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“Brother Yang, why make a big deal out of this? Isn’t that asking for a little too much?” asked Ning Guodong in a deep voice.

“I’m not a judge. I don’t have to protect my image. Since you already think of me as a gangster, so be it,” Yang Chen exclaimed loudly.

“You’re in Beijing, not Zhonghai,” threatened Ning Guodong, implying that the Ning clan had an immeasurable power, here in Beijing.

Waving his hands to show his indifference, Yang Chen sighed. “We have totally different views on that. You’re comparing Beijing and Zhonghai while I see both as two states in China. I don’t care, really.”

The bystanders shook their heads and exchanged their thoughts in hushed voices. Most of them thought Yang Chen was a reckless, impulsive man who did not know better.

On the other hand, Li Dun gave Yang Chen a thumbs-up while winking.

Cai Yan was watching the whole situation with anticipation and excitement.

However, Cai Ning had her brows furrowed. She started to worry slightly at the things that Yang Chen might do to get his way.

The nightclub’s manager was sweating. He did not attempt to contain the scene, or to speak out. These men were people that he could not afford to offend. All he hoped was for no violence to occur.

Ning Guodong’s face stiffened. He said, “Yang Chen, do you really think I’d be scared of you due to your recently acquired status of a Yang? Here in Beijing, I could do so much more than you imagine.”

“I think you’ve misunderstood. Being a Yang has nothing to do with this,” said Yang Chen while using his fingers to object. “Also, I hate it when people threaten me.”

Of course, Ning Guodong would not give in to him. He was humiliated publicly, making his inner fire rage. “Keep dreaming. I will let this go for Brother Li’s sake. And I want to let you know, I’ll continue going after Ruoxi in Zhonghai! I will never give up and there’s nothing that you can do about it!”

He was raging, his anger consuming him in flames. Everything he hated about Yang Chen was spilt out of his mouth. In his eyes, this incredibly ruthless man was the husband of the love of his life. He even had multiple beauties by his side! This made his insides churn with jealousy and hatred.

Yang Chen then calmed down, laughing evilly. “This is what you really want to say, isn’t it?”

Ning Guodong looked ferocious, his face hideous. “So what if it is? I’ll have her in my arms someday.”

The observers did not understand the situation, but the Cai sisters did. Startled, they figured out why Yang Chen was pressing on Ning Guodong—he announced his love for Lin Ruoxi in public!

After speaking out for himself, Ning Guodong swung his arm to lead his companion away to their reserved seats.

However, before he had even taken his second step, he felt an incredibly huge amount of force pressing down his body.

He felt all of his bones crumpling, his knees buckling under the invisible surge of energy. It was as if a boulder had just landed on him.

He coughed and panted, taking in quicker and deeper breaths. His face reddened, but his body shaking under the weight of the force. He started leaning forward, kneeling down alas!

Finally, his last ounce of strength had escaped from his body. He fell, both knees and hands in contact with the floor, completely kneeling down.

Everyone around them screamed. They could not believe how Ning Guodong had knelt down out of nowhere.

Yang Chen stood up slowly. “Since you couldn’t apologise using words, then kneel. Also, you should dismiss your intentions! Otherwise, the next time, it won’t be as simple as kneeling.”

Finishing his speech, Yang Chen started trudging towards the exit. The observers automatically moved themselves to form a path for him, without the courage to say anything. All there was was the sound of the music in the atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, the Cai sisters had their mood diminished after the scenario. They followed Yang Chen out of the nightclub.

It was only until the door had closed when the load was removed from Ning Guodong’s body.

After a long pause, he stood up. Nobody looked him in the eye, leaving him in a circle of darkness, the coldness daunting and chilling to the core!

As for Yang Chen, his mood did not brighten in the slightest. He motioned for Li Dun to return on his own. Taking the Cai sisters, he started to make his way back to their house.

This time, it was Cai Ning who sat at the passenger seat. She looked at Yang Chen and said, “You were picking on Ning Guodong on purpose, weren’t you? In normal circumstances, you would’ve dealt with Yan Buxue first. So it was pretty obvious you were picking on Ning Guodong.”

Yang Chen took in a deep breath and nodded his head. “Seems like you know me pretty well.”

