Chapter 1/5

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The atmosphere became eerily quiet after Zhu Kangyu said ‘yes’. Not another word was spoken.

Yang Chen didn’t continue his line of questioning. Even a blind person would be able to tell that all of this had been orchestrated by Zhu Kangyu.

"Yang Chen, I promise I will report this matter to the headquarters. The supervisory bureau will adhere strictly to the system, and punish those that do not. Just drop it. There is no need for you to interrogate this small fry any further," Sky Dragon said solemnly.

Yang Chen could be considered as Sky Dragon’s friend. On top of that, Sky Dragon himself had decided to take matters into his hands. Without any solid reason to pursue this, Yang Chen dropped his aggressiveness.

"Since you already said so, I naturally have to believe you. Anyhow, the White Wolf Society has to be punished. If I don't get news that the White Wolf Society has been eradicated in the next few weeks, expect me to take this issue into my own hands," said Yang Chen with a playful smirk. His eyes told a different story as they were filled with killing intent.

Sky Dragon was flabbergasted. He did not understand why Yang Chen would care so much about the White Wolf Society.

Ye Zi could not help but ask curiously, "Brother Yang, did you by any chance cross paths with the White Wolf Society in the past?"

"Well… they didn’t wrong me." Yang Chen shrugged. "However, one of them did injure my woman. It was an internal injury.”

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were shocked. How could such a thing happen? Why didn't they know anything about it?

It was quite clear as to why they didn’t know. The women around Yang Chen did not only include Lin Ruoxi. As much as the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade was obsessed with Yang Chen's whereabouts, they didn’t have enough people within the group to observe each and every one of his women.

But there was one thing that Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were clear about—the White Wolf Society was done for.

Yang Chen was a diplomatic person. When he first returned to China, he lived his life as low-key as possible. He even set up a stall to sell mutton skewers.

It could be said that up to this point, Yang Chen had only acted for the sake of other people. From Old Li’s family, Rose, to Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni. Yang Chen was almost always protecting others. It was clear that offending the people around Yang Chen was far worse than offending the man himself.

It was not rational for the country to fall out good terms with Yang Chen for the sake of the regional mafia. Moreover, the White Wolf Society had colluded with government officials and the Department of Justice. They had crossed certain lines that any mafia should never cross. Their demise was eventual.

However, the people of the White Wolf Society would never have thought that their greatest misfortune was not their confrontation with the Red Thorns Society, but the poor acting skills of several of their own men.

The crowd witnessed Yang Chen talking to Sky Dragon and Ye Zi about things they couldn't hear. They could only observe in curiosity lest they anger the three people in question.

Sky Dragon said solemnly, "You can be rest assured that when the investigation is done, justice will prevail. The White Wolf Society has come to its end."

Yang Chen grinned and pulled out his cell phone to dial a series of numbers on it. The number dialed was quite extensive. It had exceeded the length of any existing telephone numbers. Moreover, it was typed in a sequence that seemed random.

After he was done, Yang Chen placed his cell phone screen in front of those two.

Both of them looked at the number. Puzzled, they asked, "What is this about?"

Yang Chen blinked. "This is my exclusive number to the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. You may make a copy of this for your superiors. Whether it's General Cai or the chiefs of the supervisory and security bureaus. Just let them know if you are having any trouble whilst eradicating the whole society, I don’t mind calling this number to solve the problem myself..."

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi’s faces went pale. They already knew what Yang Chen was up to.

"When working under me, Zero’s efficiency has always been very high..." Yang Chen said softly. However in their ears those words were just like the devil's whisper!

Among the security bureau of each country, it was normal if they had not heard of a certain secret special forces’ name. This was due to the secret forces undergoing a reformation process every so often.

But no one would not know what Zero represented!

It was the only recognized assassin organization in the world—the one that nobody dared to provoke!

The group’s name ‘Zero’ could convey another meaning—the beginning of life, or the end.

Assassin organizations had always been immensely despised throughout the world. When hired at high prices, they wouldn’t mind slaughtering core politicians and government officials from any country. It was very likely for such an organization to give rise to an external, unofficial army which could cause a disorder.

