Chapter 5/6 (7) Support us maybe?

It was a man with messy, long hair stretching to his shoulders. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to many if he said he had not showered in weeks. His facial hair could’ve also used a bit of work. Wearing a pair of thin-black-framed spectacles meant to correct nearsighted vision, he appear rather young.

There were very few words to describe a man like him—after all, he wore a lab coat to the western restaurant!

The white coat didn’t seem to be similar to the one’s worn by doctors in hospital. His were stained with what seemed to be paint and dye of various colours. He looked just like a mad scientist in the movies.

In addition, the man wore a pair of extremely high-quality navy leather boots. They were well worn judging by the scratches on the surface accumulated over the years. The shoelaces weren’t tied, but the shoes were a surprisingly well fit.

The man’s emergence made many of the self-proclaimed gold-collar workers and the upper-class consumers on the second floor furrow their brows. Expected of course, of a man who looked no better than a roadside beggar.

The waiter of the restaurant serving him looked troubled. He knew that bringing this man upstairs was a huge risk. Being merely a server, it wouldn’t bode well for him should he displease the customers.

The problem lay in the strange identification card the man owned which made even the decision-making manager of the restaurant back off from stopping him. Thus, the server was forced to entertain him regardless.

Having looked around the area, the man pointed at a table near that of Yang Chen and Jane. Emotionlessly, he said, “I’ll sit there.”

The server quickly nodded in agreement and left. He dared not look into the guest’s eyes. All he wanted to do was quickly set the table and leave the rest to the other servers.

Yang Chen and Jane glanced at each other, knowing that the stranger came for them.

When the man was properly seated on the table, the server left immediately before asking another employee to take the man’s orders.

Seeing that the man remained silent, Yang Chen ignored him and toasted Jane with wine before starting to eat.

Jane, however, felt incredibly uncomfortable at the sight of this man. Despite being almost two meters away, she was able to detect the decaying smell on the man. She was confident that the man must have done biochemical research recently. A field she was all too familiar with

Her originally lone, precious time with Yang Chen was destroyed by an uninvited guest just like that.

Since the man left the other diners to their own vices, they decided to leave him alone.

An ‘elected’ young server then came to the man and asked, “Sir, would you like me to recommend you something, or would you like to proceed with ordering?”

The man answered, “Get me two pieces of eighteen-ounce ribeye.”

The server nodded before asking, “How would you like them done?”

“Extra rare,” answered the man.

Stunned, the server doubted his hearing. “I’m sorry but did you say extra rare?”

“What is it? If you don’t know how to cook them that way, just get me raw beef. It must be fresh though,” the man said.

At last, the server who was terrified asked, “Then… Sir, what drink would you like to accompany your meat with?”

The man waved his hand. “I brought some myself. Get me my raw beef now.”

“Huh?” The server was stunned once again.

The man suddenly reached his arm into his lab coat and grabbed a glass bottle of half-finished alcohol. It was about the size of a regular can drink and was unbranded.

The server looked no different from a bitter gourd when the man placed the bottle on the table, not to mention it was liquor. Softly, he said, “Sir, we don’t allow outside drinks here…”

When the server finished speaking, he lowered his chin so much that he was basically turtling in.

The man, however, remained quiet. All he did was retrieve a deck of hundred-yuan red bank notes. There were at least ten pieces which amounted to a thousand yuan.

“Treat this money as my payment for your wine here,” the man said.

The server was speechless. The money was more than enough to purchase the most expensive wine in the restaurant. Still shivering while he received the money, he then quickly sped off to get the man his order.

The weird man’s actions were noticed by many of the diners there. But they were curious more than anything so they left him alone.

Jane frowned slightly when she heard that the man had basically ordered raw meat. She was a girl after all. Chewing on bloody beef wasn’t exactly a common thought of her’s.

The man ignored everyone’s gazes. Removing the bottle cap, he downed some of the alcohol into his mouth. He didn’t even bother to use the wine glass on the table.

