Chapter 2/6 (7) Support us maybe?

Yang Chen knew before this, that Lin Ruoxi had already known of his identity. It was only now that she decided to reveal her knowing about it.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly after hearing Lin Ruoxi call him ‘Pluto’ so confidently. It did not surprise him all that much. He was well aware that his cover could’ve been blown even before leaving to Paris.

The Lin Ruoxi of the past had developed her icy personality to protect herself, mainly because she was placed into the competitive world of business at such a young age. Somehow or rather, she had to create a coping mechanism.

Her family was to blame as well. It was really hard to actually appreciate life when everything was against you.

But now things were different—Lin Ruoxi had escaped death multiple times which resulted on her new outlook to life.

She realized that she did not need to worry about herself or the company anymore, so spending so much energy on work and maintaining her ice-cold personality was no longer needed.

Family and marriage to women in general, were significant and important things in life. Lin Ruoxi knew this, but never had the courage to face it.

So, when Yang Chen came with the ability to provide her with those experiences, she quickly grabbed that opportunity.

Seeing Yang Chen speechless, Lin Ruoxi wasted no time and collected the laundry. She walked toward Yang Chen and whispered in his ear, “Hubby, when you have come to a decision, you may look for me in my room anytime...”

Yang Chen felt like jumping as soon as the words left her mouth. An unnatural feeling coursed through his body when she called him ‘hubby’. What more, she wanted him to look for her in her room? That could only mean...

Deciphering what she meant by ‘making a decision’, could it be that she wanted him to give up on the other women in his life?

“Would the end result be any different if you chose to remain silent instead?” said Yang Chen anxiously.

Lin Ruoxi smiled and said, “The end result would be the same. I just want you to suffer.”

“What?” Yang Chen said, doubting what he heard.

Lin Ruoxi explained, “Yes, I want you to suffer. As you suffer, your latent anger would also start to build in suit. Then there will come a time where everyone—even your precious girls—will annoy you to the point where you lose it. If you vent your anger on me, I would have the support of the elders. I just have to act innocent. For the times where Mom cannot protect me, I could always just go to Beijing where Grandpa is.”

“Well, the best case scenario would be you acting out on your girls. Your relationships with them would start to deteriorate even without my intervention. Slowly but surely, they would start to leave you.”

A chill went down Yang Chen’s spine. He sighed and said, “Lin Ruoxi, your cunningness exceeds my expectations, you know that?”

“Yeah, I do.” said Lin Ruoxi and continued, “Well, how close am I to that typical toxic wife in your mind now? Nevermind, I don’t care. The only way you would win this battle, is if you stop loving me.”

Clenching his fists and biting his teeth, he remained silent as there were no more words left for him to say. She was right. Her plans would only work if he continued to love her. And she knew that.

There was no wrong or right in a battle like this. Only the parties ability to persuade the other for their cause.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have thought of something again, which she said while exiting, “Do you remember our deal my dear hubby? I promised to not do anything to your girls for a year. So when the year is up and I do make my move on them, no hard feelings alright?”

Yang Chen couldn’t believe what he just heard. Lin Ruoxi had just threatened him.

Lin Ruoxi continued as she laughed, “If you break up with them within the given time frame, then there’s no reason for me to do anything to them. Besides, Qianni is such a good sister of mine. I would hate for anything to happen to her.”

“Do you have to come this far?!” exclaimed Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi stood firm in her stance and said, “It was their decision to be with a married man. Therefore they should be ready for the consequences that follow”
Again, Yang Chen was speechless. The thought of Lin Ruoxi battling it off with his other women was really starting to turn all his hair grey.

He was a failure of a man. Only he would be played on like a fiddle by his wife. He couldn’t talk himself out of it and was beginning to contemplate the use of force!

Seeing Yang Chen in this state, Lin Ruoxi who was now standing at the door could more or less guess his intentions. “Do you really think using force would solve your problems? If you really think so, maybe we could try being rough in bed? I wouldn’t say no to that, you’re my legal husband after all.

“Of course if you somehow hurt me or frighten me, then I’d have more things to talk about with Mom wouldn’t I? Hmm, her own son inflicting harm on his wife? What would Mom think?”

Yang Chen took two steps back and sat on his bed. His cries of agony came with no tears.

Li Ruoxi knew she was victorious this round. She waved him goodnight and left the room, satisfied.

Yang Chen was not able to get any sleep that night. Rolling around in bed, he felt that his mind throbbing under the pressure of Lin Ruoxi’s words earlier that night.

He suddenly missed the old Lin Ruoxi who was always cold yet shy in his presence. She was not that interesting of a person back then, but it was one of her more endearing qualities. Today, although he knew that she was still the same person, he couldn’t recognize her anymore. Yang Chen was not willing to accept it.

He couldn’t hit nor scold her. He would be in deep waters with his mother if she had found out that he did. Yang Chen had never felt so trapped before in his life. Who would have thought that being marked by woman could be so terrifying?

All the tossing and turning in bed was in vain. In the end, he failed to come up with any solutions to his problems. All he could do was go with the flow.

At dawn, Yang Chen wasn’t actually tired despite not getting any sleep. Sleep wasn’t a requirement for him. It had just become a habit that he developed after living the subdued life..

It was a weekend, so Yang Chen went downstairs pretty late. He looked around and saw only Wang Ma in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes. He then asked, “Wang Ma, has everyone eaten already?”

Wang Ma nodded and said, “Yeah, we have. They decided yesterday night that they wanted to help out the orphanage the next day. Zhenxiu tagged along with them.”

“Zhenxiu tagged along?” said Yang Chen, confused. Although Yan Xiu visited the orphanage quite often, she should have postponed all visits due to her upcoming exams. Going right now wouldn’t be in her best interests, as visits like these usually took up a whole day!

It was clear that Lin Ruoxi was building up her army. She wanted everyone on her side and leave Yang chen to fight on his own.

Thinking about this, Yang Chen’s appetite shrank. After eating, he took the car out, not to the orphanage, but to Ivy Sanatorium.

He already had plans to visit the sanatorium after coming back from abroad to pay Master Tang a visit. He wanted to know if Tang Wan had any issues that he could help with, while getting his own physical evaluation. During his recent trip to Europe, he had encountered several severe headaches. For a being like him, it was important that he went for a check up immediately.

But ever since coming back, things had spiralled out of control. So since it was a weekend, he decided to settle things once and for all.

Traffic had always been pretty bad on the weekends, so the journey took him around an hour. Arriving at the sanatorium, he waved at the security before he was given access to where Master Tang was.

Upon stepping into the familiar courtyard, Yang Chen was then stunned by what he saw.

Under the great palm tree sat Master Tang and a young girl. They were playing the board game Go.

The girl wore all white with her amber hair tied up with a rubber scrunchie. She had a cold yet elegant face. That girl was none other than Jane.

Opposite her was Master Tang. At first Yang Chen didn’t recognise the white-haired man dressed in a green robe. There was even a hint of dominance between his brows. Is he really Master Tang?!