Yang Chen, who was just about to make his move, sighed in exasperation and said dejectedly, “How? How did you know that she was on her way to wake us up?”

Tang Wan let out a burst of laughter, her cheeks blushing. “Call it a mother’s intuition.”

He rolled his eyes at that. “I swear she’s out to get me.”

“Come on out already. I’m very hungry so I need to eat breakfast!” Tang Tang whined loudly.

Yang Chen really wanted to smash his head against the wall. He shouted back, “Why can’t you have breakfast on your own?”

“Noooo, I don’t wanna! Hurry up,or else I’m coming in!”

The echoing from her voice made it clear that Tang Tang was getting ready to barge in.

Tang Wan panicked and quickly said, “Tang Tang my dear, I’m going to be ready soon. Just be patient and wait for me downstairs, okay?”

If Tang Tang were to let herself in and witness her own mother and Yang Chen intertwined with each other without a stitch of fabric on their bodies, Tang Wan would have fainted from shock right there and then.

Under this circumstance, Yang Chen was helpless. Tang Wan had to have some dignity when facing her daughter after all. This left him with no choice but to behave and follow Tang Wan in suit.

When they finally made their way downstairs, they were greeted with a meal meticulously prepared by the staff from the Tang clan. Seated at the head of the dining table was Tang Tang, with a steamed bun in one hand and a spoon for her soy milk in another.

Smiling coyly, Tang Tang said, “Mom, i didn’t know you were capable of screaming so loud. Apparently last night proved otherwise. Was it very comfortable?”

Tang Wan was just about to take a seat. Her cheeks blushed furiously at those words and she reached out to pinch Tang Tang's cheeks. “You ungrateful child! You were eavesdropping on us?!”

“No way.” Her cheeks were still being assaulted against her will so some of her words came out slurred and unclear. “It's your fault for screaming so loudly. I couldn't even get a wink of sleep last night. See these eyebags?”

“Don't you dare say another word if you know what's good for you, young lady.”

“Alright, alright. I'll stop talking.” Tang Tang pouted childishly.

Yang Chen found their conversation rather lame. One insisted that they were all grown-up yet never stopped acting immature and saying dirty things. Whereas the other was obviously trying to put on a strict and motherly attitude but kept arguing with her own daughter like a child.

Breakfast here was a much more relaxed affair. Yang Chen was still waiting for Cai Yan to arrive in Beijing. But he no longer had to rush to his office without even having a quick meal as he often had to in the past.

Tang Tang was still wolfing down her nth steamed bun when she said through a mouthful of food, “It’s a shame that you're too young to be my father. Otherwise, I would have loved for us to be a proper family.”

At the rate Tang Tang was going, her mother’s cheeks were going to be permanently stained in a bright red tint of red.

“Stop talking out of your ass,” Tang Wan said with a glare aimed at her daughter.

“It's the truth. Why are you acting so shy?” she replied casually.

Yang Chen flicked Tang Tang's forehead and rolled his eyes. “I haven't even decided if I would want such a troublesome girl to be my daughter. But somehow, you've already succeeded in annoying me to the point where I wouldn't hesitate to give to you up for adoption.”

Nursing her aching forehead, Tang Tang whined, “Momm, Uncle is bullying me!”

Said mother simply turned the other way and ignored her daughter's antics.

Tang Tang pointed at Yang Chen and exclaimed loudly, “On the account that you have rescued this mean mother who is clearly biased towards her lover than her own daughter, I, Lady Tang Tang, will pardon your actions today!”

“Why haven't you gone back to Zhonghai yet? Don't you have classes or revision to attend to?” Tang Tang's jests were ignored in favour of Yang Chen's question. “Zhenxiu, unlike yourself, is really hard working. You can't keep doing this, or you wouldn't even be able to go to university.”

She whined even more at that and continued, “Hmph, as if I would be bothered by something like high school. I could enter the best university there is anytime I want to.”

“Don't be so cocky. I'm bringing you back to Zhonghai in a week,” Tang Wan said exasperatedly.

“I don't wanna! Class is too boring!” Tang Tang whined incessantly.

Tang Wan suddenly glared at her, lowered her voice and threatened, “Do you want me to freeze your bank account?”

At the mention of her bank account being frozen, Tang Tang slumped her body in defeat. She meekly went back to eating her breakfast.

Yang Chen was in awe. So this how you discipline rich and privileged children! Instead of using force, you can threaten them using finances!