“Why? Is it because he’s after Ruoxi?” asked Cai Ning.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “If there were men after either of you, I’d react the same. I specifically pressured him in order to force the truth out. Since he hasn’t given up, that only means many things have not come to an end.”

“I don’t understand. You don’t have anything to worry when it comes to him. Even if he’s after Ruoxi, I doubt he’s competition,” Cai Ning questioned curiously.

He shook his head and smiled. “You’ll understand a lot of things soon. He’s not just any competition, he shouldn’t even exist.”

Indeed, Yang Chen had picked on him with a clear motive. He wanted to identify whether Ning Guodong had uncovered the truth about the relationship between Ruoxi and himself. So far, it would seem like he hadn’t.

Also, Yang Chen wanted to know if he’d given up.

With the existence of such a ‘competitor’, dangerous things could happen in the near future.

Yang Chen knew that Lin Ruoxi valued her family above anything else. It was a huge contrast with her cold appearance. This could be seen from her tolerance towards Lin Kun, her ‘father’, who had an ugly personality. This was also why Ning Guangyao never reunited with Lin Ruoxi.

Hence, there was a great possibility that Lin Ruoxi would not be harsh towards Ning Guodong despite having learnt the truth. She would never let Yang Chen settle her problems then, even if Ning Guodong did something horrible.

Yang Chen found it alright for people to hate him. However, he could not bear to have his lovers see him differently.

Having humiliated Ning Guodong publicly, it had further worsened their relationship. But Yang Chen would rather make his hatred known than allow Ning Guodong plan his next moves in the dark.

If Ning Guodong came at him in broad daylight, it’d give Yang Chen a chance to end his life.

When the car was almost nearing their house, Yang Chen asked Cai Ning, “Ning’er, what date is today?”

Without waiting for Cai Ning’s answer, Cai Yan cut in, “Today’s the third of May. Everyone is celebrating Labour’s Day. That’s why Ning Guodong and his companions were free to go to the nightclub. But why are you asking?”

Yang Chen nodded his head thoughtfully. He mumbled to himself, “So fast… I should really head back sooner…”

Cai Yan was sitting at the back seats, so she couldn’t hear his inaudible whispers. She had thought that he was being mischievous again, and something popped into her head. She shouted, “Bad guy! You can’t touch Elder Sister at night! She’s having her menstrual cycle!”

Hearing this, Yang Chen had almost mistakened the accelerator for the brake pedal!

On the other hand, Cai Ning blushed and turned in her seat to glare at her sister. “Yo—you… are overthinking, Yanyan!”

It was only then that Cai Yan realised, Yang Chen couldn’t have known when Cai Ning’s menstrual cycle was.

“Hmph! He’s always been a pervert. So I just… I thought he was up to no good,” Cai Yan said apologetically. She dipped her head away in order to avoid looking at them.

Expectedly, her words had ignited the fire in Yang Chen’s stomach. He licked his lips and said smilingly, “Yanyan, great job reminding me. But it’s alright, I still have you.”

Cai Yan’s heart pumped a thousand times faster. Her usually wild self had become shy in front of her own sister.

As for Cai Ning, she did not dare to continue listening to their conversation. Her face had turned a deep shade of pink as she closed her eyes.

Once they were back in the Cai residence, all three of them stepped down from the car. Cai Yan still had her head down in order to avoid looking at Yang Chen. It would seem like he was staying in her house for the night. What if he came to her room at night? Would she let him in?

She was worried, yet there was a hint of excitement amidst her emotions. However, Cai Ning was confused and did not know what to say. She had just recently declared her feelings towards Yang Chen. How would she handle her sister’s love life along with all the shameful things that are about to come?

Looking at the sisters’ weirded-out expressions, Yang Chen refrained himself from laughing. He was anticipating the night in Cai Yan’s room when his phone rang, before stepping into the house.

Retrieving his phone from the pocket, he saw the caller ID bearing the words ‘Zhuang Feng’.

Calling at this time of night, it must be an urgent one. Hence, Yang Chen picked it up immediately.

“It’s bad, Director,” said Zhuang Feng, without greeting him. “Miss Lin Hui is in trouble!”

'My Wife Is a Beautiful CEO' is translated on veratales.com but LiberSpark is allowed to host the chapters.

You are encouraged to read on veratales.com for project updates.