“What’s the matter? Now that you know who I am you want to get on your knees and beg?” scoffed Mei Feng.

Mei Feng had been involved in the entertainment industry for many years. The celebrities under her management were all very prominent. Naturally, she was the most sought-after celebrity manager in Asia. On top of that, she was also the vice chairman of an entertainment company. It was safe to say that she was a major player in her field.

If it wasn’t for Yang Lie’s trusted background, she wouldn’t have signed a contract with such a rookie like Hui Lin in such a short frame of time. Even when Hui Lin had Christen’s approval, Mei Feng couldn’t make an exception for Hui Lin. She already had an admirable amount of capital before this but with the Yang clan’s support under her belt, it was just an offer that she could not refuse. She wasn’t even bothered by the fact that Yu Lei Entertainment was a very new company.

Yu Lei International was everywhere, but in the entertainment world, Mei Feng was the one who called the shots. As long as Hui Lin wanted to stay in showbiz, no one could go against her wishes.

In truth, if it wasn’t for Yang Lie’s insistent intervention, all the matters regarding Hui Lin’s debut would have been handled by Yu Lei Entertainment. The main reason the company was set up in the first place was to give Hui Lin a good platform to showcase her talent. They wouldn’t have hired an outsider to do a job that they could very well do themselves.

However, Yu Lei International was just that—a company. If someone with as much military influence and political support as the young master Yang Lie wanted to intervene in matters, it would be as easy as taking candy from a child.

Even though Hui Lin hated Yang Lie, she was still a kind and passive person in her heart. Abbess Yun Miao, the only person in Beijing who could protect her, couldn’t possibly micro manage her life. Aggressively stopping Yang Lie from getting close to Hui Lin was also not the Yang clan’s modus operandi.

The minute Mei Feng accepted the job of managing Hui Lin, she took it upon herself to micro manage Hui Lin’s social life. This led to people like Yang Chen to be left in the dark about the fact that Hui Lin had switched managers.

In that moment, Yang Chen turned to face the female manager with a haughty expression and smiled brightly at her. “Earlier on, you mentioned that you wanted me to go to prison. I’d like to give you a chance to do so.”

Mei Feng stared coolly at Yang Chen and clearly didn’t understand what Yang Chen meant. But what happened next left her with no time to think about his words.

Yang Chen stretched out his left hand without an ounce of hesitation. His steel-like grip clenched Mei Feng's neck.

Mei Feng's eyes widened comically, and in her panic, her whole body was lifted off the floor.

Mei Feng tried to scream but couldn't say a word. She tried to kick her legs to free herself but Yang Chen was relentless.

“Director Yang, please don’t act rashly!”

“Brother Yang!”

Zhuang Feng and Hui Lin were panicking. Even though Mei Feng wasn’t the nicest of people, she was a huge figure in the entertainment industry and if something were to happen at Yu Lei Entertainment, it would definitely stir up problems for everyone involved.

Yang Lie watched the whole scene unfold with mirth. He gazed on tauntingly which seemed to say—do it if you dare.

Yang Chen didn’t listen to their warning and headed towards the windows in the conference room all while lifting up Mei Feng.

They were on the fortieth floor of the building. From this height, the cars on the ground looked like tiny matchboxes weaving their way through the roads..

Mei Feng was almost running out of air. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her body was already limp like a ragdoll.

Yang Chen showed no hesitation. He swung her half lifeless body out the window like a brick.

The glass windows could not do anything against Yang Chen’s force and shattered into pieces upon impact. Shards of glass were impaled in Mei Feng’s body as she fell downwards into the street below them.



The executives in the conference room all screamed, and dashed madly out the door in a fit of panic.

Zhuang Feng was also at a loss. At first, he thought that Yang Chen was just trying to intimidate Mei Feng. Never did he expect for it to end in cold blooded murder! Not only that… he had resorted to such a gruesome method of murder!

Falling from the fortieth floor, crashing into a tempered glass and bumper, then landing on a cement pathway, it would’ve been a larger surprise if she wasn’t dead by now.

… …

At the parking lot right outside the high-rise building where a certain Infiniti SUV was parked, Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were having their afternoon tea. They had escorted Yang Chen all the way here but did not follow him into the building. After all, they were just there to monitor Yang Chen but not interfere with his life. That would just displease Yang Chen, the consequence of which was not what they wanted to deal with.

After all, all Yang Chen wanted was meet Hui Lin. How much trouble could he really get into?

Or so they thought. The couple had just taken a few bites of their tea when their eyes widened at the sight of a woman dressed in black, descending from the sky.

The hollow sound of the impact resounded following the sounds of a screeching car alarm. The metallic tang of blood permeating the air; her neck visibly bent at an unnatural angle.