This is the ultimate trump card. If I ever have children, would Ruoxi pull this card as well?

Although he doubted that he would need to do take any sort of disciplinary action, given that the moment their children saw Ruoxi they would be scared out of their wits.

At the thought of children, Yang Chen sighed. He didn't understand what was wrong with his body either. Had the divine light messed with his body's natural chemistry and caused him to be infertile?

In the past, he never really gave much thought to the idea of having children. But now that he had a proper family and he had seen Tang Wan's motherly face, it lit a spark of hope within him.

He was even considering whether or not to visit the Yang clan and meet up with Yan Sanniang to ask some questions that he had since he was already here in Beijing. So far, the only person he knew who could give him some insight into this matter was that mysterious woman.

Just then, Yang Chen’s phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw Liu Qingshan's number flashing on the screen.

Ever since the incident with Gao Yue, his relationship with Liu Qingshan had worsened. It got so bad to the point that they weren’t on speaking terms anymore. On second thought, he might have something important to say, thought Yang Chen.

After all, the man was Liu Mingyu's father. Ignoring him forever wasn’t an option even though it was a very appealing one.

“Father-In-Law, how nice of you to call so early in the morning,” Yang Chen said courteously.

Liu Qingshan grunted, “Cut the crap. I know you couldn't care less about me. However, on behalf of Yu’er, I'm not calling to pick a bone on you. I know you're in Beijing, and Yu’er probably told you I was here as well. Find some time to visit me as I need to bring you  around and introduce you to several people.”
Since it was Liu Mingyu who told Liu Qingshan, Yang Chen guessed that she probably wanted them to patch things up. Too bad she was not aware that her efforts would be in vain.

Yang Chen was too lazy to ask who he was going to be meeting. So he said in a clipped tone, “My schedule is free for the next few days. Just send a car over to pick me up. I'll relay the address to you.”

“Disgraceful. You came to Beijing and don't even have a car on hand,” Liu Qingshan retorted childishly, picking on such a trivial matter.

Yang Chen just laughed then ended the call.

Tang Wan looked weirdly at him, and said, “Which beautiful lady's father was that? As far as I know, Lin Ruoxi doesn't have a father.” The jealousy slipping through her voice.

It's not that she doesn't have one, it's just that Premier Ning doesn't dare to acknowledge her, he thought. Instead, he replied, “That was Mingyu’s father. His name is Lin Qingshan.”

Tang Wan nodded. “I only found out recently that Mingyu's father was actually Liu Qingshan. The man who single-handedly runs the largest syndicate in Beijing. I can't believe you have such close ties with the underworld of Zhonghai and Beijing.”

“Well, it's not like I planned for any of this to happen.” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I'm meeting up with some people afterwards. So you may…”

Tang Wan smiled and said, “It's alright. I need to bring Tang Tang to meet some relatives since she hasn't returned to Beijing in ages. The whole fiasco of me being poisoned left us with no time to do our round of greetings.”

Tang Tang pouted at that and did a gesture on her cheek. “Uncle, you're the most thick-skinned pervert I've ever met. Have you no shame?”

To which Yang Chen picked up a steamed bun and stuffed it in her mouth, leaving Tang Tang literally speechless.

It was nearing the appointed time for Liu Qingshan to pick him up. He walked out of the Tang residence and stood at the roadside.

The Tang clan was one of the wealthiest clans in Beijing and it wasn't a good idea to stain their relationship with the Green Dragon Society. So he decided to play nice.

Not long after, a sleek and black Rolls Royce pulled up beside him which attracted a lot of gazes.

The windows of the car rolled down to reveal Lin Qingshan dressed in an all-black suit. Lines of laughter were etched on his face as a cigar drooped limply in his mouth. He waved to Yang Chen and motioned for him to enter the car. Seated beside Lin Qingshan was a middle-aged woman.

The way the average-looking Yang Chen entered the car as if it was nothing out of the ordinary came as a shock to many of the passersby.

Yang Chen reclined in the comfortable leather seat. He stretched and shifted in his seat before finding a comfortable position. When he was finally satisfied, he turned his head to look at the woman seated beside Liu Qingshan

The woman looked to be around forty years old, but could easily pass off as a woman in her thirties. Her hair was neatly cut short and dyed red. She was rather plump and dressed in a yellow uniform, which hinted at an underlying beauty.

While he was carefully watching the woman, she smiled and directed her curious gaze towards him as well.

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