Cai Ning’s eyes bulged out of her skull as she stopped breathing momentarily.

No one had ever associated her with coquetry in her life.

“You’re doing this on purpose, you shameless man,” said Cai Ning, gritting her teeth and glaring at the man before her.

Yang Chen chuckled. “How am I shameless? Look at Yanyan. She acts fierce when she is on duty as a policemen. But she still has the galls to hold my hand and ask for money when she wants to.”

At this instance, Li Dun let slip a few barks of laughter. Clapping his hands, he said, “It’s no wonder you have many women by your side. I can’t believe you just asked Miss Cai Ning to act cute and flirt. I’m also intrigued to see what happens next. Miss Cai Ning, you can’t lose to your sister. Let’s just see you do that for once.”

She was already furious. Seeing Li Dun gloat more, she retrieved a few Willowleaf Blades out of nowhere and launched them at his nose and eyes.

Li Dun screamed but did not duck as the blades would have flown to the crowd nearby. He could not help but to show his real talents by catching the blades using his hands right before they reached him.

If not for his power, he would have suffered severe injuries given the short distance between Cai Ning and Li Dun.

Cold sweat was pouring down his head. Li Dun laughed shamefully, “I almost forgot, Miss Cai is still Group of Eight’s Flower Rain. Thank goodness you didn’t use your full power, otherwise I would not dare to catch it. But I have to know Miss Cai, it doesn’t seem that you can hide those blades in your outfit. Where did they come from?”

With her cold eyes, Cai Ning looked at him. “You’re one of the ‘Beijing King Duo’. If you’re really curious, I still have a few weapons in my outfit. Want a demonstration?”

He shook his head abruptly. “Nevermind, I don’t think I can handle them.”

He then shot Yang Chen a hateful stare. “It’s all your fault. Why did you ask the superwoman to flirt out of nowhere?”

Leaning against the cushioned sofa, Yang Chen replied, “I just think that girls ought to be more active and spontaneous. If not life would be extremely boring for the rest of us. Some hobbies and interests won’t hurt.”

Cai Ning scoffed lightly. “How about Ruoxi? She should be much colder than me, but you’re still her husband, aren’t you?”

Without refraining himself, he laughed. “Well, this only means you don’t know her well enough. My Ruoxi is actually quite active on the inside. She likes romantic korean dramas, pink Hello Kitty toys, and even glutinous rice balls. She’s what we call a closet softie.”

Cai Ning pursed her lips and said sourly, “Your Ruoxi… how intimate. Since your marriage is so romantic, why bother dealing with us sisters?”

He froze, then said rather embarrassingly, “You can’t say that! Everyone has different strengths. For example, you are calm and quiet which is… pretty good… Hehe…”

Li Dun, however, did not buy his words. He looked at Yang Chen in a disgusted manner, saying, “To sum it all up, wild flowers have a nicer smell compared to house-bred ones.”

“Get out!” roared Yang Chen, throwing a bottle in Li Dun’s direction.

Again, Li Dun caught the bottle in his hands, looking dissatisfied.

“Say one more word, and I’ll talk about how bad you are in front of Tang Xin,” threatened Yang Chen.

Upon hearing this, Li Dun seemed to have quietened down. “Actually, Yang Chen, you’re the most faithful guy there is. I know you love everyone sincerely. You’re the best man in the world. Erm, about Tang Xin, please talk only good things of me… Haha…”

Seeing his sudden transformation, the previously quiet Cai Ning had burst out laughing. Under the dim lights, it was as if a lotus had blossomed.

Yang Chen acknowledged that the main reason he had gotten close to Li Dun was because of their common shamelessness.

“What are you here for?” Yang Chen asked.

Looking as if he was wronged, Li Dun said, “You know how stingy my father is. He refused to give me more allowance to go after Tang Xin. So, the only way I can have money to do that is to save some on my own. So I thought that I could just get free meals from you.”

