“I don’t consider that bastard my brother! Look, if you want to end me make it quick. I simply don’t have time to waste!” Sympathy from Hui Lin fueled Yang Lie’s rage even more.

A million thoughts flashed through Yang Chen’s head. He tried to consider their mother Guo Xuehua—the woman who brought Yang Lie to this world—and how she would feel about this. But if he kept Yang Lie around, his future would only be packed with problems that Yang Lie would cause.

After a long pause Yang Chen sighed and said, “I once purged your cultivation, but brought it back at our mother’s request. I now regret the day I did so. With your uncontrollable rage, making you an ordinary human would benefit everyone.”

Yang Lie seemed to have realised where that was going and quickly taunted, “Bastard! If you got the guts then kill me!”

Yang Lie’s death pledge meant nothing as Yang Chen placed one hand over his skull. He then released a scorching gush of True Qi which bore into Yang Lie’s his flesh and bones!

Yang Lie howled in pain as white steam fumed from his skull. He collapsed under the intense pressure in his head.

Hui Lin, who was standing to the side, stared in shock at what she had just witnessed. To her knowledge of what had just happened, Yang Chen used his immensely overpowering cultivation levels to annihilate Yang Lie’s eight meridians through sheer force. This single act purged his body of all the years of cultivation he had accumulated!

When Yang Lie eventually wakes up, he would be no different from an ordinary human. There was a chance that he might even end up disabled. And just like that, he was barred from ever cultivating ever again!

By rendering a master cultivator powerless, the shame that they felt was worse than the release of death.

That was without a doubt the worst punishment Yang Lie could ever receive.

But Hui Lin knew this was already the furthest extent of Yang Chen’s compromise. Everything that Yang Lie had done leading to this point had been constantly pressuring Yang Chen’s patience. He was already lucky Yang Chen chose not to physically cripple him further.

Yang Chen upon completion ordered the dumbfounded Zhuang Feng to tidy up the space and send Yang Lie off to a nearby hospital.

Zhuang Feng snapped back from his daze as he took a glimpse at Yang Chen. He was extremely confused with the man he called Director Yang. Believing that Yang Chen possessed exceptional capabilities, he quickly obeyed the orders given without hesitation. It was rather unfortunate for him to have witnessed such events. This was something that would surely scar him for the remainder of his life.   

After a turbulent hour, the incident had finally come to an end.

Zhuang Feng gathered the high-ranked witnesses of Yang Chen’s murder and pressured them keep the events a secret. They immediately accepted the demand fearing the things that Yang Chen could do to them.

On the other hand, Sky Dragon and Ye Zi manipulated the police reports to label Manager Mei Feng’s death as ‘accidental death’. This removed the possible backlash of her death becoming a social scandal.

Zhuang Feng couldn’t believe the trickiest part of Mei Feng’s death was secretly dealt with without his knowledge. This only further solidified his belief that Yang Chen had more than an unusual background. Every action he took—especially those involving Yang Chen—he took with extreme care.

After the situation had been more or less dealt with, Zhuang Feng returned to his usual desk job.

Back at Zhuang Feng’s office, he invited Yang Chen over for a visit. He prepared a cup of warm tea for Yang Chen before enquiring Yang Chen’s motives for doing what he did. “Sir, Mei Feng might’ve deserved it, but Miss Lin Hui’s latest album release and her concert are both just around the corner. Not having a manager guide her through the process might make everything a little chaotic. What do you propose we do about it?”

Hui Lin sat closely to Yang Chen on the couch, eagerly awaiting his reply. Mei Feng’s death had not impacted her much but in the case of Yang Lie, she was in jovial mood that Yang Chen eventually took her advice.

“Deputy Director Zhuang, I’ve got to be honest with you.” Yang Chen was aware that his actions left a mark on Zhuang Feng. So he had to tread with caution in order not to spook Zhuang Feng further. “The whole reason Boss Lin started Yu Lei Entertainment in the first place was for her little sister Lin Hui. It was her wish for her sister to be able to perform her own songs in a safe environment. Henceforth, from now on if anyone from the outside has plans to interfere with our Lin Hui, your first order of business is to contact us at the Yu Lei branch in Zhonghai immediately.”

Zhuang Feng was shocked as he came to a realization. Boss Lin and Lin Hui both have Lin as their surnames. So they’re actually sisters?! Why didn’t I think of that?

As for the ‘our’ that Yang Chen had mentioned, Zhuang Feng was confused but he was wary to ask, as he replied, “I see. I didn’t know she was Boss Lin’s little sister. Why didn’t you tell me Miss Lin Hui? I could have been fired because of a simple mistake like that. How disgraceful would it be for me to have been fired after working for less than a year.”

Hui Lin was biting on her lower lip as she felt slightly embarrassed towards Yang Chen calling her ‘little sister’. It was a little uncomfortable for her.

