Chapter 4/5

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Tang Wan was at the first regional military hospital in Beijing, which was usually only used by VIP’s of the country. Of course, the medical standards and facilities were quite advanced.

Yang Chen was not familiar with getting about Beijing. He had memorised the maps of almost all the countries in the world, including those of major cities. But ironically, he was completely lost in his hometown.

Therefore, Yang Chen simply let Sky Dragon and Ye Zi lead the way. He sat in the car, quietly waiting to reach his destination. There was no reason why these two people would not help him.

Indeed, to the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, for Yang Chen to return to Zhonghai as soon as possible was of utmost importance. Yang Chen only wanted to save a life, which was not a conflict of interest to them. If they were willing to help him out as much as possible now, they might end up in his good graces.

Beijing was not without its faults. There seemed to be a never-ending jam in that city. The car drove for nearly two hours before it finally arrived at the military hospital.

After getting off the car, Yang Chen let the two lead the way. They walked all the way to the hospital, and went to the ward area.

In addition to doctors and nurses, there were also strangers and familiar figures in the lounge outside of the intensive care unit.

Seated in a wheelchair, Tang Zhechen was being pushed by his granddaughter Tang Xin. He stared soulessly into the isolation ward, where Tang Wan was lying in bed.

Tang Tang who was always quite the cheery soul, looked as though she had aged a few years since the incident. Wearing a dull-coloured dress with floral-prints, she too, stood outside the ward in a daze.

As for other men and women in suits or work suits, they stood in sadness beside Master Tang as if they were consoling him.

Yang Chen entered the place with Sky Dragon and Ye Zi, all of whom weren’t recognized by most of the people there. Some of them frowned a little, ignoring their presence.

Surprisingly, Tang Xin turned around, pleasantly surprised. She said, "Mr Yang! There you are!"

Tang Zhechen and Tang Tang turned around simultaneously. Tang Tang’s eyes went red, and she rushed to Yang Chen's embrace before tearing up.

Yang Chen sighed and patted Tang Tang on her back, realizing that she had lost a little weight. "Look at you. Why did you wait until I come before you start crying? Couldn’t you have exhausted all your tears before I arrived?"

Tang Tang lifted her head. Teary eyed, she said, "How could you be so shameless? Everyone else is so worried!"

"Alright, alright. Let’s not make things more confusing for other people. You are still my sister-in-law." Yang Chen laughed.

Tang Tang realized that she was making a scene in front of everyone. She immediately jumped back and stuck her tongue out. "Who are you calling your sister-in-law? I haven't decided to marry that log-head yet."

Yang Chen mourned for Yuan Ye and turned around to nod at Tang Zhechen. "Do you mind if I go in and have a look, Master Tang?"

Tang Zhechen nodded hopefully. "Yang Chen, I'm really sorry that you have to come again. I thought it’d be rude to bother you so often, hence my restraint from calling you. I didn’t expect you to show up. It must’ve been Tang Tang that called you here. "

Yang Chen sucked his lips. "Geez old man, you can drop the act. If you really didn’t want me here, would you have given Tang Tang a chance to call me?"

Tang Zhechen grinned without denying what Yang Chen said. To be honest, he really wanted to ask Yang Chen for help. But a number of people within the clan objected against it, claiming that the incident should be contained within the family. Besides, Tang Wan was single. It would not be appropriate for her to spend so much time with a stranger to their family who was married no less.

Although Tang Zhechen was the head of the clan, he could not afford to bring down their name and Tang Wan's reputation. So, he resorted to using Tang Tang to break the news to Yang Chen.

The people started to whisper among themselves. They did not know where this young man came from and how he knew Master Tang so well. But they dared not ask, seeing as Tang Zhechen had no intentions of introducing him.

"Teacher, please do take care of your health. We shall be taking our leave." An unfamiliar man bowed respectfully to Tang Zhechen.

Tang Zhechen nodded. "You may all leave now. I will remember your kindness."

Slowly but surely, people started trickling out of the ward until there were only a handful of people remaining. When passing by Yang Chen, they would subconsciously steal a few glances at him.

Tang Zhechen waited until others left before explaining to Yang Chen. "When I was still in the world of politics, I was the principal of the Central Party School. These are all my former students. Although what happened to Tang Wan was not publicized, there is nothing that these people cannot find out. The news has reached the top-levels in the political arena while most of them had already caught wind of this incident. In response, they decided to visit us to show their sincerity. Rest assured, their intentions are pure.”

Yang Chen suddenly realized this, but Tang Zhechen’s explanation also shed new light on the strength of the Tang clan. He did not believe that these people were just reminiscing their past. It seemed that although Tang Zhechen had retired from the political arena, his influence was still as strong as it was in the past. If not, why else would these people be here to ‘support’ him?

However, it was hard to understand how the Tang clan came to be one of the four dominant clans even though all they did was operating businesses.

But this was not important to Yang Chen at the moment. He went directly to the door with an electronic lock at the isolation ward and asked the nurse beside him, "What's the password?"

The nurse with a mask and raised her eyebrows. "Who are you? This isn’t some place where anyone can just go in and out. The patient inside is infected by an unknown virus. Even our medical staff are required to wear protective suit before we are able to get in."

"You can rest assured, Miss. There are so many people watching us here,” Yang Chen said with a smile. "Just tell me the password. No harm will come to you should an incident occur."

Before coming to Beijing, Lin Ruoxi told him to ‘be forgiving and thus be forgiven’. Yang Chen was not upset by the nurse’s stern tone. All he could do was be polite.

A middle-aged doctor who had been standing nearby came up and said, "Excuse me, this is an intensive care isolation ward. Even the patient's family members are not allowed to enter if they are not part of the medical staff. Please do not make things difficult for us."

