Chapter 3/5

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Yang Chen’s involvement had caused the environment to once again return solemn. The entire executive board stared at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi in an obnoxious manner.

As their secretive marriage was exposed to the world, the perceptions they had towards Yang Chen went from a hooligan with a pretty face to a man with an unforeseeable background. No one present knew much about Yang Chen’s origins.

Upon Yang Chen’s entrance, Liu Mingyu dried the tears on her face as she kept her head low. She avoided looking at him despite wanting his comfort at a time like this.

That tiny gesture, however, had not evaded Yang Chen’s sight as he went towards her and gently patted her on the shoulder.

Liu Mingyu was terrified by his simple reaction, notably in front of everyone including Lin Ruoxi. She was obviously deeply moved by his act of support and adore, but at the same time was genuinely worried about the aftermath that potentially follows.

Which prompted her to abruptly swipe his hands off her shoulders as she shook her head while she reassured, “I’m fine, Director Yang.”

“Why are you still crying then? Take a day off, go home and get some rest,” Yang Chen gently replied.

Liu Mingyu that had just recently dried her tears felt new ones circling her eyes as she felt genuine emotions gushing through the same head that she shook vigorously, trying her best to indicate that she was fine.

The ambiance in the room took a huge turn as the incident took its place, an act by Yang Chen that had exposed his illustrious relationships.

Meanwhile, Lin Ruoxi appeared hardly affected by the turn in events, without expressing a single change in emotion. She watched the scene unfold before asking, “How do you plan to handle this?”

Yang Chen turned his head towards that stern wife of his, before he awkwardly giggled, “That uhh… Wifey, quit that seriousness. I’m a little scared now.”

Lin Ruoxi stressed her brows ever so slightly before she emphasized, “I’m not kidding, not to mention this is a company, Director Yang.”

“Uhh…” Yang Chen scratched on the back of his head as he scanned across the plenary before he ambiguously smiled. “I haven’t decided on how to investigate yet, but rest assured the truth is going to be revealed soon.”

The executive board was left stupefied, finding it absurd.

“Oh yeah!” Yang Chen clapped excitedly at an apparent discovery. “Well, we have CCTV in every corner of the company right? Why don’t we just rewind on the tapes and see who else tried their hand on the safe besides Liu Mingyu?”

Everyone was in a loss for words, as they awkwardly glanced at one another before Mo Qianni eventually explained, “Director Yang, you do realize that we intentionally excluded the CCTV from the executive floor right? It was for the confidentiality of business conversations.”

Yang Chen froze at the knowledge of this newly acquired information. No CCTVs? Doesn’t that mean no one would know who had laid their hands on the safe?

“Director Yang, I highly suggest you consult your thought process before speaking,” Li Minghe sneered.

“What other ideas do you have in mind then?”

“Me? Well, I wish I do but unfortunately this might not be my line of expertise.” Li Minghe quickly evaded the responsibility.

“Then keep your mouth shut,” Yang Chen sarcastically replied before turning towards Lin Ruoxi. “Wif—erm no, rest assured Boss Lin, that I can guarantee a lead in this case in two days’ time.”

Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, remained silent before turning to Wu Yue. “Are the police here yet?”

Wu Yue quickly nodded. “Yes, they were here 5 minutes ago and are currently in a separate room awaiting the end of our meeting.”

“Let them in.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Wu Yue upon replying immediately left the conference room.

Yang Chen heard their conversation as he frowned. “So you did call the police.”

Lin Ruoxi vaguely glanced at him as she replied, “Who wouldn’t? Even if I didn’t, the police would make their way here.”

Yang Chen seemed to have something in mind as he raised his voice. “Wait, are you going to make them take Mingyu away?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded without hesitation. “The police will know what to do. Liu Mingyu is currently the biggest suspect; theft and exposure of business confidentiality is no small matter. If Yu Lei’s share price experiences a sharp fall in the next few days, it’ll undoubtedly lead to a significant hit in Zhonghai’s economy. It is their job to interrogate the suspect after all.”

Upon her speech, the executive board was amazed at her just and headstrong execution, after all, Liu Mingyu had been her trusty employee all these years. They would have mostly expected that she would personally interrogate her, but instead, she called the police in such early stages to take her away.

Liu Mingyu appeared to be in a confused state, she never would have expected that Lin Ruoxi would make the call, as she sat by her corner awaiting her fate.

Mo Qianni, on the other hand, was stupefied by the turn of events, as she stared at Lin Ruoxi. She shifted her focus over to Yang Chen, hoping that he could once again save the day.

At this moment, two men in full police attire entered the conference room. Wu Yue pointed at Liu Mingyu and as expected the two policemen walked up towards Liu Mingyu and stood by her sides.

“Miss Liu Mingyu, in accordance to the latest presented evidence, we hereby suspect that you’re involved in corporate confidentiality theft, unauthorized exposure of customers’ information and multiple other accusations towards business misconduct. Please follow us to the station for interrogation. You have the right to remain silent or demand a lawyer but it is advised that every word you say from this point onwards might be used against you.”

After he was done, he made an invitatory pose towards Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu took a deep breath, without any sign of resistance stood up and was ready to go with them.


Yang Chen grabbed onto Liu Mingyu as he questioned Lin Ruoxi in a deep, coarse tone. “Lin Ruoxi, are you seriously going to do this?”

Lin Ruoxi was unfazed. “It’s not my decision to make. Based on how the events unraveled, this has to be done.”

