After a disastrous afternoon, Tang Wan who had originally intended to prepare the meal ended up passing the task to the maids.

Tang Tang came downstairs to eat, but was confused as she thought her mother would be cooking. Blinking her eyes, she looked at Tang Wan blurrily before dismissing the thought. To her, her mother had yet to become that ‘absurd’.

Tang Wan acted like nothing had happened. With the pride only a mother could have, she kept a straight face which Yang Chen found rather amusing. However, he didn’t forget to bring up the news about Cai Yan’s arrival in Beijing.

When Yang Chen mentioned that he planned on accompanying Cai Yan to clarify about their relationship to her parents, helplessness overwhelmed Tang Wan’s face. Tang Tang—who was seated on the other end of the table—looked furious at the revelations she had just heard.

“Uncle, frankly speaking, how many lovers do you even have?” Tang Tang was noticeably hostile.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. Can I even tell her stuff like this? I’ll just pretend to have heard nothing.

Tang Wan beneath the table patted her daughter on her lap. “It’s better for everyone if you kids stay out of this. After you finish eating, hurry back to your studies.”

Tang Tang was not having any of it today. Pouting her lips in displease, she said, “Mom, stop being a pushover, or else you’re about to see his lovers grow by the day!”

Tang Wan snorted coldly as she coldly glanced over to Yang Chen. “Let him be, this is a problem for his wife. Not us. All we need to do is take care of ourselves. As long as we don’t have anything to do with him, whatever he does is none of our business.”

Yang Chen nearly choked on his food before he shook his head bitterly. It was obvious that Tang Wan at that moment had drawn a clear line between herself and him. Regardless of what his life would end up to be in the future, she had no intention of relying on him at all.

Tang Wan might have been so used to playing a power figure in her life, that she was able to keep her cool even in tense situations.

On the next day, Yang Chen arrived at the domestic arrival gate on time. It didn’t take long before a mesmerising figure elegantly walked towards his direction.

In a glance, the figure had short hair extending to her shoulders and a pair of white-framed sunglasses. She wore a white linen blouse along with a pink blazer, paired with a white skin-tight jeans and white leather heels.

For a person that seldom had the chance to wear casual clothes, her look was a feast for the eyes.

She managed to gather a couple head turns as she held onto her luggage while making her way through. That made Yang Chen feel extremely proud, especially when it took him this long to discover this feminine charm in her.

When they met, she removed her sunglasses and tossed her luggage aside as she stretched her arms out to Yang Chen before latching tightly onto him.

Yang Chen could smell her body fragrance. Patting her on the back, he said, “I’m not used to you being so dependent.”

“Since this isn’t Zhonghai, and I’m off duty, you could even carry me out if you want,” she coyly murmured.

“You really think I wouldn’t dare?” Yang Chen teasingly replied.

Cai Yan saw the sinister grin on his face and instantaneously loosened her embrace. “Okay pretend I didn’t say that.”

The both of them playfully teased one another for a while before Yang Chen instinctively took her luggage and held her with his other hand. Come to think of it, Yang Chen had never expected his relationship with Cai Yan to progress this far. But since things had turned out the way they were, he might as well enjoy what he had now.

After the luggage was placed into the car, Yang Chen initiated the engine before he asked, “So what’s the plan? Where should we go first?’

Cai Yan replied without hesitation, “Well definitely to my house first, the quicker we settle this the better.”

Yang Chen giggled. “You sound like you’re worried that I wouldn’t go meet your parents for the proposal.”

Cai Yan pouted her lips. “For every day that it is not done, I worry a little bit more. If we can get it done as soon as possible then I won’t have to worry anymore.”

Yang Chen happily replied, “Alright, give me the address. I’ll have the GPS take me.”

… …

In the west outskirts of Beijing, there was an abundance of hills and greenery.

After a rollercoaster-esque trip past several hills, in the middle of the forest held a vast area enclosed by thick barbed wire. On its borders were several heavily armed patrol troops.

The metal sign on its entrance had the words ‘Beijing Third District Infantry Training Ground’ written in blood red.

This area had long been off limits to civilians. Even the elders of Beijing might have completely no clue about its presence. From the outside it looked just like any other military base, but deep within the space lies an enormous weaponry research bunker!

Meanwhile, within the steel infused bunker, was a long but well-lit passage carefully constructed to fit the military base’s needs.

A man in a long white lab coat led a dull, gloomy man in a white singlet into a tightly sealed laboratory.