“As for the new manager, I’ve already arranged a team for her. Relax Mr Zhuang. From now on all you need to do is to take good care of Lin Hui. Yu Lei will reward you in kind,” Yang Chen proclaimed.

Yang Chen no longer had any trust for random people to be chosen as Hui Lin’s personal manager. If there was a chance that she could be taken advantage of, he would rather assign a personal team for her which he could trust.

As for who would be the most suitable candidate, Christen might be a prime candidate. She had ample experience in the entertainment industry, to gather a professional team shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand there was also Ron. He was Yang Chen’s head butler from Europe who had been involved in the industry for many years. Yang Chen was confident that he could recruit Hui Lin a personal manager in no time. The final choice between their picks could be held for a later time.

Zhuang Feng sighed in relief. Having Yang Chen deal with the matter was a relief to him. He continued, “I would definitely give my all in supporting Miss Lin Hui, but… it would be great if Director Yang could recruit the manager and the professional team as soon as possible because we are on thin ice here. There are still many things we have to deal with and we just don’t have the time.”

Yang Chen was about to reply before his phone rang. It was Tang Wan.

He instantly picked up the call. “Why aren’t you resting? You need some time off to recuperate.”

Tang Wan on the opposite end seemed to be in a good mood. She gently replied, “Because you’re always so busy. You left so abruptly this morning, was it to meet one of your many lovers?”

Yang Chen frustratedly replied, “The only one I have in Beijing would be you.”

Tang Wan chuckled at his statement. “What, am I your lover now?”

Yang Chen noticed Hui Lin by his side snooping on his conversation and was worried that she would notify Lin Ruoxi, so he gave a cough and continued, “Alright let’s not talk about this for now, did anything happen? I’m currently working at my branch company.”

“Well actually, Grandpa and I agreed that we should invite you over for dinner tonight as gratitude. I wonder if Master Yang would care to join?”

Yang Chen giggled. “Sure, nobody would reject free food! Send me your address, I’ll get there as soon as I’m done with the business here.”

Upon his acceptance of the dinner request he ended the call, and finally gave his prolonged reply to Zhuang Feng. “Fret not, regarding the managerial team, they will be here by tomorrow. As for the details, I will send you their contacts and you can settle it with the team by then.”

Yang Chen had no professional knowledge so he kept his conversation limited to the recent conditions of the company. Once that was completed, he followed Hui Lin as they toured the Beijing branch.

At the end of it, Yang Chen made his way to the studio to listen to a few of Hui Lin’s latest singles in her album. He was left in a daze regardless of his lack of musical knowledge.

Maybe it was due to her childhood in Mount Emei that Hui Lin’s music resonated an ambience of tranquility. Her vocals brought about a classical backdrop regardless of the genre of her music. This provided her songs with an unique twist.

Zhuang Feng accompanied them throughout the visit, while constantly bragging about her. “There are many singers these days who make one hit and leave the scene. But the ones that could truly achieve the ranks of pop queens all possessed the ability of individuality. Miss Lin Hui’s voice soothes the souls of the audience. I believe she would move the hearts of all across Asia, and eventually throughout the world.”

Yang Chen nodded, even though Zhuang Feng was clearly bootlicking.

Hui Lin ultimately had a lot to deal with in Beijing, and it was also about time that Yang Chen left for the Tang clan’s dinner invitation. As dusk started to reclaim the sky, Yang Chen left the branch office.

This time however Yang Chen skipped the taxi. Instead he searched around for the whereabouts of the vehicle Sky Dragon and Ye Zi were in.

Sky Dragon and Ye Zi seemingly anticipated Yang Chen’s request, as they flung the door open.

Yang Chen sat lazily inside the Infiniti as he glanced towards the front seats and came face to face with Sky Dragon and Ye Zi. The both of them were giving him the most sour face they could muster. Happily, he said, “I’m going to the Tang’s for dinner but I was afraid they wouldn’t let the taxi in. So I thought it was a better idea if the both of you took me.”

Sky Dragon sighed, “Your actions were far too rash. Even for you Yang Chen. While that Mei Feng wasn’t someone significant, now that you killed her, you’re bound to create a chain reaction that will eventually come back to bite you. And what about Yang Lie? You think he’s going to sit back, now that you’ve purged his cultivation?”

Yang Chen was scratching his ear while he was listening. He happily replied, “What’s bound to happen will happen. If so many people were expecting to use Hongmeng against me, then there’s no reason for me to hide any longer. If I retreat, they will surely start to rise above me and mistake their place in the world. Anyway, much thanks to the both of you. Relax, I won’t involve the both of you when the situation is beyond your control.”

Sky Dragon was about to reply but Ye Zi nudged her husband and shook her head ever so slightly. She was convinced that what Yang Chen said had some value of truth. Things that will happen will be.

Not long after, the vehicle sped across the bright streets, heading towards the Tang residence.

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