“All these years I’m sure you knew what kind of person she truly is.” Yang Chen was deeply frustrated that Lin Ruoxi was actually ready to send Liu Mingyu to the police station.

Lin Ruoxi coldly replied, “Look, Yang Chen, I can only believe the facts and they point to her. So, if you want to personally investigate this incident then feel free to do it. As for now, I need to be held accountable for the incident that has happened within Yu Lei International, towards my employees and shareholders. Personal relationships have nothing to do with what is happening now. Henceforth, the police under my approval shall be allowed to take Liu Mingyu away.

“After this case is put on pause, I still need to host a series of urgent meetings on the firefighting of this matter and its aftermath. So if you excuse me, I don’t have time to be wasted here with you.”

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was headstrong and unwavering, not afraid to go head on with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen sarcastically laughed, “Wow what a great boss you—”

Before he could finish, he felt a jerk on his arm.

Yang Chen turned back, only to see Liu Mingyu with her teary eyes shaking her head at him.

“Stop… please stop. Boss Lin’s decision is right. I was unable to provide an alibi. I have no idea it would turn out like this. If you really want to help me out, then find the culprit. Arguing with Boss Lin will not solve anything.” Liu Mingyu forced a smile. “I’ll be fine, I’ve not been sentenced yet. I’m just assisting the investigation. All I need to do is tell them the truth.”

Staring into Liu Mingyu’s desperate eyes, Yang Chen felt worse to continue making her life harder. So with an aching heart, he had to let the police take her away.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t really pay much attention at the escorted Liu Mingyu as she proclaimed, “Alright if there is nothing else to discuss, assume your roles. Amidst the departure of Liu Mingyu, the public relations department will be overseen by someone else for now. An urgent meeting will be held shortly in regards to the aftermath and the solutions that follow. I will send Wu Yue to notify all of you regarding other meetings this evening. Dismiss.”

Everyone else instantly evacuated their seats in the conference room and hurried back to their positions. Boss Lin was not someone to be trifled with.

As the employees gradually left the conference room, Mo Qianni was hesitating if she needed to convince Lin Ruoxi about the handling of the incident, but as she saw Yang Chen firmly stood right where he was, she could only let it go and headed out to deal with more pressing matters.

After everyone had left only did Lin Ruoxi prepare to return her office, accompanied by Wu Yue.

Yang Chen stood there stone cold as he taunted her. “Why won’t you let me prove her innocence? You know I can! Besides, what hurt would sparing her for one more day do to you?”

Lin Ruoxi turned towards him as she halted her footsteps. She hesitated for a moment, ordered Wu Yue to leave them, before she solemnly replied, “I just followed the law, that’s all.”

“Mingyu did all she could for the company, and yet she’s not even worth an extra day? Do you not care how this is going to affect her?” Yang Chen was furious.

Lin Ruoxi was unfazed, as she stared coldly into his eyes and said, “What about you? You stood by her side in front of everyone, did you care about how I felt?”

Yang Chen was stunned, before he replied, “You saw how she was attacked by all sides. Was I supposed to just leave her alone to brave the odds?”

“Well, what about me then? Everyone knows you are my husband, but you came towards another woman’s defense in front of my face. So I mean less to you now, is that what it is? If you can put me in that position just to defend her, then why should I care about how she felt when she was sent to the police station? Not to mention it was only fitting in that situation.”

“Are you telling me it was all because you were jealous?” Yang Chen was stupefied.

Lin Ruoxi was firm. “You can think whatever you like. I have work piling up on me as we speak. Arguing with you only wastes my time. As you said, you’re so very great aren’t you? Money and power you have it all. If you really wanted to get her out of her misery then go investigate and solve the case. But I’m warning you, this crisis involves the wellbeing of the company and its functions. It’s not something that can be dealt with using money.”

Upon giving her orders, she instantaneously left the scene.

Yang Chen could only watch as Lin Ruoxi went into the elevator. He took a long breath before he threw a small tantrum. The situation was clearly more complicated than he had expected.

After he calmed himself down, he tried to reevaluate the situation. It was obvious that Li Minghe was the prime suspect. He was the most persistent in making it seem like Liu Mingyu was the culprit.

Not to mention that he recently met that prick on his way to Liu Mingyu’s office. According to what she mentioned, Li Minghe was frequently visiting her in her office to chat and to discuss work matters. In addition to his relationship with Wu Yue, there was no telling the number of things he would’ve seen and heard.

However, the key to this incident was to prove that Li Minghe masterminded it all despite the absence of security camera footage. Even if Yang Chen were to murder him, it would not prove Liu Mingyu’s innocence.

Not to mention that an insignificant person like Li Minghe to be able to blatantly accuse Liu Mingyu as the culprit, someone powerful must definitely have offered him unwavering support behind the scenes. Moreover, it would have to take more than one party to be able to achieve a perfect crime.

As a result, it was never a doubt to him that his top priority would be gathering evidence for Li Minghe’s crime and the people in support of his crime.

Yang Chen contemplated for a short while before he dialed out Molin, Captain of the Sea Eagles' squad.

“Your Majesty Pluto, are you calling in regards to the bombshell news from Yu Lei International early today?” Molin proudly mentioned.

Yang Chen pinched on his nose, frustrated that the news was no secret to anyone anymore. He taunted, “Alright cut the jokes. I need you to stop by Yu Lei International right now. I require your professional wisdom to clarify some of my doubts…”

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