Usually, such worrying groups were wiped out at their infancy stages by powerful countries to prevent them from getting out of control when given time to develop.

Therefore, very few assassin organizations dared to show themselves. Most of them only engaged in underground activities and would never challenge the defense departments of any countries.

However, the birth of Zero was an exception!

It wasn’t because Zero was too strong for anyone to oppose, but thanks to its founder who was one of the very few gods known to the few most powerful countries—Hades!

The first-generation Pluto, for whatever reason, had singlehandedly established such an assassin organization, and appointed himself president of the organization, possibly for an unfathomable scheme of his.

After decades of development, Zero had recruited more than eighty percent of the world's most powerful assassins. But no country ever tried to take action because who in their right minds would confront a god!

Nevertheless, Zero had always maintained a strict ‘moral code’ that helped it garner a good reputation. Its assassins were never allowed to interfere or get involved in anything related to the destruction of each country’s core decision makers.

Therefore, although it was powerful, many countries were still alright with its existence.

Zero had even maintained good cooperative relations with quite a number of countries. For instance, Belgium provided an entire block of office building in their capital Brussels for Zero to use as their headquarters. Of course, this was not public knowledge.

Among Zero, there were countless reputable assassins. A few of the most famous people there naturally included the ex-president of Yamata Sect, Noriko Okawa, and Yang Chen who had successfully slain a god to become the next Pluto.

Yang Chen’s training during his earlier years started at Zero. Over there, he met Song Tianxing—who was also an agent—and obtained the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

A series of event led Yang Chen to the destruction of the old Zero he had detested. But nevertheless, he rebuilt the organization to what it was today, partially due to the complex emotions he felt.

Till this date, Zero had been accepting less and less assassination orders than before. Under Yang Chen's leadership, many members had returned to living ordinary lives. Some of them, on the other hand, entered the Forgotten Realms to enjoy their retirement. However, every time they received an order, it would be executed with no mistakes.

At this time, Yang Chen suddenly showed his trump card. It was obvious that he was dead serious, and did not want any tricks.

Sky Dragon gave a wry smile. "I will inform the general about this, as for this number... We don't need to remember, and I believe you won’t need it as well."

Ye Zi nodded and said, "Brother Yang, just let it slide. If you really want to stick your nose into this, the Hongmeng Messenger may appear again."

As Ling Xuzi had appeared once before, and with the general suddenly replaced, the fact that the Hongmeng Messenger actually existed was no longer a secret within Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

With complicated thoughts, Sky Dragon asked, "Yang Chen, don’t you fear that the Hongmeng Messenger would take action should you cause a huge mess?"

Yang Chen looked up and sighed. He patted his chest and said, "Of course. How can I not fear Ling Xuzi? Up until now, I still can’t be certain if I can defeat him or not. I don't know if there’s anyone better than him in Hongmeng. However, being afraid of something doesn’t mean I have to stop pursuing if I have every reason to do so."

"Just because of a woman?" Sky Dragon asked as he found it absurd, frowning.

"If you live, but aren’t able to defend the people you hold dear, what's the point of being alive?" Yang Chen laughed before he continued, "Don't worry, I'm not stupid. This is not enough for Hongmeng to take action. I haven't wavered the safety of the country. Besides, Zero isn’t the only group I have... Just some time ago, I summoned a team from the Sea Eagles here… And besides them, I still have—"

"Enough, enough!" Sky Dragon had to stop Yang Chen from continuing this conversation, his forehead covered with cold sweat. Every time he remembered Yang Chen’s profile given by the headquarters, which recorded every organization loyal to Yang Chen, Sky Dragon couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

With his own strength, he became the undisputed king of all assassins in the world back then at such a young age. He was also the first man in history to become a god by killing another god. His aura was so domineering that no one could stop him from taking in so many underground organizations that sought his refuge.

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were shocked. Seeing as though the situation had finally come to a close, Yang Chen took Liu Mingyu and drove away after she bade farewell with her classmates.

It was inevitable for Curly Hair Wolf and his gang to be locked behind bars. Even the White Wolf Society was done for. Would they still have a chance to live?

