Before Yang Chen could figure out why, Cai Yan had already ordered her subordinates to get Gao Yue and the others into the police station.

When Cai Yan walked past Yang Chen, she ignored his presence as if he were invisible. She did not even bother to say hi.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. She was obviously mad, but at the same time, she had every reason to be.

Cai Yan had always treated her job as a policewoman with pride. But Yang Chen on the other hand, was someone who consistently disregarded the law. Not forgetting that his latest crime was the murder of a police chief. To Cai Yan, even if it was the man she loved, it was still hard for her  to accept it.

Yang Chen was patient because he knew that was the case. He followed Cai Yan into the station, and was recognized by a few policemen who all trembled in fear as he strode past them. They backed away from him as if he was a terrorist.

Cai Yan naturally noticed their reactions, which made her stare at Yang Chen in hatred while clenching her teeth.

Yang Chen helplessly waved his hand. I don’t look that menacing, do I? I believe they are just cowards!

Other than the white-faced middle-aged man called Gao Yue, the other five Green Dragon Society members were placed in the large interrogation room outside. On the other hand, the arrogant Gao Yue was placed in a solitary interrogation room.

When Cai Yan entered the room, Yang Chen trailed behind her. When the other policemen saw, they did not even attempt to stop him!

Cai Yan was once again speechless. Finally, she turned around and blocked Yang Chen. Angrily, she said softly, “Why are you following me? If you haven’t noticed, I’m working!”

Smiling, Yang Chen answered, “Continue. It’s just that I haven’t seen you a while, so I miss you quite a bit.”

Cai Yan naturally was pleased by his words as she had never been in a relationship before. Despite knowing that Yang Chen said that to please her, she felt her mood improve.

Rolling her eyes, she started talking more gently. “I’m not so easily swayed. Why then did you not visit me two days ago when you returned? You even came here to assert your dominance. Thank you so much for your help, otherwise I’d have to wait another two months to recover my position.”

The words that came from her mouth were sour. Yang Chen knew that she was being sarcastic. However, he chose to play along with her sarcasm. With a smile, he answered, “No need to thank me. I just felt that you were suffering in the training camp, and I wanted you to come back earlier. Look at you. You look so much more beautiful in this police uniform than you ever did in the camp. Look, I’ve even started to drool.”

“You… How are you so shameless?” Cai Yan couldn’t stand his thick-skinned behavior in addition to his perverted gaze, as if she was completely naked!

“If I wasn’t shameless, do you think I would come all the way here to look for you?” Yang Chen smiled. “Alright, Yanyan, the great Chief Cai, I promise to not simply kill policemen in the future. In the future should I have to kill one, you’ll be the first to know. We’ve come such a long way through thick and thin. Do you want to let the death of an idiot affect our relationship?”

Cai Yan blushed slightly. Fortunately she wasn’t seen by the policemen standing beside. She complained, “Why must you worry me? Do you know that your recklessness has caused Elder Sister to suffer in Beijing now…”

“Your elder sister?” Yang Chen was stunned. How is Cai Ning related? he thought.

Cai Yan seemed to have realized that she shouldn’t have said it to him, as she tried to avoid eye contact with him. “Oh, it’s nothing much. Didn’t Elder Sister use to keep an eye on you back then? She was tired of dealing with the aftermath of your disasters. Don’t overthink it. Go out now, I have an interrogation to conduct.”

Yang Chen wasn’t easily fooled. Born with strong morals, Cai Yan did not develop the ability to lie well. Thus, Yang Chen asked strictly, “What happened to your elder sister? I knew that something wasn’t right, since she didn’t return. Did my actions indirectly affect her? Is it because of Zeng Mao’s death that she’s facing the consequence on my behalf?”

Cai Yan paled and lowered her head, as if she panicked. At last, softly, she replied, “Elder Sister didn’t want you to know at first, but I know that you’ll find out sooner or later. I have to work now. Let me tell you after I get off work, can you…”

Yang Chen felt that something must be so wrong that Cai Ning told Cai Yan to keep it hidden from him. Furthermore, when he asked Cai Yuncheng about it earlier, he was interrupted by Zhao Teng’s phone call, and forgot about it. Today, it sure looked like Cai Ning had some explaining to do.

