It took one and a half hours for Yang Chen’s anger to finally subside. He was on his way to Yu Lei International’s branch office when he experienced had half a mind to return and beat Li Dun senseless. In the end, he managed to control his emotions for the better.
He was grateful that they had only just met each other. It was then and there that he wished to never see Li Dun again.
Guys are all the same. They act cool when meeting someone new. But the moment the familiarity is there, they immediately shred their facade and show their true colours.

Yu Lei International’s branch was located in the upper floors of an independent building. There were about ten levels that belonged to the company. In Beijing, real estate was extremely expensive so for an office to have ten floors was already quite impressive.

Yang Chen made an attempt to call Hui Lin while still in his car. Although the call got through, it wasn’t picked up. He didn’t know whether she was in her office, but still decided to go anyway.

The elevator door opened up to the floor of the reception area. Running towards the two stunning receptionist, he giggled and asked, “Is Miss Hui Lin in her office?”

One of them replied smilingly, “Sir, are you referring to Miss Lin Hui?”

He suddenly recalled, Hui Lin was her nickname. She’s now a celebrity, so I guess she’s changed her name back to Lin Hui.

“That’s right. I’m her family and I would like to see her,” said Yang Chen.

The receptionist shook her head apologetically. “I’m sorry, Sir. If you don’t have an appointment, you’re not allowed to see Miss Lin Hui. Also, we would need proof to authenticate your statement about being her family member.”

He felt a little gloomy as he was the director of Yu Lei Entertainment. He had the power to take complete control of the whole office but even the staff could not recognize him for who he was.

Seeing there was no other choice, he said, “I’m your director. I’m Yang Chen, not just any outsider.”

The two receptionists suddenly chortled, glancing at him up and down skeptically. “Sir, do you have a name card?”

He was stunned. Name card? Zhao Teng passed a stack to me before. But I’ve left it on my table since then. I should’ve brought some with me! thought Yang Chen.

Seeing that he couldn’t provide anything for verification, the receptionists were more certain of their doubt. Subconsciously, they started to look down on him.

Even though he had branded products all over his body, his overall appearance was too ‘plain’ when paired with his average-looking face. The receptionists even went so far to assume that his clothing were fake.

A guy like this was the company’s director, Yang Chen? They would never believe it.

He scratched his head, and an idea sprung out on his mind. He said, “Don’t you have computers? You can check the company’s profiles. My picture should be there. That would be sufficient proof.”

Helpless, but noting the serious look on his face, they searched through the company’s folders.

Once his picture was found, the two receptionists threw suspicious glances at him. They raised their heads to look at him while comparing him against the photo. It turned out to really be this average looking guy.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “You believe me now? I’m just not in suit and tie now.”

They smiled rather awkwardly. “Sir… oh no, Director Yang, I can’t believe it’s you. We’ve recently started working here so we’re not familiar with the company yet. So sorry…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re just doing your job.” Yang Chen was forgiving to them. The company was established quite recently after all. Most of the workers were newcomers. “Is Lin Hui in the office?”

The receptionist answered, “Yes. Miss Lin Hui is at the upper workroom, in a meeting with Deputy Director Zhuang.”

Due to the company’s location, Yang Chen could not handle its day-to-day activities from afar. So a deputy director named Zhuang Feng was in charge of monitoring the branch’s everyday operations.

After asking for Hui Lin’s whereabouts, Yang Chen headed towards the elevators. He found it rather challenging to roam around an unfamiliar place.

It was mainly due to his inadequate experience in outstation business travel. He should’ve ordered his subordinates from this Beijing branch to make arrangements which would’ve prevented the unnecessary hardships.

The two receptionists peered at his back. They looked at him with a strange glace. Never would they have expected their company’s director to be so average looking

The elevator stopped.

Yang Chen stepped over the threshold and looked around him before walking towards the meeting room.

Once he arrived at the blackish red doors, he saw two Chinese men in military outfits guarding the room.

He could easily tell that the two guys were from the special forces. There was no way Yu Lei International would hire guards as capable as these men. This could only mean that there were important outsiders in the room

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, but didn’t think too much of it. He then moved forward, wanting to knock on the door.

But the two guards moved in front of him, blocking his path. They said coolly, “Outsiders are not allowed inside at the moment. Leave.”

Yang Chen ignored them and shouted, “Hui Lin! Your Brother Yang is here! Open the door!”

Any other normal person would never have done this. He did not care, though. Although he was capable of taking on the guards with ease, he believed that using words would be a better choice.

Before Yang Chen left home, Lin Ruoxi asked him to forgive, whenever possible.

The shout, lined with a certain edge, would definitely be heard by the people sitting in the meeting room.

Indeed, there were sudden rapid footsteps within the room. The familiar voice of Hui Lin’s exclaimed, “Brother Yang!” Footsteps could then be heard running towards the door.

The door was pushed opened. Finally, Yang Chen could see her face.

She was now a well-known celebrity. With the makeup and outfit put together by professional stylists, she was no longer the once seemingly childish girl from the mountains.

Her dark, black hair slanted across her forehead, forming a bang. She wore a light blue flannel shirt and a ruffled, striped yellow skirt. She also had mild eyeshadow and lipstick on.

After having gone through an extreme makeover, she looked extraordinarily feminine, displaying her elegance formed at Emei Mountain since she was young. Not only did she look sweet, she also carried a refreshing aura around her.

Her eyes were filled with delight. “Brother Yang, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

Yang Chen shrugged and said glumly, “I called you a hundred times, but you didn’t pick up. What else could I have done?”

She was startled, and her eyes switched from showing happiness to a hint of anger. She turned her head around to face a middle-aged woman who had a uniform on. “Sister Mei Feng, why didn’t you tell me that Brother Yang called?”

