Chapter 5/8

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Inside the police station, Yang Chen had no idea what was happening outside.

After he was brought to the interrogation room, Chief Lu released a few officers from the room. He ordered someone to bring a file, placed it on the table, and looked coldly at Yang Chen. “Yang Chen, sign this.”

It wasn’t the first time Yang Chen was in this police station, but before this the police chief was Cai Yan. He wasn’t used to how things were done now that someone else had taken control.

Glancing at the document on the table, he was suddenly stunned. It was actually a statement of confession which detailed his crime of premeditated murder of Lu Min, along with a series of crimes like his extramarital affairs. Taken together, even if it wouldn’t result in a death penalty, it would guarantee him at least a decade or two in prison.

“Chief Lu, how is it that you want me to sign without even interrogating me? You better revise your steps.” Yang Chen smiled as he ruminated.

“Right or wrong is not up to you.” Chief Lu snorted coldly. “I’ve seen your background, there are so many holes in the information provided. Plus, you’ve been brought in a few times but released without any punishments. I strongly suspect you’re involved with criminals, and likely are an undocumented immigrant. And your actions against Director Lu has conclusive evidence, confirmed by our forensics team—you can’t escape the law. I advise you to take this seriously, and stop wasting our time. Sign what you should sign, so we don’t have to take matters into our own hands.”

The threat in these words were strong. Yang Chen stroked his nose; he had thought that some lawyer would appear to stabilize the situation, but it seemed like that Lu Min’s influence was rather powerful, and was able to cover the sky with one hand, not allowing even a lawyer.

It seemed as if his plan to be released on bail and try to resolve the matter simply was not feasible, as the other side insisted on him submitting.

But what puzzled Yang Chen the most was how even after this had happened, no one from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade had appeared to try and diffuse the situation. Did this mean that they didn’t dare to offend Lu Min even for Yang Chen?

No matter what the reason was, Yang Chen was really unhappy. He tapped his finger on the desk, thought of something, and asked, “Chief Lu, what if I don’t sign?”

“Don’t sign?” Chief Lu laughed nastily. “Then we have no choice but to enforce the law. After all, there is no need for us police to be kind to you.”

With that, Chief Lu waved his hand, and four hulks in police uniforms appeared in the doorway with truncheons in their hands, fiendishly glaring at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen clicked his tongue twice. He was just accused of being a suspect of ‘premeditated murder’; in a flash he was wearing the label of ‘murderer’.

In fact, he was a murderer indeed, but no matter how many he killed, it was no obstruction to that Lu Min.

Truth be told, Yang Chen following these fellows to the police station was already a very patient move, made after plenty of consideration.

First of all, his old headache was acting up and he hadn’t gone for a checkup. He was constantly worried that his sudden urge to kill would flare up for no reason. Although in the eyes of others Yang Chen might be a devil, but Yang Chen himself had no wish to really become a homicidal maniac one day.

Furthermore, Yang Chen was not just some gangster who did what he wanted. Even if he had the ability to destroy his opponents, he worried if the retaliations would implicate the people around him. So if he could settle matters in a low-profile manner, he would not wish to be too aggressive.

After all, he still had family to worry about, so he couldn’t care for nothing.

As they said, be lenient where you can. Yang Chen had thought that by taking a step back it would be enough, but he didn’t expect that Lu Min was bent on driving him into a dead end!

“Where’s Lu Min?” Yang Chen asked after some thought.

“Hmp, you dare speak of Director Lu’s name—ptui!”

Chief Lu was speaking with mocking despise, but in a flash his neck was gripped by a hand, and he couldn’t speak!

Yang Chen said darkly in his ear, “I’m in no mood for your nonsense. I asked you where Lu Min is, and if you give me anymore crap I’ll kill you right here right now!”

He was no saint in the first place. Since his opponent was using all he had to destroy him, Yang Chen wasn’t planning on settling this the easy way. Since Lu Min wanted to touch his woman and sabotage him, Yang Chen might as well kill him first. As for his family background—as long as they weren’t from Hongmeng, Yang Chen felt that there was no one else in China who could stop him!

