After a whole night of pleasure, Yang Chen woke up the next morning feeling very much refreshed. The troubles that he had faced did not seem so impossible to deal with anymore.
When he walked into the living room, Cai Yuncheng and his wife, as well as the elder sister Cai Ning were all having their breakfast. They shared an odd look when they saw Yang Chen walking out alone.
A tinge of redness appeared on Cai Ning’s cheeks. But she chose to feign ignorance as she continued with her meal.
Jiang Shan, on the other hand, had the most cheerful smile among them all. “Yang Chen, you must be tired. Come on, eat up. You must treat your body well when you are young.”
Cai Yuncheng coughed aloud and gave his wife a glare. Is that something to be said so openly? he thought.
Luckily Yang Chen was also an expert at being thick-skinned. He figured that they had probably overheard Cai Yan’s moans the previous night. He just sat down casually, grabbed a steamed twisted roll with scallions, took a bite and said, “Don’t underestimate me just because I don’t seem fit on the outside. I have more than enough internal strength to spare. Aunt, please rest assured.”
Cough! Cough! Cough! Cai Yuncheng wasn’t coughing on purpose this time round—he had choked upon hearing Yang Chen’s words.
Jiang Shan covered her mouth and chuckled non-stop. She made sure to place two fried eggs in Yang Chen’s bowl.
Yang Chen moved his body towards Cai Ning and said with a creepy smile, “Ning’er, there’s actually a lot of free time in the night. Do you want to join us next time?”
Cai Ning tried her best to stay composed. She raised the half-eaten steamed vegetable bun in her hand and stuffed it straight into Yang Chen’s mouth. “Hurry up and eat.”
Yang Chen swallowed the steamed vegetable bun in two bites. Then he grinned and said, “Tsk tsk, this vegetable bun that has been half-eaten by a beauty tastes special indeed.”
Cai Ning had stuffed that bun out of a moment of fluster. She, too, just realized that she had already taken a few bites out of that bun. Embarrassed, she could feel her cheeks starting to burn.
Jiang Shan, who had been watching their interaction, laughed even more happily now, “Ha, I’ve never seen such a red blush on my dear daughter’s face. I guess having a partner makes all the difference.”
Cai Ning could no longer remain seated. She placed her chopsticks on the table and ran back to her room in a hurry.
“Hey, Ning’er, you haven’t finished eating!” Jiang Shan shouted out behind her, but it was no use. She shook her head with a big smile and just let her daughter be.
Cai Yuncheng let out a sigh of resignation, “You can’t keep a daughter once she’s grown up. Truer words have never been spoken.”
Cai Yan did not step out of her room once even after they had finished their breakfast. In the end, Jiang Shan had to bring some food into her room. Cai Yuncheng rolled his eyes, annoyed at the situation.
Yang Chen told Cai Yuncheng briefly that he was going back to Zhonghai within the day. He had already settled his matters in Beijing. As for those matters that were still unresolved, it was best to just leave them as they were for the time being.
Cai Yuncheng understood what Yang Chen meant. He knew that it was completely up to Yang Chen’s will whether to stay or leave, so he didn’t ask too much.
Cai Yan was still on holiday and she planned to stay in Beijing for a few more days to accompany her family. Cai Ning didn’t have any important duties either, and now that she didn’t have to continue monitoring Yang Chen, she decided to spend some time with her family too.
Yang Chen made it a point to ask Cai Yuncheng not to assign any dangerous duties to Cai Ning. Hearing his words, Cai Yuncheng was glad and naturally agreed to it. He had a plan in mind—if they were to run into any highly difficult problems, he could bring up the excuse of not being able to deploy Cai Ning, and request Yang Chen to help them settle instead.
Yang Chen could well guess what Cai Yuncheng had in mind. But since the two sisters now belonged to him, it wasn’t too much to do Cai Yuncheng a few small favors in return.
On the other hand, Tang Wan and her daughter were also going back to Zhonghai within the next few days. After all, the National College Entrance Examinations were starting the next month. That saved Yang Chen the need to bid them farewell. Tang Wan was busy bringing Tang Tang around to pay visits to pave the way for her daughter, so they didn’t really have time to spend with Yang Chen.
Before he left, Yang Chen went to Yu Lei Entertainment to check up on things. He was worried if Hui Lin and the team could work well together.
Many reporters and paparazzi were still stationed at the ground floor of the company, unwilling to leave. They were of course waiting to chance upon meeting those international celebrities during their entry or exit, so that they could take a few more photos or even dig up some interesting news.
Hui Lin and her team members were all preparing relentlessly for her first album that was scheduled for release within the next week. In an effort to create a mysterious vibe, they didn’t even disclose the poster officially. It would be unfathomable if other singers did the same, as it did not help with publicity at all.
But the last thing that Hui Lin had to worry about now was precisely publicity. After the entire series of her movements that had thrown the entertainment industry into a surprise, everyone was waiting to see what kind of album she would be capable of releasing.
When Yang Chen stepped into the company, Hui Lin, the company employees, as well as some members of her team were in the midst of a meeting. They were discussing the logistics of a tour and the release of more songs in multiple languages.