Zhu Kangyu said his goodbye to some of his classmates with a sour face and left. No one dared to question him but everyone speculated that the police would find out the truth sooner or later which would get him into trouble.

Along the way back to Liu Mingyu’s home, she kept looking in Yang Chen’s direction. Her beautiful eyes were shimmering not unlike a fangirl staring at her idol.

Yang Chen was in cloud nine. With his ego at his sleeves, he said, "If you keep look at me like that, it will only feed my ego more."

"Dear, how many secrets are you hiding in that body of yours?" Liu Mingyu asked.

Yang Chen pouted his lips. "If you really want to know, I'll tell you all about them all. Is that alright? I'll start from my childhood—”

"Don't!" Liu Mingyu interfered. "If you just tell me like that, it will be so boring."

"What will be boring now?" Yang Chen was puzzled.

"Men are only attractive when they’re mysterious. I'm going to dig out your little secrets in the future little by little. That way, we could keep things interesting. If you let me know so easily, then I'll have nothing left to left to find out," Liu Mingyu said excitedly.

Yang Chen was taken aback. He did not expect this woman to be anything like this. Having said that, if he didn’t reveal his secrets by himself, Liu Mingyu would need several more lifetimes before she would unravel everything about him on her own.

When Liu Mingyu arrived home, it was already sunset. She asked reluctantly, "Are you going back tonight?"

"Why? Want to make it up to me for falling asleep without me yesterday night?" Yang Chen asked with a naughty smile.

"How are you always thinking about all that sort of things. I was just asking casually. Besides, it's time for dinner soon." Her charming voice resonated in the light orange glow of the setting sun.

Yang Chen, in fact, was a bit cynical. He spent a whole day with Liu Mingyu and had not tasted any of her sweet treasure yet. But if he did not return home for two consecutive nights, would it not worsen the already broken relationship he had with Lin Ruoxi?

Just then, his cell phone vibrated. Yang Chen took a look at the call screen—it was Guo Xuehua.

Yang Chen made a silent gesture to Liu Mingyi, and then picked it up. "Hey, Mom, are you asking me to go home for dinner? I am just about to head back. "

Hearing Yang Chen say ‘mom’, Liu Mingyu’s pupils widened nervously while she dared not gasp for breath.

Guo Xuehua however blurted anxiously, "Yang Chen, where are you now? Is it convenient to go to Zhenxiu's school at this time? She hasn't come home yet, and I can't get in touch with her."

"Zhenxiu hasn't gone home yet?" Yang Chen looked at the time—it was almost an hour after the time school should have ended. On any typical weekday, if Zhenxiu was not staying in school, she would have gone home to help Wang Ma with dinner.

Guo Xuehua didn't know many places in Zhonghai, and Wang Ma was busy at home and it was inconvenient for her to drive out, hence she thought of asking Yang Chen. As for Lin Ruoxi, it wasn’t possible for her to go either. She already mentioned she would be very busy these days.

Yang Chen immediately said, "Then I'll look for her now. Don't worry. She may just be doing revision. Extra-curricular tutoring has gotten quite a bit heavier lately. The girl must have forgotten the time."

Guo Xuehua tried her best to think positively. Although she was not related to Zhenxiu by blood, she had come to accept Zhenxiu as Yang Chen’s younger sister. She really treated Zhenxiu like her own daughter.

As he hung up the phone, Liu Mingyu guessed that Yang Chen had to leave, but still asked curiously, "Who is Zhenxiu? Why haven’t you mentioned her name before?"

Yang Chen scratched his head. "She’s like a little sister to me. We’re like a family now. Let's meet some other time when we have the chance. Sigh, I have to leave now. I'll come back to you another day."

Liu Mingyi nodded with a hint of sadness. Though reluctant to part with him, she got off the car quickly as she could tell that Yang Chen was worried.

After bidding farewell to Liu Mingyu, Yang Chen drove all the way to Zhenxiu's high school. Fortunately, it wasn’t too far away. Within ten minutes he had arrived at the school's main entrance.

After getting off the car, Yang Chen facepalmed himself. How could he locate Zhenxiu if he didn’t even know which class she was in?