Chapter 6/6 (7)

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Meanwhile upstairs, Yang Chen was savouring the full experience of that gorgeous body of An Xin. For the first time in a long time,  he had forgotten to scout his surroundings. He never would’ve dreamt that the elder residents of the estate would be right below the balcony, not to mention the fact that Lin Ruoxi had returned early and was right there looking!

He was just so immersed in the act as he lifted the feeble An Xin of the bed over to the sliding door separating them and the balcony.

As a result, An Xin who was lying on the bed being ploughed at full force was now standing with her nude back facing Yang Chen with her front up against the glass door.

Her raw skin ground against the cold touch of morning glass as she felt the burning sensation of her man entering her. She felt like a lone raft in the centre of the ruthless ocean, tossing and turning at the mercy of the waves.

An Xin could not contain herself as she was engulfed in the moment. She panted and pleaded, but didn’t want the excitement to stop.

Yang Chen instead felt taunted by her pleas as he thrusted harder into her, over and over again. An Xin’s expression contorted into orgasmic bliss. The sliding glass door shook and vibrated heavily, threatening to break anytime soon.

The sound of copulation from the couple, the moaning and panting, was clearly heard around the estate, particularly by the three that were downstairs. It sounded like thunder through the night sky!

Lin Ruoxi froze on the spot. She stared at Yang Chen’s room on the second floor, her body gradually shuddered. Her legs went weak as she lost the ability to stand.

She only just recently relaxed her reservations for Yang Chen, only for it all to freeze up just to be smashed into smithereens with a sledgehammer!

Lin Ruoxi was dazed and disoriented; all she felt was her heart shattering into tiny pieces with each audible moan that came from above.

So that was how it was. He hurried back to Beijing with the excuse of ‘dealing with An Xin’s matters’… I guess I was right to not have asked, thought Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi promptly realised how silly it was for her to remain downstairs at her own home, especially after she had to leave a day earlier to return. How pointless and futile it all became.

She felt like her feelings were completely extinguished. There was nothing to mourn about. She was the only one feeling troubled about it anyway.

After that gut-wrenching pain she felt, she barely stopped herself from passing out. Numbed, she started to enter into an emotionless trance.
After witnessing first hand her actions that had resulted into the exact consequences that she had been worrying about, Guo Xuehua turned away from her daughter-in-law in shame, unable to look her in the eyes. It was my fault to allow An Xin to stay, even more so to keep her in Yang Chen’s room!

This rascal did it at the worst time possible. How weak is his restraint?!

Wang Ma was gutted as she gazed at her lady, pale as a ghost. She felt like needles were piercing her heart. She only wished she could bear the pain Lin Ruoxi felt!

It was the first time Wang Ma deeply resented Yang Chen with such hatred. That young master who had once appeared to be rather respectable, was now deeply appalling in her eyes.

The noises never seemed to end.

Guo Xuehua felt that this might take a turn for the worse, so she took a deep breath and broke the ice. “Ruoxi, I think…”

“Mom.” Lin Ruoxi in the absence of any emotion, cut her short. “I just found out I have some urgent matters to deal with at the company. I won’t be having breakfast.”

Upon finishing, Lin Ruoxi grabbed her bag from Wang Ma’s grasp and sped for the garage straight away.

Guo Xuehua had her words left by her throat, unable to finish saying what she knew was futile.

Lin Ruoxi looked as if none of that had happened as she quietly drove her Bentley out of the garage. She waved goodbye and slowly pulled away from the estate.

Guo Xuehua stared up at the blue skies that had cleared up from a full night of rain, but deep down in her heart, it was still as gloomy as it was yesterday.


At a hilly area near the old part of Beijing stood an old, spacious courtyard. From the outside it alluded the vibe of antiquity, but due to continuous preservation, the elegance and artistry stood the test of time.

Right in the centre of it all was a study room. Rows of seemingly never-ending books decked the shelves.

An old gentleman with dyed black hair sat at the study table, wearing an old army coat. In his hands was a photograph. He had lost track of the time as he stared and stared at the photo.

The light flickered on the old gentleman, illuminating his creased and wrinkled face along with the yellowing photo.
In the photo was a relatively younger man, holding a preschooler that was clearly enjoying his presence as a cheerful young woman watched from the side.

