Chapter 2/6 (7)

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After hearing Yang Chen’s disgusting attempt at flirting, Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and kept her thoughts about how amazed she was at his ability to herself.

Even if he had great abilities, he would still think about 'those things' after all, like other men do.

When Yang Chen realized Lin Ruoxi was ignoring him, he stopped talking. Looking at Lin Ruoxi's beautiful, restored face made him nod with satisfaction. He helped comb her messy hair back to her pinkish ears. He sighed and said, "Although we fight, the important thing is that we make up. Just tell me if you are uncomfortable. Don’t always be so stubborn. There’s no point for you to suffer badly for the sake of pride."

"It's none of your business." Yang Chen's comments hit the mark and made her feel embarrassed, but she immediately thought of something and asked, "Oh, you haven't told me yet. What’s up with you coming back to Zhonghai for that foxy An Xin? I need an honest explanation!”

"Didn't you just say that you didn’t care for an explanation?" As Yang Chen wondered, he felt a little funny. An Xin was probably driving Lin Ruoxi crazy to the point she started calling her a fox.

"That was just now! How dare you be so fierce to me? I want to know about it now that there’s so much sharing going around!"

Looking at the formerly foolish woman act so forthcomingly, Yang Chen thought he was hallucinating. He couldn’t believe how fast the woman changed her expression. She 'flipped' her face faster than one would flip a page of a book!

However, what had to be said should be said. Yang Chen told her about An Xin and Lu Min’s coercion. As for Yan Sanniang’s incident, he chose to omit it. It wasn't that he did not want to talk about it, he couldn’t find the right words to phrase it. Moreover, if Lin Ruoxi knew that he was trying to comprehend some kind of mysterious 'Dao', she might think he’s still fooling around.

After listening to Yang Chen’s explanation, although Lin Ruoxi didn’t see it with her own eyes, she could imagine the intensity of the situation. There was also a look of worry on her face. She said with a bit of resentment, “You did all this for An Xin?"

Yang Chen smiled and said, "Not only An Xin. If anyone dares to bully you, I will definitely do more than that."

"In other words, you will do the same to any other women out there, huh?" Lin Ruoxi stared at him coldly.

Yang Chen looked around, in silent acquiescence.

Lin Ruoxi bit her teeth and glared at Yang Chen. After a moment, she said, "Yang Chen, look at me."

"Ah?" Yang Chen was clueless of what Lin Ruoxi wanted to do.

"I said look at me. Look into my eyes," Lin Ruoxi said seriously.

Although Yang Chen didn't know what was with this woman, he didn't mind looking. After all, who could deny when a pretty woman asks you to stare into her eyes.

The two stared at each other and Lin Ruoxi’s eyes shone like a mesmerizing lake, reflecting a moving and beautiful scene.

The next second, Lin Ruoxi smiled.

It was rare to see the cold woman smile. She was like a frozen, scrolled canvas, a sculpture, who only smiled rarely.

The sudden bloom at this moment was like a ray of light that melted the layer of frost over her heart, helping her stand out from the bleak world that she lived in. She looked like a refreshing hibiscus, an enchanting peony, dreamlike and charming to the point that Yang Chen, who had seen a lot of beautiful ladies, gasped in awe at her beauty.

If one didn't see it with their own eyes, one wouldn't believe how she could redefine the word beauty. Words could not be spoken of it as it would only dampen the true image of her beauty!

Seeing that Yang Chen was stunned, Lin Ruoxi was very satisfied, and there was a little smugness in her heart.

"I... am I beautiful?" Lin Ruoxi asked with her soft and elegant voice, like a young girl asking for praise.

Yang Chen gulped and looked dumbfounded, nodding blankly.

"Then compared to An Xin and Rose, who’s the prettiest?" Lin Ruoxi smiled and asked.

"Of course it is you..." Yang Chen's heart began to beat wildly. His mind was full of thoughts that made him go mad. This lady is seducing me on her own now! Have I finally found my dignity as a man in my wife after all this time? Will I finally not be alone at night anymore?!

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip shyly, like a maiden in her youth, exuding charm.

"Really?" Lin Ruoxi whispered.

"Really, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. One and only..." Yang Chen answered very quickly without hesitation.

With both hands grabbing his pants, Yang Chen could not wait to begin. But he still resisted in case his impatience disappointed Lin Ruoxi and left him alone once more!

Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen’s uneasiness from the corner of her eyes. She looked at his struggling hands and into his eyes, seeing the burning flame of strong desire within...

Enduring a trace of nervousness, Lin Ruoxi put her hands gently between them on Yang Chen's chest.

She looked up at Yang Chen’s face and approached him until they could hear each other’s heartbeat and feel each other’s breath.

