The next morning soon dawned in the backyard of the Cai residence.
Half asleep, Yang Chen walked out from Cai Yan’s room.
After sending Hui Lin home the previous night, he had wanted to have some release with her. After all, it had been quite a while since he last saw her. Yang Chen missed that tender and ample body of Cai Yan’s. Little did he expect that Cai Yan would sleep in Cai Ning’s room instead.
Since it was his first time here, it was rather awkward for Yang Chen to sleep in the same room as the two sisters. In the end, he decided to sleep in the empty room alone.
In the living room, breakfast had already been laid out by the servants. Cai Yuncheng and Jiang Shan were already seated and having their meal.
Upon seeing Yang Chen, Jiang Shan beamed and said, “Yang Chen, come over and have your breakfast. Why did you wake up so early?”
Yang Chen was still not used to the change in attitude in this mother-in-law of his. He let out an awkward smile and said, “Aunt, I wish I could stay, but there are still matters that require my urgent attention in Zhonghai. I’m heading back in another two days’ time. I have somewhere to be after breakfast.”
“So impatient?” Jiang Shan said regrettably. “That’s true, young people like you must have lots of work that require your attention. I understand.”
Cai Yuncheng mumbled loftily, “Work… The only work he has is managing his women.”
Jiang Shan gave a hard pat on her husband’s shoulder, grumbling, “What are you talking about? How can you talk about our own son-in-law in such a way?”
Cai Yuncheng blew at his moustache, staring at her. Yet, he was not in the least angry.
Jiang Shan’s mind was no longer on her breakfast. She started thinking and said, “Yang Chen, you and your mother both stay in Zhonghai right? Wouldn’t Master Yang feel very lonely in Beijing? From what I know, General Yang Pojun and your younger brother Yang Lie rarely visit. How about I pay him a visit in the future? Perhaps I could make Ning’er drop by more often? Yanyan is returning to Zhonghai later, but Ning’er isn’t occupied at all in Beijing.”
“Alright that’s enough. Why are you thinking about all these matters?” Even Cai Yuncheng felt embarrassed.
Yang Chen just smiled. He didn’t want to give Jiang Shan an explanation.
At that moment, Cai Ning and Cai Yan appeared, walking side by side. Cai Ning looked alright, but Cai Yan’s eyes were filled with the mischievous joy of having taken her revenge as she looked at Yang Chen.
“Did you sleep well last night?” Cai Yan wrapped her hands around Yang Chen’s neck from behind, asking with a radiant smile.
Yang Chen knew that Cai Yan had deliberately evaded him. He smiled bitterly and said, “Did you have to do that? You know I had to leave due to urgent matters. You can escape me once, but can you escape me forever?”
“I did it because you left in the middle of the night with no explanation. Do you know how worried I was? You mean guy.” Cai Yan pinched Yang Chen’s face from behind, pouting.
Jiang Shan hurriedly attempted to stop her, “Yanyan, what are you doing? Why are you pinching Yang Chen’s face?”
“Mom, why are you siding with him?” Cai Yan muttered.
“Girls do not act this way. You should be gentler and learn from your elder sister. Luckily Yang Chen wants you, otherwise I wouldn’t know which family to marry you off to,” Jiang Shan reprimanded her frustratingly.
Gentle? Jiang Shan’s words made Yang Chen look towards Cai Ning who was sitting next to him.
Ever since she sat down, Cai Ning had not said a word. She merely drank her porridge gracefully all the while. However, beneath the table, one of her feet was stepping on Yang Chen’s toes.
This was a tough breakfast for Yang Chen to digest. The two sisters were like ice and fire; neither of which was easy to deal with.
After taking his leave from the place, Yang Chen made his way to Yu Lei Entertainment immediately. He had promised to meet the team from Europe this morning.
Although he was the one who had ordered Ron to gather this group of people to make them Hui Lin’s personal staff, Yang Chen thought it was rather impolite to just let them be without even meeting them once.
However, when he reached the ground floor of Yu Lei Entertainment’s building, Yang Chen realized that going in was going to be a challenge.
Both the inside and outside of the building was flooded with reporters and cameras. On top of that, several mobile units from numerous media companies were also at the scene. It looked like they were all ready to conduct a live broadcast on some breaking news.
Yang Chen was a little worried. Could it be that someone spread the news about the murder that I committed here recently? That can’t be. The media would not report anything that goes against the country. The national security bureau was the one that had suppressed that news. This must be about something else.
Yet, Yang Chen couldn’t figure out what was going on. After getting down from the car, Yang Chen pulled his phone out and dialed Zhuang Feng’s number.