Knocks were heard on the door.

“Come in,” the old man said as he responsively hid the photo into one of the drawers of the desk. His expression turned grim.

A middle-aged man in a white suit stood by the door as it was opened, his face equally grim and solemn. He walked into the study and bowed to the old man in respect. “Father, I have had a talk with my sister and brother-in-law .”

“How is your sister?”

The younger man held his fists tight and said, “Losing a son was devastating to her. She passed out immediately after, and when she woke up she was screaming and weeping real bad, and demanded to see you, Father. I told Brother-In-Law to calm down, everything isn’t as it seems. I believe they shouldn’t be involved in looking deeper into this or in seeking revenge, or it might lead to greater danger.”

The older man nodded, and said “Yunpeng, how do you see this incident?”

“I’m not too sure, Father. On the surface it is clear that Yang Chen from the Yang clan is the one who got him assassinated, but then again it would be foolish to think that the Yangs would allow Yang Chen to do whatever he pleases. But… the evidence is against Yang Chen as there were no signs of third party involvement.”

The old gentleman winced as he sighed. “Yang Gongming is a noble and trustworthy man. Throughout the many years that we have worked together I have yet to see him succumb to such low and pitiful ways.

“Regardless of whether his grandson did it, if no one from the Yang clan comes out to claim responsibility, I will take the stand that it was probably not the Yang kid that did it.”

A strong sense of gloom engulfed Li Yunpeng’s face. “If it wasn’t him, then who? Maybe they have a bone to pick with our clan? Or could it be that it was a set up for us to believe that the Yangs were involved to cause a misunderstanding?”

Li Moshen humphed, but his sharp eyes glowed. “Whatever the reason is, the culprit must be very confident in his abilities. Yang Chen’s true identity and background was kept secret from most of the world, and in Beijing, almost no one knows who he even is. Among the 4 great clans, we are known for gathering intel and insights down to the very specifics, but excluding us, only the Yang clan with their extraordinary skills and informants can get information anywhere close to that. Even the Nings with their stroke of luck would only have scratched the surface, not to mention the Tang clan!”

“Someone in the shadows are plotting to pit our clans against each other. They must be counting on us to stir up something huge.”

Li Yunpeng carefully filtered through the possibilities and made a smart guess. “Could it be the Cai clan? Cai Yuncheng has now become the general of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. He knows all there is to know. But that doesn’t sound right, because he seems to be quite well connected to Yang Chen. There is no clear motivation for him to act. Moreover as the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, it would be in his best interests to keep a low profile, unless he didn’t learn anything from the experiences of his predecessor, Lin Zhiguo, who was brought away by Hongmeng secretly.”

Upon hearing the name of Lin Zhiguo, Li Moshen’s eyelids twitched. “It doesn’t make much sense for Cai Yuncheng to do it, but someone might be utilising the might of Hongmeng to their advantage. With the ability to single-handedly dethrone the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, there’s no reason for them not to go after someone else. Apart from the two of us, I can count with my hands the number of people that are capable of knowing this well-kept secret, but who might that be that knows about Hongmeng’s existence in China?”

Li Yunpeng frowned in deep anxiety, unable to identify the wirepuller behind the scenes.

Under dim lights, Li Moshen closed his eyes and thought for a moment. “Where was Li Dun when all of this happened?”
Upon hearing the mention of his son, Li Yunpeng hastily answered, “The boy is currently deployed in Vietnam on a mission to take down several escaped prisoners. He should be back in a few days.”

“Do tell him about the incident regarding his cousin brother in case he starts getting sensitive about it,” Li Moshen continued, “Get the car ready, I’m going to Yangs’.”

“The Yang clan estate?” Li Yunpeng was caught off guard, unable to comprehend his father’s intentions.

Li Moshen demanded, “Do as you’re told. I am going to have a drink with your Uncle Yang, do not delay.”

Li Yun Peng promptly did as he was told, but he questioned the intentions of his father in his mind. His grandson could have been murdered by someone from the Yang clan. How could he still have the tenacity to drink tea with them?

… ...