The two men stared wordlessly at each other for some time, before Ye Zi broke the silence. “Sk—Sky Dragon, how… how did things turn out this way?”

Sky Dragon seemed to realise something, and drew in a sharp breath. “We’re doomed. General Cai made us watch over him and gave us orders to prevent Yang Chen from causing a ruckus in Beijing. How will I be able to face the general now?”

… …

In the conference room, Zhuang Feng was close to peeing in his pants. He regretted ever taking the job at Yu Lei Entertainment. What kind of company was this, where they allowed such a madman to be the director?

Hui Lin was still reeling from the shock but she didn’t feel much remorse or sympathy for Mei Feng. After all, she wasn’t your average girl. In her opinion, Mei Feng had angered Yang Chen. Once anyone had angered Yang Chen, they should be prepared to face their consequences.

A slow clapping broke the silence.

Yang Lie laughed and stood up from his seat, saying, “Bravo, bravo! That was an impressive performance!”

Even though Mei Feng had been murdered so brutally, her employer didn’t even show a shred of sadness. On the contrary, he was absolutely ecstatic. It was as if everything was going according to his plan.

Yang Chen said blandly, “You thought that by doing this, you could goad Hongmeng into battling me, and get rid of me? Perhaps it might work. But you didn’t account for your own life. If you want, I can send you to the afterlife right here right now”

It was obvious that Mei Feng was just another foolish pawn in this game of high-stakes chess. She had entered the game without even knowing, and was used by Yang Lie to provoke Yang Chen.

This time, Yang Lie had really targeted Yang Chen’s Achilles heel, from manipulating Hui Lin, and openly humiliating him. He knew that this would definitely infuriate Yang Chen.

Yang Lie laughed madly, his face contorted into a disgusting expression. “You want to see me die? Bring it on! You’re not wrong. I planned for all this to happen in the hopes that Hongmeng would get rid of you! Did you really think that you were invincible? I bet you thought that you had the protection from the old man so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Well, I won’t let you off so easily, so come on then! Kill me! Just you try killing off the grandson of the Yang clan, one of the four major clans, and let’s see whether Hongmeng will still watch from the sidelines!”

“As you wish.” As soon as Yang Chen finished those words, his body appeared right in front of Yang Lie.

While Yang Lie had the help of panacea from Kunlun, and was quite skilled, but he was, after all, still young and not like Li Dun who had already entered the Xiantian realm.

The moment Yang Chen moved closer to him, Yang Lie instantly felt a stifling force which was so overpowering that he was running out of breath.

He mustered all his strength and attempted to steady himself in front of Yang Chen, but no matter how hard he tried to resist it, it seemed that the space in front of his body was being condensed to the point where moving his limbs proved to be a difficult task

Slowly, Yang Lie’s veins started hammering in his body, and his arteries were on the verge of bursting. He slumped to the ground, kneeling in defeat.

Yang Chen thought that he was just randomly releasing an intimidating aura, but it was already something so powerful that Yang Lie couldn’t defend himself against it.

Yang Lie did not want to resign himself to his fate, yet he couldn’t help but think. This man has somehow gotten stronger? What kind of monster is he?

Hui Lin who was brought up in the world of cultivation and martial arts could naturally recognise their nature. Hence, she was utterly shocked when she realized that Yang Chen’s cultivation was already much beyond the boundaries she could possibly imagine!

“In my eyes, you’re nothing more than the dirt between my shoes,” said Yang Chen condescendingly. He lowered his head to look at Yang Lie who was still on his knees. Slowly, he said, “I don’t believe that you are capable of formulating such an elaborate plan to trick me into facing Hongmeng because you don’t even have the level to even begin to understand Hongmeng. Moreover, the Yang clan would never give you such a huge sum of money to invest in Hui Lin’s concert. Therefore, someone must have set you up to do this.”

Yang Lie raised his head, and said shakily, “Hmph. So what if that’s the case… There are many people who would love to see you dead.  It isn’t just me… I won’t tell you anything…”

Yang Chen just laughed mockingly at him and proceeded, “I didn’t ask for a list of people who wanted me dead. We would be here all day and night. Those people never stood a chance against me. Well, if you’re not going to say anything useful, then I won’t ask. I’ll just send you on your way.”

Watching the scene unfold with intensity, just as Yang Chen was going to kill him, Hui Lin finally couldn’t hold it in any longer She shouted, “Brother Yang, don’t!!!”

Hui Lin’s words were actually effective, and Yang Chen paused in his movements. He turned to look at the girl.

“Brother Yang, if you kill Yang Lie, Aunt Xuehua will be brokenhearted. You guys… you guys are brothers after all.” Hui Lin was shaking in fear. She felt that if she didn’t stop Yang Chen, it would ultimately lead to Guo Xuehua’s misery. A misery that might forever be irreversible.

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