“So what if it’s true? Who said I needed a good reason to dislike you? I just want you to die. Could it be that just because I’m acting this way, you’re liking me now?” Tang Xin sneered.

Li Dun smiled bitterly. This was actually the first time that this man let out an expression of helplessness.

“When it comes to things like emotion, it’s quite hard to explain such an abstract emotion. But the time comes, you just know it,’ Li Dun said, sighing deeply and shaking his head. Smiling, he said, “Miss Tang Xin, I’m not going to ask why you despise me so much. I believe that in time, you will reveal it to me yourself. However, please believe me. It is your uniqueness that has piqued my interest, and made me fall in love with you. I truly like you.”

This was the second time, the second confession!

Tang Xin wasn’t sure how to deflect that. It was impossible for her to tell Li Dun that the reason she hated him was because she still had feelings for Yan Buwen. So for now, she had to push this man away from her. She just furrowed her brows in annoyance and muttered, “You’re a madman…”

“Madman, huh. Maybe I am insane,” Li Dun laughed. Then, his eyes suddenly twinkled, and he said solemnly, “Miss Tang Xin, will you marry me?”

The whole garden became silent, save for the rustling of leaves.

Li Dun reached into his pocket and pulled out a small yet exquisite box covered in red velvet, then got on one knee and opened the box in front of Tang Xin.

In the box, sat a large glittering diamond on a black cushion. It was at least 3 carats! It must have been extremely expensive.

Did he just… propose to me?! she thought.

It felt like time had stood still in that moment. Tang Xin was caught in a trance. She just stared at the ring whose brilliance was akin to a star. Li Dun on the other hand, showed an expression that was equal parts sincerity and equal parts respect.

“Miss Tang Xin, I am a soldier. In other words, my next mission could very well be my last. At the very least, before I accept the clan master role within the Li clan, I will continue accepting the toughest mission at the frontline.

“I can't stay in the easygoing Beijing city for long. There's no way that I can just eat and drink my days away like some of the young masters because I love this country. And because I love this country so much, I spend my days protecting it in the frontlines.

“I have never gotten drunk before, because I fear that it will slow down my reaction time. I have never taken a nap, because I can’t get lazy to avoid being inferior to others on the battlefield. I have never ever been to a nightclub, because I know more than anyone else that when I’m having fun, my subordinates at the frontline may be killed at any moment.

“Miss Tang Xin, I have never told another girl that I like her because if I do say it, it means I’ll definitely marry her.

“Maybe you think that I'm acting too rashly and being presumptuous. But my life is like a flickering candle in the wind. It can go out at any point in time. I don't want to die without first confessing my love to the person I like. I hope that you will forgive me for being straightforward.

“Miss Tang, I have to admit that if you do marry me, I won’t be able to stay by your side and constantly care for you. But I can promise you things which I know that I will definitely upkeep!

“As long as I’m alive, I will let you die in my arms, and enter your next life. If I die before you do, I will constantly protect you from the afterlife, and patiently await your turn so that we get to enjoy our next lives together.”

“Tang Xin, marry me!”

This ground-shaking revelation caused the air in the pavilion to shudder.

Under the dull light, a small breeze wafted through the flowers, carrying with it a faint fragrance.

After some time, the hair on Tang Xin's forehead gently swayed with the breeze. Her eyes were filled with a hint of bliss but mostly sadness.

However, it was certain that the frustration and anger within her earlier had already dissipated.

Li Dun’s posture was still straight and unyielding, and his gaze was still determined.

Tang Xin suddenly laughed bitterly, and in that moment, this young woman seemed wise beyond her years. Something that was not very common with people her age.

It was as if, she had shed the facade she was holding up all this time.

“Young Master Li.” Tang Xin smiled gently, her tone softened. She shook her head and answered, “I refuse.”

Disappointment flashed across Li Dun’s eyes. He said softly, “Are you still unable to accept my feelings? Is it because I came on too strong. After all, you're a good woman. It would be normal for you to reject me.”

“I'm sorry. I may have treated you too harshly in the past.” Tang Xin chewed on her bottom lip, her eyes already reddened. “I am truly grateful to you. Ever since I was young, I had only ever wished for a man to say the things you said to me. But alas, there has never been a man, who would be willing to treat me so preciously.”

“Yet you still won't accept my hand in marriage.”

“That's because…” Tang Xin shook her head. “I'm not good enough for you. I'm the plainest daughter in the Tang clan. Growing up, nothing has changed. Brain wise, I'm not as good as Sister Tang Wan, and in terms of managing the family business, Brother Tang Huang is the best at it. I’m just not very good at anything. I'm not smart or compassionate, and I'm not some hotshot young lady either.”

“Because of my uselessness, all I can do is take care of Grandpa. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I really am capable of that task. Everyone knows that Grandpa is just keeping me occupied with something.”

Li Dun frowned, eyes filled with pity. “Miss Tang, maybe you might recall the saying that ‘love is blind’. But the way I see it, you really are not as incompetent as you make yourself out to be. Everyone has their faults; no one is perfect. You just have low self-esteem.

“To be honest, after I met you, I ran a background check on you. Please forgive me for that. I just wanted to understand you even more. It doesn't matter whether you're ordinary or not. The fact that such a young girl could accompany an old person for so many years, regardless the reason, is not something to snub your nose at. You're not some useless girl. Your strength and perseverance are much better than most girls.”

Tang Xin lifted her head at those words and wiped away the tears at the edge of her eyes. Smiling, she replied, “Young Master Li, please stop complimenting me. Despite your words, I have had my whole life to think about my shortcomings. Suffice to say, I am pretty clear about them. Go back, because I'm not who you should be with. You've made my day by giving me such a sweet surprise, but that ring of yours is not mine to wear. If possible, maybe in our next lives, if you’re still willing to take me at that time, I might say ‘yes’. If there really is a next life.”