The moment the phone call got through, Zhuang Feng spoke first about the situation without waiting for Yang Chen to ask. “Director Yang, I was just about to call you. Thi—this is overly insane.”
“What are you panicking about? Speak clearly,” Yang Chen said.
Zhuang Feng quickly calmed himself down and said, “Director Yang, a bus pulled up outside our company just now. A bunch of foreigners alighted and they told us that they came at your invitation. But they have only just arrived and all the reporters were already gathered here. I had only just realized that they were actually Danielle, Marcus, Rodriguez and other big shots in the industry. Director Yang, you are truly impressive. How did you manage to invite them all here?”
Big shots? What big shots? Yang Chen thought over it for a while and finally realized what was going on. It seemed like Ron had misunderstood his orders. He ended up inviting a whole team of highly reputable people in the industry.
Suddenly, a reporter together with a few cameramen ran to somewhere near Yang Chen. Facing the camera, the reporter started a live announcement of the news.
“Dear audience, at midnight yesterday, a seemingly normal international flight landed at Beijing Capital International Airport. Yet, almost unbelievably, among our foreign visitors who had arrived at Beijing, more than ten of them belong to the ranks of globally distinguished celebrities.
“Makeup artist Danielle from Germany, fashion expert Benjamin from France, well-known stage lighting designer Shawn Steve, and also the famous music video director Marcus Kevin, and many other experts have all arrived in Beijing.
“This morning, these big shots whose charms are ever so irresistible entered the building of Yu Lei International’s entertainment branch in Beijing. Based on our understanding of the situation so far, these guests’ arrival are tied to Lin Hui, the artist that Yu Lei Entertainment is about to debut.”
Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He wasn’t sure if such a sudden incident was good or bad. But obviously, Hui Lin’s reputation was going to soar again.
Although the outside of the building was crowded with reporters, it was still rather easy for Yang Chen to squeeze in. The security guards could now recognize Yang Chen’s face so they did not stop him as he entered.
After Yang Chen took the lift to enter the company, Zhuang Feng and the rest were already waiting at the entrance of the lift. The minute he saw Yang Chen, he immediately walked up to him and said, “Director, the big shots are already waiting for you in the conference room. Please hurry.”
The eyes of the managerial team in the branch company were glittering like they could see their dazzling future right before their eyes. Needless to say, they were extremely excited.
Reputation was the best advantage that an artiste could have. Hui Lin had not made an actual debut yet, but she was already very well known. Christen and Yoo Yeonhee had given her high compliments as judges in a show. And now that so many international celebrities had come to assist her, coupled with Hui Lin’s extraordinary voice, it was almost guaranteed for her to be a superstar.
Yang Chen did not give it too much thought. He just entered the conference room leisurely. A team of foreigners with an array of hair colors sat waiting. Laura, whom Yang Chen had already met the night before, was also among them. However, her status was considered slightly lower in comparison to the rest of the team, so she seemed slightly restrained.
The moment they saw Yang Chen, all of them stood up together and bowed respectfully at him. A few of them were rather old. They seemed to be in the same generation as Yang Chen’s grandfather, but even they behaved as though they had just met their idol. Their faces betrayed the emotions that were overflowing from them.
Hui Lin was also seated at the conference desk. However, she did not understand foreign languages, and it was her first time meeting so many foreigners. Before Yang Chen arrived, she had been twitching around in her seat restlessly.
Zhuang Feng and the others stood outside the conference room. No one dared to make even the slightest sound.
A staff asked softly, “Deputy Director Zhuang, we’re not dreaming, are we? These big shots, I’ve only seen them on magazines. Never once have they made their way to China.”
“They are the same as legendary figures that anyone in the industry has heard of. I heard that Danielle is the makeup artist for the royal family during the princess’ wedding. That Director Marcus is Christen’s music video director. To invite any of them would easily cost more than what we could afford for Lin Hui’s whole team.”
“Shut your mouth and listen.” Zhuang Feng had to stop them before they finally shifted their attention back onto the situation.
Right now, Yang Chen had signaled for everyone to sit down. He then spoke in English smilingly, “I know that all of you seated here today are from various countries. But for convenience’s sake, I’ll speak in English. However, after today, I hope that everyone would go back and spend some time learning Mandarin. After all, you guys would probably be going to spend the next few years working here in China.”
Seeing that no one had any objections, Yang Chen asked with an evil smile, “Ron and Catherine misunderstood my intentions. I had only requested for him to send an elite team here to help my younger sister Miss Lin Hui to become a qualified artiste. I did not expect them to have invited you all here. But since you’ve all come, it means that you’re all mentally prepared, correct?”