He inched his head forward to survey the insides of the meeting room. He saw a few people sitting around with different expressions.

The top-most tier of the meeting table sat a middle-aged, bespectacled man. He was wearing a beige-colored blazer. There were a few other people who seemed to be working the company’s management, including the woman Hui Lin was speaking to.

Yang Lie?! He’s here too?! Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen casted a glance at the man sitting at the innermost seat. He shut his lips when he noticed the furious-looking young man dressed in a military uniform.

No wonder there were soldiers guarding the room. The Yang clan had access to the army\.

The two guards started pulling Yang Chen out of the room but Yang Lie said, “Both of you don’t have to guard the room for now. You may leave.”

The guards were hesitant and curious, but orders were orders. They didn’t know that Yang Lie had no intention to clash with Yang Chen that way.

At this instance, upon hearing Hui Lin’s accusation, the woman replied in a cold voice, “Miss Lin Hui, as your manager, I am responsible for your life and your career. Being in contact with any guys would only harm your reputation. So, I don’t have to report to you about some unnecessary phone calls.”

Yang Chen frowned. Since when has she gotten such a demanding manager? he thought.

“Brother Yang is not just any guy!” Hui Lin stomped her feet, pouting out of frustration.

“Hmph, as if he’s anyone to you,” retorted Yang Lie coldly.

She was speechless upon hearing this. She gritted her teeth and shot a hateful look at Yang Lie. She was naive, and not a good liar. After all, she was related to Yang Chen because of Lin Ruoxi. She herself didn’t know who she was in his eyes.

Yang Chen trudged forwards and patted her across the shoulders. He said, “There seems to be some misunderstanding. I’m Yang Chen, the director of Yu Lei Entertainment. Hui Lin is my sister in law, so she’s technically my family. I’m just here to see her. There isn’t be a problem with this, is there?”

“Take your filthy hand off her!”

The black-clothed manager stood up abruptly and glared at him with her cold eyes. She smiled disdainfully and said, “Do you expect us to be easily fooled just because that works on our Lin Hui? You’re no different from a toad lusting over the swan! I advise you to quickly leave this room. Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”

The smile on Yang Chen’s face disappeared and he looked around. If he wasn’t thinking of figuring out the woman’s relationship with Hui Lin, he would have slapped her hard already.

“Hui Lin, who’s this menopausal, raging woman?” asked Yang Chen in a steady, deep voice.

The woman roared upon hearing this. “Your dirty mouth should learn to speak better! You want to go to jail?”

After listening to her, Hui Lin was now angered. She said fiercely, “That guy Yang Lie forcefully put her in the company so that she could be my manager. Everyone calls her Sister Mei Feng. I heard she’s quite an expert at managing celebrities. There’s quite a handful of top-tiered artists under her care.”

“Hmm, so she’s not related to you?” asked Yang Chen.

She nodded. “Yes, she has taught me a few things. But there’s nothing more between us. I’m sorry, Brother Yang. Sister Mei Feng said I’m now a celebrity, so I can’t simply answer my phone calls. She has possession of my phone and has control over my calls…”

“Seems like somebody just had to put a bitch near our Hui Lin,” laughed Yang Chen with a widely opened mouth.

Mei Feng’s face was the color of black, as if she wanted to swallow him alive. She hushed gloomily, “Miss Lin Hui, you’ve signed a contract with me putting you under my line of artists. The nasty fella beside you talked to me that way, don’t blame me for not being responsible for your career in the future.”

“Hmph! You’re the one stepping out of line first, Sister Mei Feng,” said Hui Lin angrily, her face red.

The whole atmosphere was starting to get volatile. The man in a beige suit could no longer hold it in and stood up, chuckling. “Oh, I see Director Yang is here! I’m really sorry, I didn’t get a prior notice to your arrival. Otherwise, we would have welcomed you warmly. I’m Zhuang Feng, the deputy director of this company. It’s the first time we’ve ever met. Please do not take offence at the unpleasantry shown earlier.”

The man seemed to be experienced in the industry. He walked towards Yang Chen enthusiastically and stepped in between them, shaking his hand regardless of the situation. He then said, “Director Yang, we’re discussing the details of Miss Lin Hui’s first concert. You came at just the right time! Won’t you join us?”

“I would like to know why that guy is in my company.” Yang Chen pointed a finger at Yang Lie.

Zhuang Feng explained, “Mr Yang, who’s now a major general, will be leading the military unit in Beijing soon. He’s an old friend of Miss Lin Hui’s and he’s here to help her.” He then muttered in Yang Chen’s ears, “Director Yang, it’d be in everyone’s best interest if you could take a step back here. Miss Mei Feng is really powerful in the entertainment industry and she holds an especially high status in the upper class. Nobody would dare mess with the artists under her care. Furthermore, Mr Yang is the eldest grandson of the Yang clan. We can’t afford to offend these two people. Even if Boss Lin came over personally, we will still have to tolerate the both of them.”

Yang Chen couldn’t believe that in such a short time, Yang Lie had climbed to the rank of major general. Seemed to him that Yang Pojun’s failure didn’t affect the status of the Yang clan. Otherwise, it’d be bizarre for such an incredibly young man to become a general.

At this moment, Yang Lie stood up and laughed. “I’m the sole sponsor of this concert. I have also taken it upon myself to be in charge of the security detail. It would only make sense if I was here. But you, crashing the place when the meeting was going on? Tsk tsk, where are your manners? But of course, who can we blame? You didn’t grow up with parents.”

Yang Chen took a peek at him but did not show the slightest discomfort. It was as if he did not care. Instead, he took a glide towards Mei Feng’s direction.

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