Yang Chen was speechless. It seemed to him that Li Dun was much more thick-skinned in comparison.

Perhaps it was due to the bottle thrown towards Li Dun’s direction that nobody seemed daring to engage with the two men anymore. So the three of them enjoyed the rest of their evening in silence.

Right then, silence settled upon the group of dancing people. They were all eagerly looking at the entrance.

Yang Chen hadn’t noticed anything, at first. However, he realized Cai Ning’s frown and the worry expressed on her face. So he turned his head towards the entrance as well.

All he saw was someone who he guessed was the manager leading a few young men into the nightclub respectfully.

At the forefront was a handsome man in a blue shirt and a black Armani suit. A single glance would reveal his leadership within the group. Although he did not appear particularly outstanding, it could be seen that he had an aura superior to those around, as if nobody present mattered to him.

The man stopped in his tracks and his gaze landed on where Yang Chen and the other two were sitting. Seeing Yang Chen and Li Dun together, he displayed a suspicious look across his face. At last, he walked towards them.

“It’s been a long time, Brother Yang. Oh, Brother Li is here too! What a day,” exclaimed the man.

“Can’t believe it’s you, Mr Ning! I almost could not recognize you. You’re keeping too low of a profile! What a role model you are,” praised Li Dun, giving a thumbs-up. However, in other people’s eyes, he looked utterly pretentious.

It had been an extremely long time since Yang Chen last met Ning Guodong. He seemed to have fully recovered. However, hidden in his eyes were hints of a minor change of heart.

Yang Chen could not imagine the chances of meeting him here especially when he was due to return to Beijing so soon. Technically, he was Lin Ruoxi’s brother from another mother, which made him Yang Chen’s brother-in-law. But this guy didn’t seem to know about their relationship and continued to pursue Lin Ruoxi stubbornly.

“It’s truly a coincidence, albeit not one to be happy about,” said Yang Chen truthfully.

If not for his biological relationship with Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen would’ve already snapped his neck in half.

Ning Guodong’s eyes were gleaming with a murderous vibe. He was certain that he was not as capable as Yang Chen. Back in Beijing, he had tirelessly tried to dig up information on Yang Chen’s background. But the more information he uncovered, the more fearful he became. Yang Chen’s past was more complicated than he had believed. Even though a lot of information were inaccessible, a source had revealed that Yang Chen was in fact the long-lost eldest grandson of the Yang clan.

Ning Guodong was not a foolish man. Without a hundred percent mind of confidence, he would never dare test Yang Chen’s limits. Hence, he laughed it off, “Please don’t mind our previous unpleasant interactions. Since you’re here in Beijing, I should be a better host. How about a drink together?”

“It’s fine, I’m here with my women. I don’t want to have anything to do with men.” This time, Yang Chen could not even care to look at him.

At this moment, a man in a white suit who had been standing behind him voiced, “Mr Ning, why are you talking to this low-class jerk? What makes him qualified to have a drink with you?”

Out of the corner of his eyes, Yang Chen thought the guy looked vaguely familiar. Recalling, he slapped his own forehead and laughed. “You’re Yan Buwen’s brother, Yan Buxue. Tsk tsk, seems like you’ve come a long way from recovering from my slap the other day. Has your face become smaller?”

Yan Buxue was part of Ning Guodong’s group. As the second son of the Yan clan, he was often living in his brilliant brother’s shadows. Therefore, it’d do him a lot of good to foster his friendship with Ning Guodong.

So, among the other men accompanying Ning Guodong, he was considered to be one who held the highest status.

Being made fun of in public had hurt his ego. He shouted furiously, “Don’t be too happy about it! So what if you can fight? What are you in front of Mr Ning?”

That day in Zhonghai, he was sent to the hospital after numerous slaps from Yang Chen. This was a disgrace to himself. If not for Yan Buwen’s lecturing, he would’ve sent murderers after Yang Chen. But even though Yan Buwen did not do much about his brother, he had saved his brother’s life by lecturing him.

