“Boss Lin is married?”
“Her husband is Director Yang?”
“How have I not heard of this yet?”
“Who knew? I never expected this…”
“No wonder she trusts Director Yang so much…”
The executives who were following behind Lin Ruoxi started whispering in excitement. This news was much more significant compared to having a new human resources director named Chris!
Wu Yue showed a look of sudden realization on her face. She finally understood why Yang Chen always came looking for Lin Ruoxi for no particular reason, and why Lin Ruoxi was also always willing to see him.
Wu Yue stared at her boss’s back, slightly annoyed. She couldn’t understand why Lin Ruoxi did not tell her that she was married despite being Lin Ruoxi’s personal assistant. To think that I have been guarding against Yang Chen all this while. Turns out that the two are family! That practically makes me the clown in a circus for doing what I have been doing all along! thought Wu Yue.
Yang Chen exchanged glances with Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu. Then, he walked forward expressionlessly and stopped right in front of Lin Ruoxi. He said calmly, “Follow me.”
Lin Ruoxi gazed at him coldly for a while. Instead of replying, she just walked past Yang Chen silently and continued her way out of the corridor.
Yang Chen turned around and said, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t come with me on the count of three, don’t regret what happens next.”
Lin Ruoxi paused briefly in her steps, but she soon continued walking out. It seemed like she did not intend to respond.
Lin Ruoxi continued walking.
Everyone watched in worry and curiosity. They wondered about what had happened between this married couple.
Yang Chen did not count to three. Instead, he turned around and caught up to Lin Ruoxi quickly. Amidst the crowd’s exclamations, he bent down and picked her up off her feet!!
Lin Ruoxi felt that her legs were suddenly dangling in the air as he lifted her off the floor using his strong arms!
If not for her self-control, Lin Ruoxi would have screamed out loud!
Did this guy just bridal carry me in front of everyone else?!
Lin Ruoxi could no longer understand what she was feeling. She would have done anything to let this just be a dream. Yet, before she could continue her train of thoughts, Yang Chen had already started making his way towards the elevator outside the corridor.
Mo Qianni exchanged a glance with Liu Mingyu. Both of them could see a look of worry and doubt in each other’s eyes. But they were in no position to interfere with this married couple’s relationship.
Lin Ruoxi suddenly recollected herself by the time they entered the elevator. Struggling, she wriggled her body in an attempt to free herself from Yang Chen’s arms. Her eyes were glaring straight at Yang Chen in despair.
But it was almost impossible for her to free herself from Yang Chen’s strong arms. He hooked onto her legs tightly, and her arms were tightly secured as well. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t escape from him.
The lift descended one floor after another, stopping at some of the floors on the way down. All those who stood outside waiting for the elevator revealed a look of shock the moment they saw the scene inside.
The beautiful CEO that was akin to an ice mountain that never melted even in ten thousand years was being bridal carried by Director Yang of the branch company in the elevator?!
Upon seeing this scene, none of the employees dared to enter the elevator lest they die from awkwardness.
Lin Ruoxi was so embarrassed she wanted to bite a chunk of flesh off Yang Chen’s chest. She even wondered if he was mentally disorganized!
Yang Chen lowered his head and smiled mischievously. “Lin Ruoxi, you better stop moving around. If you provoke me, it wouldn’t be as simple as just carrying you. When we reach the ground floor lobby, there will be more people. I might not be able to control myself. Who knows, I might just hug you out and French kiss with you in public.”
Immediately, Lin Ruoxi felt as though she had been struck by lightning. She dared not move around carelessly at all. But the grievances in her heart transformed into tears that kept rolling in her eyes. She clenched her teeth in anger and said, “You devil…”
“Ha!” Even Yang Chen’s brows carried a sense of happiness. He laughed heartily and said, “At last you’re willing to open your mouth and talk to me. Dear, how did you know that ‘devil’ is among one of my nicknames? Tsk tsk, it feels good to hear your voice once again.”
Lin Ruoxi shut her eyes close in defeat. She knew that there was no way she could escape Yang Chen’s arms.
But Yang Chen wasn’t so vicious. He did not actually stop at the ground floor lobby. Instead, he went straight to the carpark and placed Lin Ruoxi down on the seat of his car, and proceeded to drive out of the building.
Lin Ruoxi stopped sobbing. With pale lips and a gloomy expression, she looked out of the window, unwilling to look at Yang Chen.
Yang Chen chose not to talk as well. He drove the car at high speed. About half an hour later, they arrived at the side of the west district central plaza.
Yang Chen parked his car and alighted. Then, he opened the car door for Lin Ruoxi, saying, “Come down.”
Lin Ruoxi just sat there without moving an inch. She seemed determined not to listen to Yang Chen.
Yang Chen squinted his eyes. “You’re being so difficult. You are basically begging for me to carry you again.”
Lin Ruoxi gave Yang Chen an angry stare, but she had no choice but to oblige. She tidied her slightly messy attire up and asked, “Where are we going?”
