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The homemade dinner consisting of four dishes and soup was completed a lot quicker with Yang Chen’s help. When the dishes were finally set on the dinner table, Yang Chen couldn't wait to dig in.

Liu Mingyu removed her apron after exiting the kitchen. Her forehead was covered in droplets of sweat and her hair was slightly ruffled. Right now, she looked every bit like a housewife and nothing like the company executive she was.

“Let’s have some alcohol. Please make yourself at home since it is your first time here,” Liu Mingyu suggested with a grin.

Yang Chen nodded and replied, “Do you have any alcohol or would you like me to get some for you?”

“I believe I do. Let me go get it,” Liu Mingyu said as she walked into the storage room. She then returned with two bottles of wine.

She placed the two ordinary-looking glass bottles on the table and said, “My father bought me these. He said they were imported. I find myself fancying the taste quite a bit, but I don’t drink regularly so please help yourself.”

Yang Chen picked up the wine and took a closer look at its label. Startled, he asked, “Did your father really get you these?”

Liu Mingyu, confused by his question, answered, “Yeah. Why?”

“Did your father tell you that these are Romanée-Conti?”

“What? Is that the brand of the wine? I don’t know much about wine, so I can’t tell if it is good or bad,” Liu Mingyu replied. She did know however, that wine gifted to her from her father would be ones of exceptional quality.

Yang Chen shook his head and thought, Even Liu Qingshan doesn’t know the value of these. Lucky that I’m here today or they would have gone to waste.

“Babe, do you know of Lafite?” Yang Chen asked.

Liu Mingyu nodded her head and said, “Yes of course I know what Lafite is. I believe it’s about ten or twenty thousand per bottle.”

“This wine is Romanée-Conti. Its yearly production is one fiftieth of Lafite. There are only one to two thousand bottles in the whole world. Now do you know how valuable this bottle is?” Yang Chen explained and sighed.

Yang Chen had traveled the world for the better part of his life, so he was no stranger to most kinds of delicacy and culture. He had also tried numerous types of wine but it was rare for him to get his hands on Romanée-Conti as there were quite few in number. So he was fully aware of how precious the it was.

Liu Mingyu widened her elegant eyes and asked, “So it must be really expensive then?”

“These would cost at least a hundred thousand yuan if they were purchased at market value. Plus, even if you had the cash to spend, there was no guarantee that you could get your hands on one,” Yang Chen said, giggling. “Since we were allowed this opportunity, let us enjoy ourselves. Wine is meant to be consumed anyway. It would be a shame to not indulge in this.”

Liu Mingyu couldn’t believe that these ordinary-looking wine bottles cost hundreds of thousands. But what Yang Chen said was right. It would be wasted if they left it unconsumed.

They opened one bottle and filled their wine glasses to accompany their dinner.

If an expert got their hands on such a high-class wine, they would have treated the wine like the rare treasure it was. They definitely wouldn’t have taken it during dinner like some common beer.

Since Yang Chen was never bothered about luxury and Liu Mingyu didn’t know much about wine—they didn’t really care about how they drank the wine. Each and every sip they took was a couple thousand yuan down their throats.

They started chatting about life and discussed about work-related events. Before they realized it, they had finished their bottle of wine.

Liu Mingyu had a weak tolerance to alcohol. She was rather tipsy despite only having drunk two glasses of wine.

“Tsk tsk...” Yang Chen indulged in the aroma of the wine and spoke softly, “Being the daughter of a gang leader entitles you to such a different lifestyle than mine. I’ve been benefited by gracing the presence of the great Miss Liu today, haven’t I?”

Liu Mingyu’s cheeks were pinkish under the light, allowing her to appear particularly charming. She said, “Don’t call me that… I’m not used to it at all.”

“What’s wrong with it? You have to be recognized with such a title. It’s not something any girl could have even if they wanted it,” said Yang Chen with a smile.

Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. Gazing upon the wine glass she was holding, she replied, “I get scared every time I overhear my dad discuss about underworld issues with his subordinates… Although he used to stay in Beijing, I had always thought he was just a regular businessman. There was nothing for me to worry about then…

“But now that he is here in Zhonghai, I am constantly worried that he might leave me. Why must he be a gang head… instead of a normal businessman?

“Previously when he visited us in Zhonghai, I would be thrilled to see him even if it was for a day or two. But now, even though I see him every day, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I know that he still cares for me and is willing to give me power and money. But there’s something in me that just doesn’t feel the same as it used to…”

Yang Chen listened quietly and thought, Maybe the true reason why Mingyu got drunk so quickly wasn’t because of her low alcohol tolerance. It was probably her overthinking that intoxicated her instead.

“Yang Chen, am I despicable? I moved out and distanced myself from my father even though he is trying to get closer to me,” Liu Mingyu asked and pouted her red lips.

