After dinner, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma continued to watch their korean drama, which left Yang Chen in a bind. Since their introduction to the world of the Korean wave by Lin Ruoxi, they fell into a pit of addiction with no intentions of getting out from it. Even their recent meal options had been accompanied by kimchi, leaving Yang Chen in further misery.

It was Zhenxiu however who was rather welcoming of this change. As someone with half Korean ancestry, despite the hostility with the relatives in Korea, she was still rather accepting of its cuisine.

Seeing how no one understood his frustration, Yang Chen could only drag his heavy feet up the stairs to prepare for an early night. As he arrived at his room door, he turned around only to see the strange sight of Lin Ruoxi tailing his footsteps.

Shocked from Yang Chen’s sudden turn, Lin Ruoxi forced herself to an immediate halt. Her pupils were focused on everywhere else but Yang Chen, as she noticeably had something in her mind.

Yang Chen carefully observed his woman before he replied with a sinister smile, “Babe Ruoxi, are you tailing me because of what I said earlier? Have you finally decided that you would like to go to bed with me?”

“What? No!” Lin Ruoxi reactively denied.

“Then what exactly do you want, just tell me.” Yang Chen smiled helplessly.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath before she cleared her throat. “Have you really decided on going back?”

Go back? Yang Chen thought for a while before saying, “Oh, you meant going back to the Yang clan? Yes I have. I thought I made it clear a while ago at dinner.”

“No I didn’t mean it literally.” Lin Ruoxi sighed. “What I meant is if you decided to return to the family.”

Yang Chen’s smile slowly vanished, as he silently stared at Ruoxi, before he asked, “Why did you ask so?”

Lin Ruoxi diverted her focus away as she mumbled, “You used to hate involving yourself with anything related to the Yang clan. But what you did today, you took the initiative to contact that man, which means you’re initiating a reconciliation, am I right? I can’t think of any other reason why anyone would do that.”

“You don’t seem to be too fond of this possibility. Don’t you want to be the co-heir of a dominant clan?”

“I have never given such a possibility any thought. I have no interest in gaining anything from the Yang clan,” Lin Ruoxi solemnly emphasized.

“Relax, there ain’t any solid conclusions yet. These are all just plans.”

Lin Ruoxi was not buying it. “I know you, you’re not the kind that would change your mind for anyone. I’m just worried that… that kid Yang Lie and General Yang would have a hostile response towards your return. Even if Master Yang supports you, it might just make for a messy feud.

“After all, these people are related to you by blood. What will happen to your mother when she is caught in the middle of it all? She’ll end up deeply upset.”

Yang Chen gave a gentle smile. “How would you know that I’m not open to change? I have always taken your thoughts into consideration.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and pouted. “How much of a blur do you think I am? Nobody can have a say about anything you set your mind towards. Just like the agreement we signed today. If you really wanted a divorce you could have just left right out the door. You’re always up for small tactics to coax me, never actually thinking of what I really want.”

Yang Chen rubbed his nose awkwardly and said, “So you do know me. Hehe…”

“It took me awhile to realize that you were just up to one of your tricks again,” Lin Ruoxi grumbled.

“Don’t make it sound so sinister, I did all that just so to make sure I can make things clear to you,” Yang Chen replied as he casually walked towards Lin Ruoxi, his arms open wide as he embraced her into his warmth.

Her alluding fragrance encircled him, which prompted him to close his eyelids and let out a long, relaxed breath. Lin Ruoxi surprisingly did not break free of his embrace, which felt a little weird to him, but nonetheless he was not complaining.

As she laid her head on Yang Chen’s chest, Lin Ruoxi felt Yang Chen’s warm breath on her ear.

When Yang Chen sighed, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorrowful too.

Back then when they hugged, Yang Chen would start placing his hands on inappropriate places. But right now, it was just a plain hug.

“I know what you are worried about, but this situation might be more complicated than expected,” Yang Chen continued. “There are certain things that I have to face now, or it would come knocking on my door sooner or later. I promise I wouldn’t make any rash decisions. After all, I’m not the man I used to be. Just like you, I like all of us being together as a family.”

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a moment before her arms reached out to Yang Chen’s back as she held him tightly.

After a couple of moments, Yang Chen let go of his arms, as he let out a smile. “You shouldn’t burden yourself with those matters. I will deal with that man to man. Why don’t you think about our relationship more instead? Ruoxi, look at the how beautiful the night sky is tonight, why don’t you just come sleep with me for the night?”

What started as a joke had noticeably become deep consideration for Lin Ruoxi, as she confusingly stared at Yang Chen, before she appeared to have made up a mind as she bit her lip and replied, “I—is that really what you want?”

What Yang Chen had desperately looked forward to suddenly appeared, making him panic. He stiffly asked, “Wha—what did you say?”

Lin Ruoxi went bright red as she reassured, “If that’s what you really want then we can try it tonight…”

After she finished, she seemed to have depleted her energy, causing her body to sink like melting ice. Due to her conservative mindset, she had already reached her limit for saying that.

It may be a result of all the time they had spent together, or from the rollercoaster of emotions they had experienced together, or from the suppressed emotions piled up from within. Regardless, it seemed that she no longer resented his company.

Yang Chen blankly stared at her, before he let out a grin. “I was just casually talking about it. You don’t need to overthink it. Plus you don’t look like you’re ready. Like I said before, when the time is right, when we have our wedding ceremony, it wouldn’t be too late for this, would it?”

After his words, a glimpse of heartfelt warmth was expressed on Lin Ruoxi’s face, as she brought herself towards him and pecked him on the cheek, before immediately darting off to her own room in embarrassment!

Yang Chen was dumbfounded as he touched the part of his face that she kissed him on. It was still damp with lingering fragrance. “Yang Chen oh Yang Chen, you’re a swine for acting like a gentleman...” he murmured and shook his head before subsequently returning to his room.

He initially wanted to check the news for a bit before he turned in, but that incident with Lin Ruoxi added complexity in his thoughts.

Yang Chen strolled towards the balcony, feeling the warm night breeze. The crescent moon looked as white as snow.

Yang Chen zoned out in thoughts for a moment, before noticing a shade of white at the edge of his sight.

As he glanced at a corner by the building right next door, by Rose’s second floor balcony, a mesmerising silhouette presented itself. It was none other than Mo Qianni!

The lonely figure was dressed in a loose white-cotton nightdress. Her hair fluttered in the wind, with the side view of her gorgeous face staring at the night sky. She was enveloped with dejection and dullness.

It didn’t take long until she realised there was someone staring at her. She turned to him and met his eyes. The two silently stared at one another. All that was heard was the sound of the night breeze slipping through the gaps of the sliding door.

It was Mo Qianni who eventually let out a smile, one presumably as a response to the awkward silence between them.

Yang Chen felt a sharp ache in his heart. The two of them were only a few meters apart, yet it felt like they were separated by a bottomless trench, destined to keep them apart.

Just weeks ago they were deep in love with each other. Yet at that moment, when Yang Chen attempted to strike a conversation, he was halted by Mo Qianni with a finger to the mouth.

Mo Qianni shook her head with a smile, unable to guess if it was to avoid Ma Guifang from knowing about their encounter, or that there really was no need for a conversation.

She subsequently pointed her finger towards the crescent moon, as she turned over and continued her stargazing.

Yang Chen solemnly stared at her for moments, before he smiled self-deprecatingly. Never would he expect a conversation between them both to be this hard. He eventually lifted his head up as they silently shared the view of the night sky as well, together with the woman.