin to acknowledge her.

Clearly, An Xin understood his intent. Happily jumping into Yang Chen’s arms and wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave him a kiss on his cheek, purposefully extended of course.

An Xin who was feeling so helpless just a moment ago, wishing for Yang Chen’s presence, felt instantly relieved upon seeing her man.

Lying on Yang Chen’s chest in a clingy manner, she calmed down when she inhaled the familiar scent of the man, no longer afraid of Lu Min anymore.

Lu Min knew that it was all an act. It was a most direct display of dominance. However, he wasn’t an easily frustrated man, otherwise he wouldn't have taken up a role in the governmental core. While his family background was in the equation, if he was incapable himself, they wouldn’t have allowed him to do anything in fear of him sullying the family name.

“You’re Yang Chen? Why do you look like a beggar? Is it a trend for ugly men to attract women now?” scorned Lu Min.

Yang Chen looked at his own shirt and giggled. “I understand. You’re jealous now, aren’t you?”

“Me? Jealous? Haha. You don’t seem to know whom you’re speaking to,” said Lu Min proudly.

Ignoring Lu Min, Yang Chen rubbed An Xin’s backside with one of his hands, causing her to complain.

Lu Min smiled disdainfully. Looking at Yang Chen, he said, “One of you is a married man while the other is a vixen. What made you think I will be embarrassed by that? Aren’t you guys too foolish?”

“I’m not interested in whether or not you’re embarrassed. But I never remembered giving you any sort of permission to be in my office. If you refuse to leave, I don’t mind tossing you out the window.” Yang Chen pouted his lips to point at the ceiling-to-ground window smilingly. He was too lazy to speak with that fellow.

They were at more than ten floors in the building. Tossing him out was no different from committing a murder.

Lu Min wouldn’t take him seriously of course. To him, Yang Chen was just a worthless man dependent on his wife to get to where he was today.

As a result, Lu Min let out a smile of contempt. “Brat, do you really fancy yourself a king after successfully getting Lin Ruoxi? If you’re wise, you should piss off now and let An Xin leave with me. After I get sick of her body, I’ll retur—”

Before Lu Min could finish, his neck was suddenly gripped by a steel-like hand!

With his body lifted up, Lu Min struggled his feet but failed to break free. Soon, his face reddened as he struggled to breathe in any air!

Yang Chen’s emotionless voice echoed by his ears. “I told you I would throw you out if you refuse to leave. But it would seem like you are still so full of nonsense…”

Lu Min had no clue how Yang Chen clutched him. All he felt was a blur of his eyes before the situation ended up this way, as if he was dreaming!

A chill drilled into Lu Min’s spine as he listened to Yang Chen’s voice. He quickly realized that everything that he is and has worked for may just leave this building out the ten story window!

On the other hand, Yang Chen utterly ignored Lu Min’s intense resistance. To him, there was no need to keep the man in his hand alive. Regardless of how powerful his family background was, even if he was the son of the Chinese president, he was basically asking to die by trying to snatch Yang Chen’s woman right in front of him.

An Xin opened her mouth slightly, her face filled with shock. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to really do what he said!

Should a live man be thrown out a ten story window, not only would the passersby be astonished, Yang Chen and even Yu Lei International would definitely receive some heavy consequences. Furthermore, An Xin knew that Lu Min had an extraordinary family background with essential roles in the government. Once the hornets' nest was stirred up, Yang Chen would never hear the end of it, even if he himself had an unusual background!

“Hubby, don’t!” An Xin hurriedly pulled Yang Chen’s arm and begged, “Don’t do this. If you throw him out just like that, the company will suffer. His background is unlike any government official, even if you’re not worried, please take the people from Yu Lei International into consideration.”

Yang Chen was surprised. He didn’t think the situation through; all he wanted to do was protect his woman and kill a troublesome dog. It was usually fine, but he forgot he was in his office—doing so would affect many other people.

Having thought for a short while, Yang Chen sighed. This was the restraint he had to bear should he decide to stay amongst civilians. Every person was born with a kind heart; he had to take other people in his life into account.

The suffocating Lu Min was tossed to a corner, banging onto a wall, causing blood to flow out from his nose.