“Get ready for what is to come. I can guarantee that it will get your blood pumping,” the man whose hair extended to his shoulders taunted the other man before letting out a sinister laugh.

The young militant by the back scoffed, “Yan Buwen, I’ve been down here for hours but all you did were conduct a health screening on me and test my abilities. Then you’re now taking me on a tour throughout the entire facility. If you’re not going to show me what you meant by ‘becoming stronger’, I’m leaving.”

Yan Buwen continued, “General Yang Lie, I really must say that you have no patience whatsoever. The tests were to make sure you are worthy of the transformation. If I skipped the procedures the fault will be on me. I’m a scientist and being meticulous is part of my work ethic. Don’t ever question my methodologies again.”

Yang Lie highly doubted his procedures, but chose to remain silent.

Once they arrived before a tightly sealed iron gate, Yan Buwen placed his eye in front of the retina scan. After a few beeps, the hexagon in the centre of the iron gate spun towards varying directions as the gate flung open.

Yang Lie irked from the foul stench that resonated from the chamber.

“Come in.” Yan Buwen held his hands in an invitatory pose.

Yang Lie squinted his eyes, as he cautiously tiptoed into the dimly lit chamber.

Just a few steps in Yang Lie alarmingly made a quick turn to the left!


A dull pitched roar was heard before the silhouette shot out from the corner like a bullet. It narrowly missed Yang Lie as it hurled to the ground!

Yang Lie mumbled, “Jerk.” He had absolutely no idea what Yan Buwen had locked up in the chamber, so all he could do for now was charge his True Qi to sense the movements of the beast.

Yan Buwen trotted to side of the wall where the switches were placed, turned on the lights, and crossed his arms while he leisurely watched the combat before him.

Yang Lie dodged the thing several times before he came face to face with the ferocious ‘beast’!

It was then he realized that it wasn’t a beast, but one that imitated the movements of animals. It was in fact human!

A nude, bulky man stood before Yang Lie. Its nerves were bulging out and muscles were as firm as a rock. Its eyes were covered with capillaries and saliva dripped through the gaps of its teeth. Was that the stench that Yang Lie had picked up on earlier? Was it none other than the excrements of the beast man all over the chamber?!

“What the hell is that?!” Yang Lie was terrified, not by its appearance but by its physical quality that was approaching the Xiantian realm!

Yan Buwen ignored his query, before the beast man once again hurled itself towards Yang Lie!

This time the beast man became especially fast, and Yang Lie was only a few centimeters away from getting clawed in the face. Nonetheless, it still managed to slash a flesh wound on Yang Lie’s arm!

Yang Lie snapped and returned the favour by throwing a spinning kick straight towards the beast’s guts!


The kick was capable of shattering marble slabs several inches thick, but the beast was left unscathed. It was as if he had kicked a fluffy pillow!

How is that possible?!

Yang Lie’s eyes were wide open from astonishment. He furrowed his brows deep in frustration. But there was no time to ponder the possibilities that was before him!

The beast miraculously twisted its body as it absorbed the massive force dealt upon him. It then accumulated it into a massive blow and shot it right at Yang Lie’s brains!

Yang Lie, in that split second, unleashed all the True Qi within him. It created a deafening blast which erupted within the restrained space!

Bang! Bang!

Yang Lie successfully avoided the punch that came to him like a comet, but his act caused his body to get hurled several meters to the opposite direction. This resulted in him colliding with the reinforced steel wall in the process.

The beast itself suffered a huge amount of damage as it rolled on the floor, but immediately got back up and glared at Yang Lie. The only difference was, the beast chose not to recklessly attack this time.

Yan Buwen had a good laugh. “How is the surprise? Isn’t it great?”

“Asshole! What the hell is that?!” Yang Lie was furious.

Right when Yan Buwen was about to answer, the beast darted towards Yan Buwen at tremendous speed, assuming that he was probably a better option for a snack.

Yan Buwen was naturally on guard as he curled his fingers towards the direction of the beast.

The beast was further agitated as it dashed towards him at full force!

Yan Buwen stood perfectly still before he seemed to miraculously defy the laws of physics. With one hand, he palmed the beast’s head!

Crack! Bang!

The sound of cracking bones echoed throughout the room, before an ear-shattering pop followed behind it!

The skull of the beast was shattered into dust by Yan Buwen with his bare hand!

Yang Lie could not process what he had just witnessed. The man in the lab coat effortlessly accomplished all of that, and was only bothered by cleaning the stains off his hands.

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