However, without waiting for him to finish, Li Dun’s anger had burst out.

“Get out!” screamed Li Dun, pushing Yan Buxue into the dance floor.

Yan Buxue rolled across the floor, performing a few somersaults. The people on the dance floor fled while shouting upon seeing a fight scene.

Initially, Yan Buxue was stunned. But he stood up, wanting to point his finger at Li Dun to shout at him. Undoubtedly, it was his knowledge of the possible consequences of messing with the Li clan that made him hesitate. So instead of yelling, he muttered, “Yo—you… Why did you hit me?”

Without caring for his own reputation, Li Dun spat. “You dared to besmirch Yang Chen’s name and still ask who he is?! Then what am I, since I’m here with him today? I think you’re still not satisfied. Come at me if you are dissatisfied! Since Old Yang has slapped you before, maybe today’s my turn!”

The bystanders surrounding them threw terrified yet pitiful glances at Yan Buxue. Though the Yan clan was also one of the four dominant clans, Yan Buxue was not Yan Buwen. No matter how much Li Dun beat him up, it wouldn’t matter as he was not his brother.

But there were more in the bystanders’ heads. Li Dun’s had clearly shown that he was on Yang Chen’s side. Did that mean that he could ignore the Ning clan for this young man?
Who is this young man? The people around him were contemplating possibilities but could not come up with an answer.

Cai Yan had wanted to go on the stage to sing a few songs; however, seeing the commotion at their seats, she rushed towards them and saw Ning Guodong. Knowing it was not something she had a say in, she hid behind Cai Ning in anticipation of the fight that may occur.

Ning Guodong’s face had betrayed a hint of depression and worry. He could tell that Li Dun’s behavior was an indication of the relationship between the Yang and Li clans in the future. This was not a good news in his eyes. Even if his clan was the most powerful one at the moment, that did not mean it would last forever. After all, he would never reconcile with Yang Chen. As for Li Dun, he had no common interests with him and reliable sources had shown that he and Yang Chen were in frequent contact.

This made the Ning clan alone. As the man next in line to take the master’s seat, this had planted worry in his head.

Yan Buxue’s knees buckled. Picking a fight with Li Dun would either prove that he was mad or incredibly stupid.

In the end, he shielded himself using Ning Guodong’s body like a coward. He pleaded, “Sir, can you help me? There’s no way I can survive even one slap from Li Dun.”

Ning Guodong shot a hateful look at him. If not for the Yan clan’s power and Yan Buwen’s ability to control Li Dun’s attitude, he would’ve never brought Yan Buxue along today. However, it’d only make matters worse if he offended Yan Buxue right there and then. Without a choice, he said unwillingly, “Brother Li, I think we should just let it go today, don’t you think?”

“Hmph! Well, since Mr Ning has pleaded on his behalf, I’ll let it go,” criticised Li Dun.

Suddenly, Yang Chen voiced, “Wait, I haven’t forgiven him yet.”

Right after the words had left his mouth, Ning Guodong’s features froze. A cloud of anger swept across his face. He was obviously furious that Yang Chen had just embarrassed him in public.

Yang Chen said lightheartedly, “Just now, Yan Buxue insulted me. Now, you’ve asked for Li Dun’s forgiveness on behalf of him. That means I should be getting one as well. If I don’t hear an apology by tonight, nobody is leaving this place.”

Several people around them gasped, inhaling loudly. Everyone must be thinking, This guy is being too arrogant isn’t he? Who in their right mind would ask Ning Guodong to apologize publicly? Even if Yan Buxue apologized himself, it’d ultimately mean that Ning Guodong has been defeated by Yang Chen. His ego would vanish!

However, Yang Chen would not let it go so easily. Albeit behaving in a tamer way since he was back in the country, it didn’t mean that people could insult him and then walk out of it freely. Especially not the people he disliked!

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