Her sparkling eyes was tearing up. Lin Ruoxi whispered with a soft sigh, "Do you... really want to... have me?"

I have seen seductive people, but never with this approach before!

Yang Chen was going crazy!

It’s not about how good Lin Ruoxi’s skills are. Compared to the other women that I’ve been with, she's far from skillful!

But her instincts... and her intelligence... She's looking for effective ways to seduce me!

It is precisely this awkwardness and purity that helps release the natural charm of a woman!

How many women could continue to put up such an innocent act? However, Lin Ruoxi who had no experience at all, managed to pull it off on a whole new level!

Do I really want it? Nonsense! Of course, yes! I have been waiting for this word for almost a year!

Yang Chen stopped caring and putting up airs. He suddenly opened his arms, and held tightly onto Lin Ruoxi soft, seemingly boneless body, panting heavily and filled with excitement. "Oh my dear wife! This is finally happening! My patience is at its end! Come, let us kiss each other first and proceed to the next step..."

"Wait!" Lin Ruoxi directly blocked Yang Chen's mouth and did not let Yang Chen plant the kiss.

"Hmm?" Yang Chen looked confused. What's there to be shy about now that we're at this point?

There was a glimpse of awkwardness in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. "I just asked if you really want it… but I didn't say you could have me..."

Yang Chen froze and felt like slapping Lin Ruoxi again for the second time. Is she trying to drive me crazy!?

"But then..."

"But what!!" Yang Chen asked, the brilliance once more visible in his eyes.

Lin Ruoxi pouted. "If you promise me something... I will... I will give you everything..."

Promise? Yang Chen felt a burst of ecstasy! I didn't know she could use this trick!

"Haha, just one thing? I can promise a hundred things! Say it. I, your husband, am nothing but good at handling problems!”

Yang Chen was happy. He was not bragging, but if there was something he couldn't do, nobody else could either!

He had been dreaming of the beauty before him for the whole year. She was the woman that he desired. Was it finally time for him to have her?

Elated, she said, “I just want one thing. I do believe that it will not be difficult for you. There's no need to fight, kill, or spend any effort. It's very simple."

"Oh, say it! I will listen to you!" Yang Chen was anxious, his junior almost broke through his pants, yet she was still delaying.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and donned a resolute expression.

"I want you to sever your relationships with other women!"

After the words were spoken, Yang Chen’s arms trembled. Then, his arms slowly slipped away from her.

The smile on Yang Chen’s face gradually disappeared. Instead, the face was dull and his eyes were empty.

Lin Ruoxi’s mind was very clear. “I knew and have always known that you were no ordinary person. But I didn't bother to investigate. This time in Paris, although I am afraid, I managed to know you more, about your past, and your true identity. You are indeed on a different level from me. You are stronger than me, more powerful than me, richer than me. I used to think that you and I couldn’t come together, and even in terms of wealth, you still have me beat.

"However, if you expect that I would be willing to be one of your women because you feel that you are a powerful man, then you’re mistaken. I am not looking for this kind of relationship. Although I know that monopolizing a man like you alone will make me the hated target of many women, I don't care. Love was created selfish!

"I don't know how many women you have outside, but as far as I know, Rose, An Xin, Liu Mingyu, and my good sister Mo Qianni are among them. I don't care how many other lovers you have, but if you want me to give you everything I have, you must first give up everything you have.”

Seeing the expression of Yang Chen’s face, Lin Ruoxi’s heart winced with paid. “I know that this is cruel and unfair to you. After all, when we got married, it was a contract marriage, and I did say that I will turn a blind eye to everything that you do behind my back. It's my fault, so I don't blame you for having so many women out there.

"But... After seeing you with other people so many times and seeing you this morning going at it with An Xin... I... I can't accept it!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold again, and said abruptly, “I like you, Yang Chen, and for the rest of my life I will only like you. You let me experience things ordinary women couldn’t have in a few lifetimes. I can't settle for any other men after you.

"However, this does not mean that I can accept sharing you with other people... I can't stand it, I really can’t, even if I try, this is the bottom line that is deeply rooted in my bones.

"If you do part with them, I will make it up to you. I’ll treat you well, listen to you, no matter what ridiculous things you do and accompany you... But, everything you do must be with me and only me, your wife!”

The office was completely silent that even a falling needle could be heard.

This silence lasted for nearly ten minutes.

Yang Chen had no reaction on his face. He sneered and looked at Lin Ruoxi, who looked forward to his answer. He gently, but resolutely, shook his head...