“Of course not! It’s not like you refuse to accept him as your father.” Yang Chen knew that all Liu Mingyu needed was comfort. He said, “To be honest, I really admire your tolerance. All these years, your father has lied and hid everything from you until recently. Your father had another woman in Beijing and even gave birth to a son there. Yet you still accept him with open arms when he returned.

“If all of these things happened to someone else, they would probably have spiraled into a pit of depression and hatred. On the other hand, you accepted everything quietly and even got along with your brother very well. I have to admit that you’re an amazing person for being able to accept things with an open mind.”

Liu Mingyu smiled as she laid her head down on the table. She murmured, “I can’t change anything that has happened… It doesn’t matter if they lied to me. I can’t change the fact that he’s my father, and that I’m related by blood to my brother. No good will come from me making a huge deal out of it.”

Yang Chen kept quiet and thought to himself, Mingyu’s mind is so rational that she has somehow found a way to reason herself into accepting such a terrible father and brother. But I can’t even accept Yang Pojun and Yang Lie even when the latter and I are more closely related than Mingyu and Liu Minghao. However, hatred always runs deeper within relatives than strangers.

Liu Mingyu noticed Yang Chen’s silence. She asked, “Yang Chen, you’ve never mentioned about your family before. What do they do? Are they living in Zhonghai?”

Yang Chen knew that it was time to reveal his dark family background. He wasn’t intentionally hiding it from them anyway. Plus, it would certainly reduce complications when their families meet.

Of course, Yang Chen didn't have the time or patience to start from the very beginning. He only mentioned that he was related to the Yang clan and he reunited with Guo Xuehua recently. Nevertheless, Liu Mingyu was shocked at the revelation. She stared at Yang Chen for a while before suddenly laughing. “Wow! It’s such an honor to be hooking up with the prince of a major clan.”

Yang Chen rubbed his chin and replied, “I would love to be the member of a clan that I can benefit from. My identity is not exactly Earth shattering.”

Although Liu Mingyu was slightly tipsy, she could still grasp the atmosphere pretty well. She asked, “Are you okay? You seem to have a lot going on in your mind. I’ve never seen you speak in such a depressing manner.”

Yang Chen downed the rest of the wine in his glass in one go. He explained truthfully about the issue that happened in the afternoon involving Mo Qianni.

Complication filled Liu Mingyu’s eyes. She sighed and asked, “So have you thought of what your next move is?”

“There’s not much else that I can do. All I can really do is wait for my mother-in-law to calm down before I apologize,” Yang Chen mumbled while forcing a smile.

Liu Mingyu nodded and replied, “I thought you were about to give up. I was a little worried.”

Yang Chen was a little stunned. Liu Mingyu was implying that if Yang Chen had given up on Mo Qianni because of a problem, there might be a chance that he would give up on her in the future too.

“Don’t overthink it. My greatest strength is my thick skin. I won’t leave you even if you want me to, Yang Chen said seriously.

Liu Mingyu glanced at Yang Chen and replied, “I suddenly realize that having a gang leader for a father may not be the worst thing in the world. At least he wouldn’t judge relationships the same way Qianni’s mother did. Qianni must be feeling awful. You seem to be surprisingly good at hurting people.”

Yang Chen wanted to retort but chose to keep quiet instead. He was beside Mo Qianni during the day and he knew very well how distressed she was. He was miserable as well but he couldn’t back himself up.

After dinner, Liu Mingyu who was quite tipsy after drinking three glasses of wine wanted to clean the dishes in the kitchen. She had developed this habit of hers after doing chores for the better part of her life. She felt uneasy leaving the unclean utensils in her sink.

Yang Chen held her down onto the chair and said, “You’re too drunk to be cleaning dishes. Stay here and let me do the work.”

“How could I let you do that? It’s your first time visiting this place. It was already too much asking you to prepare your own meal. I can’t let you clean up as well.” Liu Mingyu shook her head and tried to pick up the plates.

Yang Chen simply took the dishes from her hands and bent over to kiss Liu Mingyu on her cheek. He smiled and said, “Don’t serve me out of obligation. I want an understanding woman, not a servant.”

After speaking, he quickly picked up the dishes and carried them into the kitchen. He threw away the leftovers and started to work on cleaning the dishes.

Liu Mingyu sat at the dining area, staring at Yang Chen’s back while he did the chores. Her vision was rather blurry and she was feeling particularly hot. She touched the area on her cheek where Yang Chen kissed and smiled with contentment.

Yang Chen learnt how to do the chores since he had lived alone for quite some time. Thus, he completed his job quite quickly and made his way back to the table.

It was supposed to be a romantic night. It had been a while since Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu got intimate after all. She was quite tied up with moving to her new place recently. Yang Chen felt that he needed at least a hundred rounds of combat with her to feel satisfied.

However, when Yang Chen walked towards Liu Mingyu excited to get started, he realised that she had fallen asleep on the table!