Liu Qingshan stared intently at the couple before his eyes completely lost its ferocity. Miserably, he lowered and shook his head. Following which, he turned to look at those core elders of Green Dragon Society by the table, saying, “You… have all worked through ups and downs with me through this roller-coaster of starting up our society. I’ve never forgotten the contributions that you’ve made for the gang. And I knew that deep down, there were things that I did which upset you at one point or another.”
“But I would have never expected anyone of you to have resorted to this. We’ve spent so many years together. Was everything we went through together worthless?”

All the hall masters were silent during his speech. Only a few people took a sad glance at Liu Qingshan.
Seeing their reactions, Liu Qingshan let out a resigned smile. “It seems like you have all decided my fate for me.”
“Boss Liu, as the saying goes, a hero is defined by his successes and failures. You can no longer give us any benefits, but President Xu can. Of course we will support her becoming the president. But Boss Liu, don’t worry. At least that kid Minghao will eventually become president in the future. That means you still have a successor of your own,” the man with a boss-like hairstyle said in a calm voice. It couldn’t be told whether he was consoling Liu Qingshan or mocking him.
Liu Qingshan started laughing heartily. His laughter threw the others off guard.
“Successor… That’s right, I still have a successor.” Liu Qingshan couldn’t stop laughing, his entire body shaking.
Still hugging Xu Ying, Gao Yue exchanged a glance with her. They sensed something off about Liu Qingshan, but couldn’t pinpoint the reason. Ignoring it, Gao Yue smiled scornfully and said, “Liu Qingshan, any last words before you die? If not, I’ll be sending you on your way now.”
Liu Qingshan completely ignored them. He turned to Yang Chen who was sitting calmly by the side and said, “Son-In-Law, how do you think this matter should be dealt with?”
Yang Chen had sensed something odd about Liu Qingshan’s words just now. Looking at his expressions now, a sudden flash of realization dawned upon his mind.
That’s right, no wonder I felt that something was off the moment I arrived. I’ve become complacent in my observations, Yang Chen thought.
Following which, Yang Chen couldn’t hold in his laughter and said, “I was still slightly touched by your plead for me just now. Now it seems like aged gingers are indeed the hottest.”
“You’re wrong,” said Liu Qingshan. “Believe it or not, I truly meant everything that I said.”
Yang Chen stayed silent for a short while before saying, “Nothing here is of significance to me. Since you’ve already come to your own conclusion, just do as you deem fit.”
Gao Yue, Xu Ying, and the rest who were listening to the weird conversation between Liu Qingshan and Yang Chen started frowning. But given the current circumstances, could Liu Qingshan possible still have something up his sleeves?
“Hmph, you’re putting on an empty show of strength and meaninglessly struggling at the brink of your death.” A stern look hung on Xu Ying’s bewitching face. “Liu Qingshan, I know all of your tricks. Don’t think that you can frighten us like this. Since you have no last words to say, then I’ll end our ties as husband and wife. Let me send you on your death.”
As she spoke, Xu Ying turned around and reached out her hand towards a man in black nearby, saying, “Give me your gun.”
However, that man didn’t even budge an inch.
Xu Ying furrowed her brows, yelling impatiently, “Can’t you hear me! I said, give me your gun!”
The man remained as still as a wooden log. He was holding up his gun, but did not move in the slightest.
A mix of suspicion and shock overtook Xu Ying’s eyes. She turned towards another man in black on the other side and said, “You, come over and give me your gun!”
But similarly, that man just stood there expressionlessly. He wasn’t following Xu Ying’s orders at all.
At this point, many people finally started to sense that something was off.
Xu Ying and Gao Yue exchanged glances. They both saw a look of shock in each other’s eyes!
Could it be…
“Allow me.” Liu Qingshan’s voice right now had become totally grim and obscure.
Liu Qingshan adjusted the collar of his suit and braced his spirits, then slowly stood up from his seat, scanning around the entire hall proudly.
“Everyone get into position,” Liu Qingshan said slowly.
With one order, all the men in black immediately pointed their guns at the elders of Green Dragon Society who were nearest to them!
At the same time, the men behind Xu Ying and Gao Yue both pressed the ice cold nozzle of their guns at the back of this couple’s heads!
All at once, the tides have changed!
Not only did Xu Ying and Gao Yue’s faces turn pale, every single one of the Green Dragon Society’s elders forgot to breathe. They felt that they were in a dream turn nightmare!
Yang Chen clicked his tongue in pity, without saying a word. He had truly underestimated this cheap father-in-law of his.
This was a man who had started his business from scratch and established the foundations of the empire that is Green Dragon Society, the king of the Beijing underworld. How would he be betrayed by others so easily…
It’s a good thing that Liu Qingshan is the head of the underworld in Beijing and not Zhonghai. If he were in Zhonghai, Situ Mingze would probably have been killed long ago. If that was the case, then my Rose wouldn’t have had the chance to grow up either, thought Yang Chen.
