Everyone present in the room was taken aback by the sudden revelation of this news.

“At such a critical moment, why would anyone want to change the CEO?”

“Sigh… they’ve bought our shares for hundreds of millions. Now that the value has fallen for thirty plus percent, they’ve easily lost tens of millions! It’s normal that they’re getting anxious.”

Lin Ruoxi stoically replied to that assistant, “Notify them that they can sell their shares if they want. There’s nothing they can do to make me succumb to their whims and fancies.”

The assistant was terrified as he put up a face of dejection. “Boss Lin, are we really going against them head on?”

“Yeah, unless you want me to resign instead?”

One of the executives decided to voice his opinion. “Boss Lin, why don’t you let me negotiate with them? If they toss out all thirty percent of our company’s stocks that they possess, we would be virtually destroyed.”

Lin Ruoxi sneered, “Let them do what they will. Just do as I say. They bought the stocks at double the current price. What makes you think that they would just throw them all away?”

The executives eyed one another as they could only sigh in disappointment, hoping that the CEO’s decision was right. Above all, the CEO herself was the largest shareholder of the company.

The one that was most at risk was the CEO herself. What more could they say?

The night slipped through the hectic schedules and a restless rollercoaster of events.

The sun eventually took its place high in the sky, warm and uplifting in contrast to the atmosphere in Yu Lei.

In the mansion by the coast on the second floor, the curtains were gradually opened as rays of sunlight sipped in. The warmth that followed was paired with a gentle fragrance in the air.

On the king-sized bed, under the fluffy white blankets was the fatigue-ridden Wu Yue as she forced her eyes open.

As she gazed around her surroundings, she mended her puffy hair before lifting her body into a seated position.

After the ruckus from last night, she eventually succumbed to fatigue as she dozed off, only to find herself awake on the bed.

At this moment, the bedroom door was pushed open. Li Minghe came in with both hands holding onto a tray. On it was little plates of diced vegetables and a bowl of white porridge as the aroma engulfed the room.

As he came towards Wu Yue’s side of the bed. Li Minghe gently assented with a smile, “Oh did I wake you? I’m not exactly a good cook but I made you something to eat. You haven’t eaten since last night so I thought this porridge would do the trick. Have some.”

Wu Yue stared at the well-prepared breakfast, and the warm smile on Li Minghe’s face as she mumbled, “If you don’t let me go, I’d rather starve.”

Li Minghe’s smile instantly became forced as he held on to his rage, trying his best to mediate the situation in the most composed way possible. “Yue’er, you know I can’t do that. The safest place for you to be is right here. I’m very sure they would have figured out that I was the culprit behind the leak. If you return, you’ll be arrested as an accomplice. I won’t let that happen to you. I’ll promise you, once the tides die down you can go anywhere you want.”

Wu Yue forced her head away from him. “Get out, I’m not eating.”

“You have to.” Li Minghe raised his voice with his teeth clenched. “Think about the child in your belly. Even if you don’t want to, you can’t let our child starve, can you?”

Wu Yue trembled as tears gathered around her pupils, visibly emotional.

Li Minghe gave a long sigh. “No matter what happens between us, the child is innocent.”

Wu Yue turned back towards him with conflicted emotions…

Li Minghe saw that Wu Yue was not resisting. He grabbed the ladle and scooped some porridge, filling it into a bowl. Blowing it a little, he delivered the porridge to Wu Yue’s mouth. “I’ll feed you. Just take it as a plea of mine. Please eat something, will you?”

Wu Yue placed her quivering hand on her belly as she took a deep, long breath before ultimately opening her mouth to eat.

Amidst the closing of the stock market, the employees of Yu Lei International finally got their well-deserved break. Many went back to rest while some had other commitments to uphold.

As for Lin Ruoxi, she was forcefully brought home by Yang Chen.

After all, she had gone a full day without any proper rest, in spite of the stressful nature of her position. Other employees might have others to cover for them, but she was all on her own.

Hence, despite her defiance towards Yang Chen taking her home, she almost immediately dozed off upon getting into the car.

They eventually reached home. Yang Chen held her hand and led the drowsy Lin Ruoxi into the house.

Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua who were worried all night were awaiting their return in the living room. Zhenxiu, on the other hand, was out in preparation for her finals.

“Oh my, why do you look so pale?” Guo Xuehua went up to Lin Ruoxi and held her hand tight as she distressingly questioned. “Go and catch up on your sleep. Oh my, no matter the situation over at the company, you still have to prioritize your health!”

Wang Ma meanwhile was teary-eyed, unable to speak.

