Yang Lie wrestled with the situation that was before him. A beast that required all his might to ward off was butchered by a seemingly feeble and pathetic Yan Buwen? With one hand?!

Yang Lie was still unable to figure it out after having thought about it for some time!

Yan Buwen, on the other hand, was diligently wiping blood off his hand to no avail. He sighed and stuck his tongue out before licking it clean, unconcerned by the lack of hygiene.

Yang Lie frowned as he taunted, “There better be a valid explanation for this.”

Yan Buwen glanced at him and said, “Do you know whose body this end product belonged to before it turned to this beast?”

“Before?” Yang Lie shook his head.

Yan Buwen replied, “He was a nobody. Just the most unamusing infantry personnel. Not even from the special forces. The best I could describe him is a little sturdy at best.”

“No way.” Yang Lie was dumbfounded as he stared at the headless corpse. This beast used to be merely an ordinary person?

Yan Buwen turned around and took a deep breath of the stench of blood and excrement, potentially to his own enjoyment. He then continued, “You were willing to follow me to this facility solely because you wanted to destroy Yang Chen. But how much do you know about him? Do you know why his cultivation is leagues above yours?”

Yang Lie went silent. He didn’t know; he never bothered to find out. All he knew was that Yang Chen’s sudden reappearance led to the detriment of his once perfect life!

Yang Chen was the one who took it all away from him!

Yan Buwen said, “When Yang Chen was still a child he was taken by the first generation of the Zero organisation as one of the thousands or possibly tens of thousands chosen for live experiments. You might be familiar with them since they still reign supreme as the world’s top assassin organization.

“Among the thousands of children tested upon, only Yang Chen survived. As a direct result of that, his cultivation progressed leagues beyond other people. His body and abilities only increase with age and time.”

Yang Lie’s pupils glowed in the thought that Yang Chen was a product of science. It’s starting to make sense now. I think Yan Buwen is genuinely telling the truth.

Yan Buwen turned to the headless corpse behind him as he pointed. “This is the prototype that I created yesterday. I replicated Yang Chen’s genetics and infused it into the soldier’s body. I then exposed him to the divine light experiment which Yang Chen had undergone years ago. I did that to provide him with the most basic genetic modifications.

“The results were rather positive, with Yang Chen’s genes as the baseline, even the most ordinary of humans in the support of the divine light can possess immense power.”

Yang Lie spotted an abnormality in his speech. He frowned and proceeded to rant, “You think I’m an idiot? Even with my limited knowledge in science I know you have to personally retrieve that bastard’s body to get hold of his genes. Don’t you think he would figure out something was up?! Even if your capabilities exceeded my expectations you’re in no way on the same league as him!”

Yan Buwen shook his head as he gave a sinister grin. “You’re right. I can’t retrieve Yang Chen’s genes directly from him, but I naturally have my ways around it. Don’t fret.”

Noticing that Yang Lie decided to remain silent, he continued, “As you can see, with the radiation of the divine light even the ordinary can become fierce and mighty. Take a guess, what do you think about the beast’s body standards in comparison to Yang Chen’s?

Yang Lie went into deep thought, before shaking his head saying, “I don’t know.”

Yan Buwen’s smile fizzled as he continued speaking in a stern manner. “I can tell you Yang Chen’s genetics after a series of professional hypothesis. In conservative numbers, it is more than ten times that of the beast.”

Yang Lie’s expressions turned sour right that instant. Even if he knew beforehand that Yang Chen was extraordinarily powerful, he never expected the gap to be this huge.

Yan Buwen added, “In different words, that means even with all your might, you wouldn’t even be able to touch him. And that’s when he was just merely fist-fighting. I’m excluding his cultivations and abilities.”

Yang Lie clenched his fists, as his body shivered.

“Look Master Yang, if you really seek to destroy Yang Chen, you need to be in full cooperation with my experiment. That way, you would at least stand a chance against him. Or else you will never be able to catch up to him.” Yan Buwen’s words were fueling the fire in Yang Lie’s heart.

Yang Lie had the sudden urge to accept his proposal before he noticed the headless corpse lying lifelessly on the ground. “If you are going to turn me into something like that, then what’s the point of destroying Yang Chen?”

“Tsk… no no.” Yan Buwen shook his finger. “Like I said, this brat was originally just an ordinary human being. Without Yang Chen’s genes as a baseline, he could never have the capacity to bear the fatal side effects of the divine light exposure. But it was not enough as you can see. All it resulted in was a dull-witted creature.

“But you’re different General Yang, the odds are in your favour. Because within you flows the same blood as that in Yang Chen, regardless of how much you hate to admit.”

Yang Lie was stunned by his words. The final hint to Yan Buwen’s ulterior motive; the main reason Yan Buwen was so persistent in getting him as the test subject in his experiment; the main reason of that devilish smile on his face all this while!

Was because of his blood! The same blood that flows through Yang Chen’s body!

