Chapter 1/5

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Wedding ceremony?
An electrical surge flashed through Yang Chen’s brain. He was stunned for a while before regaining awareness of his surroundings and smiled in a silly way. “That is true. I’ve forgotten that we didn't hold a wedding ceremony for our marriage. Hehe...”
Lin Ruoxi who was chewing on the glutinous rice balls couldn’t even be bothered to berate him. This was one of life’s greatest events, yet he somehow forgot its existence.
“But...” Yang Chen suddenly realized something was amiss again. If he and Lin Ruoxi were to hold a wedding ceremony, they would definitely have to invite guests, right? It was easy for him to draw up his side of the guest list. He would invite his friends and subordinates. But on Lin Ruoxi’s side, her guest list would definitely include some of her ‘sisters’ in the company who were on very good terms with her.
That was where he hit a roadblock. If Mo Qianni, Liu Mingyu, and the Cai sisters all came to attend their wedding ceremony, how was he going to face each one of these women?
Lin Ruoxi seemed to notice Yang Chen’s struggles. She glanced at him with her pretty eyes. “Why, are you not willing to do it?”
Yang Chen shook his head quickly. “I’m willing! Of course I’m willing! But… does it mean that our relationship will then be made public?”
“Of course. What’s the alternative? Get married in our home?” Lin Ruoxi said.
Yang Chen thought to himself, Indeed that’s the case. This underhanded proposal of hers was a difficult one to reject. I can’t possibly reject the idea for obvious reasons. But once we hold this ceremony, our relationship will be made known to everyone. If I were to still go out with other women, how would they then feel about it?
Lin Ruoxi continued, “Of course, this isn’t something that could be organized overnight. I still have to see what present it is that you’ll prepare for me. Don’t you use glutinous rice balls to deceive me again. While it is my favourite treat, I don’t love it enough to sell myself out to it.”
Yang Chen smiled. He used to think that it was pretty ‘low-cost’ to please this wife of his—how much did a few glutinous rice balls cost? But now it seemed that he had run into a real trouble, and his true wealth would have to come into play.
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes revealed a tinge of slyness. “In the past when we got married, I thought that you were broke, so I never expected you to do anything for me. But now that I know you’re much more well-off than I am, my expectations have risen considerably.
“Ordinary people have their way of life. The wealthy have their own way of living. I didn’t specifically go out of my way to buy branded goods for you, but rather because when I shop for clothes, I tend to choose the branded ones. It’s a habit that has become natural to me. As for my wedding ceremony with you, I don’t want those simple and unadorned yet genuinely sincere wedding ceremonies. I’m not some pure, innocent young girl. We are going to hold a wedding that reflects my social standings.
“Since you were capable of going to Hokkaido and creating a huge ruckus over that vixen An Xin, I naturally wouldn’t let you get away with just a simple ceremony. I want both the spectacular glamor and your genuine sincerity. If you’re wondering how you might achieve that, I suggest you start planning now.”
Yang Chen felt that he had been played straight into Lin Ruoxi’s hands. He fists were clenched tightly, unable to exert even the slightest strength to resist. To be honest, this request was truly not over demanding. Holding a wedding ceremony, even if it were to be grand, how much could it possibly cost?
“Then… when we get married, should we invite… Qianni and the rest?” Yang Chen asked softly, trying to test the waters.
Lin Ruoxi nodded her head without hesitation. Saying with a smile, “Of course we should. Not only Qianni should come, An Xin, Mingyu and Rose should all come. By the way, do you still have any other lovers? Invite them all. I’m planning on meeting them individually. They will surely give us their heartfelt blessings, don’t you think so?”
Looking at the ice-frost-like cold sharpness in Lin Ruoxi’s bright eyes, the smile that was as vibrant as a spring flower on her face made him shiver in fear.
Yang Chen scratched the back of his head awkwardly. How is this a ‘greeting’? She’s obviously trying to narrow her sights on her targets so that she can deal with them one by one in the future.
Yang Chen couldn’t let the conversation continue down this path. He felt that he should retreat now and reconsider possible options to attack this problem, so he changed the topic and said, “By the way, when I went to Hongyan’s place today. I saw that their rice balls were very highly demanded, but they have no funds to expand their business. So I discussed with them whether we could invest in their rice balls and help them open up chain stores. Just treat it as us becoming a shareholder.”
Lin Ruoxi glanced at Yang Chen shockingly. “To think that you would think about business matters.”
Have I always seemed this useless? Yang Chen’s expression turned bitter. He said, “I just felt that it’s pretty taxing for Hongyan to pay back that more than a million’s worth of medical expenses. It’s just an idea to help them out. We won’t purchase over their secret recipe passed down by their ancestors. We’ll just invest in them and help them open up more stores, then get the dividend from there. Aren’t you planning to invest in a huge amount of entertainment and recreational industries? Those holiday resorts and playgrounds will surely need e snacks stores right? Glutinous rice balls would be a perfect fit for that.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded. “It’s not a bad suggestion, but Old Zhao has to agree to it first. After all, not everyone can make good glutinous rice balls. It’ll require professionals to provide training so that the texture and taste will have its own distinctiveness. Elder Zhao has been unwilling to collaborate with others for quite awhile, mainly because he didn’t trust those people. What makes you so sure this time will be any different?”
