Chapter 5/5

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Yang Chen had only just entered the door. Yet he was already blown a step back by Lin Ruoxi’s cold attitude. Awkward, he said, “Ruoxi, I know that you’re still mad at me. Let’s talk this through. I know that it was wrong of me to misjudge you.”
“I don’t have the time to talk to people like you. Get out. Or would you like me to personally escort you out?” Lin Ruoxi said without a hint of mercy in her voice.
Yang Chen didn’t dare to continue with his thick-skinned actions. If he still decided to persist shamelessly with is actions, he would basically be asking for more trouble. All he could do was close the door albeit unwillingly.
Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth tightly. A complicated look flashed across her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she was happy or annoyed that Yang Chen had decided to come. She just stared at the door blankly for quite a while, looking a little lost.
Less than a minute later, Lin Ruoxi heard something again. But this time, the sound was coming from behind her!
Bang, bang, bang! The heavy sound of the glass being knocked on repeatedly was echoing throughout her office.
Lin Ruoxi jolted up from her seat. She turned around, and covered her mouth with her hands in order to keep herself from screaming in shock.
Behind her, outside the floor-to-ceiling tempered glass wall, Yang Chen was standing with his feet on the narrow protruding stretch on the edge. One of his hands was holding on to a small protruding stretch on top, and the other was trying its best to keep the paper bag in it from falling. While Lin Ruoxi was still reeling in shock, Yang Chen stood there with a grin on his face!
This was the top floor of a building that was more than a hundred meters high! The wind was roaring and the low temperature penetrating one’s bones!
Lin Ruoxi didn’t have the time to ponder about how Yang Chen had managed to get onto the ledge. The moment she thought about how Yang Chen could have fallen from a height of more than a hundred meters if his limbs were to slip a little, made her entire heart dangle in her throat with worry!
If she didn’t know that Yang Chen was not ordinary, and that he had extraordinary skills, Lin Ruoxi would have probably fainted from the shock.
“Are you crazy?! What do you think you’re doing?!” Lin Ruoxi said angrily. Scanning around, she remembered that the floor-to-ceiling window could be opened, allowing Yang Chen to enter from there.
In between the two of them stood a thick and heavy layer of tempered glass, so it was impossible for them to hear each other. Yet, Yang Chen opened his mouth wide and used his lip movements to say, “Come, home, with, me.”

Lin Ruoxi almost fainted. Did he really have to go through such extreme measures to ask her a simple question!? It wasn’t as if she was planning to stay in the office the entire night!
At the same time, Lin Ruoxi finally found the section in the glass window that could be opened. Although it was a short distance from where Yang Chen stood, it was still dangerous for him to traverse at such heights for so long. So she immediately ran over to open that section of the glass window.
After opening up that closely shut glass window with tremendous effort, Lin Ruoxi immediately felt a surge of cold wind on her face that also raged across the entire office room. Squinting her eyes and extending her head out of the window, she said to Yang Chen, “Dump that thing that you have in your hand! Hurry up and come in!”
Yang Chen let out a satisfied smile. “I knew it. Babe Ruoxi still wants me. However, I don’t think I am allowed to just let this go a hundred meters from the ground.”
While he was speaking, Yang Chen lightly tapped his toes together, and as though it was following a predetermined route, his body somersaulted in the air and ended up right outside the window in front of Lin Ruoxi.
This scene was just like a professional aerial acrobatic stunt, making Lin Ruoxi widen her eyes in shock.
Yang Chen leaned against the window and gave Lin Ruoxi a wink. “Would you like to come out and stare at the stars with me?”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “Lunatic. Hurry up and come in.” She had already understood that Yang Chen never cared about that insignificant act.
Yang Chen’s romantic suggestion was refused outright by Lin Ruoxi. He just shrugged and with a leap, he landed on the carpet inside the office room.
After shutting the glass window, Lin Ruoxi walked back to the side of the office desk and sat down. Without looking at Yang Chen, she said, “I still have work to do. Please leave.”
Yang Chen followed her to the side of the office desk like a child. He placed the paper bag that he was holding in his hand right in front of Lin Ruoxi and said smilingly, “Having to work late into the night is fine. But you still have to eat, right?”
“I’ll eat when I feel like it, and I won’t if I don’t want to. You don’t need to concern yourself with that,” Lin Ruoxi said flatly.
Yang Chen wasn’t anxious either. He already knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to talk to this woman. He grabbed a leather chair and sat down beside Lin Ruoxi while tilting his head sideways.
Lin Ruoxi deliberately avoided his gaze a little. She felt a little uneasy being stared upon by Yang Chen. It was becoming increasingly difficult to read her documents. She frowned and asked, “What are you staring at?”
“Ruoxi, you like green, pink, and lemon-yellow colors. But you prefer wearing black clothes, right?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.
Lin Ruoxi looked at this man with a puzzled face. She had no idea where this was going.