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile. “Mother, Wang Ma, I’m fine. I’ll go up now.”

Guo Xuehua nodded and instantaneously ordered Yang Chen, “Send her up. She can’t even walk straight now. Don’t let her fall!”

“I might as well help her shower too.” Yang Chen cracked a joke shamelessly.

“Little punk! It’s not the time to joke around now.” Guo Xuehua pinched her son on the arm before she anxiously pushed him to quickly accompany Lin Ruoxi upstairs.

Yang Chen might be joking, but the chilling gaze from the fatigue-ridden Lin Ruoxi still managed to terrify him.

As they went hand in hand to her room, Yang Chen noticed the jasmine fragrance in the air, causing him to lick his lips.

If he didn’t cherish this opportunity, who knows when the next would arise.

As he assisted her onto the bed, Yang Chen stayed back as he sat right next to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi remained alert as she half-whispered, “What… do you want?”

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “Don’t overthink it. I won’t do anything to you when you’re this drained out. I always keep the woman’s cooperation during the process in mind.”

Lin Ruoxi was already dozing off, which prompted a reply that paled in comparison to her usual rebukes. “Well then go out, I need to sleep.”

Yang Chen remained silent as he held onto Lin Ruoxi’s supple palm before channeling a stream of True Yuan into her body…

Lin Ruoxi felt rather confused when the warmth entered her body when an invigorating flow of vitality engulfed every corner of her body.

Gradually, she felt her vision sharpen and her fatigue leave her body.

Lin Ruoxi instantly noticed the peculiarity with the scenario. He had this trick in his sleeve the whole time, which was exactly what she felt when he cured her poisoning.

“You… If you could let me recover so quickly, why didn’t you do so just now in the office?!” Lin Ruoxi asked, displeased.

Yang Chen let go of her hand before he sneered, “If I did that at the company you wouldn’t have come home, would you?”

“Do you know how many things were put on hold at the company? Do you think it’s the right time to come home?!” Lin Ruoxi furiously frowned.

Yang Chen unwaveringly replied, “Even so you still need to come back. Look at how worried Wang Ma and Mom were about you. The media have been filled with news concerning Yu Lei’s crisis. Do you know how distressed they must’ve been?”

Lin Ruoxi zoned out for a moment before she proclaimed, “Now that I’m refreshed and rejuvenated, and both of them have seen me, can I go back now?”

Yang Chen smiled mysteriously and asked, “Do you really want to go back?”

Lin Ruoxi was skeptical but nonetheless nodded. “Yes. I’ll just drive myself if you’re not free. You’re not going to be doing much at the company anyway.”

“No that is not going to happen.” Yang Chen stood up and said, “I’ll drive you drive. And we’ll stop to get some food while we’re at it.”

Lin Ruoxi noticed the weird expression in his eyes but couldn’t quite decipher what he was having in mind, which prompted her to ultimately nod in agreement. At a time of crisis, it was in her instincts to have someone that she could lean on for support.

Although Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were surprised that Lin Ruoxi came downstairs energetically, they didn’t ask much nor did they stop her from leaving. All they did was inform Yang Chen to look after her.

In the car on the front passenger seat, Lin Ruoxi found it weirder the more she thought about it, so she tested the waters. “You’re just taking me out for a ride, aren’t you? You hadn’t intended to let me rest since the start. Otherwise, there was no reason for you to rejuvenate me so soon right after reaching home.”

Yang Chen sinisterly grinned. “That’s not important. This trip I am taking you on is to prove my theory that certain people in the company have ulterior motives.”

Lin Ruoxi was dumbfounded before Yang Chen abruptly took a turn and went off the highway onto an unpaved road.

“Why are you taking this route? If you want food, you could’ve gone to the town…”

Before Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, a huge cargo truck that had been tailing them all this while instantly accelerated as the sounds of its bulky parts were clearly heard by them both!

Like a beast of steel, the truck went exuded a terrifying aura as it sped forward. In the blink of an eye, it was inches away from crushing the Bentley in front!

Lin Ruoxi was unable to react—she was stupefied!

Meanwhile, the bright-red Bentley under Yang Chen’s control instantly picked up in speed as well!

Before the truck managed to accelerate earlier, Yang Chen had ingeniously switched the gears to manual conduct, which he then lowered, in anticipation for this sudden acceleration!

The cargo truck was within millimeters of contact but that ultimately was as close as it got.

Yang Chen snorted disdainfully as he drove out the highway and instantaneously took a sharp, 180-degree turn before coming to a stop by the side of the road!


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