Everyone immediately nodded in agreement and they vied to express their sincerity.
“Your Majesty, it is my utmost pleasure to be at your service,” Danielle said smilingly. She seemed to be the acting leader of the team. “You are way friendlier and warmer than what we imagined you to be. Thank you for giving us such an opportunity.”
Yang Chen’s smile faded as he said, “Why? Did you think that I was a cruel and brutal devil who would hurl slaps at you all the moment we met?”
Danielle’s expressions stiffened. She hurriedly smiled apologetically and shook her head as she said, “No, Your Majesty. Please do not misunderstand. Most of us seated here today have managed to reach our achievements as a result of your protection. It is your noble wing of protection that has kept our families and companies safe. It is because of that, we are more than grateful to be able to serve alongside you.”
Yang Chen just shook his head. “You don’t have be so formal. To be honest, I am not quite sure in what areas I have helped you in. I believe the gratitude that you owe me is merely the results of what my subordinates have done. Perhaps Ron had invested in your companies with my money or Sauron had settled some troubles for you using my soldiers.”
“You may not remember us, but we have always remembered your kindness,” said Director Marcus who had a long and skinny face humbly.
Yang Chen reached out and pulled Hui Lin—who hadn’t said a single word uptil now—up from her seat. He made her stand beside him and said to everyone, “I do not require your abilities myself. But this younger sister of my wife, is now planning to enter the showbiz. She is about to release her own album and hold her own concerts.
“Amidst all of you seated here today are musicians, producers, dance choreographers, music video directors, and also lawyers, managers and more. I hope that from today onwards, you will all devote your time and effort to help Miss Lin here. Treat this as your repayment to me.”
Although she didn’t quite understand what Yang Chen was talking about, Hui Lin still smiled shyly and waved at everyone.
Immediately, all of them replied with friendly words of greetings and expressed their passion towards the job.
Following which, Yang Chen said, “I have never liked to owe others. I know that many of you here are highly respected in the global arena. Making you visit China specially just to lay out the road for a girl is putting your talents to petty use.
“Therefore, I promise to every one of you here today, that as long as you work for Miss Lin, I will provide unconditional protection for you, your families and your companies so long as you serve me.”
Hearing his words, the team stirred with excitement and they were all uttering words of gratitude repeatedly. They looked like children that had just tasted of honey for the first time.
Zhuang Feng and the others who were waiting outside the door were completely clueless. They had no idea what Yang Chen was talking about, protection and what not.
But Danielle and the rest were well aware. For as long as this person was willing to provide them with ‘protection’, it would mean that they had practically gained a free access card to associate with both the legal and underground world in the whole of Europe and America. No one, not even the underground syndicates, or the countries’ national security bureaus would dare to do anything to them recklessly.
Yang Chen waited for everyone to settle down. He then let out a chilly smile and said, “You all seem to be in a good mood. I hate to interrupt your wonderful mood but I must say this. If I get news that any of you are not doing your job properly, or if you look down on my sister because of your status and start behaving arrogantly in your work, I trust that you wouldn’t want to know what the consequences are.”
And with these words, everyone felt an icy chill coming from within their bones. Their excitement from just a moment ago had completely dissipated. And all that was left of now was their reverence and fear.
Judging by their reactions, Yang Chen felt that he had said enough. Thus, he changed into a warmer tone and said smilingly again, “Alright, let’s talk about other matters. I want to end with telling you guys that all your food, accommodation, and living expenses will be on my bill. I know that you are definitely not short of money, but we are a legal corporation. Since we are hiring you, we will definitely not shortchange you on your pay and your allowances.”
“Please rest assured, Your Majesty. We will be sure to give our best,” Danielle and the rest replied.
Yang Chen was just about to let Hui Lin get to know them better when his phone suddenly started vibrating.
Could it be Tang Wan who’s looking for me since we haven’t met for an entire day? Yang Chen thought. But an unfamiliar number came into sight when he glanced at the screen.
Almost nothing good ever arose out of phone calls he received from unfamiliar numbers. But Yang Chen had no choice but to pick up the call.
“Who are you looking for?” asked Yang Chen.
A slightly familiar voice came from the other end of the phone. It sounded like a middle-aged man. “Yang Chen, do you still remember me?”
Yang Chen thought for a while and seemed to recognize the voice. Hesitatingly, he asked, “Premier Ning?”
“That’s right. It’s me. I heard that you are in Beijing so I wanted to find a time to meet up with you. I had wanted to make my secretary make the phone call, but I thought that it would be more sincere to contact you personally. Are you free to meet up?” Ning Guangyao asked in a friendly albeit abrupt manner.

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