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Left with no choice, Yang Chen let out a sigh. He walked up to Liu Mingyu and stared at her beautiful face that was just an inch away from his. And with one look, he was lost in his thoughts.
A slender body, curvy eyebrows, an exquisite tall nose, and succulent, rosy red lips—he was all too familiar with it. But staring at it right here right now, Yang Chen suddenly found it all so foreign.
It was as though despite being his woman, she felt like a stranger instead.
All of a sudden, a terrifying sense of fear filled his heart. Instinctively, Yang Chen realized that it was because he had been affected by the morning incident where Mo Qianni was brought away by Ma Guifang.
He started to fear the potential future where the women who were originally by his side would leave him, and he would end up being as helpless as this morning.
In the end, all his women could really become strangers to him…
Yang Chen inhaled a deep breath, his eyes sparkling. He clenched his fists for quite a while before loosening them.
Under the dim light, Yang Chen smiled and shook his head, as if he was mocking himself. Then, he reached his arms behind Liu Mingyu’s knees and back and lifted her up.
Liu Mingyu had fallen asleep without knowing it, and did not seem to intend to wake up. She seemed to be muttering something in her dream. She was in Yang Chen’s arms, and was pouting her rosy lips in an adorable manner, revealing an innocent look that was quite rare for her.
Yang Chen walked slowly, carrying Liu Mingyu into the bedroom. He gently put her down on the bed, placed her head on a pillow and pulled a blanket over her. Realizing that she still had her heels on, he took them off as well.
Given the circumstances, there was no need to wake her up to wash up. The fire that was burning within Yang Chen had somehow vanished into thin air as well.
Watching Liu Mingyu sleeping soundly, Yang Chen was suddenly overcome by an unprecedented feeling of fatigue. His body was not tired, but his heart was.
Yang Chen was in no mood to go home either. He sent a message to Guo Xuehua to say that he wasn’t going home tonight. He then took off his jacket and trousers and lay down on Liu Mingyu’s bed.
Liu Mingyu seemed to feel something warm next to her. Still in her dreams, she snuck up to Yang Chen’s side instinctively. She rested her head on Yang Chen’s chest as if he was a bolster.
Due to the alcohol, the natural fragrance from her body was amplified. It lingered in between every breath that Yang Chen took.
Yang Chen felt her soft and tender body in his arms. Her ample bosom were well rounded, and he could almost feel her poking up against him.
If the same scene had happened in the past, even if Liu Mingyu was drunk, Yang Chen wouldn’t have resisted such a temptation.
But right now, Yang Chen had no indecent thoughts at all. All he wanted was for this woman in his arms to have a good night’s rest. He was contented with holding her in his arms and just being next to her.
Yang Chen moved his body sideways so that Liu Mingyu could use his arm as a pillow properly. He hugged her in his arms and fell into a deep sleep…
The next day, Yang Chen lazily opened his eyes late in the morning.
He had truly fallen deep sleep the previous night. Normally, because of his cultivation, he was practically awake even when he was sleeping and was capable of detecting anything in his surroundings. The only reason he would remain in bed was the fact that he was too lazy to get up from it.
But, perhaps because he intentionally wanted a thoroughly peaceful sleep, Yang Chen had lowered his guard and did nothing but sleep through the entire night with Liu Mingyu in his arms.
Sunlight streamed in through the bedroom curtains and shone on the light brown wooden floor. The light golden rays made the room feel warm.
Yang Chen felt a soft body still stuck by his side. He tightened his wrap around the woman, and let out a satisfied smile.
Liu Mingyu was already awake. She knew that it was already past the time to report to work. But she didn’t wake Yang Chen up, nor did she intend to go to work.
When she realized that she had fallen asleep and that Yang Chen did nothing but wrap her in his arms and slept till morning, sweetness started to overflow in her heart.
In the past, whenever Yang Chen came to meet her, he would always try to get naughty with her. That made her doubt at times whether he truly wanted to meet her, or whether it was only to satisfy his sexual desires. But now, it would seem like she was sorely mistaken. This man here still cared for her.
“Not gonna say anything even though you’re awake?” Liu Mingyu looked up and asked. Her hair was messy, and she had a lazy look on her face.
Yang Chen’s eyes were still closed. He released a small smile and said, “It’s been so long since I last slept properly like this. I don’t quite feel like getting up.”
Liu Mingyu could roughly guess that Yang Chen was still troubled over Mo Qianni’s matter, hence his reply. However, there was nothing she could do to help either. She said gently, “Get up now, it’s almost noon. How about I prepare lunch for you?”
That made Yang Chen realize that it was getting late. He asked in doubt, “It’s already so late. Why didn’t you wake me up? Aren’t you late for work?”
“You didn’t wake me up last night either. Of course I wouldn’t wake you up.” Liu Mingyu smiled sweetly. “I think I won’t go in today. It was because of you anyway. If the CEO finds out, you’ll have to plead for me.”
The word ‘CEO’ shook Yang Chen into a shiver and he became wide-awake immediately.
Not knowing why Yang Chen’s face suddenly turned so pale, a slightly confused Liu Mingyu asked, “What’s wrong with you… Just tell me if you are not comfortable talking about me in front of Boss Lin. I was just kidding.”
Yang Chen replied awkwardly, “It’s nothing like that. But I’m already wide awake. Let’s get up…”
Lin Ruoxi’s torture on him for the past few days had actually made Yang Chen grown to fear her slightly. Yang Chen could only convince himself that a henpecked man is a good man. Yang Chen, you’re truly the role model of an ideal man in the modern era! he thought.