Yang Chen was able to pick up on some clues prior to this. Before this, he had already felt baffled by the fact that not even a single bodyguard was stationed beside Liu Qingshan. This was totally outrageous for a boss of the underworld. Even if they were hidden in the dark, Yang Chen would have sensed their presence.
Later on, when he saw that the other hall masters in the hall had no bodyguards as well, Yang Chen figured it was probably just a rule of the meeting.
But after that, Elder Zhang was shot to death in the meeting room. The sound of the submachine gun was definitely not soft, and this wasn’t a soundproof room. The gunshot would have been heard by people from miles away. Yet, with such a loud gunshot, there wasn’t any movement from the outside.
This was, after all, an important turf of the Green Dragon Society. It was also a holiday resort with plenty of staff. Even if Xu Ying and Gao Yue had bribed a large number of personnel for their plan, it was impossible for them to make every single person in Green Dragon Society follow their orders.
At the time of this elders’ meeting, after hearing a loud gunshot, not a single person approached to inspect the situation. This was obviously an anticipated scenario.
If it was Xu Ying and Gao Yue who had bribed every single person there, or replaced them with their own personnel, then that was too great a fanfare. Announcing to the entire world about their plans to usurp the position? That was almost impossible. Hence, the most plausible explanation was—it was all set up by Liu Qingshan! All these people that were planted in the hall had already received orders to do nothing!
Liu Qingshan had set up his very own test. He was using this situation to test the loyalty of everyone present!
“How could it—how could it have turned out like this?” Xu Ying mumbled. Her knees gave way, and she fell to the ground on her knees in shock.
Gao Yue, on the other hand, was quaking in his shoes. In a swift move, he knelt down and started making kowtows to Liu Qingshan!
“President! President, please spare my live!! Considering that I, Gao Yue, have followed you for so many years that even my effort counts if not my contribution!! Please don’t kill me!! It was this woman who deceived me! That’s why I lost my mind momentarily. President… President, it’s all her fault!!”
Hearing Gao Yue’s ugly beg for mercy, Xu Ying turned her head around stiffly and spat on that fair face of Gao Yue’s!
“Gao Yue… we’ve lost and that’s it. You’re not a real man.” Xu Ying looked at Gao Yue with despise, her eyes filled with desperation and regret.
Liu Qingshan shot a calm glance at these two, paying no attention to them. Instead, he looked towards the bunch of elders who were sitting and said, “Perhaps you’re surprised. Why is it that I was the one who was supposed to be set up, yet in the end I did it unto you instead?”
Then, he paused in his words. He seemed to be enjoying the look of fear on everyone’s faces. Finally he said flatly, “Of course you wouldn’t understand. You did not toil for many years to become president and stay in that position. Your lack of understanding is why you will die today.”
“President!! Please forgive Old Deng! It was Xu Ying and Gao Yue who instigated us! It’s not our fault!!”
The hall master Old Deng with the boss-like hairstyle was soaked in cold sweat. He dived into kowtow position on the floor, trembling in fear like a dog shaking its tail for mercy.
Liu Qingshan rubbed his fingers and said lightly, “Old Deng, you’re still the same. Always making useless speeches. Just now when I asked you all if you wanted to sever all ties with me, not a single one of you chose to stand on my side. Since you’re all incapable of sharing both life and death with me; there really is no reason for me to keep you around, is there? I’ve given you chances. It’s a pity that none of you cherished it.”
All the members of the meeting started displaying looks of regret and indignation. They never expected that all along. Liu Qingshan was the one who truly had everything in control. Xu Ying made a fool out of them, but in actual fact, they were all fooled by Liu Qingshan?!
All these years, Liu Qingshan seemed as though he was no longer as valiant as his young self. Thus, everyone’s fear towards him had diminished. But a thin dead camel is bigger than a horse. All was well when Liu Qingshan stayed still. But once he moved, it was as though thousands of lightning had struck. He had practically turned everyone into mere pawns on his chess set!
Everyone in the hall knew clearly that in the underworld, once someone bears the sins of rebellion and disloyalty, their lives were forfeit.
Liu Qingshan did not hesitate in the slightest. He had already said his piece. This man who had unified and ruled the entire Beijing underworld with his own hands had seemingly returned to the most glorious days of his life, with eyes as ferocious as a dragon he roared, “Kill…”
“Wait a minute!!!”
Almost simultaneously, Old Deng who was kneeling on the floor sprang up and tore his suit apart with brute force!!
“You can’t kill me! Or else we’ll all die together!!!”
Old Deng yelled in a ghastly manner. A row of glowing bombs were tied to his stomach!
Obviously, if the bullets were to strike on him, or if he activated a suicidal button, in the wink of an eye, that row of explosives would ignite instantaneously!

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