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The abrupt question made Yang Chen panic a little.

Strictly speaking, he and Cai Ning were not that close. And every time they met, it would usually be because of problems that had disastrous consequences. She was basically there to clean up after Yang Chen. It was because of Yang Chen’s carefree attitude that she was often put in distress.

She was the public servant sent by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to monitor his movements. She was also, the young lady of a wealthy clan. On the contrary, Yang Chen was lazy and nonchalant. He couldn’t stay loyal to one woman. In short, he couldn’t be considered a good person.

Do I like Cai Ning? Yang Chen himself found it absurd, let alone Cai Ning who had done so much. She might have just been doing her job all this time, not having the slightest interest in him.

I’ve brought her so much trouble in the past. It’s a wonder she doesn’t hate my guts. he thought.

Yang Chen had enough problems caused by the women around him. It wouldn’t make sense for him to add one more into the equation would it? Wouldn’t he be challenging Lin Ruoxi that way?

Absentmindedly staring at Cai Yan’s doubtful look, Yang Chen felt his mind go blank. He stood there stunned for quite awhile, before the corners of his lips twitched. Forcing a smile, he answered, “Do you even have to ask, Silly? I just don’t think a guy like that is worthy of her. It’s like inserting a beautiful flower into cow dung. I’ve appreciated beauty since born. Haven’t you realized yet?”

Cai Yan bit her lips, the doubt in her eyes stayed. Smiling faintly, she said, “Don’t think too highly of yourself. Had I not lost my mind, I wouldn’t have liked you, a pile of cow dung, as well.”

Yang Chen touched his own average-looking face. Pouting, he said, “You make it sound like you’re a beautiful flower.”

“It’s the truth. I’m even the flower amongst the police force,” said Cai Yan delightfully.

Yang Chen’s facial expression stiffened. He forgot that Cai Yan was different. She was very vocal about her opinions. When he gave her a compliment, most women would likely feel shy, but Cai Yan accepted it directly!

“You’re not shy to say it, are you?” Yang Chen smiled awkwardly as he slowly withdrew his stance.

“It’s because that’s the truth. Why would you have accepted me otherwise?” Cai Yan gazed upon Yang Chen mischievously. “Do you think I can’t feel your intense gaze on my police uniform? I feel embarrassed for you.”

Yang Chen quickly slapped his chest righteously. “What are you talking about? I want you to stay with me only because I like you sincerely. Also, I’m looking at my own woman, not anyone else’s. If anyone dares to joke about me, I’ll sew their mouth shut!”

Cai Yan burst into laughter, not just because Yang Chen was funny, she was pleased when he said ‘my own woman’ which dispelled the dark clouds in her heart. She then said, “You promised me to talk to my parents in Beijing about us, do you remember?”

“I came here today mainly to ask you when. We may discuss and set a date,” Yang Chen replied.

Satisfied, Cai Yan nodded her head. She pondered for a while and said, “I just came back to the police station, so I have quite a bit of unsolved work. I’m quite busy in moving human resources as well. We’ll go to Beijing after this. We could even make it for Elder Sister’s wedding.”

Yang Chen looked a little uneasy, but still nodded his head. “Whatever suits your fancy.” He originally wanted to ask Cai Yan to talk Cai Ning out of it, but he suddenly felt that it wasn’t his duty to do so. Moreover, just like what Cai Yan said, Cai Ning might rush her wedding with Yong Ye should Yang Chen decide to step in forcefully.

At the end of the day, Cai Ning could at least be a legitimate madam if she married Yong Ye. If Yang Chen himself couldn’t control his own family, why would he stir up more trouble for himself?

Cai Yan noticed the change in Yang Chen’s expression, but kept it to herself. Gently, she said, “I still have to work. You may go home.”

“I’ll wait for you to get off work. We’ll have dinner together.” Yang Chen didn’t usually have time to properly go out for a date with Cai Yan. He felt the need to make up for what he has done in the past.

Cai Yan smiled sweetly, the charm on her partially covered face appearing particularly glamorous. “You don’t need to try so hard to please me. You may prove yourself nicely when we go to Beijing. I’ll blame you if my parents don’t approve of us!”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Cai Yan probably didn’t know that her father Cai Yuncheng had asked Yang Chen to take care of her long ago. So he didn’t feel that pressured about it after all. All he had to do was convince his new mother-in-law.

After bidding farewell to Cai Yan, Yang Chen drove home as he had nothing else to do.

His mind was filled with Cai Ning’s marriage to Yong Ye. Even though he felt troubled about the whole thing, he knew better than to intervene.

When he arrived at home, he saw a black Cadillac limousine parked outside. A few men dressed in suits and leather shoes were carrying bags of different sizes into the house.

After Yang Chen parked his car, the men were done with moving the stuff. They even bowed to Yang Chen respectfully before leaving.

Yang Chen felt confused. If he remembered correctly, those guys should be the bodyguards from the security department of Yu Lei International. Why are they working as porters now? he thought.

As he wondered, he walked into the house, only to get surprised again.

The bright lights were all switched on in the living room. On the floor laid countless branded items! Gucci, Ferragamo, Burberry, Versace, Hermes, and many other designer brands could be found in the large pile. Brands like Zara were only considered as padding. Furthermore, luxury cosmetic brands like La Mer, Helena Rubinstein, and La Prairie were all over the ground as well.