“You like any flowers and plants, but your favorite is cape jasmine and wisteria. But because you’re afraid of bees, you dare not go near flowers…
When you listen to music without talking to anyone, you’ll doze off in less than five minutes. During your music lessons in senior high school, you failed every test…
Your favorite movie is ‘Moulin Rouge’, and you’re afraid of watching horror movies. If anyone starts talking to you about ghosts and demons, you would walk away and block them out while pretending to have other things to do. But no matter what, you would never be willing to admit that you are scared…
You hate exercising. During physical education lessons, you never did any activities except for the warm up at the start of each lesson. You were always at loggerheads with your physical education teachers, because they always managed to find you from your hiding place…
Your school demanded students to wear school uniforms, yet you refused to wear it, implicating your class to be deducted points every now and then. During the three years of senior high school, no class had ever won an award with you in it. In the end, even your teachers had given up trying to persuade you…”
Biting her bottom lip, Lin Ruoxi had already lowered her head. Looking at her from the side, her face was bright red with embarrassment.
“Stop… Stop talking,” Lin Ruoxi said softly. “How did you know…”
Yang Chen smiled in a relaxed manner. “There is nothing to be shy about. I paid a visit to the senior high school that you used to study in today. I met your teacher Madam Tong. She was the one who told me all these things about you. She even mentioned that you have never once returned to visit the school ever since you graduated. Tsk tsk… Babe Ruoxi, you are indeed very cold to everyone…”
“It’s none of your business…” Lin Ruoxi mumbled without venom in her voice. Her hands were grabbing onto the pleats of her dress, and she didn’t dare to look straight at Yang Chen. But she was a little happy on the inside.
Yang Chen looked slightly proud of himself. “I even know something else. Madam Tong said that when you were in your second year of senior high school, you had a very handsome Mathematics teacher. You offered to take on class duties for the very first time in history and requested to be the Mathematics lesson representative…”
“You’re not allowed to talk anymore!” Lin Ruoxi stopped Yang Chen quickly. Everyone had their own childish thoughts during their teenage years. She was no exception.
But looking at the current situation, Lin Ruoxi felt her whole face burn up. This Madam Tong really is something, talking about things that shouldn’t be mentioned. Why did she even bring up that matter about the Mathematics teacher! she asked.
That was just me being a little confused at that time. If it were me now, why would I fall for a pretentious man whose only goal in life was to act cool? Besides, I was only the lesson representative for half a semester. I immediately quit after that!
Yang Chen giggled and asked, “What should I do? I was still thinking of telling Hui Lin and Zhenxiu about this sometime in the future. I’ll tell them that their Sister Ruoxi also had her unforgettable memories as a teenage girl before…”
“Yo—you’re not allowed to tell them!” Lin Ruoxi’s gorgeous face was puffing red. She was almost going mad. How can this man be so annoying?!
Yang Chen clicked his tongue. “It’s possible if you want me not to say anything, just eat obediently.”
Lin Ruoxi turned around and looked at the paper bag on the desk, then clenched her teeth. “Alright I’ll eat!”
“Now that’s a good girl,” Yang Chen chuckled.
Lin Ruoxi paid no attention to that shameless guy. She opened up the paper bag with a sour face, and took out a dark brown color container from within. Looking at the packaging, Lin Ruoxi thought it looked slightly familiar. Thinking carefully, she suddenly realized that it was from the rice ball shop she often frequented during her senior high school years! Which meant that it was the shop that was run by Zhao Hongyan’s family!
That’s right, this terrible man went to my high school today. He probably bought the rice balls from there, she thought.
The pains in her stomach finally dispersed slightly. Lin Ruoxi shot a glance at Yang Chen before she opened up the container.
The moment she opened it up, Lin Ruoxi was stunned. The rice balls that were laid out in front of her were all differently decorated. They were different because on top of each rice ball, different characters had been written using red bean paste.
On top of the eight round rice balls that were different in colors wrote, respectively—Your, Highness, my, wife, I, beg, your, forgiveness.
Lin Ruoxi stared at them for quite a while, lost in her train of thoughts. Then she turned around with great difficulty and looked at Yang Chen.
Yang Chen smiled, slightly embarrassed. “Just for these few rice balls, Zhao Hongyan and her whole family even mocked me for being a ‘henpecked husband’. But you too know that I am thick-skinned. So I just shamelessly made Old Zhao custom make these eight rice balls for me. Erm… the flavors are all different, though I’ve never tried them before. I believe that you would probably like them. Old Zhao said that you used to buy more than twenty of them at one go on Fridays for you to eat over the weekend. I think it should be no problem for you to finish eight of them.”
