People tend to say that sadness and joy are not very far apart. But Yang Chen would choose to believe his current circumstance wasn’t sadness, but one of joy.

The Cai sisters stood silently in the courtyard side by side. Cai Yan eventually made the first move by wiping her eyes clear of tears and forced Yang Chen out of the courtyard.

After that, Cai Yan rolled her eyes, feeling hateful yet shy. “You better scurry off now, I need to talk to my sister. This magnificent one doesn’t want to see you.”

Yang Chen was confused at what had just happened. One moment it was touching, the next he was being ushered out like an unwanted guest.

After a second thought however, Yang Chen felt that it was a great opportunity—now he was able to sneak off and disappear. Since the incident was now exposed, and he already had physical contact with Cai Ning, there was no reason for him to the stay anymore. Regardless of what the sisters were discussing about, the main reason he stayed on was to ensure that Cai Ning was alright.

As a result, not long after Yang Chen could be seen lying horizontally on the living room couch. He was accompanying Cai Yuncheng as they watched the midday news on the television, along with a fine pot of Maofeng tea.

Meanwhile, Cai Yuncheng was distressed about the whole situation before him.

Currently on the television was the recent controversial topic about the South China Sea territorial incident, as the conflict between Philippines and China grew in scale. An important military figure like Cai Yuncheng should be deeply concerned about that condition, but instead, he was completely unaware of the television—he had not even touched his tea yet.

Shortly after the news moved on to the advertisements, Cai Yuncheng gave a deep sigh before he said, “I’m not sure what to say to you. Should I have scolded you?”

Yang Chen rubbed on his nose, clearly opposing it. “I might not be a decent son-in-law, but I’m much better than Yong Ye. Don’t you think, Old Cai?”

Cai Yuncheng saw Yang Chen’s laidback attitude and knew he was clearly showing off that both his daughters were with him now. Cai Yuncheng gave him a concerning smile, deep down hoping that both of his daughters could live a happy life.

Born into a major clan, and being the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, Cai Yuncheng had never hoped for his daughters to have an ordinary life. Thankfully Yang Chen was on par to his expectations in terms of both position and abilities. What more could a father ask for?

Nonetheless, the thought of his wife Jiang Shan being in a heated mood could hardly have alleviated his emotions.

At this moment a maid nervously trotted across the living room towards Cai Yuncheng, as she relayed a message. “Sir, bad news. Mr Li and his wife Madam Guo Yali are here.”

Cai Yuncheng’s uneasiness instantly went up a notch as he stood up and frowned. He mumbled, “That was quicker than I expected.”

Yang Chen heard the surname ‘Li’ and immediately thought of something. He asked out for confirmation, “Are those Yong Ye’s parents?”

“Yeah,” Cai Yuncheng frustratedly replied, “The ruckus you put up against surely backfired real quick. He was never a generous person. But now that you have taken his fiancée, I could only imagine the speed in which he ran to his parents for help.”

“Cool, what’s done is done. Let’s hear what they have to say.” Yang Chen casually eased his hands.

Cai Yuncheng grinded on his teeth. “Easy for you to say, Li and Guo Yali are both direct bloodlines of the Li and Guo clans respectively. They both hold ministerial positions. It will be quite a hassle to deal with them… Sigh…”

Cai Yuncheng abruptly recalled something, as his facial muscles condensed from his thoughts.

Yang Chen ignored his rants as he walked towards the gate. There he saw a well-refined, middle-aged man in a striped shirt, accompanied by a middle-aged woman with huge shades.

Their facial expressions were visibly in vain, and upon sight of Cai Yuncheng and Yang Chen it was as if they were bound to explode at any moment.

“General Cai, your family must think of yourselves very highly.” Li started with a rhetorical question. “What do you take our son as? Someone you can order to push around as you please?”

Cai Yuncheng forced a smile as he replied, “Brother Li, calm down. This is definitely more complicated than it looks, our family has no intentions on berating your beloved son.”

“Hah! My son told us everything we need to know. We don’t need a seductive hoe like your daughter in our clan. But Cai Yuncheng, we fulfilled your request for the marriage in order to prevent the lawsuit and this is how you decide to repay us? Even to the extent of getting this rascal to beat the life out of my son? I swear I wouldn’t budge until I see that daughter of yours sentenced!” Guo Yali furiously swore right into Cai Yuncheng’s face.

Cai Yuncheng assented, “Sister-In-Law, do calm down. This matter is much more complicated than it seems. We genuinely have no intentions of offending anyone. We’re all family here. So why should we argue over such trivial matters?”

“Family?” Guo Yali gave a cold sneer. “How thick-faced can you be to still consider us family! Whichever hole this rascal came from you decided to shield him as your own family today? Fine, not only will we continue the lawsuit on your daughter, I’m going to sue this bastard for assault and battery!”

Yang Chen stared right at the furious couple, but did absolutely nothing in response as he lazily sat on the coach and yawned.

That infuriated the Li’s even more!

“What an appalling rascal. He thinks he’s a big shot now. You think you’ll be safe under the shadow of the Cai clan? They can’t even fend for themselves!” Guo Yali sneered as she ranted. She subsequently said to her husband, “Let’s go, can’t wait to leave this horrid place. Let’s see how long they last without us!”