Yang Chen found the whole situation quite comical. While he didn’t care much for the practice of etiquette, this man took the word uncultured to a whole other level. Yang Chen felt that even he had a much better behaviour than this guy.

Soon, the smell from the man’s alcohol exuded a pungent smell. Instead of calling it an alcoholic drink, it was more accurately defined as chemical!

Jane was slowly chewing her steak trying to mind her own business. When she noticed the smell, she almost spat out the meat in her mouth!

Yang Chen stopped everything he was doing as well. He wasn’t unfamiliar to the smell. He just found it unbelievable that someone had the gall to bring it into a western restaurant!

“Jamaican rum?” muttered Yang Chen doubtfully.

The man downed the drink yet another time, savoring the taste in his throat. Turning around, he grinned and asked, “You know of it?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It really is, he thought.

Jane looked at Yang Chen curiously as he seemed to know of the origins of the alcohol. She was really familiar towards high-class grape wines, but she had never heard of strange alcohols like that.

“With an alcohol content of over eighty percent, one mouthful would render a person completely useless. It’s said to be one of the worst alcoholic drinks in the world. He’s basically consuming acid,” explained Yang Chen to Jane.

Shocked, Jane opened her mouth slightly when she heard the alcohol content. She knew that Yang Chen’s body couldn’t be harmed by alcohol due to his physical attributes. But the man must have an unusual body constitution to be able to drink the alcohol so freely.

Furthermore, if the liquid smelled so bad, why would he bring it along?!

The man drank yet another mouthful. Leisurely, he said, “It looks like Princess Jane isn’t as knowledgeable as the rumors would suggest. At the very least, Mr Yang knows more when it comes to alcohol.”

Neither Yang Chen nor Jane was surprised when the man addressed their names, as they knew that he had come for them. However, being scorned by by anyone did not sit well with her.

At this moment, the server carried a plate of beef over. It was served ridiculously fast as the man had basically asked for raw meat.

The two pieces of extra-rare steak had a thin, white layer on the outside. They were essentially bloody blocks!

The server quickly backed off upon delivering the food. He did not think that he could stomach the sight of a customer cutting up and eating raw meat.

The man stacked the steaks together and lifted the fork and knife before cutting them at once.

When pressure was applied, the steaks released blood-colored liquid to the plate while the fresh beef exuded the smell of blood.

The man looked just like a beast sniffing at its prey. Opening his mouth, he delivered the fresh beef right into his mouth. He chewed it in exceptionally large movements, with his jaws separating and joining repeatedly.

As the man chewed, blood and saliva started to drip from the corners of his mouth. Mouthful after mouthful, he ignored the liquids flowing from his mouth.

The way he ate made Jane feel utterly disgusted and almost vomit. Losing her appetite, she put down her knife and fork before looking away.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, felt nothing at all. He had seen the human corpse in every state of its decaying process, so looking at someone chew raw meat wasn’t exactly a challenge. Since Jane had lost her appetite, he poked her steak with a fork before happily eating it himself.

When the man was almost done with half his food, he turned to look at Yang Chen who was also devouring his beef. Opening his mouth, he revealed his bloody white teeth and said, “I’m sorry, I was too hungry that I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Yan Buwen, it’s my honor to finally meet the second-generation Pluto.”

“What, you’re Yan Buwen?” asked Jane, surprised, before Yang Chen even gave an answer.

Yang Chen didn’t expect him to be who he claimed he was. Due to the disaster caused by Christen back then, he had fought and beaten Yan Buxue quite seriously. While he knew that his actions would come with repercussions, he did not dwell on that topic for long.

However, Yang Chen had a slight impression of Yan Buwen. After all, Tang Wan, Abbess Yun Miao, and the others had mentioned his name before. Yan Qingtian from the Yan clan even destroyed Yang Pojun’s dream of getting elected, and it was all thanks to the genius scientist of China, Yan Buwen.

Compared to his brother who just looked absurd, Yan Buwen’s appearance was indeed interesting.