A madman who had sobered down before becoming mad again was always going to be madder than those who were normally always mad.

Chief Lu broke out into a cold sweat all over. He felt the dark bloodlust roll of Yang Chen, as hard to defy as a thousand needles poking into his skull.

The four policemen who were about to move were struck dumb. Yang Chen seemed so ordinary, but his dreadful expression made them wary of making any hasty moves.

Yang Chen loosened his hand to allow Chief Lu to speak.

Chief Lu coughed a few times, his face pale, and raised a trembling hand to point at Yang Chen. As shocked as he was at this man’s terrifying powers, the thought of Lu Min made him suppress that fear. He said in a low, vicious voice, “Yang Chen, you should know better, don’t think I’m scared of you just because you do this! If you dare harm a single hair on my head, the Lu clan won’t let you off! Yo—”

Chief Lu was unable to continue, because Yang Chen’s fist had slammed straight into his right cheek!


The four policemen paled in shock, as they saw the chief’s head, after Yang Chen’s single punch, turned an astonishing 180 degrees!

With a sharp crack of the vertebra, Chief Lu’s face was facing backwards, his eyes wide open in shock! His body was even still standing!

A few scarlet lines appeared faintly in Yang Chen’s eyes. Chief Lu’s speech had finally broken what remained of his barriers containing his rage. He actually ignored Yang Chen’s warning just so he wouldn’t offend Lu Min—a crime that deserved more than death!

Lifting his head, Yang Chen’s gaze were like a wild beast’s sweeping across the four pale policemen. “Tell me, where is Lu Min?”

The four were flabbergasted to their core. This man had killed the police chief in a single punch without warning! Had he lost his mind?!

“If you refuse to speak, you’ll die too.” Yang Chen frowned.

They felt the oppressing power in their faces and felt like the entire interrogation room was about to collapse. How would they know? They wanted to say ‘I don’t know’, but they didn’t even manage to muster enough strength to speak.

At this point, the other police officers who had seen the scene in the interrogation room through the webcam were all in a mess. They had seen with their own eyes their police chief being killed by a suspect—how could they just sit still?!

With a loud band, the door of the room was kicked open!

“What happened here?!”

“Raise your damned hands!”

“Chief! Chief, you’re…”

The dozens of police officers picked up their firearms and surrounded the interrogation room. Realizing that the chief of police was lying dead on the floor, they panicked, not knowing what to do, and could only point the barrel of twenty, thirty guns at Yang Chen. The safeties were released, it seemed like they were ready to open fire!

The four policemen reacted now by taking out their guns quickly, shouting, “Yang Chen! Put both hands in the air, you murderer! If not we’ll open fire!!”

The label of the murderer landed true this time, but the victim was the police chief, making all of them grit their teeth in anger while secretly shaking in fear.

“Where’s… Lu Min?” Yang Chen didn’t care about those black nozzles at all, and continued asking this coolly.

Although the police had guns, they had really actually shot people once or twice over their whole career. Seeing how Yang Chen was still asking them so calmly in the face of their guns, they were shocked and didn’t know what to do. What more, they didn’t know who Yang Chen or Lu Min really were; in fact they didn’t know anything.

Yang Chen was silent for a moment. Looking at how no one replied, he admitted that perhaps they didn’t know, and took a step to leave the place. He would find Lu Min even if they couldn’t tell him.

“Freeze! Don’t move!!!”

“One more step and we fire!” A few brave officers roared.

Of course Yang Chen wouldn’t pay them attention. To him, bullets weren’t a threat at all, even if they were fired point-blank.

In the next moment, the police officers couldn’t take it any longer. Led by the four who were first threatened by Yang Chen, they squeezed the triggers…

Outside the station, the atmosphere was gloomy under the dim sky.