As he saw that Lin Ruoxi’s bright eyes were still staring at himself, and she wasn’t talking. Yang Chen had no idea what went wrong. So he hit himself on the head and smiled. “I miscalculated. It’s too dry to just eat them like this, right? That’s right, you can’t possibly eat rice balls with coffee, and black coffee at that. Hmm… how about I go make you a pot of tea? No, that’s not right as well, tea is alkaline and not easy to digest. Perhaps I’ll go pour you a cup of water…”
Yang Chen was about to get up when he heard Lin Ruoxi ask, “Why?”
Yang Chen was taken aback. “Why what?”
“Why did you do these for me?” asked Lin Ruoxi.
Yang Chen smiled guiltily. “I misjudged you. That alone should be reason enough to do this. Besides… I also heard people saying that the reason why we as a married couple are at odds with each other is because I don’t understand you. That’s why I wanted to get to know your past better. Not just your family ties, but also your childhood, your schooling years… It’s a pity I can’t locate your primary school teachers anymore. I’m really curious to know if you were as cold as you are now when you were younger. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that be super interesting? Hehe…”
Lin Ruoxi was silent, as though she was thinking about something.
Yang Chen thought of something again and smiled while saying, “By the way, I still have to thank you for remembering to buy clothes for me for the change of season. But I’m a somewhat low-class person, so actually there’s actually no need for you to get me expensive clothing. Just get me some cheap clothes from anywhere will do. An entire wardrobe of branded clothes would be wasted on a person like me. I know that our family doesn’t lack the money, but it could still be spent elsewhere. Don’t you want to purchase a large share of the entertainment industry? Just use it where it should be.”
After speaking, Yang Chen walked to the water dispenser, took a paper cup and poured a cup of lukewarm water before returning to his seat. Smiling, he continued, “Alright, you must be starving. Hurry up and eat a rice ball. It was made fresh today.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded her head with a calm face. She took a rice ball, pinching it with both her hands out of habit, sent it to her mouth and took a small bite.
Though she was chewing on the familiar taste, Lin Ruoxi’s mind was distracted. She shot a glimpse at the man beside her from time to time.
After swallowing the first rice ball and no longer feeling any discomfort in her stomach, Lin Ruoxi grabbed the cup of water that Yang Chen had passed to her.
“Just continue eating. Even if you really want to work overtime throughout the night, I won’t stop you. But you have to make sure you’re full,” Yang Chen said.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t continue taking the rice balls. Instead, she looked straight at Yang Chen with a complicated look on her face, asking, “Yang Chen, do you really like me?”
Yang Chen paused for a while, and asked with a smile, “Why do you suddenly ask?”
“Actually the night before yesterday, after you suspected me of sending someone to watch Qianni, although I was angry, I also thought of why you might be so suspicious of me,” Lin Ruoxi said with a clear voice. “If we are truly husband and wife, then you suspecting me of doing something like that just because of some other woman—doesn’t that mean that I am not that important in your heart? Or perhaps… I hold a lower position that your other women in your heart.”
Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Are you still upset over that incident? I was really preoccupied with matters that I had no time to properly judge the situation. This is a completely different matter from whether I like you or not.”
Lin Ruoxi shook her head, her eyes glowed with sadness. “It’s not just because of this matter. It’s because there really exist too many conflicts and clashes between us. We’ve been like this since the beginning. I am starting to lose doubt in your favor for me.”
Yang Chen restrained his expressions, and said with a serious face, “Since you must know, I’ll be completely honest with you.”
“I don’t like you,” Yang Chen said gravely.
A glimpse of misery filled Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. She was stupefied, unable to say a word.
But as soon as the words left his mouth, Yang Chen smiled, saying, “But I love you!”
With this, Lin Ruoxi didn’t even have time to react. Her eyes met with Yang Chen’s, and she was completely lost in a daze.
“It’s because I love you, and I love you more than I love anyone else, that I care about your feelings to this degree. That’s why I hope that our marriage will last. After putting it like this… can you understand now?” Yang Chen asked in all earnestness.
After quite a while, a tinge of redness finally appeared on Lin Ruoxi’s gorgeous face. She turned her head sideways to avoid looking at Yang Chen. She then took the glutinous rice balls from the container and continued eating. As she ate, she asked, “What you told me last time, about giving me a present… Is this it?”
Yang Chen was surprised, then he shook his head quickly. “Of course not. I’m very sincere in wanting to give you a present. Just that… I’m a little tight on time. It’ll still take some time before I can get it prepared.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded, then said in a voice almost as soft as a mosquito buzz. “If your present manages to make me very satisfied… then let’s get married…”
Luckily Yang Chen had abnormally strong hearing, so he managed to pick it up clearly. But when he thought about it, he asked in a confused voice, “Get married? Aren’t we already legally married?”
Lin Ruoxi turned her head around to face him, her lively eyes filled with shyness and complaint. She puffed her cheeks and said in an adorably angry manner, “You dummy! Are you going to make me stay with you for the rest of my life without even holding a wedding ceremony?!”