The music producers who had had a chance to hear Hui Lin’s vocal all shared the same sentiments. Hui Lin was an undiscovered rising star. She was too outstanding, be it her talents or her looks. Therefore, they were considering rearranging some of the songs and replacing the lyrics with foreign languages so that she could make her way into the global market as early as possible.
Yang Chen was not too familiar with the topics that they were discussing on. After he had entered the conference room and met everyone briefly, he spoke some words of encouragement to them before leaving.
Although Hui Lin wanted to spend some time with him, she was already too busy with her own work. She had no choice but to ask Yang Chen to send her regards to everyone at home.
Yang Chen left the office and headed straight for the airport. He was rather relaxed as he didn’t have much luggage. He had already booked his ticket the previous night while Cai Yan was resting. According to his estimation, he would probably reach Zhonghai by dinnertime.
Upon reaching the airport, a member the Green Dragon Society came to collect the BMW Z4 he borrowed. But Yang Chen was surprised to see that the Green Dragon Society member that came was actually one of the airport service crew. Liu Qingshan’s influence was truly omnipresent.
But immediately after passing the immigrations security check, Yang Chen heard an extremely unpleasant news from the airport broadcast system. There were thunderstorms looming in the horizon!
It was May after all. Although it wasn’t truly summer yet, occurrences of thunderstorms were still understandable. But out of all the times that it could have happened, it just had to be now!
With such an unforeseen circumstance, there was no telling how long the delay was going to take. This wait was going to be an agonizing one for Yang Chen.
Yang Chen considered using his cultivation to teleport himself back to Zhonghai. Yet somehow, a lurking feeling of uneasiness made him feel wary about using his cultivation.
When he previously teleported to the mountaintop with Yan Sanniang, he had already felt worried. However, he didn’t pay too much thought to it, neither did he ask Yan Sanniang about it. Right now, this feeling was getting stronger.
Yang Chen realized that he was facing a situation in which he had very little understanding of. It was better not to use an overly powerful cultivation before he figured out what was happening.
Since it was only noon, Yang Chen located a Japanese ramen restaurant in the airport and had his lunch there.
Thunderstorm poured and lightning struck. The whole ordeal nearly lasted three whole hours!
Yang Chen thought that it was finally over. However, a new problem arose due to the large number of travellers stuck in the airport. Because there were so many delayed flights, the airport had trouble rescheduling flight times.
With all these unforeseen events, by the time Yang Chen’s flight took off, it was already 8 o’clock at night!
Yang Chen had already eaten quite a few bowls of ramen in the airport, and had almost tasted all the flavors available in that restaurant!
But he was glad that he hadn’t told his family about going back to Zhonghai. If not, he would feel sorry towards them for all the delay.
Two hours later, Yang Chen reached the airport in Zhonghai and collected his car. He raced home quickly in the dark.
Although he had only been away for a few days, breathing in the familiar air and thinking of those people whom he missed in this city, Yang Chen felt extremely relieved to be home.
He had only returned to the country back then because of the demise of Seventeen and the child in her womb. Devastated, he had wanted to live a peaceful life. After a substantial amount of time, he now had a family and family members. It was truly a gift from the heavens.
Half an hour later, Yang Chen parked his car on the roadside outside a bungalow, but he didn’t enter the house immediately.
He took a look at the time. Fortunately, it was only 11 o’clock at night. He got down from his car and noticed few passersby in the surrounding. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was standing on the balcony of Rose’s house.
Since no thief would have a chance of getting near Rose’s house, she didn’t have a habit of locking her glass door.
Yang Chen opened the door and walked gently to Rose’s bed. In the darkness, she had covered her body with a thin silk blanket. Her black hair was spread out on the white pillow, and her bewitching face looked peaceful and quiet. She was sound asleep.
Rose didn’t seem to be in a deep sleep yet. She sensed something in her subconscious and slowly opened her eyes, only to see the man standing before her bed.
When she got a clear look at him and confirmed that she wasn’t dreaming, Rose propped her body up in shock, “Hubby, aren’t you in Beijing? Why have you come back? When did you arrive?”
Yang Chen smiled gently and sat on the edge of her bed. Reaching out his hand, he combed through Rose’s messy hair. “I just arrived. There was a thunderstorm in Beijing. I waited from noon till night and finally made it back.”
Rose was slightly taken aback, “Why did you wait for so long? Since there was a thunderstorm, why didn’t you just change your flight? Did you come back for some urgent matters?”
Yang Chen’s expressions turned serious. He nodded and said, “It’s very serious. I had to be back by 12 o’clock tonight.”
“What’s wrong?” Rose started worrying, “I was wondering, why did you come straight to my place upon arriving? Do you need my help?”
Yang Chen glanced at Rose with a complicated look in his eyes. He sighed heavily and held her hand in his, pulling her soft body into his embrace.
She wore a fragrant breeze on her warm petite body. It made Yang Chen lean against the back of her neck in pleasure, taking in a deep breath of her sweet, fragrant smell.
Rose wrapped her hands around Yang Chen’s waist. She was getting anxious, her thoughts wavering in worry.
“Babe Rose,” Yang Chen whispered gently right beside her ear, “Happy birthday.”