Chapter 1/5

Wearing a pink and white coat over her shoulders and a black side tie mini skirt, Lin Ruoxi was carrying bags of cooking ingredients into the house in a lively manner. She looked excited at what was to come after. Instead of her usual office wear, what she wore reflected her age more right now. She had somehow boosted her charm against all odds.

It was worth noting that Wang Ma only carried a small plastic bag. Lin Ruoxi had obviously carried all the heavy bags. Judging from Wang Ma’s kind smile, it was clear just how pleased she was.

Wang Ma had served in this house since the Old CEO was here. She watched Lin Kun marry Xue Zijing and for Xue Zijing to give birth to Lin Ruoxi. As Lin Ruoxi was grew up, Wang Ma had been working behind the scenes taking care of the people in the house. Actually, she had long started treating Lin Ruoxi whom she called ‘miss’ as her own daughter.

Right now, not only did Lin Ruoxi accompany her to the supermarket, she even offered to carry the heavier bags. Wang Ma could not be more pleased with the way she had grown up.

Lin Ruoxi smiled naturally when she saw Yang Chen at home. “Hubby, can you guess what I bought today?”

Yang Chen wasn’t used to Lin Ruoxi’s tone and behavior, especially when she started calling him ‘hubby’. On the contrary, he refrained from calling her the cheesy names he used to. It was as if the tables have turned and things have been switched around.

“What is it?” Yang Chen stared at the bags, unable to figure out the objects within.

Lin Ruoxi walked towards Yang Chen and opened the bags. “Look! I bought lamb kidneys, pork kidneys, and fresh beef kidneys. I had to visit quite a few stores though. I even got cashew nuts, lycium chinense, and some other stuff to go with them.”

“Erm… Ruoxi, why did you get so many kidneys…” Yang Chen’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. What is she implying?! he thought.

“They’re nourishments for your body of course!” Lin Ruoxi looked like she had a heartache. “You’re always so busy outside. I was always worried that you would exhaust yourself too far one day, so I had to do something about it. So I thought of buying these kidneys for nourishments.”

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma naturally understood what she wanted to nourish. It was none other than the two organs most important to men.

However, as the ingredients were also used to nourish the kidney, Lin Ruoxi was obviously implying that Yang Chen was ‘incapable’. That was because everyone in the house knew that they slept in separate rooms.

Lin Ruoxi was clearly being sarcastic. As Yang Chen often messed with women outside, he was bound to fail one day in that aspect. To prevent him from losing his ‘combat ability’, she felt the need to nourish his body.

Yang Chen was left utterly speechless, not expecting Lin Ruoxi to pull off such an act. She was very clearly trying to take revenge by embarrassing him, not to mention in such a ‘gentle and caring’ manner.

“Hubby, why the long face? Are you not feeling well?” asked Lin Ruoxi, her eyes filled with mischief.

Yang Chen took a deep breath. No one could bear the consequence of his own doing except himself. Furthermore, he indeed was the one in the wrong.

But my kidneys are fine! he thought.

Yang Chen forced a smile. “I’m fine. I’m just moved by your consideration. But Ruoxi… you’re not going to cook all of the kidneys today, are you?”

“I have to make them all of course! You have such a huge appetite. I’ll make simmered lamb kidney, fried pork kidney, and let Wang Ma make braised beef kidney. This way, you’ll be able to get the best the kidneys have to offer,” said Lin Ruoxi in delight. She didn’t forget to add, “Everything I bought was specifically for you. So us ladies will have to eat something else. You’re not going to waste my effort, are you?”

Yang Chen wanted to speak, but Lin Ruoxi ran off to Guo Xuehua to show off the fresh vegetables and seafood she got. Guo Xuehua was pleased yet again when Lin Ruoxi said she wanted to cook for her mother-in-law.

Yang Chen let out a long sigh in his heart. Just how depressing must this meal get?! he thought.

After Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma proceeded to the kitchen, Yang Chen said to Guo Xuehua, “Mom, why aren’t you stopping her? Ruoxi is trying to get your son killed.”

Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes. “I know that she’s doing it on purpose. But think about it, what’s so bad with her approach? You’re always messing around with women, but I haven’t gotten any grandchild yet. Mom is getting anxious. So by all means, please have some nourishment.

“Also, look at Ruoxi be the perfect family woman now. Not only is she helping Wang Ma with chores, she’s learning to cook as well. On the other hand, you have done nothing all day. Why are you still complaining when someone’s cooking for you without asking for anything in return?”

Yang Chen wanted to cry but failed to produce any tears. He really shouldn’t complain, but he couldn’t just tell his mom that his kidneys were strong, could he? Suffering in silence was the only thing he could do now.

Almost two hours later, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma served a ‘kidney feast’ after working hard in the kitchen. Of course, it was meant to ‘nourish’ Yang Chen, so all of the dishes were placed right in front of him.

Yang Chen had a huge appetite no doubt, but his face muscles couldn’t help but twitch when he looked at the dishes of cooked kidneys.

To make the matter worse, Lin Ruoxi revealed an innocent and wronged expression when she saw that Yang Chen wasn’t eating. “Hubby, is it because my cooking is bad…”

Actually, Lin Ruoxi had improved a ton in cooking after learning from both Li Jingjing and Wang Ma. However, who on Earth would treat kidneys as their main course?!

Yang Chen was too embarrassed to reject her. At last, he forced himself to finish all of the three large plates of kidney.

Had it not been for Yang Chen’s exceptional body constitution, he might’ve died due to excessive nosebleed. After lunch, he dared not stay at home for long. As it was a weekend, Lin Ruoxi would definitely accompany the two elder to watch television. He felt safer outside the house.

Moreover, as he had gained Guo Xuehua’s agreement, Yang Chen wanted to talk to Ma Guifang about it quickly in addition to setting a time and venue.

On the way to Madam Xiang’s restaurant, Yang Chen made a phone call to Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni who was busy working, was so excited that she almost jumped from her office table when she heard that Guo Xuehua had agreed. “Hubby, have you… told Aunt that she was meeting my mom?”

“I didn’t say it explicitly, but she’ll find out when they meet. I believe my mom has quite the good impression for yours. So she could thank me for the surprise later,” said Yang Chen.

Mo Qianni hesitated for a while before humming in acknowledge. “I originally wanted to go with you, but I have a few management-level meetings later. Fortunately you know the way to Aunt Xiang’s restaurant. You may discuss it with my mom. I’ll definitely approve the dates she set.”

“Little Qianqian, don’t worry. I won’t leave you no matter what. Worst comes to worst, we’ll need to spend more saliva on explaining,” consoled Yang Chen with a smile.

Mo Qianni hummed in acknowledgement. “Oh ya, Hubby, have you visited Rose yet?”

Yang Chen was so guilty that his face reddened. “Erm… I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s also because I’ve been caught up recently. I’ll visit her when I go home later. I’m actually feeling rather embarrassed.”

Mo Qianni hesitated a little and replied, “I’d advise you to see Rose as soon as possible. I can tell that she hasn’t been feeling well these days. Furthermore, I told her that you came back a while ago, and she said calmly that she knew. I think she’s avoiding you on purpose.”

Yang Chen suddenly felt worried. Could she be hiding something from him? She had never made him worry about her before, so Yang Chen did not pay too much of his attention on her. Although he felt guilty about it, old habits die hard.

Yang Chen felt that something was wrong, judging by what Mo Qianni said. He had come back from overseas for quite a few days already, but he didn’t even receive a call from Rose nor see her walk out from home.

However, he was currently driving on the highway already. Going back wasn’t an option so he tried not to worry and proceeded to Madam Xiang’s restaurant.

After half an hour, Yang Chen came to the restaurant again. There weren’t many customers inside as the lunch hour had passed. Thus, Madam Xiang was calculating her earnings at the counter.

Yang Chen looked around and failed to find Ma Guifang. Smiling, he walked forward and asked, “Aunt Xiang, where’s my mother-in-law?”