"I'm sorry, I can't do it." Yang Chen said quietly, "In fact, you should have known it, right? When I said that I liked you, I also said that I cannot give up on those who love me as well. I am not a good person, but I must take responsibility for my actions."

Tears flowed out of Lin Ruoxi’s dazzling eyes. Her body trembled. Biting her lower lip, she took a deep breath and nodded.

"You don't have to answer me so quickly. I promise you that within a year, I won't fall out with any of your lovers and I won't do anything to them. Take a year to think about it. Think about what you really want." Lin Ruoxi's voice returned extremely cold, as if the woman who smiled like a blooming flower was no longer there.

"One year?" Yang Chen asked in amazement, "Ruoxi, what if after a year, I still won't leave them? Will you leave me?"

Lin Ruoxi turned and walked back to her desk and said, "As long as you don't want to, I won't divorce you, even if I don't get the perfect marriage or love I really wanted. The family I have now is very much sufficient. As I said, I will not have contact with other men.

"If you choose them after one year, then I will put my mind on my career and family. I will do my best to take care of your family too. Of course, if they are still willing to let me be their daughter-in-law.”

Yang Chen finally understood Lin Ruoxi’s words, and didn't know how to respond.

Obviously, Lin Ruoxi was exerting pressure on him. She clearly told him that she would never fulfill her 'wife’s obligation' as long as he did not sever the relationships with other women.

However, it only referred to their sexual life. She would still continue to perform and accept her family obligations.

In other words, she would be the daughter-in-law of the Yang family, but she would not be the woman of Yang Chen.

This kind of affectionate choice, was making Yang Chen out to be the bad guy.

Yang Chen could easily imagine if Guo Xuehua saw how well-behaved she was at home, but how badly her son was leading outside, it was not hard to imagine what the family would think of him.

"You are scheming against me, dear Ruoxi. You really are making this hard," Yang Chen painfully said.

Lin Ruoxi was looking through the architectural drawings on the table. She said clearly, "I’m not threatening you. It is still really up to you. Besides, I can’t fight you anyway. I can't stop you if you want to force it on me... I'm just an ordinary weak woman. No matter my status, I am worth nothing in your eyes.

"If you have to come hard, then I am ready. I will be your heartless doll for you to play with to your heart’s desire. You've saved my life many times in the time we knew each other anyway, so if you want to think of it as my repaying my debt, I can accept it.”

Yang Chen’s heart tingled. She was really harsh when it came to hurting people with words. A heartless doll? If I really force myself on her, aren't I worse than even the savage animals?!

Furthermore, as her legal husband, if he chose to use his own strength to conquer his own wife, he would never be able to forgive himself from that act.

"Do you really have to be that harsh?" Yang Chen sighed and the excitement just now had totally disappeared.

"Do you remember that I was particularly cold to you back in Paris?" Lin Ruoxi looked up and smiled.

Yang Chen certainly remembered how depressed he felt when he went to the Louvre to say goodbye to her.

Lin Ruoxi said, "I wasn’t actually mad with you, although you once again used me as a bait, tricking me and not telling me in advance, it made me feel uncomfortable. But the reason why I treated you like that is because I came to the realization that the gap between us is far larger than I realized... From the time I first met you, I thought that my social status was much higher than yours. Now, it would seem like I can’t even hold a candle to your name...

"I was hit very hard back then and felt very annoyed. Why did it take me so long to realize what kind of person you were? So I was angry with myself, and I felt upset whenever I sas you.

"But today I figured out one thing. Since the gap between my identity and yours is so big, I should work hard and constantly make myself stronger. So... in that sense, you’re indirectly providing me with the motivation to improve”

Yang Chen was stunned with realization. Lin Ruoxi was cold at that time because of realizing the perceived disparity between the two of them.

"What do you mean by this?" Yang Chen couldn't connect the dots.

Lin Ruoxi stared at the drawings on the table and said, "I said this to tell you that my mind is very clear. If you can't give up on the others for my sake, then I will choose to set my life on a different path. The drawings you see are the new travel resorts I plan to build this year, along with the department stores around the resort.

"The announcement of the new materials multiplied our yearly profit several times and the head of finance is being very generous. Star of Yu Lei also brought a measurable sum of profit into our books. I decided to build two new buildings in Zhonghai and expand the weak US and Eastern European branches of our company.

"By the way, I have to acquire small companies and small to medium-sized resorts and playgrounds, and build an integrated industrial chain. I intend to nurture my Yu Lei to help it become a world-class fashion-entertainment empire!”

Hearing Lin Ruoxi's ambitions and world domination plan, Yang Chen did not doubt her capability one bit. Darn this woman! She’s straight-up telling me that if I don't choose her as my only wife, she will soldier on alone for the rest of her life for her career!

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