As the singing gradually faded away, the crowd in the plaza of Yu Lei started shrieking and shouting once again. They had just gotten a taste of their idol and were not satisfied just yet.
Hui Lin’s voice had received public acknowledgement once again. At the same time, many were touched by the scene before their eyes and they wanted to continue being immersed in this atmosphere.
However, someone among the crowd started shouting for them to kiss, and immediately all the audience had a new slogan!
“Kiss! Kiss!”
Amidst the city center, there was an explosion of shouts that rattled the surrounding buildings nearby.
Yang Chen stood on the stage grinning. He was bursting with happiness. Who said that modern-day urbanites are cold and emotionless? These audiences here are all very loyal, finding a chance for me to get intimate with her.
Lin Ruoxi who was standing outside the entrance of Yu Lei International reacted differently. If it was not for the fear that she would lose her face, she would’ve fled the scene immediately!
Kiss? In front of this large crowd that totaled more than hundreds or even thousands?!
She was shy enough even when the two of them were together alone. How could she withstand such a crowd? What’s more, there were a large number of Yu Lei employees on the plaza. If the two of them were to kiss right under their stares, how was she supposed to face them in the future?!
Lin Ruoxi’s face was red with embarrassment. She was at a loss, not knowing what to do. Yet again, the situation was once shifted!
The piercing sound of police sirens interrupted the clamor!
The police cars approached from two different junctions. They raced straight to the side of the plaza, ignoring any traffic lights along the way and stopped right there!
Following which, dozens of sturdy-looking policemen in uniform alighted from the eight police cars. With police batons in their hands and guns attached to their waists, they charged into the scene aggressively.
“What’s the situation?! Is this an illegal assembly?!”
“Disperse! Disperse!!”
“Who was the one who built this stage?! Who is the organizer?!”
The crowd lost their wits the moment they saw the police dashing towards them with fierce looks on their faces. The words ‘illegal assembly’ meant that they were breaking the law! They immediately scattered themselves into different directions!
All of a sudden, the plaza became a chaotic scene! Shouts of reprimand echoed everywhere, and no one was keen on staying any longer!
Wu Yue who stood behind Lin Ruoxi anxiously said, “Boss Lin, this is terrible! It must be because the scene that Director Yang created has been causing traffic congestions in the roads surrounding this area! And so many people have been shouting and screaming in the city center, it must be some unhappy citizen who reported it.”
Lin Ruoxi no longer had any shy look on her face either. She had felt a tinge of blissful happiness by Yang Chen’s ‘wedding anniversary commemoration activity’ originally, but who would have expected it to turn into an ‘illegal assembly’ so quickly! Even the police had to respond in light of civilian complaints!!
Indeed, that man would never stop being a worry to her…
“Ruoxi, if things go on like this, people will definitely find out that Yu Lei was the reason behind it. If we don’t handle it well, it will largely discount our business image and upset the society. We need to subdue the situation and subdue it fast,” Mo Qianni said worriedly.
Lin Ruoxi nodded her head. “ When Yang Chen comes over, we’ll let him explain it on his own. All we have to do is to communicate properly with the media. I believe the police won’t make things too difficult for us.”
“I think he won’t be making any explanations,” Liu Mingyu said with a bitter smile.
“He has already escaped.” Liu Mingyu pointed at the stage.
Lin Ruoxi looked in the direction and almost fainted from her anger!
Indeed, Yang Chen who was still there a minute ago had now vanished from sight. All that was left was an empty stage in the center!
“Ho—how could he have just escaped on his own?!” Lin Ruoxi didn’t even wonder about how Yang Chen made his escape. Given his abilities, it was a piece of cake to escape among the crowd. But wasn’t he leaving behind an awful mess for her to take care of now?!
At that moment, Lin Ruoxi felt a vibration in her phone. She pulled it out and realized it was indeed a message from Yang Chen!
As she read the message, Lin Ruoxi felt like smashing her phone!
Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu stepped forward to have a look, and they were both amused yet didn’t dare to laugh out loud.
“Dear, I looked so dashing performing on stage today. If I were to be dragged down the stage by the police, it would be a huge blow to my pride. In order to ensure that the performance is perfect, I’ll be taking my leave as you handle the situation. I believe you can do it! Happy one year wedding anniversary!” — Yang Chen.
“Yang… Chen…” Lin Ruoxi uttered with her teeth grinding. She placed her hand on her forehead, trying to soothe her headache. She was at a complete loss for words.
By now, the police had indeed traced that Yu Lei International was the cause of the ruckus.
A sergeant along with two police officers walked towards Lin Ruoxi. The sergeant who was in the lead said with a solemn expression, “May I know if you are Yu Lei’s CEO?”
Lin Ruoxi could no longer avoid it. She had no choice but to nod her head in acknowledgement.
The sergeant was apparently rather uneasy when he faced Lin Ruoxi. But he still carried out his duty and said, “We received reports from many citizens complaining that there was an illegal assembly here causing a ruckus. As it also happened to coincide with the afterwork peak period, and this is the city center, the assembly has caused a serious disruption to the traffic and the other citizens’ lives. Thus, we have been tasked to investigate this matter and apprehend the person behind it. It seems that one of the higher-ups in your Yu Lei International was the one who started it. Could Boss Lin please verify if this is true?”
Lin Ruoxi was scolding Yang Chen in her heart hundreds and thousands of times, but this was all she could only say to the sergeant. “This was indeed started by one of the higher-ups in our company, but it was just a personal activity with no malicious intentions. It wasn’t an illegal assembly. Everyone who was at the scene can attest to this.”
“Boss Lin, you are a celebrity in the business industry of Zhonghai, so I hold you in high regards. But I hope that you can cooperate with us in our duties. We have to investigate this matter thoroughly to give the citizens an explanation. I hope that you can tell us clearly who the organizer is, what his position in the company is, and what the reason is. We will arrest that person and handle it accordingly after we question him or her,” the sergeant said with a solemn face.
Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu both had a look of anxiety on their faces upon hearing the word ‘arrest’.
Lin Ruoxi bit her lower lip and was scolding secretly in her heart, Darned Yang Chen stupid Yang Chen, what a terrible mess you’ve left for me! You just vanished without a trace once you’re done having fun! What should I do now? You’re not only a suspect, but a suspect on the run now?!
Just when Lin Ruoxi was stuck in a dilemma, the sergeant received a phone call. He agreed to the caller repeatedly and suddenly said smilingly, “Boss Lin, our chief just called to inform us that the matter has been settled. Thank you for your cooperation. Goodbye!”
After he finished his words, the sergeant led his subordinates and left. They ran outside the plaza to direct the traffic and clear the crowd.
This sudden change in events stunned Lin Ruoxi and her company.
Lin Ruoxi’s phone started vibrating once again. This phone call finally helped Lin Ruoxi understand what was going on.
She picked up the phone to hear Yang Jieyu’s voice coming from the other end, saying smilingly, “Ruoxi, you must have been frightened. That lad Yang Chen suddenly told me that he had created some trouble. I’ve already contacted the police. As for the media, it shouldn’t be a problem for you control them, so I won’t interfere with that.”
Ruoxi was surprised that Yang Chen would contact Yang Jieyu to resolve this problem. After all, Yang Chen had never initiated any contact with people from the Yang clan before this. Since the Yuan clan had a very widespread network in Zhonghai, it was a piece of cake for them to solve these problems. But Lin Ruoxi still thanked her gently, “Sorry to have troubled you.”
Yang Jieyu sounded to be turning from smiles to grins. “Why are you standing on such ceremony? I’m your aunt-in-law after all. These things are trivial in my eyes. Oh, by the way, I didn’t even know that it was you and Yang Chen’s wedding anniversary today. I didn’t manage to prepare any gift for you. Please forgive me.”
