Watching the events that unraveled before them, the Tang clan members wondered how Tang Xin had gotten so close to the young, intelligent heir of the Li clan. Master Tang, on the other hand, had other thoughts to this matter. This was the perfect opportunity for her to prove herself in the clan. It was important to tighten their bond with the Li clan. If it is successful, it was possible for this relationship to remain beneficial even after Tang Zhechen was well over a hundred years old.

The Ning clan was the strongest among the four dominant ones in Beijing. Ning Guangyao’s inheritance was the most successful among the previous handovers. He had rightfully become the premier of China, which naturally made him the head of his clan as well.

The Yang clan’s master, Yang Gongming, was obviously in a better health condition than Master Tang. Although he was no longer the young man he once was, he hasn’t caught any diseases or accidents before.

On the other hand, Li Moshen from the Li clan was way younger. It hasn’t come to a point for him where he would have to start considering his future successor. The only person that should be doing this was Tang Zhechen, for his age and his time were coming to an end.

So, maintaining the Tang clan’s status among the four dominant clans after the passing of Master Tang was the core members top priority.

It was the first time Li Dun had visited the Tang clan. He was unfamiliar with the people there. However, he wasn’t the type to be awkward in the presence of strangers. He held up his cup of alcohol and began to propose a toast to the people sitting near him.

“Come on, it’s a rare opportunity for me to be able to have this meal with all of you. I hope you don’t mind me coming empty-handed. Let us enjoy the drinks that have been prepared. Let’s start with three cups as a punishment!” Li Dun raised his head to gulp down the white wine. He drank such a highly concentrated wine just like that. There was at least 80 millimeters!

The people around him stared in confusion at him. They didn’t want to punish him with alcohol!

“You must be joking! We should be the ones giving you a toast. Your reputation of being part of the ‘King Duo’ among the younger generation precedes you!” Tang Huang stood up and clinked his cup against Li Dun’s, displaying the attitude an heir of the Tang clan should have.

Li Dun swallowed another huge gulp of his wine and laughed. “What ‘King Duo’ are you talking about? It’s no different from a salted, two-yolked egg.”

While talking, he turned towards Tang Xin who had been quiet throughout the conversation and said, “Miss Tang Xin, how would you like to pour me a drink?”

Tang Xin was already furious. Upon hearing the excitement in the tone of his voice, her anger rose sharply. Dissatisfied, she said, “Don’t you have hands to pour for yourself?”

Right after the words had slipped through her lips, her face became stiff and she felt a rush of regret.

Rightly so too, as all the members gathered around the table glared at her in contempt. Had this girl been fed gunpowder recently? Doesn’t she know that this was the perfect chance to foster ties with the Li clan?

Li Dun was more often than not involved in combat all over the world. It was a rare opportunity to dine with him. Even when he was in Beijing, his passive self would never drag his body out to social events. Now that he had willingly come to one, the Tang clan would never live it down if Tang Xin screwed up their one chance at a relationship with the Li clan.

But nobody could’ve guessed what came next. There wasn’t the slightest hint of displeasure from Li Dun. Instead, he giggled softly and said, “Yes, yes. I suppose I was being too aggressive. I indeed have my own hands”

Everyone else took this scenario in. Li Dun took the wine bottle and tipped it, liquid filling his cup.

“Miss Tang Xin, let me give you a toast. It’s up to you whether you choose to accept it,” said Li Dun, holding out the cup at her.

The others could roughly guess his intentions. This guy seemed to have developed feelings for Tang Xin!

Logically speaking, he should be giving his first toast to Tang Zhechen. But Li Dun kept focusing his attention on Tang Xin—he must’ve come for her today!

Albeit unwilling, she still stood up. Holding her cup with both of her hands, she clinked her glass against his and took a sip.

Due to being slightly distracted from the outside world, Tang Xin choked on the wine!

She coughed lightly and her reddened eyes teared a little.

This startled him. He quickly put the glass down and held her back. He patted her softly and said awkwardly, “Oh, Miss Tang Xin, I didn’t know you’re not good at drinking. I shouldn’t toasted to you then. I didn’t mean to make you choke.”

“Take your hand off of me!”

Tang Xin could feel his hand on her back; her face flushed and she tried to get rid of it.

He let out a few cracks of laughter. He then said to the staring crowd egotistically, “I’m sorry. I was being rather blunt but I held no intentions of teasing Miss Tang Xin. I was simply caring for her.”

Yang Chen, who had been sitting quietly to enjoy the dishes, took a peek at Li Dun and shook his head with a smile.

Li Dun’s behavior could only mean that he was interested in Tang Xin. Even a blind man could tell.

