Chapter 1/6 (7) Support us maybe?

At that point, Yang Chen might as well have forgotten to talk to his mom about that meeting with Ma Guifang. When it came to Korean drama, Guo Xuehua would pretty much be deaf to the world.

Pouting, Yang Chen took a deep breath and said, “Mom, I'm heading up. You keep watching that drama of yours.”

Without caring if she even heard him, he turned around and went upstairs.

Guo Xuehua did in fact hear him but reacted quite slowly. Turning around, she realized that Yang Chen was nowhere to be seen. “Where did that brat run off to? I thought he had to talk?” she asked.

“Oh, he went upstairs. It seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood,” said Lin Ruoxi with a concerned tone, “How about I go check up on him, Mom? You may stay here to watch the show. I’ll take a look at what’s troubling him.”

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked at each other, surprised. Yang Chen was usually the affectionate one, and now it was Lin Ruoxi?

It warmed Guo Xuehua’s heart to see her daughter-in-law be so considerate. She pleased her elders and took concern of her husband for the first time in so long. She replied, “Off you go then. But do let me know if it is something serious.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded in reply. Before heading up she even gave the two elders a crash course on how to use the new television. This act once again pleased the two.

Yang Chen who was now in his room felt his brain turn to mush. He heard and saw everything that went on downstairs, which had shocked him yet again!

Yang Chen had always thought of her as this cold, unlady-like person who was bad at conversations. He was worried she would piss his mom off at some point.

She did not even bat an eye on him today. Much less ask him about what was troubling him!

Her performance tonight really was something. She was able to change her personality at will. She was able to switch between being friendly, clingy, and innocent all in one day. All of that drama just to get on the good side of the folks!

Sure, no one was able to resist her good looks, male or female. She usually kept to herself, not letting any strangers get close to her. She didn’t even really talk to her own family back in the day. But today, she was acting like a totally different person. She let down her defences and used her cunning abilities to win over the heart of her elders. Guo Xuehua definitely fell for her trap!

So the already difficult situation became even more so. How was Yang Chen going to confess about the truth of him and Mo Qianni to Guo Xuehua now that she was obviously going to take Lin Ruoxi’s side?

Not only that, it would be extremely difficult for him to be seen with other women. All it took was one word from Lin Ruoxi to his mother and he’d never hear the end of it!

He was not the self-centered type. He loved his women as much as he loved his family!

But if he chose women over family then he’d be the least of his own problems. He would cause everyone else in his life to suffer.

“God damn it.”

As Yang Chen was cracking his head for ideas, he heard a knock at the door.

Thinking it was his mother, Yang Chen got up and went to get the door. To his surprise, it was Lin Ruoxi instead!

Lin Ruoxi, who stood at the door, saw Yang Chen’s pale and silly expression. He was oddly quiet too, unlike his usual demeanour. She had only seen a sight like this in her dreams.

“What? Am I not welcomed?” Lin Ruoxi asked sarcastically.

Yang Chen opened his mouth, but no words came out. He was speechless.

Ignoring Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi went around him and entered the room.

Yang Chen couldn’t recall a time where Lin Ruoxi had ever entered his room. But he was sure that he had never let anyone barge into his room like that.

Lin Ruoxi slowly made her way around the room, as if in deep thought. At times she would be pondering over something, and at times she would just nod.

In the end, she walked to the edge of the bed and bent down to pick up all of Yang Chen’s dirty laundry that was strewn all around the room and said, “Don’t leave your laundry just laying around. It'll stink up the room. I'll bring it down for washing.” Yang Chen was shocked at the sight.

Yang Chen couldn't believe his eyes, “Ru—Ruo Xi, what is up with you today?”

“Nothing's up, I'm fine,” she said with a smile and continued, “What? Can't a wife take an interest in her husband’s life?”

Yang Chen nodded, then shook his head, then nodded again. He was at a loss as to how he felt. There was nothing wrong with being considerate but no one would have anticipated such a drastic change overnight. Taking into account the fact that she had been cold to the people around her for many years.

“You’ve always said I was the silly one, now who's acting silly?” she asked and giggled, “Do you need anything? I could go out and buy it for you, or would you rather I accompany you out instead?”

“No—nothing that I really need now,” Yang Chen said, wiping off his cold sweat.

Lin Ruoxi then asked, “Actually, I was thinking, we shouldn't live in separate rooms being a couple and all? How about I move in tonight?”

“Hold up! Hold up! I think living apart is a good thing! There’s no need for that!” yelled Yang Chen in a panic.

Yang Chen was on the verge of crying. Had he been given this option any other day, he would have accepted it in a heartbeat. However, now that it was presented to him so simply, he was scared shitless.

Looking all down and defeated, she said in a low voice, “D—do you hate me? You don't like me, is that it?”

“Please don’t do this, Lin Ruoxi! This is not you!” shouted Yang Chen. “Don’t torture me like this. Let's just go back to the way things were. I don't care if you don't talk or look at me. Judging by the way you’re acting right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the world ended tomorrow!”

Lin Ruoxi maintained her innocent look and asked, “Why are you treating me like this? I just want to make your mom happy, and I am your wife for heaven's sake. Of course I care about you. How could I still let you sleep alone after we’ve been married for about a year?”

On the verge of a break down, with his hands akimbo, he said, “We're alone here, so drop the act. I would imagine that the only reason you’re doing this, is to make me choose you over the others. Look, I’ve already told you that I love you and I mean it. But I love them too. They have done so much for me. I can't just leave and hurt them for you. If you can't accept this then just let me know. I can move out, no problem. I can file for a divorce, no problem. But right now, could you please not torture me like this?”

“Nope,” she said with a sly and cold smile, “Where does it say that I must share the man I love? All my life, I've gotten everything I've ever wanted. I never lose and I certainly am not starting now. You want a divorce? I won't let you. You saw what happened tonight, whatever I say, Mom and Wang Ma would back me up.”

“Even if your mom loves you unconditionally as her son, if she realizes the extent of your frivolous activities, whose side do you think she'll take? Especially now that her daughter-in-law is such a wonderful person. You understand the situation here, don’t you?” she added.

Sighing, Yang Chen said bitterly, “Ruoxi, why are you like this? This really isn't you.”

“You’re wrong, this is how I’ve always been. I will do anything and everything I can to ensure that I will get my way. I can switch between behaving cold or hot whenever I want,” she said with a sweet smile.

“When I was single, I needed to erect defences in order not to get bullied by other men. But now I have you. Why should I continue to tire myself out? I’ll just have to play my role as a woman. Compared to the means I used to deal with the people in the business world, this is much simpler. Wouldn't you agree, my dear husband, or should I say, Your Majesty Pluto?”