Yang Chen’s heart was pounding with worry. He steeled his voice to maintain a degree of calmness before saying, “Panicking won’t help the situation. Just get to the point.”

Zhuang Feng realized that he was losing control of his emotions and calmed himself before regaling what had happened to Yang Chen.

As it turned out, Hui Lin was supposed to go to a media company in Beijing tonight to attend the discussions regarding the production of her music video. Even though she wasn’t going to appear in the music video—due to her poor performing skills—she still had to attend the discussions regardless.

One of the most famous local directors, Luo Sheng, along with a young female model, Liu Zishan, had been invited to participate in the discussions. The model was a gorgeous woman who fulfilled all the criteria to star in the music video. Not only that, she was also the champion of the North China beauty pageant who was coincidentally looking for a way to make a name for herself in the entertainment scene. Hui Lin's music video was the perfect opportunity for her to start in the industry.

Everything proceeded smoothly for the rest of the day. Soon enough, the discussions for the music video had come to an end. All the employees were flooding out the building, ready to go home.

Since it was Hui Lin's first time meeting all these new people, she was tongue-tied throughout the course of the discussion and she couldn't muster the courage to excuse herself for a trip to the washroom. It was only when the discussions had ended and pretty much everyone had left, did Hui Lin go to the washroom.

However, just as she was getting ready to regroup with the rest of her colleagues, Hui Lin heard some odd sounds coming from the main conference room.

Upon closer inspection, Hui Lin realised that the sounds turned out to be Director Luo Sheng trying to sexually assault the model Liu Zishan.

Even though Hui Lin felt embarrassed by the situation, her innocent and naive self felt compelled to help Liu Zishan escape from her suffering. With all this in mind, she barged into the room without heeding the fact that Liu Zishan was already topless and kicked away Director Luo Sheng who had draped himself over Zishan’s body.

How could Luo Sheng possibly stand a chance against Hui Lin? Before he could even lift a finger to defend himself, Hui Lin kicked him twice in succession. The force of the kicks sent him flying to the nearest wall; banking on the edge of unconsciousness.

The sudden turn in events caused Liu Zishan who had been pressed against the conference table to let out a sharp cry. Her screams attracted the attention of many, leading them back to the conference room.

When the employees and security arrived at the conference room, none of them fully understood the situation as Liu Zishan was already dressed appropriately while Director Luo Sheng was still lying on the floor looking thoroughly beaten up.

When the employees lifted Luo Sheng up, he was enraged and started hurling insults at Hui Lin. He told everyone that Hui Lin had barged in unceremoniously and randomly beaten him up when he was discussing some issues about the script with Liu Zishan.

At that point, it wasn’t much of a secret for what had gone down. Everyone could guess what had happened in the conference room, but no one dared to speak out against the director.

Naturally, Hui Lin tried to defend herself by saying that she had stepped in when Director Luo Sheng tried to rape Liu Zishan. However, when questioned about this, Liu Zishan shook her head vigorously. She then proceeded to say that Hui Lin's claims were unfounded and she had not felt the least bit harassed by the director.

Hui Lin was at a loss for words. She couldn’t fully understand the situation. Why would Liu Zishan vehemently deny that she had been assaulted when it was clearly the case? How would denying the situation and framing Hui Lin instead help her?

Afterwards, no matter how much Zhuang Feng and the others from Yu Lei Entertainment pleaded with Luo Sheng, the director refused to back down and even contacted the authorities to bring Hui Lin to the police station.

Zhuang Feng grudgingly forced out, “Director Yang, Miss Lin Hui is still a newbie in the entertainment industry, so she doesn’t know one of the unspoken customs in showbiz. Models will try and get into a director’s good books by any means necessary.

“Although this ‘custom’ is not much of a secret, Miss Lin Hui must have heard that slut Liu Zishan whispering some flimsy objections to the director in the heat of it. She might have mistaken it as actual resistance. Knowing her, her sense of justice probably got the better of her, so she ended up kicking Director Luo Sheng’s ass,” he added.

“He probably wasn’t too pleased with her cockblocking him in such a public manner, though.” Zhuang Feng was obviously trying to lighten the situation, but Yang Chen could easily hear the tremor in his voice. “This will probably stain Liu Zishan’s reputation and possibly end her career. It’s no wonder that she was pissed as well.”

Yang Chen directly got into the car again. After briefly explaining to Cai Yan and Cai Ning, he drove away and asked, “Where is Hui Lin now?”

“She’s being detained at the police headquarters in Beijing. Our employees have all been denied access to meet her so we thought of hiring a lawyer. But it would seem like no one was willing to partake in a losing battle,” Zhuang Feng replied glumly.

“Why?” Yang Chen pinpointed the location of the headquarters thanks to the car’s in-built GPS function.

Zhuang Feng explained, “Liu Zishan only plays a minor role in the video. She doesn’t actually possess a lot of influence on her own. Luo Sheng on the other hand, and his sister, are not people that anyone could escape after offending.”

“I told you to stop beating about the bush.” Yang Chen’s voice was laced with irritation, and his brow was furrowed.

“Okay…” Zhuang Feng gulped and continued, “Luo Sheng’s sister, Luo Cuishan, is the eldest daughter from the Luo clan of Beijing. She also happens to be Premier Ning Guangyao’s wife and a highly ranked official.

