Looking at how Jiang Shan was suddenly engrossed with the news, Yang Chen resorted to shaking his head in frustration as he went out to backyard for a quiet stroll.

Cai Ning too was noticeably fatigued as she dragged her dispirited sister along when leaving the living room.

Cai Yuncheng waited until the three of them left on their separate ways before he sighed to his wife. “Why would you stir up problems that have already been put to rest? Now you have undoubtedly become a pain in the arse for our daughters and that kid Yang Chen.”

Jiang Shan lifted her head as her preceding guilt was nowhere to be seen. She proudly taunted, “You really think I am an idiot, don’t you? I can’t predict for sure what happened between the kids, but one thing I know clear and well is that Yang Chen was never a sincere person to begin with. That’s why I faked the call.”

Cai Yuncheng was caught off-guard as he gave a bitter smile. “What even… why would you even do that?”

“Why not?” Jiang Shan confidently elaborated, “As a mother to my beloved daughters, I would do all that I can for their happiness. Of course it’s a good thing that they chose the Yang clan’s successor. But knowing that they would be relegated to the sides, what would they have to deal with if I don’t do my best to support them when I still can? Looking at the personality of this darn kid, I believe he doesn’t have the final say at home in front of his wife. We have to solidify our position in the family and never allow the chance to have our daughters present themselves as third wheelers!”

Cai Yuncheng patted the armrest of the cushion as he spoke his mind. “Wow you make it sound like we’re in a war. I know Yang Chen doesn’t seem to have a commanding presence, but knowing him personally, he can be as stubborn as it gets. If his mind has been made up, there is no force in this world that can change it. It’s without a doubt that the main co-heir of the Yang family is going to be Ruoxi, but with a noble personality like Master Yang in the driver’s seat I’m confident that our daughters will not be neglected.”

Jiang Shan gleefully replied, “Of course I’m aware about that, and I didn’t really plan to challenge Ruoxi’s position as alpha. However, with our two daughters, I’m confident that the double package would compensate whatever lacking in the visuals department.

“Besides, Ruoxi was raised under our supervision. For the happiness of our daughters, it’s about time the intimate relationship between our two clans be put into good use.”

Cai Yuncheng crossed his legs as he relaxedly took a sip of tea. “If that’s the case, I’ll see how far your plans can go.”

Jiang Shan sneered as she chuckled, “Old Cai, look at that pretentious face of yours. We’ve been married for almost 3 decades now. There isn’t a single thing that you can do without me knowing. You really think I wouldn’t have guessed what you have in mind, don’t you? If you wanted to stop the call I made just now, you had all the time in the world to do so, but you didn’t, because you wanted me to play the villain, didn’t you?”

Exposed, Cai Yuncheng awkwardly scratched on his chin, as he snarkily smiled. “Isn’t my wife such a genius, haha. Come on I was also considering the future of daughters.”

The conversations between the couple in the living room was naturally unknown to Yang Chen, but either way what was done was done. Nothing else mattered to him right now.

As they arrived at the estate’s backyard, Cai Ning silently slipped back into her room, while Yang Chen accompanied Cai Yan to hers.

As he sat on the edge of Cai Yan’s bed, Yang Chen was brooding as he fell into deep thought, trying to plan out his next move carefully.

Cai Yan saw that Yang Chen was in deep concentration, so she discreetly tidied up her abode before grabbing some clothes along to wash in the bathroom.

Even after moments of exercising his brain juice Yang Chen couldn’t figure out a viable solution to calm Lin Ruoxi down, nonetheless he instead recalled about the incident between Mo Qianni and Ma Guifang.

Yang Chen, after moments of contemplation, was betting that Ma Guifang would have cooled off by now, and Mo Qianni, he assumed should be in a better mood. So he instantly grabbed his mobile and dialled Mo Qianni’s number with the intention of a discussion on convincing her mother about their relationship.

The call was connected after just a couple of beeps.

“What led you to call me?” Mo Qianni sounded weary, but from her tone it was not hard to guess that she was expecting his call.

Yang Chen could only imagine that she had not been in decent condition the past days, unlike himself, with his thick-faced and stubborn personality. She sounded extremely tired, as he sympathetically noted, “I have been thinking about the incident between us day and night, but because of that I couldn’t bring myself to make the call. So… are you feeling better the past few days?”