Yang Chen had to look at Tang Zhechen and let him help him to say a good word or two.

Tang Zhechen, in response, said politely, "Doctor, this young man has excellent medical skills. If you could just make an exception and allow him go in to see my granddaughter in a protective suit, I’d appreciate that."

This doctor was not oblivious to underlying cues. Once Tang Zhechen had spoken, he would not be so stupid to be stubborn. Besides, he would not have to bear any responsibilities since Yang Chen was the one who asked for it.

As for Yang Chen's proclaimed medical skills, the doctor thought that only fools would believe that.

Finally, the doctor had the nurse take Yang Chen to the dressing room to change his clothes.

Yang Chen felt annoyed. It was so troublesome to enter a ward. Why is it called ‘intensive care’? It is clearly ‘intensive trouble’!

After a series of complicated examinations, Yang Chen was finally given clearance to enter the ward Tang Wan was in.

Although the middle-aged doctor was not liable for anything that was about to happen, he was still worried about the reckless things that Yang Chen might do. So he stuck by Yang Chen’s side the entire time.

Yang Chen didn’t care too much about it. As he went close to Tang Wan's bed, he could clearly see Tang Wan's condition, causing his heart to ache.

Tang Wan's snow-white complexion had many fingernail-sized red and black patches. Her face was pale without any hint of life. Her chapped lips looked dry, while her silky black hair had also turned slightly yellowish...

If it was not clear to him that it was Tang Wan who was lying on that bed, Yang Chen would never believe that such a beautiful and well-behaved mature woman had to endure a fate so tragic...

Just what kind of poison could make that woman suffer so much?

"Sigh... Up to now, the people in the institution have not been able to identify the origin and nature of this virus. The patient's heart rate and various vitals have indicated that she is still in a stable condition. But stable doesn’t mean anything if this issue persists. And if this goes on, sooner or later the toxin will invade the brain and bone marrow..." The doctor sighed helplessly.

Tang Wan seemed to notice that someone was approaching. She struggled to open her eyes. If it was not for the weird patches on her face, she would still be a beautiful and elegant person. With or without makeup. But now, like a pearl covered with dust, she had lost her brilliance.

Although Yang Chen was wearing a mask, Tang Wan was able to recognize him, her dim eyes overflowed with renewed hope.

"Am... I... ugly... " Bitter words slipped out from the corner of Tang Wan’s dried lips in self-mockery.

Yang Chen did not speak, but took off the leather protective gloves off his right hand, and proceeded to take off his mask.

The doctor was shocked as he watched Yang Chen. "What are you doing? Put it back on! This virus may be highly contagious!"

Yang Chen did not care at all. His reached out his hand to Tang Wan's cheek without a sign of hesitation and caressed her face gently. Her once-delicate skin was now rough and wrinkly.

Yang Chen raised an eyebrow and laughed. He said, "If I were to call you beautiful now, wouldn’t you just think I am lying to you?"

Tang Wan smiled grimly, and nodded slightly.

The doctor beside him couldn't help but yell angrily, "Are you even listening to me?!"

Yang Chen ignored him. He pressed his finger on Tang Wan's wrist lightly as if he was measuring her pulse.

After a short while, Yang Chen turned around and made several gestures to Sky Dragon and Ye Zi who were standing outside the isolation ward through the window.

Tang Zhechen, Tang Xin, and the nurses were all confused by this gesture. They could not understand what Yang Chen was signalling. But Sky Dragon and Ye Zi looked at each other and nodded to Yang Chen as if they agreed to something.

Suspecting something, the curious Tang Xin asked Ye Zi, "Sister, what did Mr Yang mean?"

Ye Zi explained, "What Brother Yang did was a sign language commonly used by the navy. He wishes to let everyone here evacuate as he wants to perform treatment for Tang Wan alone."

"Treatment? So does this mean Yang Chen has a way to cure Tang Wan?!" Tang Zhechen could not contain his excitement.

Tang Tang was also overjoyed, unable to speak as a result.

Not waiting for the people to react, Yang Chen had kicked the doctor out of the ward quite literally.

The doctor in turn, was very angry. How could these people be so rude to him in his own territory? But before he was able to swear, he saw a familiar document fall before his eyes.

Again, Sky Dragon took out his security bureau badge, and began to help Yang Chen evacuate the people outside.

It was a military hospital, so all the doctors and nurses had gone through special training. They were quite familiar with badges and emblems of various national departments.

When he knew that they were from the security bureau, the doctor immediately calmed down. These people were not ordinary law enforcement officers. They were special agents from the central government. He dared not offend Sky Dragon at all. Besides, Tang Zhechen had given them his approval. What else could he do but let them be?

Soon, the group of doctors and nurses together with Tang Zhechen left the intensive care unit behind Tang Xin and Tang Tang. Sky Dragon and Ye Zi closed the door before guarding the area.

When the coast was clear, Yang Chen looked around again and found a surveillance camera in a corner. With a single flick of his finger, the camera was shattered by the sheer force of his internal energy.

While all this was happening, Tang Wan was still lain, weak on the hospital bed. She watched Yang Chen as he did all this. Although very curious, she did not waste energy to ask any questions. She was confident in Yang Chen, so she placed her trust in him.

"Well, it’s time for your treatment. If done successfully, you will get better soon. But, you have to cooperate with me," Yang Chen said with a smile.

Tang Wan answered softly, "I believe you... How... do I… cooperate?"

Yang Chen did not continue. He stretched out his index finger and scratched it with his right fingertip.

A streak of red fluid appeared from the index finger. It was the blood flowing from Yang Chen’s cut finger.

Yang Chen sent the bleeding index finger to Tang Wan's dry lips, disregarding her astonishment. He said with a smirk, "Well, to cooperate with me, you will need to suck my finger obediently. You will have to suck it with all your strength…”

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