Chapter 2/5

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Everything began when Tang Wan brought Tang Tang back to Beijing.
Heeding the request of Master Tang, the crucial figures of the Tang clan had all gathered together to hold an internal family meeting. The meeting was held to clear up some of the unresolved conflicts and clean up the messy internal structure of their family.
Tang Wan and Tang Huang, being the main candidates for the future successor, were naturally the main topic of focus.
At the very end of the meeting, Master Tang Zhechen indicated that there were only so many years left he had which he could use to still manage the enormous family with a clear state of mind. Thus, he decided to use the following year to assess Tang Wan and Tang Huang.
Tang Huang was mainly in charge of the family business in the north, whereas Tang Wan was mainly in charge of the Jiangnan area. In the end, the growth percentage of their net profit would determine who should inherit the position of clan master.
Once this decision was made, it made the already secretly competitive and scheming situation between the two parties even more aggressive.
But both the figures in question chose to omit their input into the matter. They just agreed to come according to Tang Zhechen’s decision, and they planned to resume work at their respective positions once the family meeting was over.
But the night before Tang Wan returned to Zhonghai, she suddenly fainted during the dinner ceremony!
The two parties of people within the Tang clan were slightly flustered. They hired doctors to diagnose Tang Wan’s condition, yet the results returned as undetermined. All they knew was that some unknown virus had appeared within Tang Wan’s body. The poison wouldn’t kill one in the short term, but it would weaken all the organs significantly which could only result in death!
A virus like that is somewhat similar to HIV—reducing the strength of the body’s immune system. It’s aim was to make it’s victim extremely susceptible to minor illnesses.
Within the Tang clan, suddenly contracting a virus made all of the clan members realize that the situation was grave. Firstly, if there was someone willing to poison Tang Wan, it only made sense for the perpetrator to be a member of the clan. Looking at it from the motive to do so, Tang Huang’s people were the most likely suspects. But precisely because of that, if it was truly Tang Huang who did it, then it would make them seem a little too impatient and cruel.
The second issue was that if Tang Wan had contracted such a virus, then was it contagious? Was it actually a type of virus like HIV?
A virus that even these professionals who had studied medicine could not recognize. Naturally it started to worry some of the members present. They were all seriously worried that they might have contracted the virus as well.
With these, Tang Wan, one of the candidates for the clan master who had been poisoned, immediately became quarantined as an ‘agent of disease’. Even if Tang Wan’s body was extremely weak, the entire family were not reckless enough to take care of her in fear of contracting the same thing. They just sent Tang Wan to the quarantine room in the hospital, and let the doctors and nurses wearing barrier gowns look after her.
As the matter had happened inside the Tang family, under everyone’s eyes, the clan members thought of it as an ugly scandal. It was better for them to keep matters like these under wraps. They tried their best to suppress the news. While they were actively trying to cover up the information, they took Tang Wan’s blood sample to the science institution to get it tested hoping to find a cure.
After hearing a vague outline of what happened, Yang Chen heaved a brief sigh of relief. At the very least, Tang Wan’s life was not in danger now yet. He heard Tang Tang sob even harder. He said gently, “Kid, crying won’t help solve anything. But such a big issue had happened, why did you call me only now?”
Tang Tang said softly, “I’ve wanted to call you since the beginning, Uncle. You could invite Miss Jane to cure great grandfather, surely you can help mom too. But… everyone in the family was worried that if anyone outside of the family were to learn of the news, it would affect the Tang clan’s reputation. After Mom fell sick, my great grandfather’s health has declined considerably. He has been resting at home, and he left all the matters to Uncle Tang Huang to handle. I’ve been looking for a chance to contact you but have had no such luck before this… I—I’m hiding under my blanket.”
Yang Chen sneered. Affect their reputation? What is one’s reputation when it has been tainted by the blood of a family member? Situations within major clans are as deep as the ocean. Being born in such a clan is truly a misfortune. There are definitely some who’re not letting Tang Wan receive any help deliberately. Even if they had not done it, they were probably hoping for her to just die like this.
Yang Chen couldn’t let this matter drag on any longer than it already has. This time, things were different from previously when Master Tang had contracted ‘hysteria’. No one knew how long Tang Wan could hold on for. Inviting Jane over from England would take some time. He had to go to Beijing personally to resolve this problem.
Fortunately, his cultivation had already achieved new heights during this period. Although he hadn’t tried before, Yang Chen believed that he was capable of curing Tang Wan of her illness.
Although Tang Wan wasn’t truly one of his women, their relationship had been wavering on a borderline. Besides, there were also the ties between him and Tang Tang, Yuan Ye and the likes. Of course he had to try his best to cure her.
However, this matter came rather suddenly. Yang Chen knew that he would have to break the promise that he had made with Cai Yan. He would be heading to Beijing in advance, so he could only wait till Cai Yan returned to Beijing to meet up with her.