Though a huge commotion was going on in Beijing, Yang Chen didn’t notice anything in Zhonghai. The identity of the culprit behind the murder of Lu Min was not of importance to him.

After his intense session with An Xin for a little more than half an hour, he suddenly remembered that the two elders were waiting downstairs for him for a meal.

The pair dressed up as they went downstairs side by side. Upon arriving at the dining table, however, they noticed that the two elders were visibly in a horrendous mood.

Yang Chen was troubled. He recalled that they were still pretty jolly a while ago. Why it took such a quick turn baffled him. It was almost as if someone broke into the house. Heck, they did not even notice the two come down.

“Mother, what’s going on?” Yang Chen approached his mother and as he asked with curiosity, with An Xin following along.

Guo Xuehua did not even lift a muscle as she mumbled, “Ruoxi came by a while ago.”

“Ruoxi? Isn’t she still in Europe?” Yang Chen searched his memories. He did remember hearing a car leaving the house, but he was too deep in pleasure to notice.
Something came into An Xin’s mind as her face turned pale. A thousand emotions flashed through her pupils like lightning as she held onto her sleeve tightly.

“She mentioned that work in Europe ended early, so she rescheduled to come back earlier. She wanted to have breakfast before she left for work, but left early because something came up,” Guo Xuehua emotionlessly replied.

Yang Chen glanced over at both Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma’s expressions. It was the first time he had ever seen their patience pushed to the limits, as if it was going to explode any minute.

Which consequently led to this eventual realisation.

Yang Chen instantly got so pissed at himself. He even told Lin Ruoxi in Paris that he had to assist An Xin with some matters, yet she returned home only to realise they were making out in her house first thing in the morning!

That was something even Yang Chen was unforgivable! Regardless of what the reason was that had led to An Xin staying the night in his room, for them to commit such treachery in broad daylight was a brutal encounter to Lin Ruoxi.

What once felt like frustration and bottled anger towards the thought of Lin Ruoxi had become the explosion of guilt he felt in himself right now, which frustrated him even more. Should I apologise to her? But it might turn out worse...

Right this moment, An Xin at the back timidly whispered, “I… should go now. Aunt, Wang Ma… I’m so sorry!”

An Xin gutted in her belly after she grasped the situation, and was trying to find a way to excuse herself from the estate, especially from the stone-cold looks of Guo Xuehua made her wish she was hiding in a rabbit hole.
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma understandably had no intention to keep her around any longer. Them keeping their thoughts to themselves was already a great sign of restraint.
“I’ll… You should call someone to pick you up. Take care.” Yang Chen initially wanted to send her off but abruptly withdrew that thought, given that his two elders were in no condition to bear any more provocation.

An Xin panickedly nodded as she hastily sprinted to the door in no time.

After she left, Yang Chen stood rooted in that spot, reevaluating his life choices, before turning back to the dining table and started churning down breakfast.

Wang Ma eventually lost her patience as she witnessed Yang Chen’s carefree expression. “Young Master, do you really not feel anything at all?”

Yang Chen gulped down the food in his mouth, and sighed. “Anxious? There’s no point for that now. I’ll go over to the company after this to meet Ruoxi and will explain the entire incident from start to finish... There really is nothing else I can do now.”

Guo Xuehua shook her head and said, “Now that you’ve come this far, there’s nothing more you can say.”

“At least I can be honest about it.” He grinned in a self-mocking manner. He might have told Lin Ruoxi a long time ago that he would not give up on his other girls, but since then, their relationship was still intact.

He could not pinpoint the exact moment Lin Ruoxi started accepting the man that he was but he knew the only way he could possibly have a chance of coaxing the storm was to be honest with her.

Even if Lin Ruoxi did not witness this today, some other day in the future she might eventually stumble upon him getting intimate with other women anyway.

It was his ironclad principle that he would never allow his lovers to be sidelined in their relationships. It was unfair for him to treat the women that loved him differently.

Therefore how this ends would all be on the hands of Lin Ruoxi. He had no regrets.

He swiped the table of food clean with nothing left to spare. He ate so much like a hungry demon that didn’t look like he was bothered in the slightest bit.

Once he was done eating, he stood up, bade farewell to the two elders and marched out of the estate.