Wu Yue was stupefied. Never could she bring herself to comprehend how the man she loved would despise the person she respected and adore so much.

“Why… why would you do such a thing?”

“It’s none of your business,” Li Minghe said as he shoved the obstructing Wu Yue aside.

Wu Yue stumbled as she struggled to keep her balance.

Li Minghe arrived by his car, ready to enter before the same familiar silhouette appeared by his side.

After a moment of hesitation, with conflicted emotions, he turned towards her, looking at the woman he loved in distraught. He then proposed an ultimatum to her. “I’m offering you a chance to come with me right now. Or, stay here and burn with Yu Lei to the ground.”

Wu Yue’s frail figure was stunned, before she lifted her head. With tears still in her eyes, a slight glimpse of joy however was seen on her face.

“You… still care for me, don’t you?” Wu Yue tearfully questioned.

Li Minghe, on the other hand, was not having it. “No matter how you spin it, I’ve still spent countless nights with you. Let’s just say I haven’t gotten bored of you yet. Stay here and die or come with me and you shall live, your choice.”

Wu Yue heart-wrenchingly stared at him but ultimately shook her head in disagreement as she dried her tears before solemnly replied, “I will not go with you, Minghe. Now’s the best time for you to turn yourself in. It’s still not too late. You’re no match for Boss Lin…”

“Bullshit,” Li Minghe ranted. “You really think this fatal poisoning is a joke? You’ve truly underestimated me. In a bit, the American stock market will open, and the sharp fall of Yu Lei’s stocks would shave thirty percent of the company’s assets. All that leaked information is already in the hands of Yu Lei’s main competitors. In two days, this will become so severe that no one can bring Yu Lei out from its pit. Even with Lin Ruoxi’s wealth, she could keep the corporation afloat for at best a few months before she has no choice but to declare bankruptcy. You really take her as a corporate prodigy, don’t you? The only reason she is so revered is that none of her opponents dares to take a shot against her!”

Wu Yue bit on her lips tight, as she firmly replied, “I believe in her. She will definitely find her way. Minghe, please don’t do this anymore. I know you still care about me, and I know you’re still the man I once knew…. You—”

“That’s enough!!!” Li Minghe looked as if he had gone insane. Walking right before Wu Yue, with a stone-cold gaze, he said, “Look, woman, I don’t know what she has told you to make you trust in her, but if you won’t sway then I’ll make sure you’re in the audience to witness the collapse of Yu Lei.”

Before Wu Yue could react, she felt a huge pound towards the back of her neck as her vision went blurry.

The perpetrator was none other than Li Minghe, who took it out on the poor woman the split second that she was unfocused.

Li Minghe scooped the now unconscious Wu Yue and cautiously scanned his surroundings, making sure that nobody was tailing him. He then carefully placed her on the passenger seat and secured her seatbelts.

Li Minghe quickly returned back to his solemn expressions as he drove the car out of the parking lot.

Just as Li Minghe was leaving the car park, a petite Caucasian girl in a pair of pink-framed sunglasses came out from behind a pillar by the corner. It was none other than Fanny of the Sea Eagles squad.

Fanny was chewing on gum as she made a loud pop before reaching for her cell phone and dialed up a number. “Adeline, the rat is out of the trap. It’s all up to you now.”

“Why did he leave so quickly? I’m still waiting for my sandwich to be prepared… Excuse me sir, no bell peppers please… Yeah… alright I’ll catch up real quick, why don’t you make the call to His Majesty Pluto first?”

Seconds later, Yang Chen right across the corner of Yu Lei International received a text message.

Yang Chen scanned through the text message in Italian, as he smiled towards Lin Ruoxi by his side. “That brat Li Minghe is on the run.”

Lin Ruoxi was puzzled. “How’d you know?”

“I got a few friends to monitor his movements, and they just told me that he left.”

