Chapter 2/5

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Now that I think about it, it’s not realistic to ask the guards at the entrance. There’s no way they would be able to recognize so many students! Not to mention the security might require assistance from other staff who have presumably gotten off work already.

Should I call Mom? She too has never been to Zhenxiu’s school before. It is not likely that she would know… Yang Chen thought.

A sudden thought hit Yang Chen in the head. Ruoxi has long involved herself in Zhenxiu’s education. She must have taken her to school before. Maybe she would know.

Yang Chen didn’t stop to consider if Lin Ruoxi would pick up the call as he anxiously made the dial.

After a couple beeps on the phone, the call connected to his surprise.

Lin Ruoxi’s clear voice paired with hints of fatigue resonated through the phone. “What do you need?”

“Why do you sound so lethargic? Did you work overtime again last night?” Yang Chen frowned. All he knew about her work was that she was busy acquiring entertainment firms for the past few weeks. What he didn’t know was her hardcore dedication to the project.

“If there’s something you want to say, make it quick. My meeting is about to start.” Lin Ruoxi had no intention to chat.

“Everyone’s about to go home now and you’re holding a meeting? Being your associates must be painful.” Yang Chen sighed, and continued, “Anyway, school’s over but Zhenxiu did not go home. Mom got me to come over to the school to look for her, but I don’t know which class she’s in. I’m calling to ask if you do.”

Lin Ruoxi went silent for a while, then replied, “Zhenxiu has never spent the night out without informing us beforehand. She’s a thoughtful child. Why would you wait till now to call me?” Her tone was considerably heightened.

Yang Chen was agitated. It wasn’t like he could manipulate how this situation would pan out. Why did she get mad at him for? He replied, “My beloved wife, because you have a reputation of a very busy CEO, Mom didn’t want to interrupt you. Hence my involvement.”

“Are you blaming me? You don’t even know which class Zhenxiu is in. I wonder why she still treats you like her brother.” Lin Ruoxi didn’t hold back. “Zhenxiu is in the second class of the third years. Her seat is second from the back. Her class teacher is Mrs Wang, a middle aged woman. The class is the second class on the right, top floor of the second curricular block. Regardless of how the situation turns out, send me a text to inform me.”

After the stream of words, she hung up the phone without second thought.

Yang Chen was boiling in within. How dare this woman order me around like an errand boy? Not too long ago she was all feminine and attractive. She was even becoming a family woman. It seems to me that she went back to her cold and arrogant self! he thought.

Yang Chen was already anxious about Zhenxiu’s absence, and Lin Ruoxi’s attitude towards him was not helping the situation. The guilt he previously held for her had also dissipated into thin air. It looked like they were as far apart a match could be! The mutual understanding between them only lasted a couple of days until they went back to silent treatments!

But there was nothing that he could do for now. Yang Chen jogged into the school compound following Lin Ruoxi’s words. The third year’s second class of the second curricular block.

Lin Ruoxi was genuine in her efforts on looking out for Zhenxiu. Something Yang Chen as her pseudo brother had failed to do.

Upon his arrival in her classroom, Yang Chen was shocked to discover that besides the chubby girl in glasses currently in the front row, there was no one else left!

Yang Chen went with his only option as he went straight to the student. He then asked, “Girl, is there a girl in your class by the name of Xu Zhenxiu?”

The chubby girl in glasses lifted her head and glared at him, with amazement. She replied, “Uncle, are you going after my classmate Zhenxiu as well?”

Yang Chen was left in confusion. Why are people always calling me ‘uncle’? Zhenxiu used to call me that, Tang Tang too. Do I really look that old? he thought.

But then something else came up. What did she mean that I’m going after Zhenxiu as well? Does she have a lot of guys pursuing her?

“Look Uncle, there’s no shame in that. There might be a lot of guys after her, but as long as you put your heart to it, an older man like you might actually have more potential,” the chubby girl continued in a knowledgeable tone.

Yang Chen gave a bitter smile. “Alright let’s cut it here. I just need to know if she has left or not.”

The chubby girl frantically looked around her, and brought herself closer to Yang Chen before she whispered quietly, “Actually Uncle, I don’t know if Zhenxiu has left or not. I just saw Jiao Yanyan drag her out when school ended just now but I’m not sure where they went. Jiao Yanyan is a really powerful girl. Nobody dares to ask too many questions about anything related to her. But if I am right, she probably dragged Zhenxiu out to bully her.”

Yang Chen got chills. He continued, “Who’s this Jiao Yanyan?”