“Yeah, I’m much better now.” Mo Qianni chuckled. “There has been a lot to handle in the company recently. You can push away your problems when you’re busy working you know. I just got home and was about to go for dinner befo—”

Before she got to finish her sentence, Ma Guifang’s voice was audible from the background.

“Is that Yang Chen? How many times must you defy me? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Ma Guifang ranted furiously at her daughter before snatching Mo Qianni’s mobile from her grasp and shouted at Yang Chen on the other end of the line, “You son of a bitch. This will be my final warning to you. If you call here one more time I assure you I’ll bring her back to our hometown you get that?”

Before Yang Chen could react, Ma Guifang ended the call.

Yang Chen was left in a daze. He never expected Ma Guifang to be just as furious about this as the first day it happened. He could only expect to meet her when he makes his return to Zhonghai, otherwise any phone calls would only add salt to the wound.

As he stared at the date shown on his mobile, he mumbled to himself, “It’s about time I go back now.”

Right at that moment, the bathroom door was flung open, Cai Yan was just done with her shower, as she was covered by nothing but a white towel, her alluring legs was exposed in full glory as she walked barefooted onto the plywood floor.

“Stop daydreaming there now. Go take a shower,” Cai Yan happily said as she dried her supple black hair with a towel.

Yang Chen gave a sinister glance at her protruding peaks as he grinned. “Those matters can be left aside. As for now, I believe you have a gift for me to unwrap.”

Upon finishing his sentence he dashed into the bathroom for a shower, without forgetting a peck on her supple face.

After a cold shower, he could finally leave the frustration and stress behind. He casually dried himself and in his birthday suit, he bolted his way to the bedroom.

As he swung the door open, the majestic view on sight left him in a hot fuzz, as blood gushed into his brains…

Cai Yan that was just moments ago wrapped in a towel, was now all of a sudden dressed in a different attire, what more, it was a police uniform!

Cai Yan was wearing a pair of glossy yellow heels, her rose-colored high-waist stocking exposed her gorgeous pair of legs, the short skirt of the police attire barely covered her thighs. As he slowly moved his gaze upwards, the mint-colored police blazer was loosely buttoned around her bosom.

Yang Chen’s gaze was fixed on the rose-colored lingerie exposing her cleavage deep into her seductive outfit as it reflected the light beamed upon it.

Cai Yan on the other hand took the means for breakthrough as she awkwardly avoided his gaze when she mumbled, “This is the gift I mentioned on our way back. You like it?”

Despite Yang Chen’s constant delusions about making out with her in her police attire, never once had he thought she would actually take the initiative to do it.

The radiant colour of the lingerie became a striking contrast with her supple skin, exerting a visual sensation for the beholder.

Yang Chen felt a certain region of his body on the verge of exploding, as he succumbed to Cai Yan’s offer.

Cai Yan felt like she was hit by an enormous wave as she was pinned down on the bed, her loosely buttoned attire ripped open by a primitive force, her bubbly breasts popped out as they bounced in all their glory.

It was a known fact that her body curves was inferior to that of Tang Wan, but due to her line of profession and the intense training that came along with it, it was firm and supple.

“Lighter… alright?” Cai Yan wiggled in his grasp as she felt Yang Chen smooching and savouring the taste of her in the regions she was most sensitive. Her emotions were running rampant as they flicked back and forth from excitement and embarrassment.

Yang Chen on the other hand did not care about how she felt as he forced his lips on hers, prompting to her to occasionally gasp for air.

His hands placed right on her twin peaks as he fondled and groped, before lifting her legs and tossed her over on her back as he flipped her skirt up.

The solemnity of the police uniform, the laced panties engulfing her supple buttocks, and the rippled trench of her nether regions combined fueled his primal impulse as blood gushed to his crotch.

As she struggled to turn to him, all she could say as his gaze was fixated on her crotch was, “Stop staring at it… Take it off”

Yang Chen replied with a sinister smile, “No don’t take it off, never take it off. Tonight you’re going to sleep in that!”

Cai Yan was so embarrassed she wished that the bed would open up and swallow her whole. But she ultimately understood that it was an initiative she willingly took, which she could only avoid in future endeavours solely from the primitive lust in Yang Chen’s eyes. She knew this was going to be a long and exhilarating night.

Before she even got to consider her next move, a boiling sensation penetrated into her body as her mind went blank.