“He might not trust other people. But Babe Ruoxi you’re the savior for Hongyan’s family. Besides, do you even care about their secret recipe?” Yang Chen laughed.
Lin Ruoxi nodded, deep in her thoughts.
Yang Chen continued to encourage her by saying, “Ruoxi, think about it. In the future, your favorite glutinous rice balls can be found in every recreational site of Yu Lei International. The interiors could be decorated in pinkish and warm colors. Pictures of Hello Kitty painted on the walls. Two huge plasma wall-mounted televisions will hang from the wall, playing your favorite Korean dramas all day long. Korean can heard within the entire shop, like ‘saranghaeyo’, ‘oppa’ and the such. It’ll be mandatory to play Korean dramas only! No music!
“No matter where you visit to supervise, you can be sure to get all the various types of multi-colored fresh glutinous rice balls you want. And to top it all off, it’s not just any rice ball but ones from the Zhao family. And despite being the CEO, you would still go and eat glutinous rice balls with everyone else. It would show how approachable you are, and everyone would praise you for being down to earth and easy-going. Think about all the possibilities that this potential venture might hold…”
At this point, Lin Ruoxi had already forgotten glutinous rice ball that she was holding in her hands. Diamond-like brightness filled her clear eyes. And her longing was apparent even without having to say anything.
After a while, Lin Ruoxi realized that she had blown her cool a little. She cleared her throat, and said with her face still slightly red, “It’s up to me to decide how to renovate the shop. Don’t you go thinking that you know everything about me. I’m a business person. As long as it’s legal and profitable, of course I know what to do. I don’t need you poking your nose in it.”
Yang Chen knew that Lin Ruoxi had already been persuaded. So he nodded his head and said, “But of course, I was just offering my opinions. The main operations are still up to you, the CEO, to decide.”
Lin Ruoxi said, “I will send Mingyu over to discuss this with Old Zhao and his family. If it’s a deal, then we’ll simulate its feasibility and do some market research. If that goes well, we’ll start recruiting people to conduct training during the pre-release of the stores.”
“If it does succeed, I think we can just forget about that more than a million yuan’s worth of money that Hongyan owes. It isn’t easy for her family to cope with it. Let’s just treat it as the fund to purchase their shop title,” Yang Chen suggested.
However, Lin Ruoxi refused the notion directly, saying, “Debts are debts. If we just clear it off so easily with some excuse, it would be disrespectful to Hongyan. What should be paid back must be paid back. Not a single cent more or less. As for other purchasing funds, we’ll settle it seperately.”
Yang Chen pursed his lips. Isn’t it still the same outcome in the end? Just that when Ruoxi is on the matter of principles, she just doesn’t care who it is she’s facing.
This long string of conversation finally wiped away that distance between the two of them again. Yang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He counted the days—it was almost time to visit Beijing as he had promised Cai Yan, so he brought it up. “Ruoxi, I might be making a trip to Beijing in two days’ time to handle some matters. I’m informing you in advance.”
Lin Ruoxi asked, “Beijing? You’re going home?”
Yang Chen was surprised. Lin Ruoxi was naturally referring to the Yang clan. He frowned and replied, “No, I have something else to do.”
Lin Ruoxi replied with an ‘oh’, and carried on eating her rice balls silently.
“You’re not interested to know what I will be doing there?” Yang Chen asked curiously.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “I’ll be frustrated if I were to know. Might as well not know. You wouldn’t listen to me anyway if I asked you not to go.”
Yang Chen smiled. “Why are you suddenly so generous?”
Lin Ruoxi shot a glance at the man. “I’ll let you have a few comfortable days. Wait till the one-year period is up as we promised, then you’ll know how ‘generous’ I really am.”
Yang Chen felt a chill up his back. Turns out that it was those ‘conditions’ that they had agreed upon that saved him back then.
It was already in the wee hours of morning. Lin Ruoxi still had no intention of calling it a day. Yang Chen chose not to interfere with her work any longer. He was about to get himself a sofa to lie down on when he found that his mobile phone had started vibrating.
Yang Chen found it odd. Who would call him at this hour, unless it was from overseas?
But when he picked the phone up to see, Yang Chen was shocked. It turned out to be Tang Tang’s number. Didn’t that kid already return to Beijing Tang’s family home with her mother?
Yang Chen answered the call and asked, “Kid, what’s up?”
On the other end of the phone, Tang Tang’s voice was very soft, and it even sounded like she was sobbing. “Uncle… Mo—Mom… has been poisoned…”
Tang Wan is poisoned?!
It was as if a nuclear bomb had detonated in Yang Chen’s brain. His face turned solemn. “What happened? Explain it in detail.”
Lin Ruoxi who was at the side turned her gaze over, puzzled. As she saw that Yang Chen’s face had suddenly turned extremely solemn, she was a little worried.