Yan Buwen raised his tone. “Yang Chen’s genetics are the product of numerous strengthening processes throughout the years. It had already been strengthened multiple times before it was exposed with the divine light. With a host body of the highest compatibility that could match flawlessly with Yang Chen’s DNA, the radiation of the divine light would provide pure strengthening without any side effects!”

Yang Lie however continued with a rhetorical question. “One thing, according to what you described thus far, even if the experiment is a success, I can only achieve a physique identical to that of Yang Chen. But that bastard doesn’t just have a superior physique—he has already achieved Xiantian Full Cycle. Even then he is still constantly strengthening, even obtaining god’s abilities. Do you really expect for me to go on a hand-to-hand combat with that bastard?”

Yan Buwen gave a long, thorough sigh. “General Yang, all I can say is, many of these scientific theories can be excruciatingly complicated for the masses to comprehend. So let me try to explain it to you in the simplest words I can muster.”

“Say it.” Yang Lie sneered at him.

“Have you ever heard of Dawkins’ survival machines? Oh, I don’t even have to ask.” Yan Buwen scratched his head. “Anyways long story short, the human body only acts as a carrier for genetic transmission. The mastermind of all creation is none other than our genetics.

“Regardless of how insanely overpowering Yang Chen could get, it was all the work of his genetics as it constantly improves itself. As long as we succeed in modifying our genetics to exceed even that of Yang Chen’s, we should be able to overtake him without much effort.

“Don’t mention stuff like realm of divine abilities to me. Those are just the by-products of superior genetics. Genes are not just the development of humans, but in a higher degree they are the core to the unleashment for all of mankind’s abilities!”

After Yan Buwen’s lengthy but convincing speech, Yang Lie could feel his adrenaline pumping. He gulped before he asked, “What proof do you have?”

“Proof? Haha. I’m the living proof!”

“You?” Yang Lie was taken aback. “You mean, you have conducted genetic modifications on yourself?”

“Obviously. Amidst all the research and experimentation, weaponry developments, how could I possibly find time to cultivate?” Yan Buwen answered proudly. “All I needed to do was alter my genes ever so slightly, and I could surpass your cultivations even if you have practiced for over twenty years. The truth lies before you. If you’re still unconvinced then I can always send you out the gate, so you can go back to being the pathetic little bug that Yang Chen sees you as.”

“You’re fueling my rage.” Yang Lie was visibly agitated.

“So what? There’s no way for you to defeat me.” Yan Buwen was unconcerned.

Yang Lie was infuriated, but he had nowhere to spill his anger because he knew, from the scene in the chamber, Yan Buwen was certain that Yang Lie stood no chance before him.

“From what I see, the title ‘Beijing King Duo’ no longer suits you,” Yang Lie cunningly declared. “Compared to that Li Dun, I think you’re definitely better.”

“I’ve never admitted to that title.” Yan Buwen shrugged.

Yang Lie had a face of suspicion. “I’m really wondering, for you to assist me in the ongoing feud with Yang Chen, what exactly do you get out of it?”

“It was and is definitely for my benefit so you can quit it with the overthinking. You’ll never understand the reasons behind it.” Yan Buwen had no plans of clarification.

Yang Lie stood up straight as he declared, “I may not know what you’re about to do, but nothing in this world stands before my hatred for Yang Chen. And Yan Buwen, listen closely, I can work with you even though I know that I am going to be your lab rat. However, if I end up a beast like the one before my eyes, I swear on my grave that I will haunt you till your last dying breath.”

“Cut it with that grandmother story.” Yan Buwen bursted into laughter. “Welcome to my ‘god creation’ project, my dear General Yang Lie…”

… …

For Yang Chen who was still driving towards the Cai residence located in one of Beijing’s military areas, something cropped up which he didn’t expect to happen.
As the car gradually came to a halt before a vine-engulfed fence, Yang Chen abruptly whacked himself on the head. “Oh god, Yanyan, isn’t it customary for me to bring gifts since this is my first time visiting?”

Cai Yan was dumbfounded, her attractive lashes quivered ever so slightly while she blinked at Yang Chen. “I think we should. I mean, everyone else does it too, right?”

Yang Chen was left a little dazed. If it were Mo Qianni or Liu Mingyu, they would’ve realized this sometime back. But for a girl as bold and big-hearted as Cai Yan, regardless of how femininely she was dressed today, she was still inattentive towards small details like these. Nonetheless, he went in bare-handed.

Yang Chen follicked his forehead as he sneered. “Whatever, since your father has already given his blessing for our engagement. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Cai Yan then replied with suspicion, “What blessing? What did my dad say to you?”

Yang Chen laughed it off, believing that if he told her about her father Cai Yuncheng’s request for him to look after her in particular, she would feel displeased and grumpy about it.

As the two of them entered the courtyard hand in hand, an elegant figure stood by the door waiting for their arrival. In a black lacy dress and a white coat, the familiar figure was none other than Cai Ning!

Her cold and stern personality came with a surprisingly warm smile for the return of her one and only sister. Even though she wasn’t good with expressing emotions, she was noticeably excited when they arrived. “We’ve been waiting for a while now. Come in.”

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