Chapter 7/6 (7) Support us maybe?

Yan Buwen’s speech was abrupt yet serious.

Seeing that Yang Chen wasn’t going to add on, he said, “Mr Yang must be skeptical and with good reason too. I myself wondered how Master Tang was poisoned. But all I can say is I know just because I do. I’m also fully aware that I must be the most suspicious person as the poison had to be cured by Princess Jane herself.”

“How narcissistic. Are you implying that except you, no one deserves to get me involved?” Jane almost laughed.

“Isn’t that the case?” Yan Buwen let out an evil smile. “There are a thousand and one reasons why you guys would suspect me. But coming here and preventing you from investigating the wrong path also saves me the trouble of having to deal with you guys in my life. Although I’m far from a noble good guy, I will at the very least admit my wrongs.”

Once he finished speaking, he continued cutting his raw beef completely ignoring Yang Chen and Jane.

Yang Chen stared at the pathetic-looking man for a while in silence before hinting to Jane to walk down alone.

Jane had long had the urge to leave. When she walked past Yan Buwen’s table, she even frowned her delicate nose. The Jamaican rum had a smell so pungent that it could kill. She could only imagine why the freak liked it so much.

After paying the bill, Yang Chen drove Jane back using his car.

In the car, after a few minutes, Yang Chen asked, “Are you still hungry? You barely had any food. Do you need to snack on anything?”

“I don’t feel like eating.” Jane shook her head while staring out the window. After a while, she asked, “Yang Chen, do you believe him?”

“Believe what?”

“He claims of not being the culprit. He actually is our most likely suspect, isn’t he? Although I don’t know how the Chinese clan structure works, someone who could invent a new poison definitely tops the field of biochemistry. He may very well be the one.”

Smiling, Yang Chen replied, “I said nothing about believing him. He indeed holds a large amount of suspicion. He might’ve even done a few other things we are not aware about.”

Jane turned her head to look at him curiously. “Then why didn’t you question him earlier? I even thought you were convinced already.”

Yang Chen held the steering with one of his hands and scratched his ear with the other. “Would he have told the truth if I did? What was I supposed to ask him? Also, I don’t have a shred of evidence. Time will tell whether he’s the culprit.”

Jane rolled her adorable eyes, apparently helpless toward Yang Chen’s carefree demeanor.

More than half an hour had passed when the two arrived back at the sanatorium. Upon getting out of the car, they noticed two familiar figures approaching from the other end of the parking area.

Taking a closer look, Yang Chen saw that one of them was an elegant, curvy lady wearing a grey Studio coat. It was Tang Wan whom he missed that morning.

Beside Tang Wan stood a man with a frivolous smile. He was Tang Wan’s younger cousin, Tang Huang, who was competing against her for the position of master within their clan.

Logically speaking, they were enemies. However, they appeared to be getting along rather well as they walked towards the sanatorium.

When Tang Wan saw Jane, she revealed a gentle smile. Probably due to Master Tang’s recovery, Tang Wan now looked extraordinarily energized and exuded her regular charm.

“Went out for lunch?” Tang Wan cycled her gaze between Yang Chen and Jane, obviously implying something else.

“Yang Chen wanted to thank me,” answered Jane.

Out of curiosity, Tang Wan asked, “Really? So what did he get for you?”

Jane complained, “He told me he would give me whatever Sister Tang gave to him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Huang burst into laughter. “Mr Yang is indeed generous. This one is really impressed. Haha.”

Yang Chen glanced at Jane in dissatisfaction. She seems to have interacted with Tang Wan well during my absence—she even called her sister. But did she have to expose me so quickly? he thought.

Yang Chen didn’t voice out his resentment. Instead, he asked, “Are you guys here to visit Master Tang?”

Tang Wan smiled and nodded. “The board meeting just ended. Since Tang Huang wanted to pay a visit as well, we decided to come together.”

“Mr Yang, I had underestimated you. You sure look rather capable, having treated Grandpa’s disease. I, Tang Huang, owe you a favor as well.” Surprisingly, Tang Huang offered to shake Yang Chen’s hand.

Yang Chen didn’t mind the sarcasm he received from Tang Huang earlier. Shaking his hand smilingly, he said, “The one you should really be thanking is Jane.”

“But without you, we wouldn’t be able to invite Miss Jane over,” said Tang Huang straightforwardly.

Yang Chen stopped debating about that. His impressions toward Tang Huang had altered slightly slightly. While the fellow had a bad mouth, he actually had a deep connection with Master Tang. Yang Chen had a feeling that Tang Huang was sincerely thankful for his help.

