Ning Guangyao acted like he had not heard a single word coming out of Yang Chen’s mouth. He took the teapot from Yang Chen and poured himself some tea. He took a big gulp of the tea before his emotions returned to a neutral state.
They both sat in silence before Ning Guangyao spoke with a slightly bitter smile, “That was an embarrassing scene. I didn’t expect that the enmity between you and Guodong has escalated to degree where being in the same room made the both of you hostile. It would seem like I have made a mistake.”
“I believe you’ve misunderstood.” Yang Chen leaned back against the rattan chair and yawned lazily. “It is your son that bears hatred against me. He is not worthy of my hatred.”
Ning Guangyao was not upset by Yang Chen’s words. He said calmly, “I’ve always thought that you were an arrogant young man ever since our first meeting. A man who has no regard for others at all. It seems like I am correct.”
“It depends on who I’m facing,” Yang Chen said.
Ning Guangyao nodded and said, “It is my genuine hope that you can ease the tension between you and Guodong. Even if you can’t be friends, I wish that you wouldn’t be enemies.”
“Premier Ning, if there was a man who was always yearning after your wife, would you be able to be on good terms with him?” Yang Chen asked and sneered.
Ning Guangyao’s expressions changed. Yang Chen’s words seemed to have triggered some matters that had been weighing on his mind. He poured two cups of tea consecutively and sighed, “I haven’t gotten around to asking you this yet. Are your family doing well?”
“Who?” Yang Chen smiled almost eccentrically as he asked, staring straight at Ning Guangyao.
Ning Guangyao was evading Yang Chen’s gaze. He tried his best to stay composed as he replied, “Naturally your mother, and your wife.”
“My mother is quite satisfied with her life in Zhonghai. Although her life could be considered troubling at times, I know for a fact that she is satisfied with it. As for my wife, she is rather busy with her work. Even though she doesn’t say it, I know that she’s not happy most of the time,” Yang Chen said.
Ning Guangyao was disconcerted. He asked before even thinking, “Is there something troubling Ruoxi? Or is she too tired?”
“You seem very concerned about my wife.” Yang Chen grinned and asked, “I thought that you only had associations with my mother.”
Ning Guangyao hurriedly let out a forced smile, saying, “I’ve met her once or twice in the past. It’s not easy bearing such a huge responsibility at her age. I respect her, that’s why I couldn’t help but asked a few more questions.”
“I have to thank you for your concern then, Premier Ning. Regarding why she’s not having such a good time, it’s mainly thanks to the creep you call son, stirring up problems for her. Ever since your son showed Ruoxi a copy of Lin Kun’s medical record, Ruoxi hasn’t been able to lift her spirits,” Yang Chen said with a shadow of a smile.
Ning Guangyao’s hand that was holding the teacup trembled a little. He tried to keep up his front and said, “Regarding that matter, I’m very sorry. I’ve also called to explain it before. That medical record is a fake copy. Your family members don’t have to be overly concerned with it.”
The temperature in Yang Chen’s gaze dropped, “Premier Ning, do you know who was the first person to discover that medical record?”
“Hmm?” Ning Guangyao raised his head and stared at Yang Chen in doubt.
“It was me,” said Yang Chen.
Ning Guangyao seemed startled. A tinge of nervousness flashed across the corner of his eye.
Yang Chen said coldly, “On that day, after Lin Kun’s death, his doctor-in-charge summoned his family members into the doctor’s office. That doctor surname Jiao, pulled out that medical record in front of my eyes. It was clearly recorded on that document that Lin Kun was born without seminal vesicles.
“Back then, the doctor even blackmailed me up to hundreds of millions using that medical record. Needless to say I did not give him the money. All I did was warn him that if the information were leaked, I would claim his life immediately.
“But I could never have guessed that someone would investigate Ruoxi’s family members in order to get even with me. In the end, through various twists and turns, that medical record ended up in the hands of your son.”
Ning Guangyao couldn’t speak a word. He just drank his tea in silence.
“Premier Ning, I know even better than you do whether Lin Kun is fertile. And I can tell you this right now. The servant that my family had hired back then, who is still serving in my house currently—Wang Ma—she had watched Lin Kun get married. The old CEO had already revealed the truth to Wang Ma when she was still alive. Given how there wasn’t a phone call from you on that day, the records had to be true,” said Yang Chen.
Ning Guangyao took a deep breath. He said with a stiffened smile, “Is that so? This is so saddening. That was my mistake. But it’s too upsetting to talk about this matter. Let’s not continue this topic.”