The scene on the day before Cai Ning left Zhonghai surfaced in his mind. On the bridge, she stared at the night sky as the cold wind tossed and turned around her. The cold yet elegant figure, now that he thought about it, he actually missed it a lot.

Yang Chen sighed slightly. Pointing at Gao Yue who was running out of patience, he asked, “What did this fellow do?”

Although Cai Yan didn’t know why he asked, she explained, “His name is Gao Yue. I heard he was a district manager from a major gang called Green Dragon Society. I believe he’s connected to the top gang in Zhonghai. Initially, Red Thorns Society was the only major syndicate in Zhonghai. They weren’t a huge threat as they cooperated with the cops well. However, since their partnership with the Green Dragon Society, they started to cross some lines.

“I just came back yesterday, and today I received news that he recently opened a nightclub where he forced more than thirty young university ladies to engage in prostitution. He used drugs in order to ensure their cooperation. A few ladies tried to report him to the police, but were dealt with quickly. He’s no better than the common dog!”

Yang Chen frowned. He was sure that Rose wouldn’t let this sort of deal take place within Red Thorns Society. It was definitely a problem with Green Dragon Society instead. Furthermore, Gao Yue must’ve lost his conscience after getting mesmerized by money.

It couldn’t have been the first time that something like this has happened. However, the late Chief Lu must’ve backed off from Green Dragon Society despite receiving reports. Now that Cai Yan returned, justice would definitely be served under her rule. Thus, she went ahead to arrest Gao Yue without hesitation.

“According to the law, how will he be charged?” asked Yang Chen.

“If he does get charged, following the current Chinese laws, his assets will be confiscated, and he’ll be imprisoned for one to two years. If we find evidence that he caused the death of several university students, he could even be given a death sentence… However, for an experienced thug leader like him, I believe he has many scapegoats to take his place. Justice isn’t so easily served for a man like him,” said Cai Yan in dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen nodded as he briefly understood the situation. He then slowly walked toward the arrogant Gao Yue.

Gao Yue had long been displeased. He didn’t know who Yang Chen was, but Yang Chen was chatting casually with the female chief instead of interrogating him. He felt as if he wasn’t being taken seriously

When he saw Yang Chen walking over, he snorted in disdain. “Stupid Kid, you’re rather impressive, aren’t you? Even a wild spirit like Chief Cai had been tamed by you. You don’t look like a man reliant on women, so are you exceptionally capable in certain aspects?”

Yang Chen remained silent. Without uttering a word, he slapped Gao Yue right on his left cheek!

Slap! A loud thump could be heard. Gao Yue was thrown onto the ground from the chair! His body had even tumbled several rounds!

Gao Yue’s glasses fell. All he sensed was the taste of blood on the corner of his lips. Only when he felt the swelling on his left cheek did he realize he was beaten! He didn't even manage to react on time!

Gao Yue whose head was surrounded by stars picked up his spectacles and wore them. Struggling as he stood up, he pointed at Yang Chen, with his face filled with fury. Coldly, he asked, “Did you just hit me? Brat, do you know who I am?!”

Cai Yan didn’t expect Yang Chen to land a strike so suddenly. Although she understood why he did so, they were in the police station after all. Therefore, she walked forward and said softly, “Yang Chen, let me handle this. I won’t let him get away easily.”

Yang Chen shook his head. “This fellow isn’t worth your time. Let me take care of this. All you need to do is tell me about your older sister.”

When Yang Chen finished speaking, he took out the phone from his shirt pocket. He remembered that he had saved his father-in-law Liu Qingshan’s number.

When Gao Yue heard Cai Yan call the name ‘Yang Chen’, he suddenly got into contemplation. He seemed to have heard of that name before, but he couldn’t recall a thing at the moment…

When Cai Yan saw how badly Yang Chen wanted to know about her sister’s situation, her eyes showed complexity, sighing yet again. She didn’t think much about how Yang Chen was going to solve the problem with Gao Yue.