Luo Cuishan? Who could have guessed that after Yang Chen taught Ning Guodong a lesson, he would have beef with Ning Guodong’s uncle as well?

“Director Yang, to be honest with you, there is no one stupid enough to mess with the Ning clan. All the lawyers rejected our offers the moment they found out what they were getting themselves into. You are our last hope, Director.” Zhuang Feng was aware of Yang Chen’s unusual background, but didn’t know the full extent of it. But it did not matter as this was his last resort.

Yang Chen ended the call and was left with a building rage within him. In the beginning, Lin Ruoxi founded the entertainment company mainly for Hui Lin’s benefit and appointed him as the director in part to watch over Hui Lin. But even they could not predict everything. Mei Feng’s matters aside, Hui Lin was still being held up in the police station.

Normally, if this was a trivial problem, Abbess Yun Miao would have already taken care of it in secret. However, this time they faced both the Ning clan and the Luo clan, so they couldn’t blame Abbess Yun Miao for not doing anything either.

At that moment, Yang Chen’s phone rang and an unknown number flashed across the screen. Yang Chen answered the call bluntly. “Abbess Yun Miao, I will not let any harm befall Hui Lin, so please cut straight to the chase. ”

The caller was indeed Abbess Yun Miao. She had just received the news and found out that the other party involved was Luo Sheng. Although she was resentful that her own granddaughter had been arrested, she still had to protect the already declining Lin clan. She was faced with no other choice but to entrust public matters in Yang Chen’s hands.

“I, too, am frustrated. The potential fall out of the issue is way more than the Lin clan can bear. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you though. This is all my fault,” she sighed exasperatedly, the regret evident in her voice and it soon became clear why, “Hui Lin had lived a sheltered life in the mountains since she was young so she doesn't understand the dark side of the entertainment industry. This was also one of the reasons I was against her entering showbiz. But since she's already chosen her path, please take care of her in my stead. Even if you genuinely don't have any romantic feelings for Hui Lin, you probably still care for her in a brotherly way.”

Yang Chen was a bit shaken but he smiled bitterly. “Please don't even mention ‘romantic feelings’. Besides, you’re the one who has been pushing for it since the beginning.”
“Hmph. Well, whether that’s true or not, you can mull over it on your own,” Abbess Yun Miao responded coolly and proceeded to hang up the phone.

Yang Chen bit his lip in frustration at his thankless duty.

The silver lining for Hui Lin’s case was the fact that some of the people involved were political figures so the whole affair would probably never see the light of day. If this were to be leaked online and reach Lin Ruoxi’s ears, getting Hui Lin out of jail would be the least of his problems.

Yang Chen’s mind raced. Wasn’t he already doing that old bastard Ron a favor by letting him pick a team of assistants for Hui Lin and flying them over to China? Why would something like this still happen?

And so, Yang Chen called Ron again and said bluntly, “Ron, you bastard! Didn’t I already arrange for the group that you prepared to go to Beijing? My sister is now under arrest. I let your team handle her and this is the kind of result I get?”

Silence ensued. Finally, he spoke in his weathered voice which carried a tone of annoyance. “Master, please calm down and don’t be rash. No one is at fault here. In fact, under Christen’s watchful gaze and Catherine’s cooperation, the team was already well-prepared ahead of time. It’s just that… well, Master, you know very well just how impenetrable the fog in London is. Their flight has been consistently delayed for almost a day. But according to the estimations, they should be touching down in an hour, tops.”

“Are they idiots? Why couldn’t they have flown in from Paris?” Yang Chen asked at wits end.

Ron was stupefied. “Master, you’re too smart! Why didn’t we think of that?” he blurted out.

Yang Chen nearly tossed his phone out the window. He gritted his teeth and forced out, “The people that you send better be good. If I don’t meet them in an hour’s time, I’m going to throw the lot of them into the Atlantic Ocean as shark feed.”

“Master… the Atlantic Ocean and China are really far apart. The one closest to you would be the Pacific Ocean,” Ron replied earnestly.

“Damn it! That’s not the point…” Yang Chen could feel his headache building up, and ended the conversation there.

At least the roads to the police station had been relatively clear and Yang Chen arrived there quickly.

Outside the police station, Zhuang Feng and the other employees were eagerly waiting for some news to reach them and they were all visibly anxious.

When Yang Chen showed up, they all crowded around him and Zhuang Feng said impatiently, “Director Yang, the police said that this case has to be handled confidentially. They refuse to give us any knowledge on the matter! We clearly saw Luo Sheng’s assistants entering the station, so the police are obviously being biased.”

Yang Chen didn’t reply. He headed straight for the main entrance instead.

Two police officers immediately stepped in to block Yang Chen. One of the officers said sullenly, “Please leave the premises. We are in the midst of a special case. Normal civilians are not permitted to enter.”

“Get out of my way if you want to continue living.” Yang Chen was already at the end of his fuse. The police station were obviously giving preferential treatment to Luo Sheng which led him to worry for Hui Lin.

The two officers were about to lose it but spotted a black Audi A8 sporting a government-issued license plate heading their way.

Dressed in an ultramarine business suit and carrying a purse was a short-haired, middle-aged woman stepping out of the car and making her way to them quickly.

The woman’s face was exquisite. Her skin was still soft and supple, contrasting heavily with the air of maturity she exuded.

When the woman made her way to the entrance, the two officers stopped what they were doing and stood at attention, bowed, and greeted, “Madam Luo.”

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