Cai Yuncheng responsively blocked the exit route as he taunted, “Sister-In-Call, I’ll just refer you as Minister Guo starting from now. But do you know who the kid that you just referred to as ‘rascal’ really is?”

“And why would that matter to us?” Li rebuked uncompromisingly.

Cai Yuncheng emphasized on it anyway. “His surname is Yang. Yang Chen.”

The revelation meant hardly anything to Li, but it caught Guo Yali off guard. Her eyes widened in shock, unable to comprehend that the sudden revelation.

Li noticed that something was peculiar with his wife as he turned over and whispered, “Yali, are you alright?”

A glimpse of panic flashed through Guo Yali’s eyes, as she focused on Yang Chen’s appearance. She then started to notice some similarities.

“Yo—you are… Xuehua’s son?” Guo Yali tested the waters.

Only at the mention of her name did Yang Chen place some attention on Guo Yali. Xuehua? Is she talking about my mother? Oh yeah, isn’t the woman’s last name also Guo? Could it be... Yang Chen thought.

Right when he appeared to have understood something, out of nowhere Yang Chen stood up and walked towards the gate. “Great to see you again. I was just about to seek your wisdom but it’s quite fortunate for me that you have come by yourself.”

Everyone present stared at him strangely as their focus tailed his footsteps, but there was no one in sight.

Just when the three inside were about to question his absurd antics, a crouching elderly figure appeared in a blink of an eye.

Clothed in peasant clothing was an elderly woman covered with wrinkles and a full head of grey hair. She had a pleasant smile on her face. This old wise lady was none other than the faithful servant by Yang Gongming’s side.

Yan Sanniang’s mysterious appearance came as a shock to everyone present. Even the servants failed to notify about her arrival. Yang Chen was the only one who knew.

Cai Yuncheng frowned as he tried to recall his past meeting with this gracious old woman. As for Li and Guo Yali, they promptly approached her with their greetings.

“Aunt Yan, what brought you out here today?” Guo Yali’s questioned in a fond manner.

Yan Sanniang respectfully greeted the host Cai Yuncheng before she replied, “Miss Yali, good guess. Yang Chen is the long-lost first grandson of our Yang clan. He’s also the son of your cousin sister.”

Even though Guo Yali had a rough picture of what Cai Yuncheng said, now that she actually heard the truth laid out, she was in daze.

Meanwhile Li was bewildered. It didn’t cross his mind that he was staring at Yang Chen, his eyes showing deep regret.

Yang Chen frustratedly scratched his forehead. Oh, turns out she’s Mom’s cousin. I could’ve guessed that.

Mom used to go to school with Premier Ning Guangyao, and eventually married into the Yang clan. I suppose her family must be of significance as well. Her cousin might probably be a little less well off, but she still eventually married this Li descendant.

Wait, if that’s the case, doesn’t that make Yong Ye my cousin brother?

Previously he had a surprise addition to his extended family with Yuan Ye’s revelation. But again with Yong Ye? Yang Chen was left speechless.

Guo Yali reorganised her thoughts, before she replied with a tinge of favouritism towards Yang Chen, “Haha… so you’re Xuehua’s son, which means I’m your aunt. If I knew that we were family, this trouble didn’t have to happen you see.”

Aunt? Yang Chen tried his best to put up a smile. After all she was his mother’s cousin, so he had to leave her with some dignity intact.

“I, your uncle, have heard of your return to the Yang clan but never gotten a chance to meet you. It must be fated for us to finally meet you here. Since we are family, let’s just forget about this misunderstanding… Miss Cai Ning surely has a good eye. You clearly are a much better fit than Yong Ye.” Li was praising Yang Chen blindly but there was no doubt his laughters were stiff and hardly genuine.

Li naturally noticed the potential magnitude of the incident. In terms of clan standing, the Li clan were definitely on equal footing with the Yang’s, but it was his position within the Li clan that worried him. As one of the outer ring members of the Li clan, he had no confidence that the Li clan would back him in the scenario of a conflict with Yang Chen.

Furthermore, it was widely known that Yang Gongming, the head of the Yang clan moved to Beijing in search for his long-lost grandson. Guo Xuehua had also instantaneously settled down in Zhonghai.

The cumulation of that would clearly place Yang Chen in a position that they had no fair chance of winning.

It was also worth mentioning that the couple’s profession in politics resulted in their vague knowledge of Yang Chen’s personal background.

“If the two of you are done here, can you leave now?” Yang Chen had enough with putting up to their excruciatingly artificial laughter.

The Li couple understood that they were unwelcomed as they awkwardly made their way to the exit. They respectfully bade farewell to the host Cai Yuncheng before they gave their respect towards Yan Sanniang on their way out.

They were aware that Yan Sanniang as the trusty right-hand woman of Yang Gongming understandably had more say within the Yang clan. Even above that of Yang Pojun.

Only after the couple left did Cai Yuncheng take a good look at Yan Sanniang. Since his taking over of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, he had gathered plenty of information about extraordinary incidents and people. One detailed look would suffice, that this graceful elder in front of him was surely a force to behold. In doubt, he asked, “Elder… are you a member of the Yang clan?”