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Chapter 1/6
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Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were terrified by what Li Dun had in mind. Wasn’t he just provoking an already volatile matter? Why would he choose Yang Chen over everyone else? Couldn’t he see that everyone was doing their part in keeping Yang Chen at bay?

Right at this moment, Li Dun noticed the two of them guarding the hospital ward. Even though they might just be acquaintances, under the overarching circle of the security bureau, they were not strangers.

Li Dun smirked at Sky Dragon and Ye Zi. “I guess I’m in the right place. Yang Chen should be inside.”

Sky Dragon frowned. “Master Li, I am very sure that you are aware of Yang Chen’s situation. He isn’t just a person you can pick a fight with.”

“Of course I know he is different. That is the only reason I am here,” Li Dun replied in a monotonous voice, “Don’t worry, Brother. I will take responsibility of my actions and explain to my grandfather about it.”

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi disheartenedly stared at one another. Under Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they might be considered as self-sufficient, but in this country where power was concentrated, they were after all within the jurisdiction of Li Moshen. As a result, Li Dun’s actions were out of their control.

Sky Dragon carefully observed Li Dun, his eyes flickered with glimpses of suspicion. Li Dun and Sky Dragon might not have crossed paths, but the rumours about him being a prodigy in martial arts was starting to show when Sky Dragon himself was unable to fathom Li Dun despite his years of experience.

Sky Dragon’s ability in the Group of Eight was second only to the Abbess Yun Miao, and he notably had a conspicuous presence within Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. But even Sky Dragon was clear that Yang Chen was leaps and bounds above himself; even Yang Chen’s brother Yang Lie had a cultivation level superior to his.

Now that he met Li Dun, Sky Dragon couldn’t help but feel bitter at himself. Perhaps, it was about time he passed on the baton he had held onto all his life to the younger generation.

Li Dun was obviously uninterested with Sky Dragon, despite the latter having a powerful presence in the Group of Eight. But he was not in a hurry to fight Yang Chen either. So, he resorted to patiently waiting outside the ward.

Seeing how Li Dun was bursting with confidence, Tang Zhechen gave a glimpse of approval, believing that this young man regardless of his actual ability had already surpassed many youngsters of his age in terms of manners and temperament.

After half an hour, the entire corridor still remained dead silent. Right when Tang Tang couldn’t hold her anxiety in anymore, the ward door opened!

Everyone watched closely as Yang Chen lazily dragged himself out of the ward. His body appeared stiff as he flexed his muscles and yawned. It looked like he had just awoken from a nap.

Tang Zhechen amidst his worries cracked a smile. If Yang Chen was acting so relaxed, his granddaughter would definitely be in stable condition!

As for Li Dun, he immediately sat up in anticipation over the mere presence of Yang Chen.

“Uncle! Is Mom alright?!” Tang Tang sprinted up to Yang Chen and pleaded as she held his hands tight.

Yang Chen pointed back in to the room with his thumb. “Why don’t you go in and take a look yourself?”

Tang Tang nodded and almost instantaneously jolted into the ward. Ear-shattering screams of joy subsequently resonated from within.


Tang Zhechen was also extremely anxious as he hinted for Tang Xin to take him in. After taking an embarrassingly long time to get the hint, she pushed Tang Zhechen’s wheelchair into the ward.
Inside, Tang Wan who was previously lying down had sat up. Her languished appearance was now replaced with a newly found vigour.

She looked just like someone who had returned from their morning workout. Slightly tired but only covered in sweat and redness on her face.

Her rejuvenation had achieved the extent of seemingly age reversing effects, as she retained the moist and supple skin she once had when she was in her teens. Her soft and smooth appearance would be the envy of many women.

Tang Tang hurled herself into Tang Wan’s embrace, weeping tears of joy. Tang Wan, in response, gently stroked her back with the warmth only a mother could provide.

“Alright, alright. Mom’s fine. My beloved Tang Tang has been really brave. Don’t let a few tears ruin your brave streak.” Tang Wan was comforting her pre-college daughter just like how one would towards a three-year-old.

It is probably true when people say that a child will never grow up in the eyes of their mother.

To the others present, they seemed like more of sisters than mother and daughter.

“What… did you do? How… is that even possible?” Sky Dragon who was at the door witnessed the scene, and he couldn’t help but question Yang Chen’s remarkable antics.

Tang Zhechen, Tang Xin, and the rest stared blindly at Yang Chen in astonishment. They had simply witnessed a miracle.

Tang Wan was previously on the brink of death, was miraculously brought back to life in the span of half an hour. Not only that, she looked as gorgeous as ever. What greatness was bestowed upon her?

Yang Chen on his end however, did not do anything over the top. He had Tang Wan consume small amounts of his own blood, countering any toxins that might’ve been added into her body. The True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture within his blood helped to unclog her meridians.

