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Lei Zhen was essentially challenging Rose’s position as president. He no longer had his head lowered and was instead staring right at her.

Rose started to boil with frustration. She didn’t expect Lei Zhen to publicly go against her. Laughing with her voice full of malice, she said, “It sure looks like I’ve been away for so long that some people have forgotten their place. Lei Zhen, are you starting a rebellion?”

“This one dares not do so. But regardless, I don’t find President’s decision appropriate!” Lei Zhen yelled violently. “If President insists on dismissing this one, I request President to organize a meeting among all the leaders within the gang. I would like my dismissal to come down to a vote. If everyone believes I deserve this severe punishment, I will leave without hesitation!”

Darkness filled Rose’s eyes. “Lei Zhen, what makes you think you’re qualified to negotiate? Had it not been for your contribution to the society, I would have bathed this very street with you and your brother’s blood!”

No one doubted Rose’s words. That was because her eyes were surging with killing intent!

Chen Rong who until now, was just an innocent bystander, couldn’t help but say, “Sister Rose, Mr Lei wasn’t completely informed of this. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Please show him some mercy this time. Regardless of what he has done, he was a founding member of this society. Not to mention his large contributions to this society. Furthermore, dismissing the leader of such a large district will definitely disrupt operations on a large scale.”

Rose didn’t even glace in her direction when Chen Rong begged for mercy on Lei Zhen’s behalf. Instead, she looked all the more displeased. She finally turned to Chen Rong and coldly said, “I believe I haven’t relinquished the title of president to you yet, have I? Why then are you assuming the role now?”

Chen Rong instantly paled, lowering her head in fear, losing the courage to speak.

On the contrary, Lei Zhen fell into contemplation after seeing Chen Rong plead on his behalf.

Rose saw that Chen Rong lowered her head, so she turned to Lei Zhen and said, “I’ve said everything I wanted to. If you and your brother have yet to leave tomorrow, don’t blame me for what comes next. It’s been a while since I have drenched my hands in blood. Lei Zhen, please don’t let me start with you.”

Upon she finished speaking, Rose turned to Yang Chen who had been silently eating the lamb skewers. “Hubby, let’s go home.”

Yang Chen nodded. He wasn’t interested in getting involved. To him, whatever happened in Red Thorns Society wasn’t a huge concern to him. He wouldn’t step in as long as his woman was fine.

“Wait a minute!” Lei Zhen yelled panting in anger. “President, you have left me no choice!”

Yang Chen and Rose stopped moving and turned around. Lei Zhen who was staring at them with a burning rage, pulled out a pitch-black Beretta 92. The barrel was aimed right at Rose’s head!

“Ah! It’s a gun!”

The civilians on the streets quickly scattered like mice when they realized how serious the situation became. However, quite a number of the people dining nearby were watching the scene.

Lei Zhen was holding a genuine gun, causing the civilians who had not seen one before scream in anxiety and panic.

The once quiet street descended into chaos. The people started sprinting in all different directions afraid that they would be caught in the crossfire. Innocent lives could be lost if there was a mistake made!

“Lei Zhen, are you crazy?! Put the gun down!”

Chen Rong who was previously keeping her head down raised it when she saw the gun. She begged, “Mr Lei, please don’t act foolishly! This isn’t a joke!”

Lei Zhen smiled maliciously. “I know that this is serious. Miss Chen, you need not worry. I’ll remember your kind acto to day and return the favor. Since things have progressed to the way they are, I don’t have to sit here and endure our stubborn little president anymore. Thank you, President, for your care throughout the years. I will personally send you off today, but only because you have forced my hand. Should you become a ghost, you mustn’t come for me.”

“What do you think this will accomplish? How idiotic.” Rose wasn’t at all nervous. Ignoring the fact that it wasn’t her first time being on the receiving end of a gun, she knew that nothing could happen to her with Yang Chen by her side.

Lei Zhen said, “I am fully aware of my capabilities. I will die today if I fail. These people here are all the brothers I trust. No matter how good you are in combat, President, there is no way you can outplay a gun. I believe you don’t doubt my ability to do so. Of course, if you would be so kind as to forget the events that have happened today, I will let you live. I’ve always regarded you highly and it would be a shame to see you go.”

“Why are you putting up such an act?” Rose asked teasingly. “You’re actually afraid of me more than anyone else. Otherwise you would’ve pulled the trigger by now. Why else would you blabber on?”

Lei Zhen flushed in anger. “President, you regard yourself too highly. It doesn’t matter anyway. I’ve brought prosperity to Red Thorns Society for the past two years. So it is high time that I start enjoying the fruits of my labor. Now that your inheritor Chen Rong has become more than capable, I believe all of us will support her to take over your position…”

Panic filled Chen Rong’s eyes once she heard Lei Zhen. Biting her lips forcefully, she looked at Rose anxiously and glanced at Yang Chen who had remained silent.

Rose looked at Chen Rong before saying, “Are you trying to say that you want Rongrong to replace me?”

“That’s right. In the past six months, Miss Chen has been handling the management tasks within this society. We’ve all noticed her excellent job. Since President has raised such a competent inheritor, she’s bound to take over sooner or later. So why not we speed that process up a little?” Fanaticism filled Lei Zhen’s eyes. “As long as President agrees to organize a meeting and pass all responsibilities to Miss Chen, I’ll be willing to help her strengthen her position!”

“That’s enough! Lei Zhen! Don’t involve me with this insane plan of yours! Put your gun down now. How dare you point a gun at President?!”

Chen Rong couldn’t hold back anymore. The fear in her heart exploded into fury.

She wasn’t the same naive girl who had newly arrived in Zhonghai anymore. In the past year, under Rose’s guidance, she had greatly improved in competency and demeanor. To avoid being looked down upon, she had maintained a favorable and elegant outlook. However, all the training in the world could not have prepared her for this.

Lei Zhen was stunned. He felt that his proposal was most beneficial to Chen Rong.

Having been appointed as the inheritor by Rose, she had been working hard to bond with the fellow leaders within the society. It was her ultimate destiny to one day become the president.

Rose was still young after all. Although she had taken a step back from managing the society, she would take at least a decade or two to give up her position as the president.

As a result, Chen Rong must’ve gotten impatient in one way or another. No one would be willing to only take over the position they desired at the age of seventy or eighty. How many years left would she be in power by then?

This was the perfect opportunity for her to finally obtain the position of president! Rose had come alone, while Lei Zhen had all the manpower and firepower he needed. When he finally got rid of Rose, everything would fall into place smoothly.

Was Chen Rong that fearful of Rose, or was she afraid of something else?

Lei Zhen couldn’t think of a logical explanation no matter how hard he tried. If Chen Rong did manage to get hold of the power to command the elites within Red Thorns Society, she would definitely have the ability to withstand any resistance should there be any.

It was exactly because the temptation for the president’s position inside Red Thorns Society was enormous, while Chen Rong begged mercy for Lei Zhen, he thought he could gain Chen Rong’s cooperation. Why else would Chen Rong ask for forgiveness? Wasn’t she hoping to gain support from the leaders in the gang?