Yang Chen felt his head ache the most when the table by the entrance was filled with bags from Cartier, Harry Winston, and Tiffany & Co. Although he had no clue what were inside them, he could at least have estimated the cost to have ended up in the millions.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi, Guo Xuehua, Zhenxiu, and Wang Ma were all surrounding the sofa, unpacking the clothing, perfume, and cosmetics, each of which easily cost tens of thousands.

Looking at the joy on Guo Xuehua’s face and the fascinated look on Zhenxiu, Yang Chen quickly understood something.

“Oh, Young Master is back.” Wang Ma was the first to discover Yang Chen standing by the entrance. Smiling joyfully, she said, “Young Master, quickly have a look. These clothes are so beautiful.”

Lin Ruoxi turned to look at him as well. Dressed in a black-laced, crew-neck dress, she appeared to be rather tired. Her hair was let loose. Being shone upon by the light above, she looked no different from a blooming lotus.

Lin Ruoxi was currently smiling at Yang Chen teasingly.

Yang Chen let out an unnatural smile. Walking forward, he realized that neither Guo Xuehua nor Zhenxiu were wearing clothes that he had seen on them before.

Guo Xuehua carried a newly released handbag from Saint Laurent and a leather jacket, with a silver watch of the Première series from Chanel, looking elegant and fashionable.

Zhenxiu, on the other hand, wore a pleated, yellow shoulder dress. On her feet were a pair of heels made of sheepskin from Chanel, giving her a fresh and refined look. She even exuded the aura of a young woman, causing her to turn from a high schooler to a lively, charming university student.

Both of them were glowing with satisfaction from their appearances. When Yang Chen walked closer, they looked at him expectantly.

Sensibly, Yang Chen smiled and said, “Mom, you and Zhenxiu look like sisters now.”

Zhenxiu blushed and stuck her tongue out happily. “Brother Yang is shameless as ever. You didn’t even blink before saying something so cheesy.”

Guo Xuehua was naturally pleased to be praised by her son. “This is all thanks to your wife. Ruoxi accompanied us to the orphanage today. The children had so much fun that they almost went crazy. She then took us shopping in the afternoon, and recommended us to have a look at these items. When we tried them out, she bought all of them unexpectedly.”

Yang Chen’s heart dropped. It is indeed Ruoxi’s doing, he thought. Looking at Lin Ruoxi helplessly, he asked, “Why did you buy so many things? It’s starting to overflow out of the house.”

“It’s fine. I don’t often have time to bring Mom to shop, and Zhenxiu has been working hard these days. I will do anything as long as they are happy. If this house can’t contain them, we’ll just switch to a larger one. It’s not like we lack houses,” said Lin Ruoxi gently, as if she failed to realize Yang Chen’s expression.

Wang Ma said, “These things look great before they’re even worn. But Miss, they must be really expensive, aren’t they?”

Zhenxiu interrupted and said, “Wang Ma, the prices of these clothes frightened me. I initially thought that this fur-collared coat cost at most a thousand, but the server said otherwise. As there are only twenty of them in the world, each costs 130 thousand, and they refused to sell it to just anybody!”

Wang Ma opened her mouth in shock. Having stayed in that house for decades, she often saw clothes that cost tens of thousands, but 130 thousand was simply too much.

Smiling, Lin Ruoxi said, “It’s fine. Didn’t I say that the entire building was owned by Yu Lei? These things are just like our own. We basically took them home instead of buying.”

“Nonsense,” complained Guo Xuehua. “I know that Yu Lei owns the shopping mall, but these stocks are sent there to be sold. We still have to buy from the manufacturers.”

Lin Ruoxi obediently sat beside Guo Xuehua and held her hand. “Mom, don’t talk about money anymore. Your daughter-in-law earns much faster than she spends. As long as Mom is happy, any amount of money spent is worth it.”

When did she develop that silver tongue of hers?! And how is she acting so flawless?! Yang Chen thought. He almost went crazy when he looked at the polite and lovable woman. Is she the same person as the iceberg-like Lin Ruoxi?! Is she really my wife?!

Guo Xuehua was so pleased that she couldn’t stop smiling. Holding Lin Ruoxi’s hand, she said, “Mom is happy of course. I don’t know what good I’ve done in my previous lifetimes to not only reunite with my son after more than twenty years,but to also receive such a good daughter-in-law. If you ask me, I’m more than willing to trade a few years of my life for a day like this.”

“Mom, how could you speak like that? Mom will live past a hundred years old for sure. I’ll take good care of you,” said Lin Ruoxi seriously.

Guo Xuehua’s blessed expression was indescribable. Tapping on Lin Ruoxi’s hand, she said to Yang Chen, “Son, look at how great she is. I heard from the president of the orphanage that Ruoxi had often sent the children gifts when she was young. Now that she has grown up, she’s even willing to play with them and tell them stories.

“She has selflessly done so for so many years without asking for anything in return. In this day and age, how many people are there who are like her? Many only do so to boost their reputation. I’ve held so many charities and set up quite a number of orphanages over the years, but I’ve only seen very few people as kind as Ruoxi.

“You should really learn from your wife. Ruoxi is so busy at work yet she’s willing to take care of the pitiful children. How about you? You barely do anything at all except causing Ruoxi displeasure. Do you find it acceptable?!”