Yang Chen had zero knowledge regarding medicine, so all he needed to do was to unclog her meridians and ‘wash’ the impurities clean! It was also fitting that the concept of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was to cleanse the toxins clumped in her body while simultaneously repair all the damage done. All this meant that her body was restructured inside out!

This was exactly what the forefathers meant when they said a person was ‘reborn’. It was an act a casual master wouldn’t dare to think about doing—it was no different from thoroughly connecting one’s meridians!

Yang Chen however was not quite sure about how it was achieved. It was actually rather frustrating that no one could provide him with advice. But one thing was for sure—he knew he couldn’t have cured Tang Wan in such little time prior to his cultivation elevation.

The truth was that if the current Tang Wan wanted to train her internal energy, she would progress rapidly now that her meridians were unobstructed. She would be able to gain permanent protection of her meridians.

But it was also worth stating that by using an external power to unblock one’s meridians, the receiver would be granted a lift in cultivation. There was a hidden clause however, which would be that the stage of cultivation of the giver would have to be of a certain level. Otherwise, to complete the same task, they would need more than a handful of masters to achieve it.

“In no means would I want to keep it a secret from you, but it’s rather complicated to explain and I’m not too sure myself.” Yang Chen could if he wanted to, but it would be a hassle to get into the technicalities, which he believed would get himself worked up for nothing. As it was, he was already quite confused as to the way this stage of cultivation worked.

Tang Zhechen regardless, was satisfied with the outcome. “According to customs, I should repay you well for your help. But since my granddaughter’s pretty close to you, I suppose we can just call it a favor.”

Yang Chen was irked at how cunning this old fox was. Even though he really did not expect any appreciation for his deed, it was still unbelievable that Tang Zhechen actually took to mention it.

Right around this time, Li Dun who had been silently brooding at a corner came up to Yang Chen and said, “This is our first time meeting. I’m Li Dun.”

The name rang a bell in Yang Chen’s head, he shifted his focus a little before he recalled that there seemed to be a guy named Li Dun who was part of the ‘Beijing King Duo’. He also happened to be the eldest grandson of the Li clan.

“Are you the Li Dun from the Li clan?” Yang Chen lifted the edges of his lips for a smile as he shook Li Dun’s hand.

“The one and only.” Li Dun was smiling proudly. “It seems Mr Yang is aware of my background.”

Wow, speak of the devil. I was just stressing about solving the troublesome case for Cai Ning, now a member of the clan actually came up to me on his own! Yang Chen thought.

“I previously heard it from the nutty Tang Jue when he mentioned you,” Yang Chen replied. Now that he thought about it, it had been a while since he had last seen the annoying fellow who addressed him as ‘brother-in-law’ all the time. Yeah. What’s so important that he failed to visit his own sister on her deathbed?

Yang Chen subsequently turned to Tang Zhechen at the corner, “Old Tang, where’s your grandson Tang Jue? His sister was dying and he couldn’t be bothered to show up?”

Tang Wan across the ward answered in his stead, “He was sent by Grandpa to Russia to handle some businesses as his training. This incident was intentionally kept from him so he could focus on his work there.”

Even after she was poisoned and stuck to the hospital bed, Tang Wan never stopped caring for her only brother.

Yang Chen sighed in his head on how fortunate Tang Jue was. Whenever he was in trouble, Tang Wan would jump to his rescue. All he needed to do in life was focus on the tasks he had been given. But in all honesty it was fair to keep it a secret from him. Letting him know would have made things worse.

Li Dun was not interested in the Tang family’s issues. He excitedly came up to Yang Chen. “Mr Yang, I’m actually here to meet you.”

Yang Chen nodded. “Good, I was planning to make a trip to visit your side of the clan too. Why don’t we talk outside?”

Li Dun couldn’t have asked for more as he held out his hand as an invitatory pose.

Watching Yang Chen leave with Li Dun, Tang Tang pouted and said, “Uncle really is an inconsiderate person. Just like that, he’s leaving the moment Mom got better.”

Tang Wan lightly scratched on her daughter’s nose, hinting that there were still people around. She did not want to expose her secret with Yang Chen just yet.

Tang Zhechen bursted into laughter and said, “Tang Wan, if you feel better we should call the doctor in for a blood test. If the results show nothing wrong in particular, we should get you discharged immediately. I will get someone to make you some high quality bird’s nest for your recuperation.”

“Okay.” Tang Wan nodded eagerly, waiting to be discharged from the hospital.

On the other end, upon leaving the hospital, right at the edge of the parking lot both Yang Chen and Li Dun almost simultaneously paused. Li Dun decided to initiate by proceeding with his request. “Mr Yang, I’m a militant. I’m not the kind that beats around the bush. Today, I’m here to duel you.”

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