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The words ‘gift of appreciation’ were emphasized so obviously that anyone could’ve guessed its meaning.

Tang Wan looked at Yang Chen’s naughty smile, instantly understanding what he was referring to. Master Tang’s recovery was indeed thanks to him and she did like that man after all. Since she wasn’t the shy little girl she once was, she preferred to be straightforward. Thus, as she blushed slightly, she asked, “Is there something you would like to do right now?”

“If you don’t mind,” answered Yang Chen. He then held on to Tang Wan’s slender waist with his arm and pulled her closer to him.

Tang Wan quickly blocked Yang Chen’s demon claw. Rolling her eyes, she asked, “Why are you in such a rush? What if someone passes by and sees us? Do you want me to be the laughing stock of everyone I work with?!”

“It was you who asked whether I wanted it.” Yang Chen withdrew his arm innocently.

Tang Wan was speechless. But he still has to assess the occasion, doesn’t he? How in the world did he grow skin that thick? she thought.

Glancing at Yang Chen, she said, “Let’s go to the backyard. Walk with me. We haven’t chatted in a while already.”

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t say no. Following Tang Wan through a silent walkway, they came to the backyard which was located near a hill.

A woman as fortunate as Tang Wan lacked nothing that could be bought. Which was to say they lacked in other areas like heartfelt conversations.

Men would often favor body intimacy, while women mostly sought a heart-to-heart connection.

Yang Chen couldn’t distinguish the lines very well. All he knew was that once they reached a deserted place, then he would be able to do things with Tang Wan. He was indeed straightforward on this aspect.

However, when Yang Chen truly set foot on the backyard, the fire in his heart calmed down drastically.

The sunlight was warm while the breeze was comforting.

They walked on the boulevard surrounded by delicate flower beds made of granite, enjoying the beautiful scene with colorful, fragrant flowers.

Yang Chen suddenly felt peace in his heart. Something which he did not get to feel very often. Although the alluring-as-ever Tang Wan walked beside him, he held no dirty intentions.

Silence filled the place, and in his mind surged with a mixture of feelings. He was reminded of Lin Ruoxi’s change, Mo Qianni’s nervousness, and Ma Guifang’s unknown thoughts. He was even starting to contemplate on possible solutions to all his relationship problems.

He wanted to be responsible to them. However, he was still clueless as to how he was going to make each and everyone of them happy.

Yang Chen didn’t know how he should face the troublesome yet sweet burden.

Tang Wan noticed that Yang Chen was, to her surprise, staring at the flowers absentmindedly. She saw a hint of bitterness in his eyes.

To a woman of her age, a man in deep thought attracted her the most. It wasn’t an act used by young men on ignorant girls. A man in thought showed the person he was within.

Looking at Yang Chen’s gloomy cheek, Tang Wan held her slender hands together. Her face flushed while her heart quickened uncontrollably.

Is this the kind of man I am attracted to? He’s so young, but why does he exude such a mature, touching aura? she thought.

Having walked for just a short moment, Yang Chen suddenly felt the forming of a headache. Lin Ruoxi had given him a problematic ultimatum. He was used to watching her deal with other people. However, today, he was finally on the receiving end of her meanness.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen looked at Tang Wan and said, “I’m sorry, I was troubled by some issues.”

“It’s nothing. I liked the way you looked,” replied Tang Wan with a smile.

Yang Chen raised his brow in curiosity. “Why?”

“Because you looked much more serious than usual,” answered Tang Wan.

Yang Chen was a little surprised, but he soon shook his head. “If I told you the reason I was in that state, it would ruin your perception of me. You’d even laugh at me for sure. Alright, there’s no reason to hide. I’ve been thinking about how to explain this situation to my women recently.”

Tang Wan was slightly stunned. Sourly, she said, “Women. Do you not realize how painful it is for me to hear that?”

“What’s hurtful about that?” laughed Yang Chen. “I feel like my bones are torn by the supreme being at home, otherwise I would’ve thought about doing something to you.”