“No—no—not at all.” Lin Ruoxi was a little flustered. She somehow couldn’t stop herself from getting nervous whenever she faced members of the Yang clan.
They chatted a little more before they hung up the phone.
Lin Ruoxi heaved a long sigh of relief, as though she had just been through a heart-racing journey.
Mo Qianni smiled and said, “Yang Chen did something again, didn’t he? No more problems now?”
“At least he still has conscience. I thought he was really taking his hands off it,” Liu Mingyu chuckled.
Wu Yue asked curiously, “Boss Lin, has the matter been solved just like that?”
Lin Ruoxi nodded. After giving it some thought, she regained her calmness and said, “Wu Yue, contact all mainstream media and ask them to watch what they write. Tell them directly that if anyone dares to write any nonsense, or if anyone divulges anything without my permission, I am not afraid to acquire and take over their company. You know what to do.”
“Okay,” Wu Yue responded quickly and she ran back to the office to execute the orders.
Until this point, it could be said that the matter was properly settled. And there weren’t any major troubles.
About an hour later, Lin Ruoxi finally got back home.
When she stepped into the living room, she realized that the tableful of sumptuous dinner had been left untouched. Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu were all sitting on the sofa watching the latest Korean drama on the television, whereas Yang Chen was nowhere to be seen.
Seeing Lin Ruoxi enter the house, Guo Xuehua stood up happily and said, “Ruoxi, you’re finally back. Yang Chen said you might be a little late, so we waited up for you.”
Lin Ruoxi realized that the shameless man had indeed reached home long before she did. The anger that she had been suppressing rose up again and she asked, “Mom, where is he?”
Guo Xuehua noticed that Lin Ruoxi didn’t seem too happy. She asked curiously, “This child, is anything wrong? You look very unhappy. Yang Chen said that it’s your wedding anniversary today. But why do you seem upset about it?”
Lin Ruoxi forced a smile. “No… maybe I’m just a little tired.”

I was kind of happy at first, but your precious son made things difficult for me again right after he made me happy, she thought.

Zhenxiu ran towards Lin Ruoxi and stopped behind her. She hugged Lin Ruoxi’s slim waist and grinned as she said, “Sister Ruoxi, you’re too petty. You didn’t even tell us that it’s your wedding anniversary. If it wasn’t for Brother Yang Chen who rushed back for it from Beijing, we would have missed it.”
“You’re always full of opinions.” Lin Ruoxi caressed Zhenxiu’s head adoringly, pursing her lips and smiling. Wedding anniversary? Who would’ve thought that we were almost divorced just this afternoon? she thought.
At this moment, Yang Chen who seemed to have just taken a cold shower walked down the stairs leisurely. His hair was still wet. When he saw that Lin Ruoxi had reached home, he grinned and said, “Dear, I’m so loyal, ain’t I? I even waited for you to come home to have dinner together!”
Lin Ruoxi wanted to hurl her bag straight at him and smash his face! How can this guy be so thick-skinned?!
She rolled her eyes at him, which was an action meant to convey the message: you yourself should know it best. Then she suppressed her annoyance at him and sat down at the table with Guo Xuehua and the others.
As Yang Chen had specially given Wang Ma the order beforehand, this was an extremely sumptuous dinner. But while they ate, their topic was mainly on Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi’s wedding.
Guo Xuehua asked with a concerned tone, “You two have already been married for a year, but you haven’t held a wedding ceremony yet. Now that you’ve disclosed your relationship to the public, why not choose a date to have the ceremony? It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Zhonghai or in Beijing. I think that either place is fine.”
“That’s right, Miss. You can’t keep dragging it on like this,” Wang Ma agreed.
Upon hearing the words ‘wedding ceremony’, Lin Ruoxi let out a shy look unconsciously. The truth was, although at the end of the day’s event, Yang Chen had made her clench her teeth in anger once again, but deep inside her heart, she was still surprised and touched by this ‘present’.