Listening to Guo Xuehua’s loud reprimand, An Xin was unable to speak. And Zhao Teng and Wang Jie both felt sorry for her but didn’t interrupt. They were both perceptive people who could see that the mother of Director Yang was not simple.

After lots of loud rebuke, Guo Xuehua was finally worn out, and stopped speaking, gasping for breath with a pale face. She gave a long sigh and her eyes became red.

An Xin was already sobbing silently with continuous tears. She hated herself for causing this trouble, and hated herself for ever wanting to become a host. She had no explanation in reply to Guo Xuehua’s scolding—everything she had today was saved by Yang Chen, yet all she brought him in return was trouble. Even if Guo Xuehua didn’t say it, she would be hard-pressed to wipe away her self-hatred.

Guo Xuehua closed her eyes for a while, calming herself down as much as possible. Beside her she heard An Xin’s cooing sobs. She turned to look at this girl who was crying her eyes out, her pretty face full of sorrow, but still void of resentment after the tirade that she let out.

Guo Xuehua realized that perhaps she had gone overboard in her scolding. This girl was sincerely worried about her son, plus her good looks which provoked this other man was no fault of her own. She had been young once, too; no one was wrong or right in these matters between men and women.

“Hey…” Guo Xuehua couldn’t help but feel remorse, and reached out to hold and pat An Xin’s soft shoulder, saying warmly, “Don’t cry.”

An Xin’s body shivered, and she raised her head disbelievingly, her tearful eyes staring blankly at Guo Xuehua.

Guo Xuehua gave a difficult smile. “Miss An, I’ve lost control of myself. I apologize for that. The fault doesn’t lie with you, so I shouldn’t berate you so.”

“No, no.” An Xin shook her head hurriedly and said dismally, “Madam, it’s my fault… I can’t do anything to help, yet I only bring Yang Chen trouble… You can scold me or beat me, I hate myself more than you you ever could. I should have realized that Lu Min’s background was not a common one, otherwise my dad also won’t be so fearful…”

Looking at this girl’s remorseful, self-detesting expression, Guo Xuehua felt an ache in her heart.

Guo Xuehua had weathered much hardships and had an extraordinarily discerning eye. Naturally, she was able to discern true sincerity.

Even good girls would cry sincere tears, having given their hearts to her own son. Even if her identity wasn’t an honorable one, how could Guo Xuehua bear to over-blame a woman who loved her son so deeply?

Beside them, Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were also sobbing inwardly, being rather moved. Wang Jie’s eyes were blurred by tears.

In the company, there were many who knew of An Xin the secretary’s relationship with Director Yang. Naturally, as Yang Chen’s assistants, they knew best. However, they had always thought that it was just fooling around. They didn’t expect that a pampered woman like An Xin had such deep feelings.

“Miss An, I… I’ll call you An Xin.” Guo Xuehua sounded slightly ashamed.

An Xin’s sobbing stopped suddenly. She didn’t think that Guo Xuehua would call her that—from a certain standpoint, it was a form of acknowledgement.

On a normal day, she would certainly be overjoyed, for this was her man’s mother having a good opinion of her, the mistress, but right now, not knowing how Yang Chen was doing in the station, she could only smile bitterly and nod.

Guo Xuehua lowered her eyelids sadly. “You don’t know that Yang Chen means too much to me… I’ve lost him once for over twenty painful years, and with great difficulty, I have finally found him. I took great pains to stay by his side, if… if anything bad happens, I won’t have the courage to live…”

An Xin never knew that Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen had such a past. No wonder she had never heard him speak of his mother—so they only knew each other after twenty plus years.

With a grieving heart, An Xin wanted to comfort Guo Xuehua, but before she could speak, she heard the sound of continuous gunshots, BANG BANG BANG BANG!

“It’s from the police station!” Zhao Teng yelled in shock.

The four of them turned to look with drained faces, and the hearts of An Xin and Guo Xuehua sank even more.

But before they could rush in anxiously, the figures of a man and a woman had hurried before them, quickly entering the police station!