“Leave. Don’t make me think twice about my offer,” said Yang Chen indifferently, staring at him coldly.

Lu Min was certainly frightened. He didn’t expect any sane person to have the courage to kill him! Since young, no one dared to lay their fingers on him. Gazing upon Yang Chen and An Xin with hatred, he wiped the blood on his nose before running out of the office, ignoring his pathetic appearance.

“Sigh, I don’t think he’d let this slip.” An Xi naturally was able to tell Lu min’s resentment.

Yang Chen extended his arm to pinch An Xin’s smooth and delicate cheek. “Your man got on a flight of more than ten hours to Zhonghai right after your call. And this is the kind of face he comes home to?”

An Xin finally remembered that she had called Yang Chen yesterday night. He must have returned to Zhonghai this morning looking like a mess. He must’ve travelled all the way from Paris the moment he ended the call!

An Xin suddenly felt moved as her heart was filled with sweetness, as if a jar of honey was spilled. She winked at Yang Chen before staring at him, before hugging him tightly and burying her head in his chest.

An Xin thought of how Yang Chen was just like a knight sworn to protect her since the day they met. He would always show up on time to solve every problem no matter the scale, as if his emergence was the solution to everything.

Some women would try their best to avoid relying on a man, but they almost always ended up lonely in the end. It wasn’t that they didn’t desire a dependable man, but they were never fortunate enough to ever meet one in their lives.

An Xin initially thought that she’d end up as lonely as a floating duckweed, having a father like An Zaihuan who would sacrifice her to a marriage for his own benefits. However, since Yang Chen appeared, she seemed to have been able to escape that horror.

“Thank you, Hubby,” murmured An Xin. “Although this wouldn’t sound good to outsiders, I feel that I’m very blessed as well, though I’m just your lover.”

Yang Chen held the vixen’s waist, feeling a sense of achievement when he heard the word ‘blessed’ from his woman. But he was rather displeased as well. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Lu Min has been around to pester you awhile now, hasn’t he?”

An Xin pouted resentfully. “I thought I could solve the problem myself, and he didn’t do anything excessive, so there was no need to trouble you.”

Yang Chen smacked An Xin’s backside, causing her to groan in dissatisfaction.

“Had I not returned on time, it wouldn’t be a trouble anymore, but an accident instead.”

Although An Xin knew that Yang Chen was partly pretending to be angry, she got slightly nervous, begging, “Hubby, please don’t be mad anymore. I… I heard heard from my dad that Lu Min has people from high places backing him. I only hesitated because he could have brought you unnecessary burden. It wasn’t my intention to hide it. Hubby, I’ll definitely inform you immediately when something similar happens again…”

Yang Chen knew that she must’ve been worried of him, though he had shown her part of his ability. But that happened abroad after all, everyone knew that there was a certain degree of barrier between China and the rest of the world. He had to find another way to convince An Xin to call immediately next time.

Back then, Yang Chen had snatched An Xin over partly due to the proud and possessive qualities of a man. Having interacted with her for a considerably long time, he felt that the little vixen had occupied a decent portion of his heart as he wasn’t willing to let her suffer in any way.

Afraid that Yang Chen was still displeased, An Xin raised her head and kissed near his lips.

Blushing, with her watery eyes, An Xin trie her best to express her guilt and affection. She even used her tongue occasionally.

She really is a vixen. Yang Chen’s eyes were burning. Despite having enjoyed his time with the precious beings Lilith and Catherine in Paris, he still found An Xin ever so alluring.

“Hubby, I want it,” requested An Xin like a spoiled child. As her breath quickened, she leaned her chest against Yang Chen.

Yang Chen pinched her backside and enjoyed the firmness. With an evil grin on his face, he said, “I’ve been on a plane for ten hours and haven’t showered in longer than that. Does this vixen really want it?”

“I don’t mind. Vixens aren’t afraid of filth,” said An Xin before she licked Yang Chen from his cheek to his neck.

Yang Chen was heavily stimulated. Ignoring everything else, he carried An Xin’s incredibly soft body and placed her on the large office table before pouncing over!