They all chatted as they walked toward Master Tang’s courtyard. When they arrived at the entrance, Hannya came out expressionlessly. Softly, she said, “Master Tang is taking an afternoon nap.”

As a result, they decided to return at a later date.

Tang Huang said, “Since Grandpa is asleep, I’ll return to night. However, Elder Sister, when are you planning to send Grandpa back to Beijing? The clan cannot function without a master, not even for a day. If this continues, all of our operations in Beijing would turn into a mess.”

In a dull manner, Tang Wan replied, “I’ll let Grandpa return to Beijing once Miss Jane figures out how the poison was spread. But since you’re more familiar with Beijing than I am, I won’t let you go if Grandpa gets plotted against.” As she spoke, her words turned colder.

“Look at you, Elder Sister. I told you that I am not as well acquainted with Beijing as you think; do you have to push the responsibilities to me? Alright, alright. Should anything happen to Grandpa again, I’ll back off myself and let you become the clan master!”

“It isn’t about being the clan master or not. It’s Grandpa’s safety,” said Tang Wan in dissatisfaction.

“Whatever you say. I’ll go back to Beijing tomorrow and await Elder Sister’s good news,” sighed Tang Huang. Shaking his head, he brought his men away.

After Tang Huang left, Jane lazily stretched her body. Looking at Yang Chen and Tang Wan, she said, “I’m going back to the lab to continue. It would be best if I could get confirmation on the method used to spread the poison as soon as possible. You guys must have a lot to catch up on, since you haven’t met for so long. I shall take my leave now.”

Tang Wan blushed because of Jane’s speech. Although she had a daughter, she had never truly gotten into a serious relationship before. On the contrary, Yang Chen was unaffected by it. His thick face must’ve gotten used to it.

When Jane left, Hannya suddenly walked forward to bow slightly at Yang Chen. Softly, she said, “Master, now that Master Tang has gotten better, should I then follow him to Beijing or stay here in Zhonghai?”

Tang Wan was slightly surprised when Hannya called Yang Chen master. Why is this woman degrading herself by calling him master? Is she Yang Chen’s personal toy or something? she thought.

Tang Wan stared at Yang Chen with her charming eyes in dissatisfaction as she held that thought. This man is despicable. Why does he have women everywhere?

Yang Chen, however, was totally clueless about her thoughts. Frowning, he said, “Hasn’t Jane given you any instructions?”

Hannya shook her head. “Miss Jane had asked me to obey Master’s orders for now.”

Jane evidently knew the boundaries. Although she could utilize Yang Chen’s power, she wouldn’t overuse it. As Hannya and Yamata Sect were both under Yang Chen, it was his commands that were final at the end of the day. It wasn’t appropriate for Jane to treat them as her own resource.

Yang Chen pondered for a while before answering, “You shall return to Japan after this mission ends. I’ll delegate Master Tang’s safety to Sea Eagles. There’s a lot happening in Yamata Sect as well. You can’t just stay in China forever.”

When Hannya heard what he said, she revealed a hint of disappointment in her eyes. To her, only by becoming Yang Chen’s woman would her position truly be secured. However, it was clear that he held no such intentions for her.

Actually, if she really did get naked in front of Yang Chen, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to restrain his desires. However, now that Yang Chen was already knee deep in relationship issues he wouldn’t go out of his way to mess with women.

Tang Wan understood nothing about their conversation, especially the terms ‘Yamata Sect’ and ‘Sea Eagles’. However, the woman who appeared as Jane’s assistant mustn’t be any ordinary person.

At the same time, she felt rather moved as Yang Chen had the discussion in front of her. She evidently wasn’t treated as an outsider, which made her feel sweet inside.

“Are you free for the rest of the afternoon?” asked Tang Wan softly after Hannya left.

Yang Chen originally wanted to visit Cai Yan at the training camp. Seeing Tang Wan’s expectant expression, he felt his heart pounce. Just because he had no interest in Hannya didn’t mean it was also the case for Tang Wan.

While it was true that his cultivation had become more profound, and his brain illness had healed according to Jane, his sequela—low resistance toward women—had seen no changes relative to everything else.

Perhaps, even Yang Chen was unsure if he was born to bear a restless heart or it was a result of the divine light.

At last, Yang Chen nodded. Letting out an evil smile, he said, “Yeah, I am. Are you going to give me a ‘gift of appreciation’?”

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