Agony was written all over her face while she spoke.

Li Dun burst into laughter. “Miss Tang Xin, you underestimate me. Once I, Li Dun, have set my eyes on something, even a hundred oxen can’t stop me. Today, you have turned down my hand in marriage, so I will return home. But know that the next time we meet, I will be more persistent. Even if I have to do it in public, I won't care!”

Tang Xin was stunned. “Wh—why are you doing this? You know that I will not accept you no matter what.”

“Whether you accept or not is of no consequence to me. What's important is that I prove to you that I can give you my all. Since you have already changed your attitude towards me, I can't possibly give up now. Trust me, I don't just want you in the next life, I want you now for there isn’t another second to waste.” Li Dun sighed, “What a shame that I can't extend my stay here in Beijing, or I would propose to you every day.” He giggled and continued, “Miss Tang, rest at ease. I will use everything within my power to go after you, but I will never force you to marry me. As to whether such a day will come, will depend on you, Miss Tang Xin. Until then, I can only try my absolute best to make it happen.”

Li Dun finished and stood up, keeping the ring in his pocket and stretched himself. The sincerity from earlier was gone, and he reverted to his previous self. Before she knew it, he had already left.

Tang Xin watched his seemingly ordinary back-view disappear into the distance, and let out a long sigh. Her lips twitched as she muttered to herself, “How great would it be if the person who had just proposed to me was you… Buwen…”

Yang Chen who had followed Tang Wan and Tang Tang out was completely unaware of everything that had transpired in the silence of the garden. But then again, he couldn’t care less.

All Yang Chen had in mind now was how nice it was to stay at the Tang’s. He had planned to draw out the person who had poisoned Tang Wan anyway. Staying here would make his job infinitely easier.

Tang Wan and Tang Tang’s position in the family naturally wasn't low in the clan. So their villa was quite near the centre of the city. It was nearly four hundred square metres large, complete with their own swimming pool.

Tang Wan's body had already recovered. Due to Yang Chen’s blood, she even looked much younger than before, as if she was in her twenties.

Along the way, Tang Tang held onto her mother's hand, chattering away just like sisters. This left Yang Chen in the back trailing them like an awkward third wheel.

When they had entered the villa, Tang Wan pointed to the southmost room and said, “Yang Chen, you can stay there. The guest room has already been cleaned by the staff, so feel free to make yourself at home. Just call for the staff if you need anything and they will procure it for you.”

Without waiting for Yang Chen's reply, Tang Tang giggled and said, “Mom, since there's no one else here, you two should sleep together if you want. You don't need to hide it from me.”

The blush on Tang Wan's face deepened, then she reached out to slap Tang Tang on her backside. “Silly girl! You would even dare to joke about your mother? Who nonsense are you spouting out? You're already learning such untasteful things at such a young age, you really have a perverted mind. Don't think that you're an adult! Going around spewing this sort of nonsense. You're not allowed to sleep with Brother Yuan Ye before your marriage either!”

Tang Tang just stuck out her tongue at this. “It was just a suggestion. Why did you have to drag Brother Yuan Ye into this? Besides, with his personality, even if I consented to it, he would probably chicken out.”

Tang Wan rolled her eyes, at a loss for what to do with her daughter. “Clearly, I've spoilt you too much. Be a good girl, go back to your own room and sleep!”

Tang Tang made a funny face and muttered, “You were already thinking about it yet you didn't want others to say it out loud.” Seeing that Tang Wan was about to spank her again, she quickly fled to her own room and shut the door with a loud bang.

Tang Wan let out a sigh of relief and put her arms on her hips. She turned to Yang Chen, only for him to look at her with an odd expression.

“What's going on with you?” Tang Wan felt her body numb up at Yang Chen’s gaze.

Yang Chen didn't think much of it at first, but when he was reminded of it by Tang Tang, it lit up the sparks in him.

In the beginning, he was already interested in Tang Wan, but one problem after another kept appearing and getting between them. But now they had the whole villa to themselves. It was a haven for him, Tang Wan, and that girl, Tang Tang wasn't an issue at all. Besides, he hadn't gotten to vent his sexual frustration in sometime.

Now, standing before him was Tang Wan who looked exactly like a young woman, with a beautiful figure but the allure of an experienced woman. The deceptively simple black-laced dress hugged her curves in all the right places and showed off her enticing cleavage. Beneath the short dress was her milky white thighs, soft and supple.

Yang Chen just tutted and put on an act saying, “Wan’er, we haven't finished the business we had at the hotel, have we? Why don't we continue it tonight?”

The hotel? Tang Wan had a flashback to the time they were at the Maple Hotel, but were rudely interrupted.

Tang Wan's face instantly reddened. She dipped her head, not daring to look at Yang Chen. She already like him well in the past, and now her feelings for him ran deeper seeing that her grandfather’s life, her own life, and even her family's lives, were saved by him. Tang Wan couldn't think of any reason to reject him. In other words, she was quite delighted to partake in any actions.

“Aren't you worried of your wife getting jealous?” Tang Wan finally managed to utter out something.

Yang Chen's nose was filled with the heady scent of her fragrance, and he was too lazy to be bothered by that question. He continued, “We've already been through this before. Are you trying to act like nothing has happened? There's no point in beating around the bush. So be obedient, and tell me which room is yours.”

Tang Wan carefully pointed to the east and said, “It’s the one at the very end.”

Without another word, he lifted her lithe body, bridal style,and strode towards her room.

Tang Wan screwed her eyes shut in anticipation. Even though she had been a mother for so many years, doing that act was something she thought was only going to happen after she was married. To say that she was only a little nervous was a complete understatement.

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