“She is uh…” the chubby girl pouted. “I can’t say. I don’t want to upset the wrong people! Nobody crosses her! Uncle, please don’t tell anyone that I told you about Jiao Yanyan. I don’t know much to begin with. Good luck chasing Zhenxiu, Uncle. Keep her from coming back to school. Since she’s that beautiful, she should just get married early! Studying is really tough, and we even have to worry about marriage after we’re done with studies!”

Yang Chen was dumbfounded. Why is this chubby girl even talking about marriage? High school girls these days sure are upfront. Why’s she even relating studies to marriage?! he thought.

But from the information he got, the reason Zhenxiu had not gone back probably had something to do with Jiao Yanyan. And seeing how afraid the chubby girl was of her, Jiao Yanyan was definitely not an even-tempered person.

But Zhenxiu left her old life mixing with gangsters behind her. Why is she still involved a person like that? he thought.

Yang Chen couldn’t seem to put his finger on the situation. If he were to search class by class, or ask another person, it might be too slow. But right at that instant a thought flashed through his mind like a lightning bolt. How can I be this stupid! I’m no different from a radar. Why would I need to go around asking people things I can find out on my own?

With his current cultivation, his senses were leaps and bounds ahead compared to his past self. Locating a person within a school compound? Piece of cake!

As a result, Yang Chen came out from the classroom and kept his eyes closed, as his divine sense spread and engulfed the entire school compound. He scanned through every nook and cranny within the radius.

If any cultivator found out about this level of divine sense, they would be deeply terrified. This was not the profound cultivation mentioned in the legends. It simply couldn’t be explained in martial arts terms!

But it was all Yang Chen’s own ventures and discoveries that had led to this understanding. This was a stage in his cultivation path that even he himself was not entirely clear about.

Within this scan of mere seconds Yang Chen forced his eyes wide open. His fists tightened as he surged with fury!

He made a turn and headed straight towards the corner on the west of the corridor.

On the furthest end of the floor held the bathrooms. A single wall separated the entrances of both male and female bathrooms.

Yang Chen walked past the male entrance and steered straight to the female’s!

The entrance of the female bathroom was shielded by a utility bin used for cleaning. Right before it was a yellow sign with the words ‘Cleaning in Progress’.

Yang Chen, emotionless, yanked both the obstacles away and barged right into the female bathroom!

It was dead silent inside, which was expected as classes had already ended. Furthermore, who would use the bathroom on the highest floor even if they had to stay back in school?

Yang Chen walked right to innermost cubicle, as he gave a long sigh before pulling the door open.

A feeble girl was sitting on the toilet flush, trembling. Her hair was drenched in water like it had just been recently washed, but it wasn’t dried using a towel—even droplets of water trickled down the tip of her hair.

Her entire uniform was soaked in water which stuck onto her skin. In the damp and moist air, it was no wonder the girl was trembling. She must be freezing.

Her limbs were tied tight with a rough hemp rope, kept in place thanks to some masking tape. It basically rendered her immobile.

What was more unfortunate was the bottom half of her uniform was nowhere to be seen; she was left only in her white panties, exposing her fair legs. The rest of her lower body was also dripping wet.

Under such a scenario even if the girl could escape from the bathroom, she would have to risk walking in public in just her underwear.

Tiny strands of blood emerged in Yang Chen’s pupils as his expressions tightened. He was trying his best to keep his fury at bay. He went so far as to use his cultivate internal energy to limit his killing intent.

Zhenxiu was in too much shame to lift her head. She tried her best to hold back her tears but ultimately was unable to refrain her shoulders from the tear-jerking reflexes. When she saw that the person who came in was Yang Chen, she refrained herself from making any noise, hoping that she wouldn’t be seen in such sorry state.

However, it was proven futile as Yang Chen eventually did find her. Her mind went blank as she prayed for this to be a bad dream. She would have rather spent the rest of her days back at the streets operating her roadside stall than live another second in this humiliating state.

Yang Chen was silent the whole time. He went forward and started to gently remove the hemp knots and the tape off her fair hands. He then squatted down and continued removing them from her legs, before taking off her drenched socks and shoes as well.

Due the prolonged stress on the skin, Zhenxiu’s fair and supple calves and ankles were tainted with blue-blacks.

Zhenxiu remained still throughout the process. To have Yang Chen tend to her bare legs made her a little ashamed. But nothing could compare to the depressing feelings that were running through her mind at that very moment.

Yang Chen held onto one of Zhenxiu’s freezing hands as he released a warm stream of Endless Restoration Scripture True Qi into her veins.

Zhenxiu soon found herself relieved from the constant chill throughout her body. She looked up in astonishment while staring at Yang Chen with her teary and swollen eyes, unable to speak.