Lin Ruoxi was not curious about the real identities of his ‘friends’. Instead, she quickly followed up, “Then why didn’t they stop him? Isn’t arresting him our top priority?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “Li Minghe can’t fly on his own. We can always tail him wherever he decides to go, so we’re going to let him take us to his mastermind. We’re in no hurry.”

Lin Ruoxi, however, was worried, as she slightly nervously asked, “What are you going to do to those people when you find them?”

Yang Chen replied in a dull manner, “What is right of course.”

“You plan to kill them all, don’t you?” Lin Ruoxi was genuinely concerned. “Yang Chen, I want you to promise me not to kill these people. I know that you used to do that all the time abroad, and there is a lot about your life that I have no understanding towards, but killing isn’t the solution! Since there’s no way they can possibly beat you, why not arrest them and put them to trial?”

Yang Chen relaxedly replied, “Don’t worry about all this, I think it’s better if you put your attention to saving the company from this enormous crisis. Even when we manage to get Li Minghe and his gang of culprits, there’s still no way of preventing the company’s losses in the upcoming months. The future of the company is at stake here. More money may not be the solution to all your problems here.”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head as she sternly declared, “Work is work, and you’re you. Don’t put these two together. You have to promise me alright, that you can break them, paralyze them, but under no circumstances are they allowed to be killed, understand?”

“I’ll do what I need to do.”

“No, you got to promise me that you’re not going to do it, or else I will latch myself to you. I wouldn’t even mind not going to work unless you knock me out.” Lin Ruoxi grit her teeth as she firmly fixed her gaze at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took a deep breath before he frustratedly replied, “That filthy animal made you drink a slow-onset poison all this while, and even framed Mingyu into custody. How can you still expect me to keep him alive? Besides, I’ll be fine. Killing people isn’t something new to me.”

“Whatever it is you shouldn’t casually kill people!” Lin Ruoxi yelled at the top of her voice.

Yang Chen felt the tingling sensation in his eardrums as he dumbfoundedly stared at Lin Ruoxi. “I have no idea why you women are so emotional all the time.”

Lin Ruoxi mumbled as tears seemed to be forming in her pupils, “Exactly because I’ve seen you do it, and every time I wished it would be your last. You do know that the fury in your eyes every time you kill terrifies me, don’t you…”

Inside the vehicle was dead silence. Yang Chen held his breath, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

“Yang Chen, I don’t believe anyone would find pleasure in murder. I also know that not everything can be solved through murder. You once told me that Cai Ning stopped you from killing Zeng Mao, and instead resorted to bearing the responsibility in your stead, right? Well, I guess we’re both alike in the sense that we do not want you to soak your hands in blood.” Lin Ruoxi sighed before she reached out for Yang Chen’s right hand as she continued, “You don’t need to kill Li Minghe to avenge me. All I want right now is to see him face justice as the consequence of his actions, that’s all. I don’t want to see you kill anymore. I can’t recognize you when you kill.”

Eventually, she cracked Yang Chen as he gave a frustrated smile. “Well, I guess you succeeded this time. If I knew it would end like this, I would’ve kept it from you and finished him up somewhere remote. I promise you if he’s not doing anything over the line, I will ensure that he faces trial. But know that if he steps one toe out of the line again, I will not be responsible for what happens.”

Lin Ruoxi seemed a little weary as she nodded. “Alright, if he really does threaten you then I guess there’s no other way.”

Yang Chen knew deep down that Li Minghe was prone to resistance. So it was only a matter of time before he ended his life. But to have Lin Ruoxi concern about his killing tendencies on his behalf was quite unsettling.

For someone of a standard civilized society, the thought of a dead person is truly a horrifying sight to behold. It prompted him to reconsider the thoughts of the people around him before he resorted to murder. Even the slightest move would be a gargantuan shock towards Lin Ruoxi.

As they were debating, their vehicle arrived at Yu Lei International, and at this very moment, Mo Qianni called. But this time, the call was for Lin Ruoxi.


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