They both got up and freshened up in Liu Mingyu’s huge bathroom. Liu Mingyu had already prepared a new set of toiletries in the bathroom specifically for him. That made Yang Chen feel so loved inside.
She obviously knew that I can’t possibly visit too often, but she still made sure everything would be well prepared for me to relax myself, Yang Chen thought.
Since she wasn’t going to work, Liu Mingyu didn’t wake up early to apply makeup as usual. Without her makeup, she looked less bewitching but more elegant.
Donning a floral printed casual dress with an apron, Liu Mingyu hustled around in the kitchen making noodles. Although it was no longer clear whether this noodles was breakfast or lunch, they still had to eat something.
Yang Chen didn’t want to bother her. He just sat on the sofa idly, watching the news that was on replay.
Yang Chen paid extra attention to the entertainment news more so than before. Hui Lin won the Star of Yu Lei which had caused her reputation to soar within China now. Besides, Christen and Yoo Yeonhee’s publicity efforts were making it more likely for Hui Lin to become ‘a young diva’. So her name often showed up in the entertainment news column.
Indeed, when he was watching the entertainment news, most of it were regarding the ‘super rookie’ Hui Lin. It talked about her first upcoming personal album. The famous lyrics writer and songwriters that were invited had all given her extremely high compliments. Some fellow even claimed outright during his interview, “I believe that Miss Hui Lin is completely capable of replacing the current most popular female singer in Asia within the foreseeable future.”
This speech caused quite the commotion amongst the general public. The current most popular female singer in Asia was supposedly Yoo Yeonhee who had performed exceptionally well on America’s Grammy awards. Yet, that producer claimed that Hui Lin could match or even surpass Yoo Yeonhee. This was quite a lot of pressure on a rookie!
The news ended by mentioning some other information about her during Star of Yu Lei and playing some short clips of Hui Lin’s beautiful singing during the talent show.
Yang Chen knew that these reports were all publicity stunts by his company. Yu Lei was now loaded. Compared to the old-time entertainment companies and music companies, Yu Lei indeed had very little experience. But everything was easier with money. Moreover, Lin Ruoxi was more than willing to spend on boosting this younger sister of hers. She was very generous with the advertising fees. Or else, there wouldn’t have been such a long segment of news specially talking about Hui Lin alone.
While he was watching, the mouth-watering aroma of noodles came wafting out from the kitchen. It was mixed with a unique fresh aroma which made Yang Chen’s saliva secretion speed up immediately.
“Babe, what noodles are you making? Why does it smell so delicious?” Yang Chen popped his head out to see what Liu Mingyu was doing in the kitchen.
Liu Mingyu turned around and looked at him with a smile. “Don’t be impatient. It’ll be ready soon.”
A few minutes later, Liu Mingyu came out with the bowl of ready-cooked noodles. It was large enough to satisfy Yang Chen’s appetite.
Yang Chen realized upon close examination that it was pickled green mustard noodles. It had been ages since he last had it. A few shreds of pork meat and some bright red dried chilies were thrown into the mix as well. It looked delicious indeed.
“My mom made this pickled green mustard. It’s so much fresher than what you can get outside. I’ve been meaning to let you try it, but I only just got the chance,” Liu Mingyu said to Yang Chen with a proud look on her face.
Hearing what she said, Yang Chen laughed. “Pickled green mustard made by my mother-in-law? I bet it tastes good even without tasting it. Hehe, come on let’s eat. I’ll feed you.”
Liu Mingyu shook her head. “I’m not eating the noodles. There are fruits in the refrigerator. I recently started a starch free diet.”
“Diet?” Yang Chen said with an unhappy tone, “Why do you need to go on a diet with your figure? Come over here. You’re not allowed to eat just fruits!”
“I can listen to you on other matters. But I know my figurebest. Hmph, of course you won’t say that I’m fat now. It’ll be too late for you to regret when my body really goes out of shape someday.” While talking, Liu Mingyu got up to get the ready-cut fruits from the refrigerator.
There was nothing Yang Chen could do. He could only say sulkily, “Just don’t lose fat in your breasts and hips.”
Liu Mingyu who was just about to open the refrigerator blushed instantly. She clenched her teeth and glared at Yang Chen. “Just eat your noodles. Stop babbling nonsense!”
Yang Chen tucked his head a little. Women are so sensitive when it comes to their figure.
Liu Mingyu’s cooking was pretty good. And the pickled green mustard that her mother had made was delicious as well. Yang Chen finished the entire bowl of noodles soup, leaving not even a drop of soup behind.
Liu Mingyu ate some fruits. Seeing Yang Chen finish the entire bowl made her very pleased. Ignoring the oil still droping from Yang Chen’s mouth, she stepped forward to give him a kiss.
Yang Chen was totally indulging himself in this sexy benefit. He couldn’t help but reflect on his situation. Little Yu’er is still more thoughtful. When have I ever not finished all my food? Yet Ruoxi has never given me a kiss as a reward, he thought.
By the time she was done washing the bowls and chopsticks, Liu Mingyu removed her apron and asked in anticipation, “If we’re not going to work, what then should we do?”
Yang Chen was just about to throw the question back at Liu Mingyu when suddenly, Liu Mingyu’s phone started to ring.



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