Chapter 4/6

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After hearing the name ‘Lei Zhen’, Rose frowned. She was upset because she knew who he was and his authority over this area.

Yang Chen took notice of Rose’s change in expression but chose to remain silent. He also omitted any explanation to Old Li even though the latter was quivering uncontrollably. Instead, he asked out of concern, “Old Li, sorry I wasn’t there when you were admitted to the hospital for a surgery. I didn’t want to intrude. How are you feeling now?”

In the past, Li Jingjing took it upon herself to raise money for Old Li’s tumour resection. Yang Chen remembered that Lin Ruoxi paid a visit to Old Li but he didn’t.

Old Li didn’t know how to respond. So with a bitter smile, he said, “I have completely recovered. However, there were certain things that couldn’t be fixed however minor they were. Enough of that! Stop talking and leave while you still can!”

Old Li met Lin Ruoxi when he was in the hospital. Even though they chatted for a short period of time, he had gotten to know Lin Ruoxi enough to form a lasting impression. Old Li knew that Rose wasn’t Yang Chen’s wife. Therefore she must be one of Yang Chen’s women. But to him, as long as it wasn’t his daughter, he turned a blind eye towards it.

Yang Chen shook his head slightly and walked to up to Old Li’s stall before picking up several skewers of lamb. He laughed and said, “I haven’t grilled meat in a while. How nostalgic. Do you mind if I help myself to a few of these meat skewers before Lei Zhen arrives?”

Old Li was at his breaking point. He sighed heavily knowing that there was nothing else he could do to persuade Yang Chen to leave. All he could do now was worry.

Their conflict drew the attention of many of the passersby. Most of them—especially those who knew Xi Pi—hurried past the group in fear. They tried to flee as quick as possible in order not to get caught up in the mess. Many of them even felt sorry for Yang Chen and Rose.

But despite the majority that fled the scene, a handful of people had the courage to wait and watch. It was nighttime. They relied on the darkness to not be spotted.

After approximately five minutes, there was rustling sound from the end of the street followed by a loud clamour. It seemed as though a large crowd was headed their way.

As the people gathered, the spectators began to leave. Even though they were curious, watching the commotion wasn’t worth the risk of being caught in the middle.

Yang Chen roasted and spiced up several lamb skewers before chewing away.

Xi Pi’s face was filled with excitement and delight. He looked at Rose and Yang Chen with malicious intent and laughed evilly. Running towards the crowd he yelled, “Brother!”

Lei Zhen was a middle-aged man with a boxy-looking face. He was fatter and shorter compared to Xi Pi. His frightening grandeur was what made him stand out from the crowd.

Lei Zhen looked like a normal businessman in his white shirt. If it wasn’t for his ferocious and lofty subordinates, he wouldn’t have been taken as someone from the underworld.

“Brother, it was that unladylike woman! She hurt me and the people from our gang!” Xi Pi cried resentfully beside Lei Zhen.

Lei Zhen glared at his brother and said, “You’re not a little boy anymore. All you do is look for trouble and call me when there is a problem. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?!”

Xi Pi replied while feeling wronged, “Brother, it wasn’t my fault. That lady was too strong. My subordinates and I were no match for her!”

The few of Xi Pi’s subordinates grunted in acknowledgement and pointed at Rose who stood beside the stall quietly. Yang Chen—who was enjoying his lamb skewers—was said to be her accomplice.

Lei Zhen couldn’t see very clearly as he was standing quite far away from them. He didn’t take the lady who bullied his brother seriously. There was nothing so out of the ordinary that required his presence. Ignoring Rose, he turned his head and awkwardly smiled at the lady dressed in a black dress who had tagged along. He said, “I’m really sorry for bothering Miss Chen with this joke. It is so rare for us to meet, but unfortunately something like this has come up and interrupted us. However, as this rascal is my one and only younger brother, I can’t afford to let anything happen to him.”

The elegant lady dressed in black was comfortable facing the crowd of men. She seemed like she was powerful enough to keep those punks under control.