Yang Chen shook his head, “I haven’t even gotten to the crucial part yet. The reason why I agreed to come today is to make something known to you right now.”
“Young man, what is it?” A sharp gaze flashed across Ning Guangyao’s eyes.
Yang Chen was not in the least affected. He said sternly, “I accompanied Ruoxi to visit her mother and grandmother’s graveyards recently. As we were going up the hill, I noticed a familiar looking Audi A8 exiting from the bottom of the hill. That car was the exact same car that I had seen before outside the military’s courtyards. Premier Ning, I am certain that that was your car.”
Ning Guangyao could feel his body stiffening up. He smiled feebly and asked, “Is that so? Your eyes deceived you. I’ve never been to any graveyard.”
“Oh, really? Then it seems like the bouquet of Chinese redbud flowers that lay before my deceased mother-in-law’s grave wasn’t by you as well?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.
“Of course not.” Ning Guangyao let out a feeble laughter. Cold sweat was emerging on his temples.
Yang Chen smiled coldly. “Premier Ning, are you going to continue to feign ignorance? Firstly, given my eyesight, it is impossible for me to make a mistake on the car plate number that I saw that day. More importantly, you were already acquainted with my mother and my deceased mother-in-law Xue Zijing in university. What more can you say to deny your claims?”
“What exactly are you trying to get at?” Ning Guangyao asked solemnly.
“What I want to say is that no matter how hard you try to conceal it, it will never change the fact that you are Lin Ruoxi’s birth father!”
All at once, it felt as though all the air in the atmosphere had been vacuumed away.
Ning Guangyao’s stared with his eyes wide open; they were painted red. His body was trembling, and his front of authority as the premier was falling apart.
Yang Chen looked like he had just announced someone’s death sentence. His eyes were staring at the middle-aged man before him coldly without the slightest change in emotion.
“Hahahaha…” Ning Guangyao let out abrupt fits of laughter. He pointed at Yang Chen and said, “Yang Chen oh Yang Chen, you may be able to think whatever you want but you will not simply say whatever you wish. Let’s not dwell in this anymore. I’ll act as though you’ve never said anything about it.”
“Why shouldn’t I mention it?” Yang Chen smirked, “Do you think that people wouldn’t know about it if I don’t mention it?”
“That’s enough!” Ning Guangyao exploded. His eyes were bursting with rage. “I do not wish to continue this topic! If you refuse to talk about anything other than this, scram right now!”
“I’ll come and leave as I wish. But I have to finish my words!”
Yang Chen did not budge an inch and replied coldly, “I’ll tell you this, what is done by night appears by day. The old CEO was well aware of your adultery with my mother-in-law back then. She just kept it to herself and never revealed it.
“Furthermore, my mother has also attested to witnessing you secretly visiting Zhonghai back then while she was still there. With all the evidence that was laid out before me, there is no denying the fact.”
“I have not the slightest idea of this nonsense you are spouting!” said Ning Guangyao who was wild with anger.
“There is no use in denying. Even if you deny it, my mother, Wang Ma, and many others who had sensed what was going on back then, all know the truth.” Yang Chen mocked, “Do you think that everything would be resolved should you turn a blind eye to it? Those photos that my mother-in-law had taken when she was still alive, any of those that she took with you would raise questions and provide answers. Not to mention poetic verses were even scribbled behind some of those photos, saying things like ‘day after day of you I think, but you are not in my view. Although as one we drink, the water clear of River Blue’. If you two weren’t in love, then are you claiming that it was my mother-in-law’s one-sided love?”
Ning Guangyao was seized by a surge of grievance. He was so dumbfounded that words failed him.
“Premier Ning, let me be frank.” Yang Chen supported himself with both his hands on the tabletop as he said aloud, “If not for the fact that I had already figured out that you were Ruoxi’s father, and that Ning Guodong was Ruoxi’s half brother of the same father, I would have already killed Ning Guodong off. The mere offence of him threatening Ruoxi with the medical record is enough to make me want to tear his bones apart!
“Why do you think your son has been able to stay alive until now? Did you think that I cared about your Ning clan? Cared about you?! Screw off! I merely chose the path that did not lead to my woman’s heart breaking. Do you understand?!”
Ning Guangyao jaw was half dropped. Evidently, he hadn’t realized that Yang Chen had already figured out everything so early on, and that so many matters were closely entangled.
Yang Chen had finished his words. He scratched at his scalp and controlled his emotions. Looking at the dumbfounded Ning Guangyao, he said earnestly, “Premier Ning, I highly implore you… to meet Ruoxi at least once.”