After making Tang Tang rest assured and asking her to wait for him, Yang Chen hung up the phone. He could feel that Lin Ruoxi who was at the side was looking at him with complicated expressions, and he calmly smiled. “Seems like my plan to visit Beijing has to be brought forward.”
Lin Ruoxi could roughly make out the contents of the conversation. She nodded her head and said, “Show mercy wherever possible. After all you won’t be in Zhonghai, so you’re not familiar with the place nor the people. If anything happens it would still be troublesome.”
Yang Chen did not expect Lin Ruoxi to be the one to remind him of those things. He smiled and said, “I thought you would be angry with me for going to the Tang clan to look after Tang Wan.”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “There’s a difference in the priority and urgency of matters. I’m not an unreasonable shrew.”
Yang Chen felt much more at ease. He immediately said, “Then go home and inform Mom and Wang Ma. I’ll be leaving right away.”
“Right now?” Lin Ruoxi was surprised.
Yang Chen nodded. “There’s nothing for me to prepare anyway. So the earlier I leave, the better.”
In fact, the most ideal method was to remove the seal, tear apart spacetime and travel to Beijing. It wasn’t something Yang Chen couldn’t do, but it was not something the world was ready for. Besides, Yang Chen felt there wasn’t a need to be in such a hurry.
But Yang Chen was curious. Back then, Ling Xuzi and Yan Sanniang, experts who had surpassed Xiantian Full Cycle, had used a very mysterious mode of transportation. Though he was unsure of whether he had achieved a level as high as theirs, Yang Chen had a feeling that it wasn’t as profound as it seemed. He just hadn’t learnt of that technique yet.
Fortunately, since the poison that the other party had planted was to make Tang Wan’s body grow weaker, they definitely had other plans for her. Therefore, Tang Wan wouldn’t come to any harm in the next few days.
The method that Yang Chen chose to travel by was to book the earliest flight departing for Beijing. As for going home to pick up some clothes and identification documents, it was not an issue. He had merely done away with the time needed to say goodbye to his family.
Although Mo Qianni’s matters had not been settled yet, it was something Yang Chen could hold off until he got back.
Before he boarded the plane, Yang Chen made a phone call to Cai Yan. Cai Yan who was still in bed, was awoken abruptly from her dreams. She scolded him adorably, but upon hearing that Yang Chen was going to Beijing so suddenly, she was dumbfounded.
Luckily Cai Yan was no child and required no explanation. She just made an appointment to meet him after a few days in Beijing readily.
Next, Yang Chen sent out text messages to An Xin, Liu Mingyu and Rose successively. He didn’t have all these minute chores to do in the past, but now that he was moving forward with a newfound look on his relationships, it only seemed right to do so.
The most important thing was sending a text message to Mo Qianni to make her rest at ease. He would naturally settle the matters between the two of them upon returning from Beijing.
Unexpectedly, a phone call came from Liu Mingyu right before he left. She asked, “Hubby, my dad just happened to have brought some people with him back to Beijing. If you haven’t arranged for any transportation yet, I’m sure I can get my dad to arrange it on your behalf.”
Liu Qingshan had been gravely angered by Yang Chen at Zhonghai, so it was no surprise that he had returned to Beijing. Yang Chen rejected her, saying, “Forget about it. Your dad would only get more upset if he were to see me now. I have my own plans. Babe Mingyu can stop her worrying.”
“Alright…” Liu Mingyu was slightly disappointed, knowing that Yang Chen had no intention to rectify his relationship with Liu Qingshan.
After a while, it was time for Yang Chen to board his plane. He had booked business class seats just so that he could have a good sleep. Besides, it wasn’t like he lacked the money to do so.
After settling into the leather made seat, Yang Chen smiled at the corner of his mouth. It was because a male and a female approached from his left and sat on the seats next to him without a word.
They were Sky Dragon and Ye Zi.
“I knew it. You two would definitely follow me to Beijing. Hehe, you know that I am a total stranger to that place. Remember to arrange my food, accommodation and necessities. By the way, make sure that the car that picks me up is a comfortable one. I like wide cars. It would be best for you to arrange a business car,” Yang Chen said long-windedly.
Sky Dragon and Ye Zi looked at each other and let out a bitter smile. Yang Chen was basically ordering them, members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, around as though they were his nannies. Yet, they couldn’t find reasons to reject the ‘simple and honest’ requests of his. Speaking of which, as long as Yang Chen’s movements were within their area of surveillance, there was no reason not to let him have his way.
“Actually, ever since we reported to the headquarters, the general made sure that we followed you throughout your Beijing trip. So Yang Chen, you can be rest assured that even if it’s for our own sake, we would receive you properly,” Sky Dragon said as he wanted to salvage some of his face.
Yang Chen paid no attention to him at all. He lifted his head backwards, shut his eyes and started to fall asleep, making Sky Dragon glare at him in a fit.
Ten minutes later, the plane departed, disappearing into the night sky.