Tang Wan’s face was lined with happiness. She whispered in Yang Chen’s ears, “I can’t believe Li Dun likes Xin’er. All this time I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find someone. Seems like I don’t need to anymore.”

“That guy looks crazy. Shouldn't you feel worried for that?” Yang Chen laughed maliciously.

She smirked at him and said, “If girls are willing to stay with a guy like you, do you think I’d be worried about this guy?”

He pretended not to hear anything. He then continued minding his own business, indulging in the food prepared for the guests. After all, he agreed to a meal, not to socialize.

Tang Zhechen looked around peacefully, smiling all the time. When the atmosphere became still and quiet, he asked Li Dun, “Mr Li, this meal was initially planned to thank Yang Chen for saving my granddaughter Tang Wan’s life. But your arrival made it seem like it was somehow planned for you. You should really make it up to him.”

Li Dun waved his hand and said, his voice indifferent, “Master Tang, rest at ease. I know Yang Chen well. As long as he can get a free meal out of it, he’s fine with everything else.” Afterwards, he winked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was tearing the meat off of a drumstick when he heard Li Dun. He would give anything to throw the drumstick in Li Dun’s face at this instance!

“How obvious of you to use toasting as a method to drink free wine.” He rolled his eyes, seeming undefeated.

Upon hearing this, Li Dun slapped his hand against his own chest. “I’ve always been honest and upfront, unlike you, a petty little guy.”

“You brought me for ramen for a meal, and you were unwilling to give me a ride because you didn’t want to use your gas. You dare call me petty…you...tiny man!”


“Alright, alright,” said Tang Wan, clearly sick of the bickering “Both of you are not kids anymore. Why are you still arguing like one? You think the Tang clan is a kindergarten?”

She had no choice but to stop them. Everyone around the table was holding their laughter in ever since they heard about the part whereby Li Dun treated Yang Chen a bowl of ramen.

Even the maids were looking at him incredulously. Why was this rich young man so stingy?

The only person who wasn’t in a good mood was Tang Xin, who had her head dipped.

After the relentless bickering between the two grown man, Tang Huang saw his chance and struck up a conversation. He said smilingly, “Mr Yang, I heard… you have a complex relationship with Beijing’s Yang clan. Since all of my sources weren’t official, would you care to explain the side of the story from your end? We are all very curious as well.”

The relationship between Yang Chen and the Yang clan had in fact been out in the open even before Yang Pojun lost the election. After all, the actions by Yang Gongming and Guo Xuehua would’ve been discovered by those with the intention to do so.

Tang Huang wanted to know about the relationship between Yang Chen and the Yang clan. Yang Chen’s answer would determine his relationship with the Yang clan.

If the Yang clan had recognized Yang Chen, then he would be the heir to the clan. As long as he had yet to be accepted by the Yang clan, he wouldn’t be able to take over any positions.

Although the people present weren’t very supportive of Tang Huang, they were eagerly waiting for Yang Chen’s response.

Yang Chen then said, while chewing his meat, “I had found my long-lost mother a while back. As for other matters, I have no comment.”

Hearing this response, everyone understood the meaning behind it. Seemed like it was true that Yang Chen was staying with his mother. This meant that he wasn’t completely separate from the Yang clan.

If Yang Gongming never intended to reunite with Yang Chen, he would not have gone to Zhonghai, nor let his daughter-in-law stay with him!

Thinking of this, the Tang’s were fuelled with excitement. Yang Chen had saved Tang Wan multiple times. There must be something going on between them. Who knew if the Tang clan could use him to foster their ties with the Yang clan.

Due to the fact that Yang Chen was now a married man, marriage was not an option. However, there was no way Tang Wan could marry publicly since her daughter was no longer a small kid. So, even if there was a small chance of there being something between the two, the Tang clan was more than okay with it.

Furthermore, if Tang Tang were to have a successful marriage with Yuan Ye from the Yuan clan, that’d be another link with the Yang clan! That was because Yuan Hewei, the master of the Yuan clan, was married to Yang Chen’s aunt Yang Jieyu.

Everyone was delighted in light of the new news. This was a good day for them. The Yang clan and the Li clan would soon connect with the Tang clan in the most extraordinary ways.

But nobody knew that Yang Chen’s self-worth was much greater than the Yang clan, if he and Tang Wan were to develop a relationship.

Li Dun was not surprised upon learning Yang Chen’s relationship with the Yang clan. The Li clan was in charge of the security bureau, so critical information would reach them before anyone else. However, he wasn’t bothered at all if Yang Chen had ties with the clan or not.

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