Furthermore, their relationship was now public. From the following day onwards, more and more people will learn of their relationship. Holding a wedding ceremony now didn’t seem that bad an idea to her.
“It’s still not time for that yet,” Yang Chen suddenly spoke.
His words pulled Lin Ruoxi’s thoughts back. She looked at the man beside her with a look of surprise.
Yang Chen chewed on his drumstick while saying with a smile, “Don’t overthink. I want to hold a wedding ceremony, but some of the preparations leading up to that day are not yet complete. There are still quite a lot of matters to settle. It won’t be too late to hold it when the time is more appropriate. It has already been a year after all. It doesn’t make that much a difference to drag it out a little longer.”
Lin Ruoxi was a little disappointed in her heart, though she didn’t show it on her face. This made her feel a little angry at herself too. Hmph, do you think I want it so much? Let’s just not have it then.
But Yang Chen seemed to be able to read what she was thinking. He asked smilingly with his eyebrows raised, “Babe Ruoxi, you seem very disappointed. Could it be that you can’t wait anymore? Tsk tsk, if that’s the case you should say it out loud. At most, I can change my plans. Let’s have it immediately!”
“Wh—who’s disappointed?!” Lin Ruoxi’s ears were burning red. She stared at Yang Chen with wide-open eyes and said angrily, “Don’t you spout nonsense! I can’t be bothered whether you do it or not. My job schedule is fully packed for the next one to two years. You can do as you deem fit.”
Watching the conversation between the two, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma exchanged glances, and then both shook their heads, smiling bitterly.
Yang Chen didn’t argue further with her. He finished munching the drumstick in his hand, took another one, and then paused for a while. Then he suddenly said to Guo Xuehua, “Mom, I’m thinking of going to Beijing again some time later.”
Everyone at the table stopped what they were doing upon hearing his words. They looked at Yang Chen with puzzled faces.
Lin Ruoxi was a smart woman. She immediately thought of something and lowered her head without saying a word.
On the other hand, Guo Xuehua asked, “Son, do you have something you need to settle there again? Didn’t you just come back two days ago?”
Yang Chen shook his head, “I’m not going right away. There’s still a lot to be done here in Zhonghai. I plan to wait till I’m free, and then I’ll bring Ruoxi back home to have a look.”
Guo Xuehua’s eyes brightened up at his words. Even her hands that were holding on to the chopsticks were shaking a little as she asked agitatedly, “Rea—Really? You’re willing to go back to the Yang clan?!”
“Mmm…” Yang Chen nodded and said smilingly, “During my trip to Beijing, that old man conveyed a certain message to me. I now have a different outlook towards some of the matters that have been going on in my life. Although I haven’t fully decided yet, I think… I should at least go back and have a look before I take my next step.”
Guo Xuehua’s eyes turned red as she agreed to it repeatedly. She let out a smile of relief.
Back then when she decided to part with Yang Pojun to come and stay with Yang Chen, it took her a great deal of determination. However, she still felt guilty towards the Yang clan, especially towards her father-in-law Yang Gongming.
If Yang Chen could really return to the Yang clan, then she wouldn’t have to continue wandering in a different city to accompany Yang Chen. Not only would she be able to fulfill her duty as a mother, she could also take care of her father-in-law.
To Guo Xuehua, what she wanted to see the most was for the family to be reunited.
“I—I’m going too?” Lin Ruoxi’s focus was on Yang Chen saying that he would bring her along. She was getting butterflies in her stomach from being overjoyed and touched at the same time, but feelings of respect and worry also lingered in her heart, making her feel at a loss.
Yang Chen said naturally, “Of course you have to go. We have an official stamp and a certificate, who else should go if not you? What’s more, didn’t the old man like you a lot when he met you the last time? He’ll probably be happy to see you.”
Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips and sneaked a glimpse at Guo Xuehua. Seeing that Guo Xuehua was looking at her with an encouraging look in her eyes, Lin Ruoxi could only nod her head to agree.