Curiously, Tang Wan asked, “The one at home? Are you referring to Lin Ruoxi? Is she having another cold war with you?”

Yang Chen got gloomy immediately. How does she know I often face cold wars? Sigh, it must be Yuan Ye and Tang Tang, or even Yuan Hewei and his wife Yang Jieyu, all of whom are close to Tang Wan. Ruoxi and I aren’t even genuine. It isn’t hard for observant people to notice.

Yang Chen gathered his courage and said, “You’re a woman as well. Why don’t you give me your opinion? I’ve been backed so far into a corner by her. I have to at least think of a way to fight back, otherwise I’ll soon be no better than a slave in my house. Of course, this will also improve upon our relationship. We get to talk about private matters more.”

Tang Wan had rich life experiences after all. Yang Chen felt that getting her involve was a decent idea.

Tang Wan felt a discomfort at heart. “When have you become so tame?  You used to mess with women everywhere and leave your wife at home. Just what has she said to you?”

Yang Chen sighed sorrowfully and got Tang Wan to sit down at a bench. He then briefly explained what Lin Ruoxi had done to him, including the part where he was demanded to cut off his ties with other women.

“Right now, in my mom’s eyes, this daughter-in-law of hers is straight-up flawless. If I brought home another woman for her to see, I might as well hang myself right here right now,” said Yang Chen in distress.

Tang Wan burst into laughter after listening to him, causing the lumps of flesh in front of her chest to go up and down, looking exceptionally eye-catching.

“What are you laughing at?” Yang Chen asked cowardly.

Tang Wan took a while to resist her laughter. “Let me ask you a few questions. Answer them honestly.”

“What questions?” He didn’t know what Tang Wan wanted to do next.

“First question. Have you bought your wife flowers before?” asked Tang Wan.

“No.” Yang Chen shook his head. “But I have given flowers to one of my mother-in-laws before.”

Tang Wan rolled her eyes. “Have you gifted Lin Ruoxi with jewelry before, like a diamond ring or something?”

“A diamond ring? Why would I give a wealthy woman a diamond ring? Giving her a diamond mine makes more sense.” Yang Chen waved his hand with a smile, indicating that he had not.

Tang Wan shook her head and sighed. “Do you know what dish she fancies?”

Yang Chen pondered as he frowned. “I know that she loves glutinous rice balls. I bought them for her before, and she ate it secretly after I left. She was so embarrassed at that time. Haha.”

“I’m talking about a dish, not snacks.” Tang Wan glared at him in dissatisfaction. She then asked, “Do you know of her past?”

“Past? Are you referring to the deaths of her parents or something?” asked Yang Chen.

“No,” Tang Wan replied, “Do you know what schools she attended? What was her favourite past time? Which university she went to and what her life there was like? Also, do you know any of her current hobbies? What does she hate or like? For example, colors, fashion styles, sports, art genre, music, etc. Do you know her preference for all of these?”

Yang Chen was stunned. Soon, he shook his head. “Why should I know all this?”

Tang Wan let out yet another long sigh. Rolling her eyes, she said, “Judging by your silly look, I can tell that you understand nothing at all.”

“What don’t I understand?” Yang Chen felt gloomy and his mind got stuck.

Slowly, Tang Wan asked, “Why do you think a couples date before marriage?”

“It is of course for them to know each other better, and see if they’re suitable together,” replied Yang Chen.

“That’s right. You and Lin Rouxi got married so suddenly without even falling in love. Perhaps you assumed that your daily interactions would be enough to get to know her. However, despite being unfamiliar with Lin Ruoxi, I know that she’s known for her coldness. Why would she ever open up and tell you about herself? Also, for an unfaithful man like you, it’s even stranger for her to start any deep conversations with you! Looking at how you’re always with other women. You’re lucky she’s not asking for a divorce!”

Staring at Yang Chen, Tang Wan continued, “You didn’t know her that well to begin with, and there really was no spark between the both of you. Even if something you did later made her fall for you, it doesn’t mean she would tolerate your behaviour.

“For a proud woman like her who holds so many qualities to her name, why would she be willing to share her man with other women for no reason?”