“Just follow me.” Yang Chen smiled mysteriously before leading around and leading the way.
Lin Ruoxi could do nothing about it but follow behind Yang Chen obediently.
A scene that attracted people’s attention appeared on the plaza—a lazy-looking man with ordinary features walked in front yawning, while a stunning woman in grey dress and blue cardigan was following behind him unwillingly. It looked just like one of those movie scenes where a couple that was having their argument walked in the lazy afternoon sun.
A few minutes later, the two arrived at a cafe next to a fountain.
A look of doubt emerged on Lin Ruoxi’s face. She definitely recognized the place, as she was the one who had first brought Yang Chen here.
“You haven’t forgotten, have you?” Yang Chen turned around and smiled, saying, “Back then this was where we signed our wedding agreement.”
Lin Ruoxi dazed out briefly, as though some memories had come to her mind. She nodded blankly.
Yang Chen let out a soft laughter. Then, he led the way into the cafe.
It had been a year since they last visited. Thus, the decorations and waiters were mostly different now. After a new, young waiter brought the two upstairs, Yang Chen requested to sit at the exact same spot where they had sat a year ago.
It was the same location with the same characters, only things were very different now than they were a year ago.
“Sir, what would you like to drink?” the waiter asked politely.
Yang Chen replied, “A blue mountain with milk but no sugar for this lady here. And I’ll have a Naples coffee with American flavor.”
The waiter took their order and was about to leave when Yang Chen called him out again.
“Give me four pieces of paper and a pen. You have those here, don’t you?” Yang Chen asked.
The waiter was caught by surprise, but he immediately nodded, “Yes we do. Please hold on.”
Lin Ruoxi sat looking at Yang Chen with complicated feelings in her heart. She remembered that when they first met here back then, the coffee that she had ordered was precisely blue mountain coffee. On top of that, Yang Chen even remembered that she wanted it with milk but without sugar.
After the waiter brought them four pieces of paper and a pen, Yang Chen asked him to leave. Immediately, their surroundings turned silent.
Yang Chen grabbed the pen quietly, took a piece of paper, and started writing on it.
“Why exactly did you bring me here?” Lin Ruoxi didn’t like situations like this where she had no control. She had grown increasingly confused by what Yang Chen meant by doing these.
Yang Chen scribbled a few large characters on the paper swiftly, and then he held the paper up in front of Lin Ruoxi’s eyes.
Lin Ruoxi’s gaze instantly transformed from confusion to a mixture of shock, surprise, and doubt. She even felt a little flustered.
It felt as though a block of ice had sunk into her heart. Lin Ruoxi could feel an icy chill running down her back.
On that piece of paper, the title was: Divorce Agreement!
He wants a divorce?! thought Ruoxi.
Lin Ruoxi had never expected that Yang Chen’s sudden actions were all for such a decision!
Yang Chen sneered and said, “Babe Ruoxi, you seem to be a little slow. Why do you think I exposed our relationship in public so suddenly? Why do you think I hugged you so suddenly ignoring everybody’s stares? Why do you think I ignored your anger and your hateful glare at me?
“That’s right. I was already prepared to get a divorce with you. Because I had planned to get a divorce, I couldn’t be bothered to leave myself any way out.”
Lin Ruoxi grabbed tightly onto her dress, her fingers pale.  She bit her lips tight and almost couldn’t catch a breath.
“Now that things have advanced to this stage, I no longer want to bother about what had been right or what had been wrong. Perhaps it was all destined. Let’s sign our divorce agreement right here where we signed our marriage agreement. It would make quite the ending, wouldn’t it?” Yang Chen said with a faint smile.
Lin Ruoxi’s watery eyes stared straight into Yang Chen’s eyes. She was trying to read his facial expressions for hints of playfulness.
In the end, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t see the faintest hint of joke in Yang Chen’s eyes. It would seem like he was serious about this!
Her face was overcome by a deep misery, and then it turned into a look of relief, as though she had put down a heavy burden. She smiled faintly at the corner of her mouth and said, “Looks like you have truly made a perfect choice.”
Yang Chen’s smile faded away as he said with a serious tone, “On my way to the company, I had already called to enquire. To get a divorce, we will need our account book, our identification documents, our marriage certificate and documents of the like. But those are trifle matters. The most crucial thing is to have a reasonable divorce agreement.
For normal married couples, they might have to negotiate over matters like distribution of their assets and their children’s custody. But we have no child. As for our assets, it doesn’t matter either. You don’t lack money and neither do I. So I’ll just write it the way it is. You shouldn’t have an issue with it, do you?”
“No I don’t,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. She lowered her head and raised her coffee cup.
Her hands that were holding onto the coffee cup trembled a little, but Lin Ruoxi quickly kept her wrists under control and prevented the coffee from spilling out.
After taking a sip, Lin Ruoxi sighed softly with relief. “Just write. Like what you said, there is nothing for us to fight over.”