Chapter 3/5

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As the sun rose over Beijing, its warm rays bathed the peaceful and quiet city. Under the grey sky, the blinking street lights and the various skyscrapers contrasted with the traditional, ancient city.

While all this was going on, in a 5-star hotel located in the city of Beijing, the presidential suite was dimly lit. However, the atmosphere inside that room severely contrasted with the rest of the city. There was not a moment of peace.

A woman’s soft, rapid breathing was occasionally interrupted by streams of painful shouting. But there was more to it than just screams of pain. Her painful cries were flooding with a sense of fatigue as if she were to pass out at any second.

The whole room was buzzing with lust, and the scent of her rose perfume together with the smell of hormones filled the area.

Suddenly, a pained scream escaped through her lips, followed by a sob. Then, everything became still once again.

Body fluids were scattered all over the white bed sheet covering the fluffy and soft mattress. The woman’s naked body was leaning against a muscular guy.

The man was as handsome as he was naked. He grabbed the woman like a toy in one hand while the other reached across the wooden cupboard for his pungent, alcoholic drink.

The smell of the strong beverage made the woman scrunch up her nose in disgust, but she did not dare complain.

“That thing. How’s the progress?” asked the man while gulping down a mouthful of alcohol. His expressions did not change in the slightest.

The sleepy woman raised her head at hearing these words. She felt extremely exhausted after exercising the whole night. However, she instantly became wide awake after the man spoke.

A sweet, delicate face turned towards the man. It was the daughter of the Tang clan’s third eldest son, who was also Tang Wan’s cousin—Tang Xin!

“Tang Wan had been ushered into the hospital after she got poisoned. Grandpa is resting at home. He seems to have contracted some sort of mental shock. He let Tang Huang handle everything now. The clan is a complete mess now,” laughed Tang Xin.

The man’s face looked much colder. “Now, who do they suspect?“

Tang Xin chuckled mischievously. “Those idiots believe that it was Tang Huang’s doing. Of course, those who support him have no reason to voice out otherwise. The ones that are on Tang Wan’s side dared not show their faces either. It won’t take long for the Tang clan to fall apart.”

“Hmph,” snorted the man with contempt.

A hint of hesitation flashed across Tang Xin’s eyes. She questioned, “Buwen, are you going to kill everyone in the Tang clan? After it has ended?”

The man was Yan Buwen from the Yan clan!

“Kill them? Why?” asked Yan Buwen.

Tang Xin shook her head. “I’m only asking. You know I will support you in whatever you do.”

Her eyes were filled with obsession. It was as if the man was her everything.

But Yan Buwen did not care about how she felt. He threw his glass onto the carpet and slapped her hard on her backside. The slap rang out across the room.

“Get up. You need to go back home and keep an eye on everything that goes on in that house,” said Yan Buwen coolly.

Tang Xin got up slowly. “You tortured me the whole night. Can’t you spare me a few minutes in your arms?”

“Why? You think I’m mistreating you?” asked Yan Buwen coldly.

Tang Xin’s face paled and she shook her head rapidly. “No, I… I didn’t mean that. I’ll leave now.”

She lifted herself up despite the aching all over her body. She then picked her clothes up from the carpeted floor and put them on, peering at the now resting man.

Once dressed, she pursed her lips and asked, “Buwen, you’ll marry me once everything is over, right?”

Yan Buwen opened his eyes and took a glance at her. He grunted, in response to her.

This obscure answer had made her eyes gleam with passion. She bit her lips, lunged towards him, and planted a soft kiss against his mouth. She the reluctantly left the presidential suite.

After the door snapped shut, Yan Buwen laughed like a lunatic.

“Do you expect me to marry a mad bitch? Hmph, the only woman for me is that goddess…”

… …

In the backyard of the Yang clan’s military camp in Beijing, a piece of paper was laid out on top of a stone table, the ink placed at the side.

Yang Gongming held up his Chinese writing brush and glided it across the surface of the paper. He was wearing a blouse, standing before the table early in the morning.

After a few short minutes, Yan Sanniang trudged across the garden towards him. She balanced a tray of food on her palms, smiling sweetly. She placed it on the table while carefully observing Yang Gongming’s actions.

He continued writing for around ten minutes before putting the pen down.

He turned sideways towards Yan Sanniang and smiled at her. “Sanniang, my penmanship is getting worse.”

“This one couldn’t tell,” said Sanniang smilingly.

“I’m getting old. My hands are shaking. And to think, I used to be able to hold up a machine gun without any difficulty. Now, I can’t even hold my pen properly. Time really has been my greatest enemy,” exclaimed Yang Gongming.

Yan Sanniang’s eyes looked desolate for a second, but she quickly recovered and smiled. “Although your hands are trembling, your penmanship seemed to have ascended to another level.”

Yang Gongming waved his hand without saying anything. He walked over to the tray of food and took a few bites. He then asked, “The kid Yang Chen has arrived, hasn’t he?”

She nodded. “Yes, I was told that he took a midnight flight here. He should be touching down right about now.”

“The incident with the Tang clan seems a little suspicious. Anyway, they are the most significant one out of the four major clans. When things become serious, we can’t just sit idly by and watch as chaos descends. I assume the Li clan and the Ning clan are well aware of the situation as well,” said Yang Gongming faintly. “It’d be best if Yang Chen could save the day. But if he can’t, you’d better check it out, Sanniang. You might be our last hope.”

Yan Sanniang grunted. “Master, please be reassured. Miss Tang is safe, for now.”

“That granddaughter of Tang Zhechen is quite an excellent choice for Yang Chen, though she’s in a different generation from him. What a missed opportunity,” he sighed.

Smiling, Yan Sanniang replied, “Master Chen already has multiple women around him. Had it not been for the change in culture as time passed, I wouldn’t have allowed something like this to exist.”

Yang Gongming laughed out loud for a while. He said, “Let him be. I’m getting too old to interfere. Might as well pretend I know nothing. He can do whatever he likes. It’s his competence that draw women to him. However, there is no way we can accept each and everyone of them into the clan.”

“Master seems very confident that Master Chen would come back,” said Yan Sanniang curiously.

Yang Gongming shook his head. “I’m not. I’m just preparing for that to happen.”

While talking, he pointed his finger at the paper. He said, “Sanniang, please keep an eye out for Yang Chen during his stay here. Many people have caught wind of his arrival, more people than I’d like. Let me know if anything happens to him. Give that piece of writing to him whenever possible.”

Her eyes swept across the now-drying, inked paper, and agreed.

At the same time, Yang Chen felt his nose itch while walking out of the airport’s arrival hall with Sky Dragon Ye Zi at his side.

“Damn it. Why do so many people miss me?” muttered Yang Chen to himself. He swung his head left and right then asked, “Hey Sky Dragon, where’s our driver? Time is money, you know.”

Sky Dragon sighed depressingly and pointed at the black Infiniti QX56 SUV parked not too far from them. “It’s right there. Why would I waste your ‘precious’ time?”

Satisfied, Yang Chen nodded his head and gave Sky Dragon’s shoulders a pat. “Good service. I’ll let General Cai know and give you a pay rise.”

Ye Zi pursed his lips. “Brother Yang, we don’t get paid.”

“What?!” exclaimed Yang Chen. “I pity all the members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. You’re not getting paid for risking your lives? Tsk tsk, nevermind. If you end up quitting one day, you can come to me. I still need a guard and a receptionist for my entertainment company.”

When he was done talking, Yang Chen started trudging towards the SUV. Laughing, he ignored Sky Dragon’s pale and sickly face before entering the car.

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