Yang Chen was dumbstruck. Yeah, why would she do that?

Yang Chen looked no different from a fool, which made Tang Wan feel rather helpless. “You know nothing. You shouldn’t think about how to make her obey. Letting her know that she’ll lose isn’t the way to go. Instead, you need to let her realize that she can’t lose you, so that she’ll be willing to sacrifice for you! You must be the most important thing in her heart. Prove it to her, understand?!”

Yang Chen couldn’t comprehend clearly. After a short moment, he asked, “How do I prove it to her?”

“Are you brainless?” scolded Tang Wan.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva audibly. Once the usually gentle and elegant woman got mad, even he would be frightened.

Tang Wan clenched her teeth and said, “Having said so much, all I need you to take away is—while you have shown your worth, you haven’t proven to Lin Ruoxi why you deserve a place in her heart! That’s because you don’t know her enough. You never bothered to get to know her for who she is.

“You have been dominant for too long, which is why you think women revolve around you. However, it has caused you to be blind to certain things. You feel that everything will be fine as long as you love each other. Actually, the fault lies in you being superficial. Do you think us women are as casual as you?

“Even the most ordinary couple out there gift roses, but you haven’t even gotten Lin Ruoxi flowers, much less a wedding ring. How do you expect her to feel that you treat her as your only wife?

“Don’t think that she doesn’t care about that just because she’s wealthy. And don’t think that just because she’s usually cold, she doesn’t care about the most minute matters in life.

“Will any women buy a wedding ring for themselves? Will they gift roses to themselves?

“Lin Ruoxi indeed doesn’t lack either of those. Furthermore, many men would be willing to give it to her. But does it really compare to her love giving it to her? If it is you, her husband, who gave her, will the value of the gifts still be the same?

“It’s because all this seems so distant to her that she hopes to depend on a dependable man, to live an ordinary life.

“Now that I’ve said so much already, does your pig head understand now?”

Yang Chen gazed upon Tang Wan’s reddened face, his mind overwhelmed. As if a dazzling light shone upon him, he was suddenly enlightened!

Yeah, why am I always thinking about making her obey, but not how to change her mind instead?

Why do I always need my women to change for me, while I never put in more effort for them?

I don’t even know what color my wife likes, and what dishes she fancies. Why did I then expect her to accept me?

Yang Chen, oh, Yang Chen. You’re indeed an idiot! he thought.

“You have to treat her well enough. So well that she has no reason to reject you, and not forcefully make her lower her price. Do you understand?” Tang Wan was worried that Yang Chen didn’t get it, so she highlighted the important parts once again.”

Frowning, Yang Chen raised his head and stared at her. “Tang Wan, what should I do? After listening to what you said, I suddenly feel the urge to do you now.”

Tang Wan was confused, trying to figure out what ‘do you’ meant. When she finally got it, she hit Yang Chen’s shoulder in embarrassment. “You sir are a gone case! I was talking about something serious, but your mind has wandered yet again! It’s no wonder Lin Ruoxi pulled that stunt with you!”

“Hehe.” Yang Chen grabbed Tang Wan’s delicate wrist. Smiling, he said, “You have enlightened me today. That has made you look all the more pleasant and adorable now. Mature women are indeed different. Since there’s no one here, why don’t you surrender yourself now?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen pulled Tang Wan’s mushy body toward himself, with his other arm holding her soft waist, causing their bodies to collide.

Tang Wan cried in shock. In the next second, the man was right in front of her. As their faces got closer, she shut her eyes and gave in.

However, her final bit of rationale made her block Yang Chen’s chest. Panting, she said, “Do—don’t do this. Not here.”

Yang Chen didn’t actually plan to do anything in the backyard. All he wanted was frighten her a little. With a naughty smile, he said, “Why not? Don’t worry, if someone really approaches, I’ll surely notice it.”

“It’ll be too late by the time someone comes,” begged Tang Wan.

Right at the next moment, by the backyard’s entrance resounded a crisp, female voice. “Mom! Mom! Where are you and Uncle?”



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