“Since he is part of your family, it is necessary for us to help when he is in trouble. Besides, if these people are against Red Thorns Society, it will concern all of us,” the lady replied.

Lei Zhen smiled and nodded his head in agreement. He started nearing Rose’s location with his subordinates.

The two people in charge exchanged looks with Rose. They were confused and seemed hesitant at first but they soon became terrified.


“Sister Rose...”

Lei Zhen and the lady in black were shocked beyond compare when they recognised Rose. The members of Red Thorns Society who were gathered around the two were surprised as well. Many of them had never seen Rose before. But who else would their heads call ‘president’ if not the leader of Red Thorns Society? The lady who rarely appeared in public and singlehandedly ruled the underworld of Zhonghai was none other than Rose!

On the other hand, Xi Pi paled when he finally understood what it meant when his brother called Rose ‘president’. He almost passed out in shock.

“What’s wrong, Rongrong and Lei Zhen? You don’t seem very happy to see me,” Rose said while gazing upon the crowd. The whole area became silent as if time stood still.

Rose was wearing a casual outfit which made her look like an ordinary beauty in the city. Lei Zhen and Chen Rong couldn’t recognise her from afar!

Lei Zhen took some time to recollect himself before he quickly bowed with respect. He swiftly explained, “President, please stay calm. This isn’t what you think. If I knew it was you, I would… I would...”

Rose smiled coldly. “You would what? Were you going to misuse your power as one of the heads in Red Thorns Society to help your brother? If it was someone else who punched your brother today, would you have helped him return the favor?”

Lei Zhen felt his legs turn soft. Clueless as to what to reply, he kicked Xi Pi aside in frustration!

“Piss off! Bastard! How dare you provoke the president?!”

Xi Pi spun in the air several times before passing out.

Old Li, who was still standing frozen in the same spot, opened his mouth in astonishment. I can’t believe that this beautiful and young lady is the president of Red Thorns Society! No wonder Yang Chen wasn’t worried. Why is Yang Chen constantly surrounded by powerful women?! he thought.

On the other hand, Chen Rong who seemed terrified at the revelation, bit her lip and walked towards Rose. She lowered her head and said softly, “Sister Rose, I was just here to discuss some issues with Mr Lei. Please don’t misunderstand my involvement in this.”

Rose looked at Chen Rong apathetically and ignored her. Instead, she looked at the terrified Lei Zhen. She said, “I remember saying that if we, Red Thorns Society, want to stand strong, we mustn’t misuse our power. Those who threaten civilians will be punished severely. Any heads who have failed to keep their divisions under control will bear the consequences as well. I can’t believe that I was on the receiving end of this today. Especially since I rarely leave the house. Moreover, it was the leader’s brother who was going around fooling the public while using the name of my society. Are you challenging my position and my orders?”

Lei Zhen stood up and apologised repeatedly. “President, please don’t be mad. I take full responsibility of the things that have happened today. I will teach him a lesson when we return. I promise that this will be the last that you hear of such cases!”

“It’s okay,” Rose said calmly. “There are things that can never be forgiven. Lei Zhen, wrap up anything that is still outstanding. Tomorrow, I will send someone else to take over your domain. You shall leave Red Thorns Society along with your brother.”

After hearing what Rose had said, Lei Zhen was horrified and distressed. He babbled in shock, “President! You can’t do this to me!”

Rose raised her voice and replied, “Who’s the president? You or me?”

While she was shouting, a strong intimidating aura flooded out of Rose. It suffocated Chen Rong who was standing to the side of their conversation!

Lei Zhen’s face paled while his cheeks turned a shade of red. He clenched his fists and said, “President, I have always respected you. For once, this incident has been entirely my fault. I admit that I have been negligent towards my subordinates and brother. But I have served the Red Thorns Society well all these years. I have put in my one hundred and ten percent effort to get to where I am today. If you’re going to take everything I am away because of one mistake, I, Lei Zhen, refuse to obey!”